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Mike (Painting-Shadows)


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Howdy all, my name is Mike :)

Age, Country and Job

I am 16 years of age and still getting older unfortunatley. I am from the UK (England) living in a small town called Scarborough. And i work at McDonalds which isn't something to be proud of :)

Likes and Dislikes

Like - I like to play football, exercise and keeping fit. I started doing this 8 years ago and have carried on from there.

Dislikes - I HATE dubstep and mc's and i also don't like eggs? Pretty much it :)

My Dream Job

I would have loved to be in a metal band such as 'Dead By April' (please check them out if you like or don't like music) and play the drums. I have dreams about touring all over the world doing gigs and concerts and just being on the road with my band mates and just having an awesome life.


I have singed an application to join the Army and i am now on the Bursary scheme. This will give me £1000 at the end of my level 2 college course and another £1000 at the end of level 3 (Uniform Services) Also when i do service for 4 years i will get paid another £1000. My job that i am hoping to do in the army is to be a Paratrooper. I love my country and hope to be fighting for it one day.

What i can't live without (besides family)

The one thing that i would be hopeless without would be music. I love music and respect the art so much. The music which i listen to is Metal/Rock mainly Swedish bands, so if anyone else likes this kind feel free to have a chat and we could talk music :)

Also i will get along with everyone, i love meeting new people and having a laugh weather it be just typing to each other or with headsets. I am hoping i get accepted as one of you and can't wait to meet you all. Thank you

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Hi Mike! haven't checked the applications since I went on vacation. I'll have it checked once the holidays was finished and have my stabe internet back... Anyways, enjoy your stay here and hope to see you more often. :big_smile:

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