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One of the vital thrilling and social elements of Pokémon GO is the Raid Battle characteristic, which permits gamers to staff up and battle highly effective Pokémon for uncommon rewards. On this article, we'll delve into the thrilling world of Raid Battles, discussing all the things from discovering raids to shiny odds.

What are Raid Battles?

Raid Battles are cooperative multiplayer battles in Pokémon GO the place trainers staff as much as tackle highly effective Pokémon often known as Raid Bosses. These bosses are considerably stronger than common wild Pokémon, making it tough for a single coach to defeat them alone. To achieve a Raid Battle, gamers can work collectively and use their finest Pokémon to defeat the Raid Boss inside the time restrict.

Discovering a Raid Battle

To discover a Raid Battle, trainers can search for Health club places on their Pokémon GO map. Gyms are particular places the place Raid Battles happen periodically. When a Raid Battle is about to start out, the Health club might be marked with an egg, indicating the upcoming problem.

Raid Egg Color

Raid Battles are divided into totally different tiers primarily based on the problem and energy of the Raid Boss. The color of the egg above the Health club corresponds to the tier of the Raid Battle:

Egg Shadow* Sort Description
Regular Hatches a Tier 1 or 2 Raid Boss
Uncommon Hatches a Tier 3 Raid Boss
  Mega Hatches a Tier 4 Mega Raid Boss
  Uncommon (occasions) Hatches an in-person solely Tier 4 Raid Boss
Legendary Hatches a Tier 5 Legendary or Legendary Raid Boss
  Extremely Beast Hatches a Tier 5 Extremely Beast Raid Boss
  Mega Legendary Hatches a Tier 6 Mega Legendary Raid Boss
  Elite Hatches an Elite Raid Boss
  Primal Hatches a Tier 6 Primal Raid Boss

*Solely Tier 1,3 and 5 shadow raids are presently in-game.

Tier 1 and a couple of Raid Battles

These are the best and might usually be accomplished by solo or informal gamers.

Tier 3 Raid Battles

These are of reasonable problem and will require a small group of gamers to defeat the Raid Boss.

Mega Raid Battles

You could find Mega Raid Battles from Tier 4 to Tier 6. They're tough Raid Battles that includes Mega-Advanced Raid Bosses. Defeating a Mega Raid Boss offers you Mega Vitality, a useful resource required to Mega Evolve Pokémon. Primal Raids function in the identical method, rewarding trainers with Primal Vitality to energy Primal Reversion.

Legendary Raid Battles

Tier 5 Raid Battles are difficult and have highly effective Legendary Pokémon as Raid Bosses, necessitating a bigger group of trainers to take them down.

Elite Raid Battles

Elite Raid Eggs spawn and hatch at 11 am, 2 pm and 5 pm native time, they characteristic uncommon Pokémon. These Raids can't be entered with a Distant Raid Go. These raid battles solely happen at EX Raid Gyms. Usually Elite raids can solely be seen on particular Raid Days.

Shadow Raids

Shadow Raid is a mysterious sort of Raid Battle that happens at a Health club that has been taken over by Group GO Rocket.

In contrast to a regular Raid, a member of Group GO Rocket has captured the Health club and positioned a Shadow Pokémon because the Raid Boss. Enter the Health club and defeat the Shadow Raid Boss in battle to get the prospect to seize it. Like a regular Raid, Shadow Raids have a number of problem ranges relying on the energy of the Shadow Raid Boss.

As soon as a Health club has been taken over by Group GO Rocket, the Raid Egg above the Health club will seem with a purple flame behind it. As soon as the Raid Egg has hatched, the Health club will change color to look black on the Map.

At a sure level in the course of the Raid Battle, the Shadow Pokémon might turn out to be enraged, which can make it tougher to defeat.

When you've got a Purified Gem in your bag, a button will seem on the underside left of your display screen after the Shadow Pokemon has turn out to be enraged. Faucet the button to make use of a Purified Gem, which can assist to subdue the Shadow Raid Boss and return it to its non-Enraged state. Study extra about Shadow Raids.

Raid Passes

To take part in a Raid Battle, trainers want a Raid Go. There are two sorts of Raid Passes:

Free Raid Go

Daily Free Pass icon


Every day Free Go

Trainers can get hold of one free Raid Go per day by spinning the Photograph Disc at any Health club. Nonetheless, just one free move will be held at a time. Which means that Trainers can take part in a single raid a day with out utilizing passes that value cash.

Premium Raid Go


Premium Raid Go

Trainers have the choice to buy Premium Raid Passes from the in-game store for 100 cash every or 3 for 250 cash. These passes function equally to the free move, however there isn't a every day restrict on the amount you may maintain. They don't get used for Raids when a free Raid Go is obtainable. Cash will be acquired via an in-app buy or earned, with a most of fifty cash per day, from Pokémon returning after defending gyms.

Distant Raid Go

Remote Raid Pass icon


Distant Raid Go

Distant Raid Passes mean you can staff up with gamers around the globe if there aren’t any Raids close to your present location, to assist in opposition to legendary bosses or to get regional Pokémon in your dex. They now mean you can do the identical quantity of harm as you'll in particular person. You may solely carry 3 Distant Raid Passes at one time.

Trainers should buy Distant Raid Passes from the in-game store for 195 cash every or 525 for 3. Trainers can partake in a most of 5 distant raids per day (except there's a particular occasion). 

Pokémon GO gamers now have an opportunity of getting free Distant Raid Passes as a reward for Analysis Breakthroughs. You may unlock a Analysis Breakthrough by finishing seven days of Discipline Analysis duties and marking them off within the In the present day View. Nonetheless, this isn't assured.

Raid Guides

If you're uncertain of the most effective counters for a raid boss or just need to discover out extra, we have now an intensive checklist of Raid Guides for you. These will aid you put together for going into battle.

Becoming a member of a Raid Battle

In Individual

When a Raid Battle is about to start, the egg above the Health club can have a countdown timer. As soon as the timer reaches zero, the Raid Boss is revealed, and the battle can start. Trainers within the neighborhood of the Health club can choose the Raid Battle and use their Raid Go to hitch. Trainers will then be taken to a staff choice web page and countdown, the place you may select your staff or use the one really helpful. Different gamers inside the foyer will present up, there's a most of 20 individuals in a foyer. The raid battle will keep for an hour, however you may solely full it as soon as at that Health club. It's going to present up for different trainers in the event that they haven't but accomplished the raid battle. Should you didn't see the egg earlier than the raid began, the quantity of arrows beneath the raid icon denotes the raid tier.


Solely individuals in your associates checklist can invite you to battle in a raid remotely. If you obtain an invite, the tab on the underside right-hand facet of the display screen will flip orange. You may click on on the tab and it'll take you to the raids display screen. The raid invitation will present on the high in an orange banner. Merely click on on the banner and you'll be taken to the raid Health club and prompted to make use of a Distant Raid Go.

Mega Evolve Your Group

Mega Evolution is a short lived course of that will increase a Pokémon's CP, usually lasting for eight hours. You may mega evolve your Pokémon from the Raid Foyer. When you've got a Pokémon in your Raid Social gathering that's eligible to Mega Evolve, a Mega Evolution icon will seem within the high left nook of your Battle Social gathering. Faucet to pick which of your eligible Pokemon to Mega Evolve forward of the Raid Battle begin.

If you raid with Mega Advanced Pokémon, they increase the stats of your allies' Pokémon, in addition to give an extra sort increase to Pokémon of the identical sort. For instance, in case you use a Mega Lopunny, normal- and fighting-type strikes will get boosted.

Inviting Buddies to Raid Remotely

After getting joined a foyer, you may invite associates to Raid remotely.

  • Faucet the Invite Buddies button on the appropriate facet of the display screen. (pictured above)
  • Choose the buddies you wish to invite to the raid (as much as 5), then faucet “Invite Buddies.” When you can solely invite as much as 5 associates at a time, after a brief cooldown interval you may invite extra associates to the identical foyer in case you’d like. If somebody you have got invited has accomplished their 5 raids for the day, you'll obtain a notification and allowed to ask another person of their place.
  • In case your good friend is utilizing the Social gathering characteristic, inviting them will even invite the opposite members of their Social gathering.

Battling in a Raid

Raid Battles comply with a format just like conventional Pokémon battles however with a twist. Trainers can use a staff of as much as six Pokémon to struggle in opposition to the Raid Boss. The battle has a time restrict, and trainers should cooperate to scale back the Raid Boss's well being earlier than time runs out. If all trainers within the raid get defeated, they'll heal their Pokémon and be a part of the battle once more for an additional try till the raid ends.

Social gathering Energy

When difficult a raid along with your occasion, a bonus might be out there: Social gathering Energy.

  • Social gathering Energy doubles the injury of your subsequent Charged Assault and costs with each Quick Assault.
  • Extra occasion members means your Social gathering Energy costs sooner!

Raid Rewards

Efficiently defeating a Raid Boss comes with attractive rewards. Finishing a Raid Battle for the primary time will all the time award 1,000 Stardust. Trainers have the chance to obtain a bundle of Premier Balls, which they use to catch the Raid Boss, together with an opportunity to catch the defeated Pokémon. Moreover, collaborating in Raid Battles grants trainers uncommon candies, golden razz berries, and Technical Machines (TMs) to show Pokémon new strikes. Uncommon Sweet XL is completely obtainable from in-person Raid Battles and by Trainers Degree 31 or greater.

Tier XP
1 3,500
3/4 5,000
5/Mega/Primal 10,000
Elite 12,000
Mega Legendary 13,000

Bonus Problem

Bonus Problem is a characteristic out there for Trainers who efficiently defeated Raid Boss and it offers a chance to catch the Raid Boss Pokémon as if it was a Pokémon within the wild. Trainers use Premier Balls earnt as a reward in the course of the raid or their Grasp Ball to catch the defeated Raid Boss. Should you fail to seize the Pokémon along with your final Premier Ball and you don't have any extra Premier Balls left, the Pokémon will flee.

Shiny Odds

For a lot of trainers, the last word reward in Raid Battles is encountering a shiny model of the Raid Boss within the bonus problem. Shiny Pokémon are extremely uncommon alternate colouration variations. Legendary Raid (Tier 5) shiny odds are usually 1/20. Mega Raids are normally 1/64. Different raids will be 1/64 or 1/512.


In conclusion, Raid Battles are probably the most participating and interactive options of Pokémon GO. They encourage collaboration amongst gamers and supply a novel alternative to battle and seize highly effective and uncommon Pokémon. So subsequent time you see an egg above a Health club, seize your Raid Go, collect your mates, and embark on an thrilling Raid Battle journey in Pokémon GO!

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