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Download the City Map for Pokemon GO


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From a reddit user:


I've tracked the consumption of the Pokemon Go app and realized almost half of the data consumption is used to download maps. If we had an option to download the city map as we do on Google Maps the data usage would be reduced more than 35%

EDIT: As PoGo uses the Google Maps API you can actually download the maps from your Google Maps app. This will likely improve app and battery performance. Thanks to /u/throwaway96388


Some FAQ from the comments:

  • Can I turn off Data/GPS by doing this?

No, this doesn't mean you can play "offline"

  • What app did you use to track the data?

I used the app that my Mobile Network Provider has.

  • Can I download an entire Country/City?

It depends of the size of the region you want to download and your free space on your device

  • I doubt it works

Still need further testing but so far after the first day of using it it looks promising

  • Works on iOS?

Can't confirm I don't own an apple device. If someone is trying this and have improved battery life / data usage please send me a PM

  • But, data consumption is already low...

3rd world countries like mine doesn't offer unlimited data plans Q-Q

Source: https://m.reddit.com/r/pokemongo/comments/4s71t1/suggestion_download_city_map_as_a_way_to_decrease/

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