Haxorus with Breaking Swipe for Raids: One of many many dragons

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In the event you're excited in regards to the upcoming Axew Group Day taking place this Saturday, June 10, you'll wish to learn this in-depth evaluation on Haxorus with Breaking Swipe. Regardless of not being a meta-breaking Group Day (CD), it offers a minor however precious improve to Haxorus's raid capabilities.


For brand new gamers, Axew CD represents a golden alternative to assemble a strong Dragon-type workforce. Veteran gamers, nevertheless, received't expertise a considerable impression except they transfer Haxorus to Degree 50, the place it surpasses stage 40 non-shadow Dragon sorts.

Breaking Swipe doesn't elevate Haxorus considerably above comparable dragons like Salamence, Palkia, and Garchomp, however it does contribute to a extra constant efficiency.

This isn't a meta-breaking CD for raids. Not even shut.

A small improve for Haxorus. Made it go from the underside of the “group of non-shadow non-Rayquza dragons” (Salamence, Garchomp, Palkia, Dialga, Zekrom) to the highest of the group. Nevertheless it's “simply” equal to them, not meaningfully above, and nonetheless worse than Breaking Swipe Rayquaza and shadows.

Nice probability for brand spanking new gamers to construct a Dragon workforce. However if you have already got a L40+ Dragon workforce, L40 Haxorus does little or no to you, being equal to what you've.

The great factor is, L50 Haxorus > L40 non-shadow dragons (although <= L40 Shadows). And Haxorus would be the best dragon to go L50 after CD.

Hold studying for:

  • Comparisons to Haxorus and different dragons, with its execs and cons
  • Did we miss out from not getting Outrage?
  • Shadow Haxorus sooner or later
  • Record of my earlier analyses – now in Google Sheets!


Axew Group Day occurs this Saturday, June 10 (for Pokemon #610!), from 2pm to 5pm. Any Haxorus developed earlier than 10pm will know the CD transfer, Breaking Swipe.

The transfer Breaking Swipe made its debut in PoGo again in February, as a raid-exclusive transfer for Rayquaza. Whereas gamers shortly acknowledged it was an unbelievable transfer in PvP, its impacts on raid attackers appeared like a nothingburger at first, with a low energy of 30.

Nevertheless, I wrote an in depth analysis that confirmed Breaking Swipe performs higher than Outrage on Rayquaza in observe. Regardless of a decrease best-case ceiling (uncooked DPS), its speediness makes Ray extra constant than the highly effective however sluggish Outrage does.

Haxorus by no means had Outrage to start with, and till now, its solely Dragon-type charged transfer was Dragon Claw. This implies Breaking Swipe is a a lot clearer improve on Haxorus as a raid attacker. However how a lot of an improve is it? Does it assist Haxorus stand out amongst dragon sorts, one of the contested attacking sorts for raids?

I'll reply the query with the next elements:

  1. Chart of Dragon-type attackers
  2. Breaking Swipe Haxorus in comparison with each different top-tier non-shadow Dragon
  3. Did we miss out by not getting Outrage?
  4. Shadow Haxorus?

In the event you're on desktop and wish to bounce to a specific half, search “Half X”.

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Half 1: Dragon-type Attacker Charts

Haxorus rises from the underside of the group of sub-Rayquaza dragons to the highest of the group, however nonetheless not above the group, and nonetheless can't attain Rayquaza or shadows. Nice probability for brand spanking new gamers to construct dragon groups, however these with devoted groups will want XLs to see profit. L40 shadows >= L50 Haxorus > any L40 non-shadows.

Dragon attackers ranked by their common in-raid efficiency, utilizing ASE and ASTTW.

Charts of ASE with and with out dodging are here.

Be aware: Kyurem with Glaciate would have carried out equally to most non-shadow non-mega non-Rayquaza dragons, every time ice can be tremendous efficient.



I'll begin by noting that with regards to dragons, I often focus extra on Estimator (left plot) than TTW. The previous considers relobbying, which occurs very often for dragons, as a result of they could take a Tremendous Efficient dragon transfer from the boss.

Breaking Swipe is a transparent improve on Haxorus, however solely a small one – 3.4%.

  • For context, that is just like the common distinction between Draco Meteor and Outrage on Salamence.

Nevertheless, this issues when evaluating Haxorus to the enormous group of non-shadow non-Rayquaza dragons (Salamence, Palkia, Garchomp, Zekrom, Dialga, Dragonite), that are all extraordinarily related to one another. Breaking Swipe strikes Haxorus from the underside of this group to the highest.

Regardless of this, Haxorus nonetheless stays inside this group – it will possibly't rise above them.

  • Notably, it's nonetheless constantly worse than Rayquaza, and much worse than Shadow Salamence and Shadow Dragonite.
  • Even its distinction to the remainder of the group, like Salamence and Garchomp, may be very small if not nearly zero. (At Degree 40, their distinction is inside 1%.)
  • Dragonite is the one one which's clearly worse on common.

So when evaluating Degree 40 to Degree 40 attackers, Haxorus looks like an excellent “price range” choice for brand spanking new gamers, however long-term gamers who already invested in groups of dragons (together with Salamence and Garchomp from previous CDs) will acquire little or no from a L40 Haxorus.

Accessibility (XL) issues…

The above solely talks about attackers on the similar Pokemon stage. Any Degree 50 non-shadow dragon outperforms one other Degree 40, no matter what the 2 Pokemon are.

Fortuitously, Haxorus would be the best dragon to get XL candies of – and energy as much as Degree 50 – simply after this CD.

  • Many different dragons are legendaries, whose XLs are out of attain for everybody however whales.
  • Even those who had CDs didn't assure an enormous XL provide. Bagon CD was earlier than XLs turned a factor, Gible CD was earlier than Mega Evolutions supplied a robust XL enhance, and Dratini CD Traditional didn't include the 2x XL bonus that non-Traditional CDs have.
  • Axew CD not solely has all these bonuses, but in addition has the extra Water Competition bonus of boosted XLs from good, nice and glorious throws!

When you have sufficient XLs to construct one or a number of L50 Haxorus, they'll seemingly be your finest non-shadow non-mega dragon attackers.

For hardcore gamers which have already powered up Shadow Salamence and Shadow Dragonite to L40, they're higher than Haxorus at any stage.

Half 2: Haxorus in comparison with all different non-shadow dragons

As a glass cannon, Haxorus performs very equally to non-shadow non-Rayquaza dragons, and worse than Rayquaza. Curiously, it stands out in circumstances when most different dragons get OHKOed, because of added consistency from Breaking Swipe.

Haxorus vs. different related Dragon attackers (L40 finest buddies)

Reminder: I'd prioritize Estimator for dragons because of relobbies.

Taking a look at estimator, we attain the identical conclusion as Half 1 – Haxorus is simply nearly as good as each non-Rayquaza Dragon now, possibly barely above just a few (Dragonite).

  • In comparison with Salamence, Palkia, Garchomp and Zekrom, their estimator “win” charges are virtually dead-on 50/50.

Haxorus does have higher TTW than non-Rayquaza dragons, which suggests in massive teams the place you're sure you received't relobby, Haxorus performs higher than the remainder. In different phrases, a glass cannon.

Nevertheless, Haxorus is constantly worse than Rayquaza (that has Breaking Swipe).

  • Rayquaza and Haxorus have the very same base assault of 284, however Rayquaza has 15% extra bulk, in order that's not shocking.
  • The ~10% circumstances the place Haxorus is best largely come right down to typing benefits, similar to rock and electrical strikes from the boss. Even then, Haxorus's benefit is small.

Professionals and Cons of Haxorus

Professional 1: Haxorus has nice base assault and DPS.

  • Rayquaza's 284 base assault has all the time been seen because the golden commonplace for dragons, however Haxorus ties it. No different presently launched dragon can: Palkia 280, Salamence 277, and so on.
  • Technically, Haxorus's DPS isn't the very best – each Rayquaza and Outrage Salamence are higher. (Table) Nevertheless, its DPS remains to be larger than all others, and its TTW (“DPS in observe”) finally ends up beating Salamence anyway. Which brings us to Professional 2 beneath…
  • This often performs out to Haxorus's benefit if it resists the boss's charged transfer, or if the boss has weak assaults like Giratina-A. In these circumstances, Haxorus can dwell longer and fulfill its DPS potential.

Professional 2: Haxorus may be very constant in circumstances which are historically doomsdays for dragons, because of Breaking Swipe.

  • Most dragons depend on Outrage or Draco Meteor, that are each costly, gradual and unreliable strikes that take virtually 4 seconds. However Breaking Swipe? Takes 0.8 seconds, even shorter than a Dragon Tail, enables you to spam constant charged transfer harm and get again to Dragon Tails shortly and reduces vitality waste.
  • Essentially the most advantageous matchups for Haxorus finally ends up being Palkia, Reshiram and Kyurem raids with Draco Meteor. These are bosses that OHKO most different Dragon attackers earlier than they'll end one or two Outrage or Draco Meteor. Haxorus additionally will get OHKOed, however it will possibly spam extra Breaking Swipes earlier than happening.

Con: Haxorus is frail. Very frail.

  • Non-shadow Haxorus's bulk is barely higher than Shadow Salamence, and worse than Shadow Dragonite.
  • Consequently, the worst-case situations for Haxorus are when it will get OHKOed by a charged transfer, however different dragons survive. Outrage Zekrom raid is a traditional instance: Haxorus can't tank one till it will get to XL ranges.
  • For this reason, although Haxorus does very properly in TTW, I didn't emphasize on it. As a result of for those who use 6 Haxorus, you'll must relobby more often than not.

General, Haxorus is a traditional glass cannon, however performs extra constantly than most different glass cannons because of having Breaking Swipe. Its common energy is sort of the identical as all sub-Rayquaza dragons, however its best-case and worst-case situations are a bit completely different from different dragons.

Half 3: Did we miss out by not getting Outrage?

No. Breaking Swipe is one of the best Haxorus may have hoped for.

Breaking Swipe vs. Outrage on Haxorus (L40 finest buddies)

In the event you plug in Outrage to the GamePress DPS/TDO spreadsheet, you'll see that it has larger DPS than Breaking Swipe. That's why, for a very long time, gamers hoped for Outrage because the CD transfer.

Nevertheless, I already showed that even on Rayquaza, Breaking Swipe finally ends up being higher than Outrage. Haxorus, being even glassier than Rayquaza, appreciates a spammy transfer like Breaking Swipe much more than Ray does. It merely doesn't have the majority to make use of Outrage reliably, and Breaking Swipe is principally tailored for a glass cannon like this.

In actual fact, for those who compute the common estimators and TTWs (plot from final time), Outrage finally ends up being a downgrade from even Dragon Claw, which is itself worse than Breaking Swipe.

The detailed comparability of BS vs. Outrage on Haxorus would have been extraordinarily just like Rayquaza, so I'll omit the main points.

Half 4: Shadow Haxorus?

Shadow Haxorus finally ends up a bit forward of Shadow Salamence, largely as a result of the latter “underperforms”, not that the previous overperforms. However in any other case, the identical conclusions from the non-shadow dialogue apply to shadows.

Clearly this is not going to occur anytime quickly, however one thing fascinating might be stated about Shadow Haxorus with Breaking Swipe, every time it does change into a factor…

Future dragon attackers ranked by ASE and ASTTW.

Charts of ASE with and with out dodging are here.

Be aware: I omitted shadow legendaries apart from Rayquaza because of accessibility considerations. The one future shadows proven listed here are Rayquaza, Haxorus and Garchomp.

Bear in mind once I stated Haxorus and Salamence are very related? But, while you evaluate their shadows within the chart above… Shadow Haxorus has a small however agency hole forward of Shadow Salamence.

Why? Shadow Salamence, regardless of it being among the finest Dragon attackers proper now, is definitely underperforming. Whereas Shadow Haxorus doesn't underperform that a lot.

  • This largely comes right down to consistency. Shadow Salamence loses out on an excessive amount of bulk from the shadow therapy, that its Outrage turns into unreliable. Despite the fact that Shadow Haxorus is paper skinny, Breaking Swipe makes its worst circumstances not as dangerous.
  • I confirmed Shadow Garchomp right here for this precise purpose. Garchomp may be very cumbersome, so the hole between Shadow Haxorus and Shadow Garchomp finally ends up being just like their non-shadows. (This additionally applies to the omitted shadow legendaries, particularly Dialga and Zekrom.)
  • Be aware that with dodging, Shadow Salamence not underperforms.

Regardless of this, Shadow Haxorus stays behind Shadow Rayquaza – however provided that Ray additionally has Breaking Swipe.

  • Shadow Rayquaza with simply Outrage would have flopped as badly as Shadow Salamence.

General, Shadow Haxorus's placement amongst future shadow dragons is similar to their non-shadows: Prime of the group, however nonetheless not above them.

Nevertheless, I don't encourage anybody to closely depend on this information for present and future investments. We do not know after we'll get Shadow Garchomp, Shadow Haxorus, or a number of Shadow Rayquaza. Plus, it's higly seemingly that Palkia and Dialga could have their signature strikes by then, and their shadows would have destroyed the competitors. Given how unpredictable the longer term is, I wouldn't advise towards constructing Shadow Salamence and Dragonite now, nor would I particularly put together for Shadow Haxorus.

  • It's true that Axew XL will most likely by no means be so out there once more, so in case your eventual objective is XL Shadow Haxorus, you may wish to fill up XLs for that. The query is if you wish to (no main purpose to), and for those who'll nonetheless be taking part in by then.

Closing Remarks

In contrast to many pseudo-legendary or “virtually pseudo-legendary” CDs, like Tyranitar (for 2018), Metagross, Garchomp (which I felt was overhyped) and Hydreigon, this CD's impression on raid attacker rankings might be far lower than what you could have imagined. This isn't a meta-breaking CD, not even shut.

CD Haxorus's position finally ends up being just like Salamence when its CD first occurred in 2019, however even worse – a tiny improve, glorious choice for brand spanking new gamers, however does little for well-prepared gamers. However this time, “well-prepared” went from “whaled out 6 Rayquaza” to only “did the largest CDs of the previous”.

I'm really okay with it, although. Virtually the whole lot has modified from 2019 to 2023. And immediately, it's more durable and more durable to make new raid attackers stand out from current ones, most of which have already got shadows and/or overpowered strikes. Not all “huge hype” CDs might be meta-breaking, and never all of them must be.

If something… That is significantly better than Goomy and Jangmo-o will likely be, assuming we're solely speaking about raids. And I'm certain not everybody treats raid relevance as the only real purpose to care about CDs – in any other case, Noibat CD wouldn't have been practically as hyped because it was… Proper?

Appendix: Previous analyses on different sorts

An entire checklist of all my previous analyses – on each single sort apart from regular – can now be present in this spreadsheet!

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