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Since its launch in 2016, Pokémon GO has taken the world by storm, fascinating hundreds of thousands of gamers with its augmented actuality (AR) gameplay. Central to the expertise is the joys of catching Pokémon in the actual world utilizing your cell system. Whether or not you're a seasoned Coach or a newcomer to the sport, understanding the varied catching mechanics and methods can considerably improve your Pokémon-catching prowess. On this information, we'll discover the several types of PokéBalls, the advantages of mastering the curveball throw, and the rewarding catch bonuses that await expert Trainers.

Discovering Pokémon

Pokémon can seem anyplace in the actual world, however sure varieties are inclined to inhabit particular environments. For instance, water-type Pokémon are sometimes discovered close to our bodies of water, whereas grass-type Pokémon are extra prevalent in parks and wooded areas. Control the close by Pokémon listing to see what is perhaps round you.

Approaching Pokémon

When a wild Pokémon seems in your display screen, faucet on it to enter the encounter. Be conscious of your environment and keep conscious of your atmosphere, particularly if you're in a busy or unfamiliar space. Security ought to all the time be a precedence.

Understanding the Catch Display screen

The catch display screen is the place the magic occurs. Right here, you'll see the wild Pokémon you've encountered, in addition to just a few necessary parts:

PokéBall: That is the ball you'll use to aim the seize. Toggle the ball selection within the backside right-hand nook of the catch display screen.

Berries: You should use berries to extend your probabilities of capturing the Pokémon. Razz Berries, for instance, make the Pokémon much less prone to flee, whereas Silver Pinap Berries improve the variety of candies you obtain should you catch the Pokémon.

Digicam and AR: You possibly can select to toggle the augmented actuality (AR) characteristic on or off. Utilizing AR mode means that you can see the Pokémon in the actual world by means of your telephone's digicam.

Catching Pokémon

To catch a Pokémon, observe these steps:

Choose a PokéBall: Select the suitable kind of PokéBall based mostly on the Pokémon's rarity and issue stage. Frequent Pokémon can typically be caught with common PokéBalls, whereas tougher ones might require Nice Balls or Extremely Balls.

Intention and Throw: Swipe the PokéBall towards the Pokémon with the right amount of pressure and intention. The aim is to land the ball contained in the colored circle that seems on the Pokémon. Smaller circles yield higher rewards, however they're tougher to hit.

Totally different Forms of PokéBalls

In Pokémon GO, you could have entry to a number of sorts of PokéBalls, every with various catch charges and availability. The first PokéBalls are:

Poke Ball icon


Poke Ball

The usual ball accessible to all Trainers. It's the mostly used ball and has a reasonable catch fee.

Great Ball icon


Nice Ball

Unlocked at stage 12, the Nice Ball gives the next catch fee than the common PokéBall. Reserve these for capturing extra elusive Pokémon.

Ultra Ball icon


Extremely Ball

At stage 20, the Extremely Ball turns into accessible. With an excellent greater catch fee, this ball is good for securing rarer and harder-to-catch Pokémon.

Master Ball icon


Grasp Ball

Often, Niantic introduces particular event-themed balls or Restricted Analysis balls, which can have distinctive catch mechanics or bonuses. Such because the Grasp Ball, which ensures a catch when used.

Selecting the best PokéBall is important for profitable captures. Usually, use customary PokéBalls for frequent Pokémon (with a inexperienced catch circle) and save Nice Balls and Extremely Balls for the extra beneficial catches.

The Advantages of a Curveball Throw

Mastering the curveball throw is a way that may considerably improve your probabilities of catching Pokémon. As an alternative of throwing the ball straight, spin it in a round movement earlier than releasing it. To carry out a curveball throw:

Maintain the Ball: Press and maintain the PokéBall to prepared it for the throw.

Spin the Ball: Rotate the ball in a round movement by swiping your finger in small circles on the display screen. The ball will start to spin and emit sparkles.

Throw with a Curve: As soon as the ball is spinning, swipe your finger diagonally throughout the display screen to throw it on the Pokémon. The curveball provides a curve to your throw, making it tougher for the Pokémon to evade and growing your probabilities of a profitable catch.

The curveball approach might take some observe to good, however when you've acquired the grasp of it, you'll discover that it turns into second nature. Moreover, a profitable curveball throw grants further XP, rewarding you in your improved throwing abilities.

Climate Increase

Sure Pokémon will seem extra incessantly in climate circumstances that correspond to their kind. For instance, you’re extra prone to see a Water-type Pokémon, like Squirtle or Magikarp, throughout rainfall. These Pokémon additionally are inclined to have greater CP and carry out higher in battle. As an added bonus, you'll obtain further Stardust if you catch a Pokémon that's boosted by the present climate circumstances. Climate boosted Pokémon have a swirl under them once they seem on the map, like within the screenshot to the precise.

Catch Rewards

Catching Pokémon not solely provides them to your assortment but additionally brings numerous rewards that help in your Pokémon GO journey. These rewards embrace:

Expertise Factors (XP)

XP is important for levelling up your Coach. Every Pokémon you catch awards you with XP, and throwing curveballs, good (inside huge catch circle), nice (inside medium catch circle), or glorious (inside small catch circle) throws additional increase the XP gained.

XP icon
Catching a Pokémon 100
Curveball throw 20
Good throw 20
Nice throw 100
Glorious throw 1000
First throw bonus 50

Extra XP might be earnt for first catch of the day, every day catch streaks, new Pokémon and past nevertheless that's past the scope of this text. XP might be doubled by having a fortunate egg in use.


Capturing Pokémon grants you species-specific Sweet. Accumulating Sweet for a specific Pokémon allows you to evolve or energy up that Pokémon, making it stronger in battles. 

Pokémon caught Candies rewarded
Stage 1 evolution 3 sweet
Stage 2 evolution 5 sweet, 1 assured XL Sweet
Stage 3 evolution 10 sweet, 2 assured XL Sweet
Legendary 3 XL Sweet
Legendary 3 XL Sweet

Trainers should be stage 31 or over to get XL sweet. See this information on its use.

Utilizing a pinap berry will double the quantity of sweet earnt catching a Pokémon. A silver pinap berry combines the act of a pinap and razz berry, making the Pokémon simpler to catch, while doubling the sweet rewarded.


Stardust is a beneficial useful resource used to energy up your Pokémon, growing their CP (Fight Energy). It's important for making your Pokémon extra formidable in Gymnasium battles and raids.

Pokémon Caught
Stardust icon
Stardust rewarded
Climate boosted stardust reward
1st stage 100 125
2nd stage 300 375
third stage 500 625
Day by day bonus (first catch of the day) 1800

A starpiece offers a 50% improve to stardust collected for half-hour.

Catch Streak Bonuses

Constantly catching Pokémon every single day leads to catch streak bonuses. On the seventh day of consecutive catches, you'll obtain a big XP bonus and extra objects, making it a wonderful option to stage up rapidly.

Shiny Pokémon

When you’re fortunate, it's possible you'll encounter a shiny Pokémon within the wild. A shiny Pokémon is a uncommon model of a standard Pokémon with totally different colors. Familiarise your self with find out how to spot a shiny:

  • Once you go into the encounter, a sparkles animation will present across the Pokémon
  • There might be a small sparkles icon above the Pokémon’s CP
  • When caught the Pokémon’s title might be displayed in yellow within the catch message
  • In Pokémon storage, it can have a sparkles image within the high left nook

The fundamental shiny fee in Pokémon GO is 1 in 500, nevertheless, some have boosted odds (extra prone to discover shinies) throughout occasions so it's value protecting your eye out for these!

Appraisal / IVs

After getting caught your Pokémon, you'll be able to faucet on the three traces within the backside right-hand nook after which click on ‘Appraise'. This gives you a median star score and particular person assault, defence and HP scores. For extra info on what IVs imply and the way they can be utilized, try this text.


In conclusion, capturing Pokémon in Pokémon GO is an exciting and rewarding side of the sport. By understanding the several types of PokéBalls, mastering the curveball throw, and appreciating the catch rewards, you'll be able to turn into a talented Coach able to catching even the rarest and most elusive Pokémon. So, enterprise exterior, discover the world round you, and let the journey to turning into a Pokémon Grasp start! Comfortable looking, Trainers!

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