GO Hub 2023 Halloween Outfit Showcase

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Halloween is at all times among the finest occasions in Pokémon GO, with incredible occasions, new Pokémon, new shinies, and the spookiest Halloween avatar objects! I requested Twitter (or now X) to submit their finest and spookiest in-game outfits. We had some nice entries, and it's now time to show the very best ones, and likewise announce my winner.




“Outfit #1 – love the purple & yellow combo”

“Outfit #2 – with my BB hundo Trevenant. Love the brand new masks!”

“Outfit #3 – love my shiny shadow Cubone, so cute!!”


My buddy is shadow shiny Sableye. Notice the distinctive color scheme and the pose”


“Me and my shiny worlds 2023 Pikachu!”


“My buddy is Mega Gengar and I attempted to match Gengar with a purple outfit. I purchased the Gengar backpack to go along with it.”


 “Gengar XXL >:)”


“We carry the sunshine. Matching with my 98iv shiny Chandelure. chilly and darkish nights of October want some heat and light”

“Category is: fashionable modern-day vampire and her acquainted. Not the spookiest however acceptable. My fortunate shiny Noibat could not visually match the outfit however hopefully the vampire vibes are there”

“In this home we LOVE the OG ghosts, the entire Gastly-Haunter-Gengar-line. Yearly for part of Halloween I costume up in my Gengar onesie, carry my Pokéballs in Gengar-backpack and have one from the evolve line as buddy. This 12 months it’s my first shiny Gastly.”


“Okay, right here’s my favorite all time shiny and my outfit impressed by it, needed to submit this”

“Shadow Mewtwo outfit, going for that pink vibe but in addition a darker outfit to go along with the shadow – adore it”


“Metagross is one among my favourite Pokémon. I really like how the shadow kind seems to be.”


Deucid i used to be right this moment years previous after I realized my buddy was a Ghost sort .. have an awesome weekend trainers .. the #StyleSavant of #PokemonGo & Deuce are going to complete up the occasion in type”


“All that glitters is gold w/ touches of inexperienced to match my shiny Mega Sableye”

“Love shiny Drifloon, the lately added Yokohama shirt completes the look”

“Cliche however Umbreon is my fav. the black and blue match is glossy af & I really like the boots with the blue rings”


Right here’s my outfit!! I really like matching my buddy. Had a number of enjoyable making an attempt to match each the Pika and Mimikyu features of this costumed ‘mon :)”


“Gengar is my favourite Ghost Pokémon. This costume is without doubt one of the finest. I discover it actually artistic and that's why I picked this outfit.”


“Western Themed. About to attract my revolver with Mandibuzz having my again”

Holy Dinosaur

“Not spooky however…”


“Gengar is simply irresistibly cute.. He's my Favourite Pokémon. Though I've no luck on getting a Shiny/Hundo/Shundo Gengar, I'm nonetheless pleased and Happy with what I've.”

The Winner(s)!

We had some phenomenal entries, however it's now time to announce the winners of the competition! I used to be initially going to select 1 however couldn't resolve LOL


SimonDK2650 and Expen5iveTurtle!!

Congratulations! Your outfits have been wonderful. The competitors was shut however you guys actually outdid yourselves. As an example, I actually like how the pose matched with Sableye's animation. The outfit general splendidly matched with the shiny Trev as effectively.

I'll DM you on twitter so you'll be able to declare your prize!


Thanks to everybody who entered. It was actual enjoyable your outfit submissions. And most of you probably did fairly effectively! I'll positively do extra of those sooner or later so positively hold a watch out on my Twitter – https://twitter.com/pogothewatson


Comfortable Halloween from the GO Hub Household!👻

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