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Starter Tips - How to get the most out of Pokemon GO!


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Keep your battery charged The game devours battery quickly and relentlessly. I would strongly suggest picking up a portable charger. Use the Battery Saver Mode, coupled with Power Saving on your phone

Disable "Always scan for WiFi even when turned off" This will cause far more interruptions in the gameplay than you might think. In a 20 minute walk, it lost connection more than 30 times, but when doing the same walk with WiFi scanning off, it didn't disconnect once

Be ready to see your data usage increase dramatically It consumes data pretty quickly, already used up a 50MB in 2 days, light usage

Find out who in your office/school/daily gathering location is part of your faction The gyms are heavily and constantly contended, once you turn one to your colour, you are going to want your factions highest level Pokemon defending it and quick. Our office gym has changed colour countless times throughout today, and it's only held for the last hour because we synchronised the claim

Restart the app regularly It's buggy, causing desync issues whenever another app notifies you using sound. On Android, simply clear the app out of the active tray and start it again, takes a few seconds but ensures you don't get mid battle with a high CP pokemon, only to not end the encounter

Transfer all duplicates with lower CP I haven't yet found a reason to have more than one of each Pokemon, unless one is in a gym already. Focus on your higher CP ones, and keep levelling them up. Evolving them also helps to increase CP, you also get a candy for transferring too

Get your faction tattooed on your face Fear is the strongest tool in your arsenal. Have your faction logo permanently tattooed on your face to strike mortal fear into the hearts of Red and Yellow infidels

Pre-plan your walk to work/school/gun range (for mericuh) Ingress taught people to walk efficiently to ensure they claimed all points whenever they reset. Pokemon GO! requires you to pass Pokestops to get potions, revives, pokeballs etc, and trust me, you are going to need a TONNE of potions. Check your wider map area for high foot traffic zones, tourist spots and information points. Very likely to be a pokestop or even a gym there, and if you hit em all you will have a higher stock of potions and revives when it comes to fighting for gym control. The points also seem to reset super fast, not sure if it's by time, or by visiting enough other points, but in a 10 minute lap of my local block, the points reset by the time I got back to them, and I hit 5 Pokestops on the loop.

Level up the gyms you control quickly Once your faction controls a gym, battle the pokemon there and keep defeating them. This levels up the gym, increasing it's prestige which makes it harder to take by the lesser important and possibly adulterous Yellow and Red factions. Speed is of the essence though, because as soon as that gym turns to your colour, filthy yellow and red swines are going to try to take them back in the name of communism. Fight for the true blue colour with speed, and you will always hold the gym

Button spam far outshines combat skill Spamming your taps instead of trying to dodge has netted me far more gym claims. Also when the little blue chunks fill up in battle, hold down your finger to unleash a special move

Don't focus on just one Pokemon The red and yellow infidels are cunning, they will try to do whatever things they can to take you down. You need multiple types, and multiple high CP Pokemons to keep the glorious blue banner flying. Do not fall to their unwashed ways

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