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Pokemon GO Power Levelling


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From reddit user nikkosifu


Ok, so I’ve been asked many times how I got to level 22 in 6 days. Here’s EXACTLY how I did it. Anyone can still use this guide to level up—beginners or if you’ve been playing since release. What credentials do I have?http://imgur.com/cuSOuAW as I’m writing this, these pokemon are what I have.

Now the reason I know these things is because I figured a bunch of these in the beta.

First things first—get the $19.99 package and purchase the 25 lucky eggs. You’ll need all of these. I actually wasted a few of these due to server issues and I couldn’t get back in. You’re in better luck now because the servers are much more stable. The rest of your coins, I would use for incubators. You’ll get incenses and lure discs as rewards for levelling up later.

Next, go look at the ingress map online and just roughly peruse and figure out where you can get a bunch of pokestops in a loop and you can just walk around and collect them(downtown areas are great for this). You will be collecting your eggs here. If you can, keep 9 eggs with you and always be incubating eggs. When eggs hatch they carry more than the normal 3 candies with them. Hatching eggs also give you a TON of stardust. I’ve also noticed that the pokemon coming out of the eggs have a higher base CP than wild ones, but this isn’t confirmed.

The first thing I did as soon as the game launched was use a lucky egg. The reason for this is because you get a NEW POKEMON bonus for catching a pokemon for the first time. YOU’LL ONLY GET THIS ONE TIME. So you want to double that. And since you’re new, EVERYTHING IS NEW. So EVERYTHING IS DOUBLED. I got to level 10 in one day doing this.

So while I was walking around, I walked around my downtown area(most downtown areas are the best places for pokestops while catching pokemon. You’re also catching pokemon as you’re going around town, so you’re doubling on everything since you have your lucky egg up.

CATCH EVERYTHING YOU SEE. Each little thing counts. Even the pidgeys…. ESPECIALLY the pidgeys. And that’s it really. You get exp from hatching eggs, catching pokemon, throw bonus, pokestops, new pokemon bonus, and battling in gyms.

Here are a few tips that I use to play the game more efficiently: EGGS: use the infinite incubator on the 2km eggs. You’ll end up using less incubators, and save money . Once you have 9 eggs

THE CP BAR: ok, when evolving pokemon, use the pokemon that has the CP bar closest to the end. This is the CP PERCENTAGE in reference to the base. The higher the percentage, the higher the CP of the pokemon you’re evolving.

RIDING A VEHICLE: use a bike, they’re great for hatching eggs. DON’T DRIVE AND POKEMON GO!!! If you want to be unsafe that’s your issue, but leave the innocent people around you out of it.

STARDUST: save this for the pokemon you’re actually doing to be using. I’ve amassed a total of about 100k stardust from hatching eggs(another reason to hatch eggs). I've only used it on my Snorlax, Arcanine, Flareon, and Vaporeon

LUCKY EGG: in early levels, every time you’re about to hatch an egg, use a lucky egg to double your experience. Or if you encounter a pokemon that you’ve seen for the first time and are about to catch it. ALWAYS BE DOUBLING THE NEW POKEMON EXP BONUS.

AREAS WITH HIGH CELLUAR ACTIVITY: I’ve noticed that the Sprint store near me a MASS of pokemon always pop up. The store is at a strip mall. This might not be confirmed, but it seems that places with high cellular activity affect the spawn rate of pokemon.

LURE DISCS: if you find one and benefitted from one that’s not yours, ask who used it and say thank you. Its just common courtesy.

POKESTOPS: find a place where you can sit in the middle of one and use the lure discs. This works better if you’re with others willing to use 1 lure disc each so you all can benefit from it and be more efficient with it. Sharing is caring 

PIDGEY EXPLOIT: Here’s a quick way to level up. SAVE YOUR PIDGEYS. Catch all the ones you can. After you’ve amassed a bunch of them, use a lucky egg, then evolve a pidgey to pidgeotto. STOP. Transfer the pidgeotto. You don’t need him anymore. Evolve another pidgey to a pidgeotto. Transfer. RINSE AND REPEAT. It only takes 12 candies to get from pidgey to pidgeotto. That’s 3 pidgeys total(3 candies, and 1 when you transfer it). I evolved 17 pidgeys one time and got 17k exp just from this exploit.

So there you have it. If I missed anything I’ll add on to it later. I would like it if we kept this in our Team Mystic family. Thanks everyone!


Source: Reddit

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