Gholdengo and Double Iron Bash Melmetal as Raid Attackers: The Costly Evaluation

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Gholdengo as a Ghost kind is healthier than Chandelure, however worse than Hydreigon and Shadow Pressure Giratina-O. Melmetal continues to be WAY beneath Metagross for raids.

  • Gholdengo comparisons: Hydreigon is nearly all the time higher. SF Giratina-O beats it majority of the time, except it has a typing drawback. Chandelure is considerably of a draw, however in Gholdengo’s favor a bit.
  • L35 Hydreigon > L40 Gholdengo
  • Gholdengo is a superb “companion” to Hydreigon: The uncommon conditions the place Hydreigon melts are those the place Gholdengo does effectively. However Chandelure performs the identical function whereas being cheaper.
  • Double Iron Bash Melmetal is technically the #3 non-shadow non-mega Metal, however Metagross exists.
  • L30 Metagross > L50 DIB Melmetal
  • Neither are value spending cash particularly for them, particularly in the event you did December CD. However they are often of curiosity if you have already got entry to them (Gholdengo being an incredible Ghost, Melmetal being a funds anti-Fairy in the event you don’t have sufficient Metagross).
  • Neither are prone to ever be on par with non-shadow Metagross, even when Gholdengo will get its signature transfer.

Maintain studying for:

  • Stats, typing and strikes
  • Detailed Gholdengo comparisons
  • Hypothetical eventualities with new strikes for Gholdengo and Melmetal


Because the Season of Rising Heroes begins:

  • Now you can catch Gimmighoul and procure Gimmighoul Cash by sending postcards from Pokémon GO to Pokémon Scarlet/Violet. With 999 cash, you may evolve it to Gholdengo.
  • A paid timed analysis, Willow’s Wardrobe, is within the store for $5 USD. It rewards a Melmetal encounter with its signature transfer, Double Iron Bash, if accomplished earlier than June 1. Ticket holders may also get Double Iron Bash by evolving a Meltan; non-ticket holders can get it by way of Elite TMs “sooner or later”.

Gholdengo and Melmetal have a number of similarities: Each have been designed with PoGO in thoughts, each share a Metal typing, and for the time being, each (with Melmetal having DIB) require real-world foreign money to get, except you’ve got a good friend with S/V.

Others, reminiscent of JRE47, have already mentioned how they carry out in PvP. Immediately, we’ll take a look at their utility as raid attackers.

After a brief Half 0 on their stats and theoretical metrics, this text shall be break up into the next elements:

  • Half 1: Gholdengo as a Ghost-type attacker
  • Half 2: Double Iron Bash Melmetal as a Metal-type attacker
  • Half 3: Potential for Gholdengo and Melmetal to enhance as Metal sorts?

When you’re on desktop and wish to leap to a specific half, search “Half X”.

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Half 0: Stats, Typing and Strikes

Skippable within the curiosity of time.

Whereas Gimmighoul is a mono Ghost-type Pokémon, Gholdengo turns into the primary Metal/Ghost Pokémon on this recreation (because the Honedge line hasn’t been launched but). Notably, this makes it a Ghost that resists Psychic, Fairy and Dragon, and a Metal that resists Preventing.

Let’s examine the bottom stats of Gholdengo, Melmetal and a number of other different associated raid attackers:

Pokémon Atk Def HP Bulk Product
Melmetal 226 190 264 50,160
Metagross 257 228 190 43,320
Gholdengo 252 190 202 38,380
Hydreigon 256 188 211 39,668
Chandelure 271 182 155 28,210



There are a number of the reason why Melmetal hasn’t confirmed up in any raid counter lists because it was launched in 2018: No Metal quick transfer, a horrible metal charged transfer, and as proven right here, mediocre stats for raids. Regardless of comparable look as Metagross and being even bulkier, it has 31 decrease base assault, which is a big drawback in raids.



As a Metal kind, Gholdengo considerably suffers from the identical downside, however to a a lot lesser extent. 5 decrease assault and 12% much less bulk may have been simply compensated by a greater moveset… Besides that Gholdengo doesn’t even have any Metal-type transfer in its PoGo transfer pool, and might’t legally be taught any Metal-type quick transfer that exists within the recreation, similar to Melmetal.

Gholdengo does have a full Ghost-type moveset: Hex/Shadow Ball. However:

  • Chandelure has the identical moveset and considerably larger base assault, although solely 74% of the majority and a worse typing.
  • Neighborhood Day Hydreigon has marginally higher stats than Gholdengo and a moveset of comparable energy, however a greater typing as an anti-Psychic and anti-Ghost attacker, in addition to higher consistency.

Consequently, right here’s how they examine in DPS and ER:

Impartial DPS and Equal Ranking (ER) of Gholdengo, Giratina-O, Hydreigon and Chandelure. Desk sorted by ER. Supply: GamePress DPS/TDO Spreadsheet.

Ignoring typing for a second, Gholdengo has:

  • Decrease DPS and decrease TDO than Hydreigon;
  • Decrease DPS and comparable ER as Chandelure;
  • Marginally larger DPS than Giratina Origin (with Shadow Pressure), however a lot decrease bulk and thus decrease ER.

Earlier than we transfer on to see how they examine in follow (and whether or not Gholdengo’s Metal typing helps it), one final thing I ought to point out. Double Iron Bash is definitely a tremendous transfer in PvE:

“Arceus Take a look at” for Double Iron Bash, utilizing a typeless Arceus with Deal with, a median quick transfer. Solely chosen strikes are proven right here.

Double Iron Bash is solidly within the prime echelon of just lately launched signature strikes, being much like Meteor Mash, and solely beneath Glaciate among the many new strikes added since final yr.

  • (Technical notice) DIB’s brief period and spamminess (being a “3-bar” transfer) provides it further benefit that’s not captured right here. In simulations, a hypothetical “Steel Claw/Double Iron Bash” moveset performs even higher than “Steel Claw/Meteor Mash” on most Pokemon, regardless of decrease DPS.
  • This impact is much like Breaking Swipe vs Outrage on Rayquaza, which I defined intimately right here.

Sadly, Melmetal isn’t a Pokémon that may make the most of this overpowered (OP) transfer to its fullest potential, as I’ll present in later sections.

Meltan evolution, Melmetal in Pokemon GO
Melmetal in Pokemon GO

Half 1: Gholdengo as a Ghost-type attacker

Darkish and Ghost attackers ranked by their common in-raid efficiency, utilizing ASE, ASE with dodging, and ASTTW.

Darkish and Ghost sorts are mixed because of their comparable utility in raids, as they’re Tremendous Efficient in opposition to the identical sorts, and solely differ in uncommon instances.



On the floor, averaging their efficiency in opposition to numerous raid bosses:

Gholdengo (Hex/Shadow Ball) is a superb Ghost-type raid attacker and is barely forward of Chandelure, however behind Hydreigon and Giratina Origin.

  • The distinction between Gholdengo and Hydreigon is a bit larger than 5 Pokemon ranges on common. That’s, Degree 35 Hydreigon > Degree 40 Gholdengo.
  • Additionally behind Shadow Weavile, Shadow Tyranitar and Darkrai (on the similar degree).

Whereas that’s good efficiency in its personal proper, in the event you did December Neighborhood Day 2022, Gholdengo’s utility to you is probably going not well worth the grind. Certain, in the event you get one, you’ll finally get some good use out of it in raids, particularly for selection lovers. However no must exit of your manner for it, and undoubtedly not value shopping for a Swap and S/V simply to get it in Go.

  • A bonus of Gholdengo is that it’s all the time accessible (at the very least for S/V house owners), permitting new gamers to get a wonderful anti-Psychic counter no matter after they began. That is particularly related as a result of Darkish and Ghost attackers have one of many highest utilities for PoGO raids. However proper now – simply 2 months after a CD with Deino and Litwick – is likely one of the worst occasions for it.
  • Moreover, for the handful oddball raid bosses which can be weak to Ghost however not Darkish (most notably Mega Mewtwo X), Gholdengo provides you a simple possibility to finish your staff, in case your generic anti-Psychic staff focuses on Hydreigon.

Detailed comparisons of Gholdengo vs. different attackers

(Skippable within the curiosity of time, or skip the bullet factors)

Gholdengo vs. Hydreigon, Giratina Origin, and Chandelure (L40 greatest pals)

This chart solely considers which one is higher, not “by how a lot”.

  • Gholdengo


  • Hydreigon


Gholdengo vs. Hydreigon:

Hydreigon is straight up higher, besides in uncommon instances the place it has a extreme typing drawback.

  • Solely 23% of boss movesets are in Gholdengo’s favor in Estimator, even smaller in TTW.
  • These instances virtually all the time contain a hard-hitting boss and a detrimental charged transfer to Hydreigon, usually of Fairy, Preventing and Dragon sorts. Examples: Focus Blast Mewtwo, Moonblast Lunala, Outrage Mega Latias.
  • Very often, Hydreigon nonetheless has a greater Estimator even with a nasty boss moveset. Confusion/Moonblast Cresselia is an instance (Hydreigon is double weak to Moonblast), despite the fact that Hydreigon has twice as many deaths as Gholdengo on this case.

  • Gholdengo


  • Giratina (Origin)


Gholdengo vs. Shadow Pressure Giratina Origin:

Giratina-O nonetheless wins majority of the time. Gholdengo’s benefit often comes from when Giratina-O takes Tremendous Efficient harm.

  • This chart could seem counter-intuitive at first: Gholdengo has larger DPS however decrease bulk, so why does its TTW benefit shrink in comparison with Estimator? However because it seems, this comparability has much more to do with typing variations, quite than DPS and bulk variations.
  • Although Gholdengo resists Psychic-type strikes and Giratina-O doesn’t, that doesn’t all the time translate to a win in Estimator. Bosses with decrease assault typically nonetheless go to Giratina-O, even with a Psychic transfer. “Resisted vs impartial” isn’t as important as “impartial vs tremendous efficient”.
  • General, if Gholdengo has a typing benefit, it wins very often, however not overwhelmingly.

  • Gholdengo


  • Chandelure


Gholdengo vs. Chandelure:

A extra basic “glass cannon vs tank” comparability. Chandelure has the next ceiling, however is glassier and faints extra typically; Gholdengo is slower however extra constant.

General, I’d say Gholdengo is the higher of the 2 – higher common estimator, comparable common TTW however with fewer deaths.

  • Onerous-hitting bosses often web a win for Gholdengo, whereas light-hitting bosses usually go to Chandelure.
  • Psychic charged strikes from the boss now translate to constant benefits for Gholdengo, typically even in TTW.
  • Chandelure does develop into higher in TTW extra typically than Gholdengo does, however when it’s unhealthy, it’s actually unhealthy.

Word: I didn’t look too intently into boss transfer typings for the Giratina-O and Chandelure comparisons, so I can’t assure the statements in these two sections are 100% right.

One fascinating notice: Gholdengo is a superb “companion” for Hydreigon – when Hydreigon does actually poorly, Gholdengo performs effectively. These often seek advice from Fairy, Preventing and Dragon charged strikes, since Hydreigon is weak to all of them however Gholdengo resists all of them. Nonetheless, Chandelure performs this function about as effectively, however with a lot much less grind.

Half 2: Double Iron Bash Melmetal as a Metal-type attacker

Metal attackers ranked by their common in-raid efficiency, utilizing ASE, ASE with dodging, and ASTTW.



Double Iron Bash Melmetal technically turns into the third greatest non-shadow non-mega Metal attacker, solely behind Metagross and Dialga. So it’s supposedly usable…?

The issue is, it’s WAY beneath (non-shadow) Meteor Mash Metagross.

  • Degree 30 MM Metagross >= Degree 50 DIB Melmetal.

What’s not proven right here is that because of their poor offensive typing, Metal attackers really want sufficient energy to see some use. In follow, Melmetal (and any Metal kind not named Metagross) turns into a distinct segment anti-Fairy counter.

  • Metal is tremendous efficient in opposition to Rock, Ice and Fairy.
  • Rock and Ice bosses usually have many different weaknesses, and are higher countered by manner cheaper choices. Melmetal is similar to Machamp, Swampert and Blaziken.
  • In opposition to Fairy, DIB Melmetal is certainly above Roserade and different non-legendary poison sorts, though Nihilego nonetheless outperforms it.
    • See here for an evaluation on poison attackers. (Not on Go Hub but, however hopefully quickly)

If Double Iron Bash was free (without having ETMs or tickets), I’d have stated this is a superb alternative for gamers who lack 6 Metagross to get an inexpensive anti-Fairy staff. However as it’s, Melmetal’s utility in raids alone is NOT value a $5 ticket nor an Elite Charged TM.

  • Having stated that, in the event you purchased the ticket anyway and don’t have sufficient Metagross, evolving some high-level Meltan can rapidly full your staff in opposition to Xerneas and Zacian, whereas engaged on getting extra Metagross (probably shadow).

Half 3: Do Gholdengo and Melmetal have any hope for enchancment as metal attackers?

[Section TL;DR] At all times worse than non-shadow Metagross, except one thing really extraordinary occurs.

Although Melmetal will get an OP charged transfer, its lack of a Metal-type quick transfer and Gholdengo’s complete lack of any Metal strikes nonetheless handicap them from being helpful Metal attackers. Does this have any likelihood of adjusting?

Speculative Metal attackers ranked by ASE, ASE with dodging, and ASTTW.

  • Gholdengo


  • Melmetal


Earlier than you get enthusiastic about something proven within the chart, it’s vital to look at this query as a substitute: Can Gholdengo and Melmetal get higher strikes?

  • Gholdengo, Charged transfer: Virtually assured, however will seemingly take years as an unique transfer. Within the MSG, Gholdengo has a Metal-type signature transfer, Make It Rain. As we’ve seen from Double Iron Bash (which got here 3 years after Meltan’s launch in Go), MIR will virtually actually develop into an event-exclusive transfer in PoGo within the distant future, paid or not.
  • Melmetal, Quick transfer: Unlikely. There are solely two extra damage-dealing Metal strikes Melmetal can be taught within the MSG: Metal Beam and Metal Curler. The latter is a extra seemingly candidate for Niantic to introduce as a quick transfer, but it surely’s solely a risk, and I see no purpose why they need to.
  • Gholdengo, Quick transfer: Extraordinarily unlikely. Much like above, however Gholdengo solely has one possibility: Metal Beam. Nevertheless it’s far more prone to develop into a charged transfer with self-debuff in PvP, because of its MSG results.

With this in thoughts, let’s take a look at all potentialities from most definitely to least seemingly.

  • Gholdengo, Hex & “Meteor Mash clone”: Barely above Dialga, however nonetheless a far cry from Metagross.
  • (Unlikely) Melmetal, “Steel Claw clone”: Midway between Metagross and Dialga, so nonetheless worse than Metagross.

WARNING: The next eventualities are extraordinarily unlikely.

  • Gholdengo, “Doom Want clone”: Just a bit bit beneath Metagross (seemingly higher in opposition to Tapu Lele). Not proven on the chart.
    • Doom Want is an especially OP transfer designed to assist the underwhelming Jirachi. It’s stronger than virtually each transfer you may consider, together with Aura Sphere and Hydro Cannon. That is an absolute ceiling for Make It Rain, and we haven’t seen one thing like this since 2020, so I actually don’t see it occurring.
  • Gholdengo, “Steel Claw/Meteor Mash clones”: Ties Meteor Mash Metagross. Lastly! However nonetheless forgettable if you have already got a Metagross military.
  • Gholdengo, “Steel Claw/Doom Want clones”: In the end… We lastly managed to outclass Metagross… However nonetheless effectively beneath Shadow Metagross. Welp. Not proven on the chart.
    • That is an especially unlikely state of affairs, that requires Metal Beam someway being a quick transfer, plus a fully busted Make It Rain.

In abstract, except a mix of unbelievable occasions occur, Gholdengo and Melmetal aren’t gonna get to Metagross ranges. When you’re searching for one thing to outclass Metagross, this isn’t it.

Closing ideas

This evaluation actually highlights the impacts of energy creep that goes past what folks usually consider. When Pokémon with already good base stats like Metagross and Hydreigon get overpowered strikes (CD or in any other case), newcomers in later generations will merely discover it onerous or not possible to maintain up, typically even with their very own busted strikes like Double Iron Bash.

Typically they do add selection, like Gholdengo is doing as a Ghost attacker. However most gamers, particularly veteran gamers, will merely not care. They don’t add a lot to their already sturdy groups, as seen from complaints of Roggenrola CD.

Even when Niantic actually needs to maintain the facility creep going by introducing one other Doom Want clone, it solely delays the inevitable, and doesn’t eradicate it. So long as the “PvE meta” continues to be outlined as “prime attacker(s) of every kind”, nothing’s gonna change – short-term hype for CD- or raid-exclusive transfer will all the time end in extra Pokémon within the long-term future being seen as dex fillers, or worse, “PvP mons” (even after they’re not). To not point out extra Doom Want clones introduce their very own sequence of issues.

This follow is solely unsustainable, and it’s not Niantic’s fault for “not giving us sufficient PvE content material”.

This evaluation doesn’t comprise the everyday appendices, reminiscent of previous analyses of different sorts and guides on studying the charts. It’s because I’m engaged on a revamped “Teban54’s touchdown web page” to show these data in a extra systematic and stylish method. For the time being, you could find them here if you really want to.

Articles arising subsequent

  • A really fast take a look at Mega Slowbro with Surf from CD. Surf is an improve over the laughable Water Pulse and permits it to really present up on my water-type charts, however that’s an extremely low bar lol. The article will hopefully take me half-hour max.
  • Which shadows are helpful in raids? This shall be extra of a tier record with no plots concerned. Hopefully earlier than the Rocket takeover on Mar 21, and hopefully with an infographic in collaboration with my Go Hub colleagues!

There are a number of different long-term concepts and enhancements that I could proceed engaged on when time permits. I gave an inventory of concepts on the finish of my most up-to-date poison-type analysis in case you missed it, however these are simply preliminary ideas and should not all the time come to fruition.

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