Grubbin Group Day: A Fast PvP Perspective

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G'day PoGO lovers! It was not too long ago introduced that the September 2023 Group Day will function Grubbin. On September 23, 2023, from 2pm to 5pm native time Grubbin will seem extra regularly within the wild, and in an attention-grabbing new function, each Charjabug and Vikavolt developed in the course of the occasion will know the Electrical sort Quick Assault Volt Change.

Let's take a fast have a look at the PvP influence of this group day on each evolutions.


  • Total, the unique transfer Volt Change has little or no influence on each Charjabug and Vikavolt's locations within the present PvP meta. Charjabug was respectable earlier than, and stays respectable nonetheless. However, Vikavolt was common earlier than, and stays common nonetheless.
  • Vikavolt actually needs a harder-hitting cost transfer to achieve its potential as a glass cannon. Save one for the decrease leagues for a future movepool replace.
  • If you'll prioritise one construct from the occasion, I might advocate a cumbersome Charjabug with Volt Change.

Volt Change – Vikavolt


I have to confess, I feel it's fairly nice that 2 evolution levels of a Pokémon are getting a group day transfer – and an excellent one! Volt Change is an objectively good transfer, notably when paired with the best person (suppose Galvantula and Amphoros). It hits laborious and expenses strikes rapidly, although as a 3 flip transfer it may be just a little clunky to make use of.

Galvantula is the most effective comparability level for us for the Grubbin evolutions, and to know how VS can function in apply. Galv can be a Bug and Electrical sort with Volt Change as its most well-liked quick transfer. It wants 3 quick turns to get to each its main charged strikes Discharge and Lunge, which makes it pretty easy to make use of. The added bonus is that it may be tough for opponents to foretell which transfer shall be thrown – shielding a Lunge unnecessarily and having your assault debuffed on the similar time may be extremely irritating.

When it comes to stat product, Galv is definitely barely bulkier than Vikavolt! This could be laborious to consider, as Galv is often lumped into the glass cannon territory, but it surely's helped out by the helpful synergies of its dual-typing (for instance, Bug resists Floor which hits Electrical for super-effective injury, and Electrical resists Flying which hits Bug for super-effective injury).

The factor is, Vikavolt doesn’t have Lunge – solely Crunch, Discharge and X-Scissor as charged strikes to select from. Galv has an enormous assault stat, which helps these comparatively low energy strikes nonetheless really feel like they’re hitting fairly laborious. Vikavolt has a barely larger assault stat, however with out the debuffing assure, it doesn’t strike fairly the identical concern in impartial matchups. X-Scissor simply doesn’t fairly reduce it, even with the current buff to its energy.

Let's check out the numbers. Because it stands immediately, that is how Vikavolt stacks up within the Great League with Spark, and that is the way it appears with Volt Switch. Identical Win-Loss report, however there's just a few adjustments within the two columns. It's good that it could possibly now extra successfully take down Walrein, however shedding to Deoxys and Vigoroth hurts.

New Wins New Losses




Walrein (Shadow)


Deoxys (Protection)




What Vikavolt actually needs is a greater laborious hitting cost transfer. There's just a few choices accessible however the most effective of the bunch is certainly Wild Cost (which Vikavolt can be taught through TM in the principle sequence). Wild Cost would enable Vikavolt to play the glass cannon function extra successfully – have a look at its potential within the 1-shield situation within the Great League, and within the Ultra League! Niantic may shake issues up sooner or later (though may have been nice now!) so it's value hanging onto one for every of the decrease leagues simply in case.

Volt Change – Charjabug


The place Vikavolt is a glass cannon, Charjabug is a tankier model with significantly better stat product within the Nice League. It has a reasonably respectable open Great League report with Spark, however might be finest recognized for that includes in numerous restricted metas such because the Evolution cup. 

What does Volt Change do for Charj? Actually, not a lot. It picks up one new win in Venusaur, and one loss in Shadow Allure-Tales. As a result of Charj is sort of tanky, the ‘nerf' to Spark doesn't influence it fairly as a lot as you may anticipate, notably with the buff to X-Scissor and since it could possibly dangle round lengthy sufficient to nonetheless attain its medium-hitting charged strikes – so Volt Change isn't actually doing that a lot for it, however offers it a barely totally different play model. Total, Charj goes to have principally tender wins and tender losses, and Volt Change doesn't considerably change that. It's value grabbing a superb cumbersome variant (you don't actually need to thrift too laborious on the majority) and powering up for the Nice League, in the event you're prepared to speculate. Fortunately unlocking its second cost transfer is the most affordable stardust choice accessible!


I actually wished to get enthusiastic about this group day, but it surely doesn’t appear like it’s going to be notably thrilling for both Charjabug or Vikavolt. It feels just like the Grubbin line has been given Volt Change due to the current Spark nerf, but it surely truthfully isn't differentiating all of them that a lot from their present state. Moreover, the Grubbin line has been restricted from the Electrical-Cup meta later this season, so we gained't even get to check out our new toys in motion! This c-day gained't be a tough miss, however I'm positively left questioning what may have been. 

Nonetheless, good luck with the shiny hunt, and till subsequent time, you can too discover me on Twitter or Instagram for extra PvP evaluation!


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