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Jason, aka Wildhare


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Hello Exitializ, Name is jason im 22 years old, artist, programmer, competive gamer and hopeless romantic! but maybe ya didnt need to know that

Ive lead guilds, ive started guilds most new games ive played and they last, but this time, i wish to just play be with cool people and enjoy the game. Your guild looks like that kind of place

Ive played guild wars for 4 years, lol for almost 2, hon for 1 year, and team fortress 2 still playing it,

I pvped or was competitive in all of them, I strive to know a game, and understand a game Inside and out

its half the fun for me

Ive seen many guilds fall to drama, fall to raiding group or fail to just 1 item being ninjed

Ive seen servers rise and fall, the gameing world is amazing, id like to be part of Exitaliz mark on guild wars 2

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