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Maintenance - May 5th 2017


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Server will be down for maintenance on 3rd of May, 2017 from 05:00am - 07:00am (GMT+8 )  , also if you can't login game after maintenance...it mean the maintenance has been extended.
Compensations: Old Blue Box x 2 , Heart Warming Food x1, Chain Laeding x1

Bug Fixes:

  1. Fixed the wrong desc of Heart of Beast when you upgrade from Mink Coat: from "Variable cast time -10%" to "MaxHP+450, CRIT+5"
  2. Fixed the bug which Magni's Cap combo set doesn't take effect 
  3. Fixed the bug which Orc baby portrait displayed wrongly.
  4. Fixed the bug which won't show name when you apply for party.
  5. Fixed the bug which can't edit Guild position and Guild annoucement.
  6. Fixed the bug which the title of adventurer of your friend won't sync.
  7. Fixed the activation bugs of NPC tab under Journal. 
  8. Fixed the bug which Mandragon Seed won't show on mini map
  9. Fixed the "NYI" desc of Orc baby card, Jakk card and Dokebi card when you store them on Journal(removed NYI now)
  10. Fixed desc of Statue Of Virgin (added SP Recovery +5% now)
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