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Dragon Coin Earning Guide


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Dragon Coins are the second ingame currency in the game. Basically treat them as "free premium currency" as they are used to buy things not obtainable with gold. Dragon Coins are a very powerful tool, you can use them for resetting dungeons, buy items to enhance your character and whatnot!

However, some players may find that it is a little difficult to earn Dragon Coins, and it is. As such, I am listing down the ways you can earn Dragon Coins so that you know if you missed something!

Name Location Description
Daily Activity Daily Button You can earn 50 Dragon Coins each day for obtaining 120 Activeness each day. Push to 150 Activeness and you unlock a Pandora Heart/Seed set where you can gamble to get the S rank items or even obtain some enchanting materials which would normally cost you the Dragon coins to!
Arena Chest Daily Glory Shop 50 Glory Points each for a box, there is a chance to obtain Dragon coins in them! Not to shabby for 3 boxes you can get for just completing your Arena Daily!
Ladder Tournament Arena You gain 200 Glory as well as 20 Dragon coins on the first match each day, regardless if you win or lose! This also allows you to get all your Arena boxes if you hate PvP so you only need to do this once!
Battle of Heroes Daily Arena You get 400 Glory and 50 Dragon Coins for winning the first Battle of Heroes! From what I know, you can also get the reward if you are the losing MVP, but more testing is required. Battle of Heroes also has a chance of earning Pandora Seeds too!
Guild Red Envelopes/Red Envelopes Guild Being in a guild means you can get Red Envelopes each day for free from 20:00-22:00 server time! However, that is not all. Players can give red envelopes whenever they hit key milestones in the game. The bigger the guild, the more red envelopes there are, and of course the more Dragon coins you will naturally get! Of course, You can be Kale and always get 1 DC from each envelope, but let's be honest who is that unlucky?
Achievements Reward button Don't underestimate the amount of Dragon coins gained by just earning achievements in the game. After every milestone you get rewards.
Friend Gifting Friend After earning 12 friendliness each day, you are eligible to send a gift to your friend for free. Similarly, they can send you a gift too! You can only pick up three gifts a day, and you have a chance to get up to 20 dragon coins in the pack. Of course, there are other items in the box that are worth dragon coins so even though you didn't actually get the dragon coins it is still worth opening.
Ladder Milestones Arena You get a sizable amount of dragon coins when attaining each rank. This resets once every three weeks when the ratings reset, so take full advantage and climb!
Weekly Battle of Heroes Arena You can get an additional 100 Dragon Coins from Battle of Heroes after your 10th victory each week.
Arena Nest Arena Clearing the Arena Nest for the first time nets you the Arena Nest Pack, containing 20 Green Agates, 100 Dragon Coins and 1 Forging Stone
World Boss World Boss(12:30-12:40 Server Time) You get 20 dragon coins for participating in the world boss each day as long as you are in the top 5000 of players. While it is actually not plausible to not be top 5000, don't just press auto attack once and leave it! The higher you get the more guild contribution you get, which allows you to earn other things.
Horse Racing Daily Event(Mon/Wed 12:00) Casual event for earning Dragon Coins! The higher you place, the more rewards you get.
Riddle Party Daily Event(Tue/Thur 12:00) Casual event for earning Dragon Coins! You get 15 DC for every question you answered the fastest correctly.
Weekend Party Daily Event(Friday/Saturday/Sunday) Casual event for earning Dragon Coins! You get 50 Dragon Coins on the first two runs you take. Win this for a Fairy Sweepstakes coupon!
Guild Auction payout Guild Auction After every guild event, there will be a guild auction. Each guild member gets a portion of the proceeds when the auction is over, regardless if you have bidded on anything in the guild auction.
Selling Cerberus items Bazaar/Cerberus Nest This is what I call spending money to earn more money! You can use 2 Cerberus Tickets (Obtainable for 30 DC) each day to obtain items to sell in the Bazaar! At best you can get the golden crate which gives you an unbound accessory piece to sell! At worst, you get a toothpick which still pretty much is bought for slightly above the cost you spent on the ticket. Note you should do this after you are working on the Manticore nest. Always use runs to benefit yourself before earning Dragon Coins.
Bounty Run Nest Clear a bounty run (denoted "bounty" on the run itself) for a decent 5(?)-20 DC bonus. You get a nest bounty ticket every once in a while depending on your level.
Banquet Home Complete Banquets for a sizable amount of dragon coins. This takes quite a bit of effort to complete, but I will assure that it is worth the effort. You can do up to 4 a week.



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