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Have you ever ever heard a member of your local people use a time period about their Pokémon that you just simply didn't perceive? Felt unnoticed of the loop and didn't dare ask what they meant? I'm right here to clarify a number of the Pokémon GO slang you would possibly hear getting used, and what it means.

IV Phrases

These get sillier because the checklist goes on!

  • Hundo – 100IV Pokémon, 15/15/15IV
  • Lundo – fortunate 100IV Pokémon
  • Shundo – shiny 100IV Pokémon
  • Shlundo – fortunate, shiny 100IV Pokémon
  • Shlucky – similar as a shundo
  • Fundo – useful hundo. A 98IV Pokémon, 15/15/14IV. It really works as if it was a hundo, despite the fact that the IVs aren't excellent. It has the identical very same stats because the hundo at sure ranges. Not all Pokémon is usually a fundo, and they're solely fundos at particular ranges.
  • Nundo – 0IV Pokémon, rarer than a hundo! It's rarer as a result of it can't be hatched, caught from discipline analysis, or raids, as all of them have IV flooring.
  • Shnundo – shiny 0IV Pokémon
  • Shadundo – shadow 100IV Pokémon
  • Pundo – purified hundo. A shadow Pokémon that has been purified to be an ideal IV.
  • Shashundo – shiny shadow 100IV Pokémon
  • Pulundo – purified, fortunate hundo
  • Pushundo – purified, shiny hundo
  • Pushlundo – purified, shiny, fortunate hundo
  • Shlucky – shiny fortunate Pokémon
  • Shady – a shiny shadow Pokémon
  • Flooring Mannequin/Flooring/Tendo – a ten/10/10IV Pokémon caught from a raid
  • Goku Unhealthy – Pokémon with 14/15/15 IV, or comparable. It lacks the 15 assault IV.

Pokémon Stats

  • IV – Particular person values assigned to every Pokémon, referring to your Pokémon's assault, protection and HP
  • CP – Fight energy – a measure of how robust your Pokémon will probably be in battle0, a mix of a number of hidden stats. Every Pokémon in Pokémon GO has a set of Base Stats for Assault, Defence, and Stamina, together with a hidden Degree and a hidden modifier for these Base Stats, referred to as IVs. A really robust Pokémon will usually be capable to attain a a lot increased CP than a weaker one.
  • HP – Well being factors, also called stamina. When a Pokémon HP reaches zero it'll faint.

Battle Slang

Many of those phrases relate to coach battles, however are additionally related in PvE additionally.

  • PvP – Participant vs Participant. This pertains to coach vs coach battles.
  • PvE – Participant vs Atmosphere, ie raids and Crew GO Rocket battles.
  • XP – Expertise factors
  • DPS – Harm per second
  • TTW – Time to win
  • TDO – Whole harm output. The full quantity of harm a Pokémon can do earlier than it faints.
  • PvP IV – IVs which might be most well-liked for PvP, usually low assault, with excessive protection and excessive HP, ie 0/15/15
  • Meta – quick for metagame, Pokémon which might be related to both PvP, or PvE. For instance, Swampert is meta related for each PvP and PvE as it's extremely robust for raids, and likewise good in GO Battle League.
  • STAB – Identical Kind Assault Bonus. A 1.2x harm multiplier utilized to assaults which might be of the identical sort because the Pokémon utilizing it, for instance, Charizard utilizing Hearth Spin, a fireplace sort Pokémon, utilizing a fireplace sort transfer.
  • TM – technical machine. In Pokémon GO there are Quick TM, and Charged TM (and Elite variations). These are used to show completely different strikes to your Pokémon.
  • Kind Benefit – A Pokémon that's tremendous efficient towards one other Pokémon is sort efficient. For instance, Charizard, a fireplace sort, has sort benefit over Venusaur, a grass sort.
  • SE – Tremendous efficient
  • NVE – Not very efficient
  • GBL – GO Battle League
  • GL – Nice League
  • UL – Extremely League
  • ML – Grasp League
  • DPT – Harm per flip
  • EPT – Vitality per flip
  • CMP – Cost Transfer Precedence
  • BBML – Fundamental B*tch Meta Line. Used to explain groups that stick fully to the meta of PvP which might be thought-about extra ‘boring' or anticipated.
  • ABB – A PvP workforce constructed of a lead Pokémon, adopted by two Pokémon who carry out in the same approach. For instance, Altaria, Victreebel, and Venusaur.
  • Grasshole – A PvP workforce with two Razor Leaf customers within the again
  • Charmpit – a PvP workforce with two Attraction customers within the again
  • Wall – A Pokémon that you just come up towards that's extremely tough so that you can beat, for instance, a Skarmory locked in towards a Bastiodon, the Bastiodon can be described because the Wall. Usually you'll be able to anticipate to win this match up even with out utilizing Charged Strikes.
  • Chip and Dip – To make use of a cost transfer with self-debuffing qualities similar to Psycho Increase, after which instantly swapping out your Pokémon to clear the debuff.
  • Mudboi – Pokémon with a twin typing of Water and Floor, ie Swampert.
  • Quick Transfer Denial – When throwing a cost transfer, an opponent who begins a quick transfer on the identical flip ought to be capable to have it full whereas the cost transfer processes, and see the harm and vitality utilized after the cost transfer (except the cost transfer causes the defender to faint). Nonetheless, if the cost transfer is timed correctly, the defending Pokémon's further quick transfer gained't course of and be utilized
  • Breakpoint – A stat differential the place, resulting from rounding, a Pokémon's quick transfer will deal 1 extra harm than regular to a selected defending Pokémon.

  • Bulkpoint – A stat differential the place, resulting from rounding, a Pokémon will take 1 much less harm than regular from the quick transfer of a selected attacking Pokémon.

  • Lead – the primary Pokémon you employ in your PvP workforce
  • Misplaced lead – when your lead Pokémon in a PvP workforce is countered by their lead.

  • Received Lead – when your lead Pokémon in a PvP workforce counters their lead.

  • Nearer – the Pokémon you usually save to make use of final in your PvP workforce, usually a really robust Pokémon
  • Bulk – A excessive protection, due to this fact cumbersome, Pokémon
  • Protected Swap or Pivot – a Pokémon which you can swap to after a misplaced lead, that may ‘get well' a nasty matchup ultimately. It's usually not susceptible to any of the issues the lead is, and likewise not too dangerous of a selection from being counter-switched.

  • Bait – Build up vitality to make use of a Pokémon's dearer cost transfer, then utilizing a less expensive transfer as a way to attempt to bait your opponent into utilizing a protect.

  • Overtap – tapping for one further quick transfer than wanted earlier than throwing a cost transfer, often in error.

  • Sac Swap – Swapping right into a Pokémon that has nearly no HP left when your opponent makes use of a cost transfer, so your different Pokémon doesn't take the harm. Usually thought-about like utilizing a ‘third' protect.
  • Spice/Spicy choose – a Pokémon that isn't a part of the PvP meta that may be a surprisingly good addition to your workforce.
  • Glass Cannon – a Pokémon that has excessive assault, however low protection/HP, so it does numerous harm rapidly, however can even faint rapidly because it can not take hits
  • Bounce Out – a time period you'll hear throughout in-person raids, it means you have to exit the foyer or raid battle, and return to the raid display screen the place you initially added your raid go. Usually heard when somebody has expertise a recreation crash, turned as much as the raid late, or when somebody is experiencing another form of error that prevented them from coming into the raid/foyer.
  • Farming – Utilizing solely your Quick Transfer to ‘farm' down your opponents HP, with no need to make use of a Charged Transfer
  • Spammy – Refers to a Pokemon with an extremely fast quick transfer that permits you to get to your charged assault with velocity, so you'll be able to ‘spam' your opponent with it
  • Legacy transfer – a transfer for a Pokémon that's solely obtainable through an Elite TM, or throughout a particular occasion.
  • ELO – a time period utilized in PvP rankings. Your ELO score is represented by a quantity which can change relying on the result of rated video games performed. After each recreation, the successful participant takes factors from the shedding one. The distinction between the scores of the winner and loser determines the full variety of factors gained or misplaced after a recreation
  • GG – good recreation! Used each for example of fine sportsmanship, or sarcastically.
  • ANR – Added and prepared. Usually seen on apps like Pokegenie or Campfire which might be used for distant raiding, a participant will say they're ANR to suggest they've added you as a pal, and are prepared for his or her raid invite.
  • Wafu – A method of raiding executed in automobiles as a way to optimise your time. A Wafu raid group will journey in a automobile, and as soon as they enter the raid, journey to the subsequent raid while within the raid battle itself, to allow them to journey rapidly and effectively.
  • Faucet and Go – one other identify for Wafu raiding as above

Pokémon Nicknames

Many of those nicknames are usually used within the PvP group

  • S-Pokémon identify – Shadow model of that Pokémon
  • G- Pokémon identify – Galarian model of that Pokémon
  • A-Pokémon identify – Alolan model of that Pokémon
  • P-Pokémon identify – Paldean model of that Pokémon
  • A9 – Alolan Ninetales
  • K9 – Kanto Ninetales
  • Ttar – Tyranitar
  • Rayray – Rayquaza
  • A-Slash – Alolan Sandslash
  • DD – Protection Forme Deoxys
  • Azu – Azumarill
  • Tina-O – Giratina Origin Forme
  • Tina-A – Giratina Altered Forme
  • AWak – Alolan Marowak
  • Gfisk – Galarian Stunfisk
  • Wiggly – Wigglytuff
  • Skarm – Skarmory
  • Toxi – Toxicroak
  • Venu – Venusaur
  • Regi – seen in PvP, usually refers to Registeel
  • A-Chu – Alolan Raichu
  • Basti – Bastiodon
  • Pippi – the Japanese identify for Clefairy, usually written as PP resulting from flagging on social media


  • Residing Dex – Somebody who goals to have a ‘dwelling dex' can have one in all each single Pokémon of their storage, together with different kinds. For instance, they may have Mime Jr and Mr. Mime, but in addition Galarian Mr. Mime, and Mr. Rime.
  • Shiny Residing Dex – Somebody who goals to maintain a ‘dwelling dex' of all accessible shiny kinds accessible in Pokémon GO of their storage. Usually they gained't evolve a shiny Pokémon till they've sufficient for the entire household of that Pokémon.
  • Egg/No Egg – used to explain how somebody likes to degree up their friendship ranges. If somebody says they ‘egg', they like to have the ability to plan their friendship degree ups and use a Fortunate Egg while doing so as a way to optimise their XP positive aspects. If somebody says they ‘don't egg/no egg', you're secure to open presents and degree up by yourself schedule as they don't seem to be planning to make use of a Fortunate Egg. That is usually noticed because the nickname folks give their Buddy Pokémon.
  • PoGO – quick for Pokémon GO
  • FR – pal request
  • Nest – a inexperienced space or park the place a selected Pokémon seems in increased numbers. Nest rotate bi-weekly, or with occasions, and is usually a good spot to hunt for a selected shiny, or grind for candies.
  • Perma-Boosted – a Pokémon that has the next than traditional likelihood of being shiny. They're usually 1/64 charges, whereas non-boosted shiny charges are roughly 1/500. Contains Pokémon like Onix and Ditto.
  • Neighborhood Day shiny charges – 1/25 likelihood of being shiny roughly
  • Boosted shiny odds/Medium Boosted – 1/125 likelihood of being shiny roughly. Usually for Pokémon which might be confined to eggs and raids, like Rockruff. Additionally applies to wild Pokémon which have had their Mega launched in recreation, similar to Lopunny.
  • TCG – Buying and selling Card Sport.
  • POI – Factors of curiosity, usually used to explain areas the place Pokéstops or Gyms could also be submitted/exist already.
  • Stops – Brief for Pokéstops
  • Mons – Brief for Pokémon, which in flip is brief for Pocket Monsters
  • Spoofer – somebody who breaks the phrases and circumstances of Pokémon GO by utilizing apps and different means to falsify their location knowledge
  • Flying – a time period utilized by spoofers to explain what they're doing, ‘flying' to different locations
  • Drift – generally your avatar could go for a run round when you're stationary, usually resulting from low sign/poor connection. It's known as drift.
  • BF – Greatest pal
  • UF – Extremely pal
  • GF – Nice pal
  • F2P – Free to play. A coach who doesn't spend any cash in Pokémon GO is described as F2P.
  • P2P – Pay to play. A coach who spends cash in Pokémon GO.
  • Mon – quick for Pokémon
  • Pocket Monsters – lengthy for Pokémon
  • Sock trick – references placing your cellphone in a sock, and bouncing/shaking it, as a way to acquire distance through Journey Sync
  • TGR – Crew GO Rocket
  • IGN – In recreation identify
  • Savage Season – a time period popularised by content material creator Mystic7. When catching a Legendary Raid Boss, use a Nanab Berry in your first try, then switching to a Golden Razz Berry after if the Nanab Berry is unsuccessful at catching
  • Pippi Gang/PP Gang – interprets to Jigglypuff gang, usually used to describes followers of content material creator TrainerTips and/or Jigglypuff
  • Not Probably/Not Probably IVs – a time period usually utilized by content material creator ZoeTwoDots, that refers back to the previous system of IV description utilized in Pokémon GO. Earlier than the IV bars have been proven, your workforce chief would describe the IV to you, and it was poor IV, it will be described as ‘not prone to make a lot headway' by Crew Mystic Chief Blanche. Many old style gamers will nonetheless say their low IV Pokémon are ‘unlikely' IV.

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