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Ragnarok Mobile Valentine Event


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Date: 14th Feb - 16th Feb & 20th Feb
Effect Of Chocolates

Love Chocolate (Can only be made once)
♡ Use it on other player to have special effect, recover 520HP every 30sec for 12 hours. Won’t vanish after death or offline.

Friend Chocolate
♡ Can be given to NPC/PlayersALL STAT+5, for 5 minutes. Won’t vanish after death or offline.


Valentine special headgear:
♡ Bride's floral chaplet recipe ♡
You need to collect 6 pieces of love to exchange with NPC.
Give a piece of Friend Chocolate to NPC,they will give you some items depend on your luck.. If you're lucky enough,they will give you piece of love..
You can only give each of them one piece of chocolate everyday.

♫ 6 pieces of love:
♡ Melody of healing (from Healer NPC)
♡ Sign of love (from FerrisWheel NPC)
♡ Map of adventure (from cat girl of Geffen tower library 2F)
♡ Badge of bravery (from Auction guy)
♡ Mind of guardian (from Pront blacksmith)
♡ Eternity of dream (from enchantment cat NPC)

SOURCE: Clo from Ragnarok Online Mobile Discord Channel

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