Easy methods to Beat BRONZOR in Little Cup

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Hi there once more, fellow PvPers, and welcome again to Core Meltdown!

Final 12 months, after we didn’t have a brand new meta each single WEEK, I received bold and launched a brand new sequence referred to as “Core Meltdown” the place I tried to dive into really helpful cores for every new meta. Actually, as metas grow to be one-week codecs and so many different information gadgets had been being chucked at my head every week to research, it received to be an excessive amount of, and I needed to silently abandon the sequence. (I hope to convey it again extra totally sooner or later, however time simply isn’t there as ceaselessly as issues shift nowadays, I’m afraid.) Anyway, for no less than one format, it appeared extra applicable to revisit this than to flesh out an entire “Nifty Or Thrifty” meta overview as I usually do.

What’s a “core”, you ask? Merely a bunch of Pokémon that work effectively collectively on a workforce, usually masking one another’s weaknesses and responding effectively to the larger threats in a selected meta. Generally a core will likely be outlined as three (or much more, within the case of “present six, play three” codecs like The Silph Area) Pokémon that synergize collectively, however normally we’re speaking core duos.

That mentioned… there will likely be little that’s “common” about this specific article. As a result of we’re speaking about Little Cup… or because it’s extra unaffectionately recognized: BRONZOR Cup.

So I’m truly going to largely skip over dialogue on cores and concentrate on probably the most crucial position of any workforce you construct: one thing that may crush opposing Bronzor. Usually I spent the final part of Core Meltdowns specializing in corebreakers… issues that may bust up core duos and even trios. However immediately, that’s going to principally BE this text.

I’ll be sincere: it was a little bit troublesome to inspire myself to mud this off and crank this evaluation out, as a result of actually, Bronzor Cup brings on some PTSD for these of us who’ve ventured into it earlier than. However that’s exactly why I DID power myself to complete this, so that you simply, pricey reader, have a little bit extra data and ammunition going into this format, hopefully making it no less than rather less traumatic. In any case, our solely different this week is Open Grasp League, which for a lot of might be even extra daunting.

So my apologies if components of this appear a little bit drab or hurried. I did my finest, and I actually hope it’s a assist to you. Right here we go!


Out of the 400ish Pokémon eligible in Little Cup, there are solely round 25-35 that beat Bronzor throughout even protect eventualities. (“Even protect” that means each Pokémon in fight utilizing the identical variety of shields: 0, 1, or 2.) And over two thirds of them are hard-countering Darkish varieties. Yeah… there’s a purpose Bronzor is so hated on this format. With its Metal/Psychic typing (resists Dragon, Fairy, Flying, Grass, Ice, Regular, Rock, Metal, and double resists Psychic and Poison), silly excessive bulk (proper on the identical stage as Chansey), and annoying protection transfer Payback, Bronzor is a ache the again of the lap to cope with. It’s left weak to solely Darkish, Ghost, Hearth, and Floor, and its Confusion injury and number of cost strikes usually deal deadly injury to all of these aside from Psychic-resistant Darks earlier than they will end Bronzor off. Even Hearth and Ghost varieties that usually tear into Metal and Psychic varieties are shaky when going through down “Zoro” (as I’ve taken to calling it), usually succumbing to its impartial injury earlier than their very own tremendous efficient injury can tear Bronzor down.

So, what CAN beat Bronzor in even protect eventualities?



  • Naturally, BRONZOR can beat itself. Extra particularly, in the event you occur to have a #1 IV Bronzor (0-14-15, all the way in which up at Degree 49.5), you’ll beat most other Bronzors on the market. It doesn’t matter that you simply lose CMP to these Bronzors… you merely outlast them anyway. Straightforward peezy, Bronzor squeezy. Nevertheless, bear in mind that that is not consistent across all shielding scenarios… CMP does matter exterior of 1v1 shielding. It’s additionally not foolproof, as a Bronzor with relatively high Attack can flip the tables, the outcomes being so shut that even simply dealing 1 extra injury with every Payback can flip a win right into a loss in a flash.
  • On that observe, there may be knowledge in bringing a NON-XL Zoro to battle on this meta. In form of an inverse from the excessive rank (low Assault) model, you will now sometimes lose with shields down to increased bulk mirrors, however you extra reliably win in 1shield and 2shield matchups.
  • Sure, sure, I do know… a third bullet level for Bronzor?! However as many feedback have identified, I’d be remiss to not point out one other variant of Bronzor itself as a Bronzor counter: these using not Confusion, however Sort out. As a Regular transfer, it’s after all resisted by Steely Zoro, however then once more, Confusion is double resisted due to the mix of Metal AND Psychic typings, so whereas every Sort out normally finally ends up dealing just one injury to enemy Bronzor, you possibly can match 4 of them into the identical timeframe as a single Confusion (Sort out has a cooldown of 1 PvP flip/half a real-time second, whereas Confusion lasts 4 turns/2 seconds), and Confusion itself normally offers solely 2 injury, so Sort out offers actually twice the quick transfer injury to opposing Bronzors as Confusion does. And additionally it is NOT resisted by enemy Darkish and Psychic varieties like Confusion is… and actually the one issues that DO resist Sort out are rarely-seen-in-this-meta Ghosts. So not solely does Sort out Bronzor beat Confusion Bronzor in all even shield eventualities, however it will probably even beat some usually troublesome Darks like Deino in even shield scenarios as effectively! It stays highly competitive overall with Sort out, getting stronger towards Darks, as I mentioned, although it does lose floor on some Fires and Grounds, the few related Ghosts (truly displaying some losses now versus Drifloon, for instance), and most disappointingly, Lick Seel… instances the place Confusion offers superior injury. However Sort out Bronzor is a few good secret tech that possible received’t keep secret for lengthy. And actually, that point could have already handed!



  • One of many extra dependable Bronzor counters that occurs to even be quite good in the meta in general is DEINO. As with different Darks, Deino blunts Bronzor’s Psychic-type injury and Payback, leaving solely Heavy Slam as a impartial injury vendor. And though Deino’s Dragon Breath AND Physique Slam are resisted by Bronzor, its Crunch connects for giant, tremendous efffective injury, and that makes the difference. It may well even throw out ONLY Crunch and still win across other shielding scenarios. Do be cautious, although… it’s fairly straightforward for Bronzor to get to a bulkpoint that it halves the injury output of Deino’s Dragon Breath (from 2 every to only 1 injury every). In opposition to a #1 IV Deino (with Deino having about 67 Assault), that bulkpoint is just below 132 Protection for Bronzor, which can normally imply a non-XL Bronzor. For a extra run-of-the-mill, “common” Deino (much less bulk however someplace round 69 Assault for Deino), that bulkpoint is as an alternative within the vary of 135 Protection, which is XL Bronzor but not TOO high above Level 40. Deino will USUALLY nonetheless win anyway, it can simply require closing with a second Crunch as an alternative of a less expensive Physique Slam. Deino is fairly secure throughout all even protect eventualities… however safer if it has a little bit little bit of Assault going for it, simply to verify it doesn’t have its quick transfer injury minimize actually in half.
Shiny Deino by
LadyCharizard (Pokemon Artwork Academy)



Diglett (Alola)




  • SHADOW CUBONE can take out even #1 IV Bronzor in 1v1 (with good IVs itself) and 2v2 shielding due to having Bone Membership (which is all it wants in 2v2 shielding) and Bulldoze (to shut it out in 1v1 shielding). Just like A-Dig, Shadow Cubone HAS to have good IVs to carry out even decently towards the remainder of the meta, although; with merely average IVs it turns into a specialist that may solely take out issues weak to Floor. (Excessive stat product IVs add on issues like Jangmo-O and Wooper and turns into extra dependable versus Bronzor throughout numerous Bronzor IV spreads.)

Grimer (Alola)


Grimer (Alola Shadow)


  • ALOLAN GRIMER is fairly dependable and grinding down Bronzor… particularly with Chunk. In that trend, it will probably beat even #1 IV Bronzor in 2v2 shielding and with shields down… simply NOT 1v1 shielding. Not less than, not towards Bronzor operating a Metal protection transfer… it CAN beat Bronzor with Psyshock/Payback, which can find yourself the most well-liked variant this time round. (Do observe that this may drop to a tie relying on how excessive rank the Bronzor is.) A-Grime can also be decent against the core meta with Chunk. Poison Jab would be better versus the meta and is actually nonetheless viable, although it will probably no longer reliably beat Bronzor that way. Choices, selections. Maybe I could make all of it simpler by recommending you simply run the brand new Shadow Alolan Grimer in the event you’ve been fortunate sufficient to search out one; it loses Wynaut and Pawniard, however now rather more persistently beats Bronzor in ALL shielding eventualities (even the 0v2!), and positive factors wins versus Vulpix, A-Vulpix, Amaura, Shadow Stunky, and Jangmo-O as effectively. Shadow Alolan Grimer is abruptly very attention-grabbing on this meta, people!

Zigzagoon (Galarian)


  • Additionally attention-grabbing is GALARIAN ZIGZAGOON, which is ready to beat Bronzor in all even shield eventualities… so long as Bronzor doesn’t have a Metal transfer, no less than. Zoro with Heavy Slam could make issues MUCH extra attention-grabbing and flips 0shield to a Ziggy loss… however with good IVs, it will probably nonetheless grasp on in 1v1 and 2v2 shielding, regardless of dealing NO Darkish injury and largely resisted Regular injury as an alternative… Dig is finally sufficient to show the tide. And G-Ziggy performs very well typically right here. The catch? That’s a Degree 50 Pokémon, people. You CAN construct a near-hundo without having any XL sweet in any respect, and whereas it loses a little bit of its luster total, it’s still viable, and nonetheless handles Metal-less Bronzor and (inconsistently) Heavy Slam variations too. I feel it’s value constructing now with the recent-ish buffs to Sort out that it didn’t take pleasure in final time by Little Cup.



  • HOUNDOUR does not perform very well against the meta, however has the distinctive distinction of resisting ALL of Bronzor’s strikes, and is probably THE most dependable, constant Bronzor counter throughout all even protect eventualities, no matter Bronzor’s IVs. Shieldless1v12v2.) Houndour may even win with a shield disadvantage by profitable the 0v1 protect. In case you completely should kill Bronzor useless, then apart from the brand new Shadow A-Grime, that is in all probability the easiest way to do it. Simply don’t ask Houndour to do an excessive amount of else for you past that.



  • Additionally very constant throughout numerous shielding eventualities is VULLABY. It takes out even #1 IV Bronzor in all even protect eventualities (0v01v12v2) and even 0 vs 2 shields!. (So long as it’s operating Feint Assault as an alternative of Air Slash, no less than.) The catch? You may solely sneak it underneath 500 CP by getting a Degree 15 one from LONG-past Analysis Breakthrough rewards (I feel it was November of 2020?), after which must commerce it, as a Analysis-minimum 10-10-10 at Degree 15 remains to be too large (as are clearly any Degree 20 Vullaby acquired in any other case). The commerce doesn’t must be loopy… even one thing like an 8-10-10 suits, and that’s very straightforward to attain through buying and selling. Good luck! (EDIT: A number of readers jogged my memory that Vullaby can also be a uncommon spawn from Each day Journey Incense, so there’s a present technique to additionally strive your luck at, maybe!)



  • Not QUITE nearly as good — however a lot simpler to amass — is fellow Darkish Chook MURKROW. It whiffs in the 0 shield (although CAN beat Zoro without a Steel move), however takes the 1v1 and 2v2 with out a lot bother, although being nowhere close to as cumbersome as Vullaby, it depends a bit on baiting a protect or two with Drill Peck alongside the way in which. (I imply, it CAN win with simply Foul Play, nevertheless it gets a bit dicier.) The opposite downside? In contrast to Vullaby, which is a full-on meta pick, Murkrow is more just a spice pick, doing little or no past simply countering Psychics like Bronzor.



  • POOCHYENA no less than contributes a little more overall than Murkrow, whereas nonetheless attending to Bronzor ultimately throughout all even protect matchups (0v01v12v2), needing solely Snarl and Crunch to do it, too. ALSO neat: Poochy can win the 0v1 and 1v2 protect as effectively! That mentioned, you undoubtedly nonetheless need Poison Fang on it to assist in wins over stuff like Nidoran and Wooper… and soften up a whole lot of different issues even in shedding matchups. On this format, shedding the battle however contributing to the general struggle by hobbling the opponent on the way in which out remains to be a victory.



  • PURRLOIN is equally environment friendly in its dominance over Bronzor, profitable the 0v1 and 1v2 protect, to not point out all even protect matchups. And it’s additionally extra impactful across the core meta. It’s low on this article, however excessive in viability as among the best Darks in Little Cup total.



  • Right here’s a enjoyable one chances are you’ll not have thought-about: SCRAGGY. It must be within the decrease teenagers in stage to suit, nevertheless it’s been within the wild a couple of occasions in order that’s realistically attainable this time by Little Cup. And with Acid Spray, it’s capable of beating Bronzor in 1v1 shielding, and it wins in rather more easy trend in 0v0 and 2v2 shielding. It has a small however notable position versus the rest of the meta as effectively, knocking out a few Bronzor’s different troublesome counters. Enjoyable little spice choice right here.



  • It’s a tricky commerce to tug off, however sure, a hatch-level SANDILE can squeeze underneath 500 CP, and does alright with itself in the meta. However what it does particularly effectively is slaughter Bronzor, no less than in all even shield eventualities.





  • After all, one approach to beat Bronzor is to only roast it with Hearth. Your finest choices would seem like VULPIX, which can’t quite win with shields down (until it has top flight IVs!), however DOES win 1v1 and 2v2 shielding operating away. GROWLITHE additionally beats Bronzor in 1v1 shielding (Shadow too), although it does get uncomfortably shut. Common Growlithe has extra respiratory room in 1v1 shielding, however simply can’t end off Bronzor earlier than it reaches Payback with shields down. Each Growlithe and Vulpix are fairly stable towards your complete meta, too. And whereas different Fires like Tepig and Litleo and Litwick can typically take out Bronzor as effectively, they’re inconsistent at finest, particularly in 0-shield and 2v2 shielding. That Confusion injury is simply an excessive amount of (and Psyshock or particularly Payback in shieldless matchups).

Stunky (Shadow)




  • After which about the one issues left are excessive injury glassy Darks. SHADOW STUNKY merely has to have a protect to throw up, and it will probably just Bite Bronzor to death and pocket sufficient vitality for one and a half Crunches to throw afterwards. (And it will probably chew through a chunk of the meta too.) CARVANHA can even Bite a bunch of stuff. It’s far too flimsy to outrace Bronzor with shields down, however wails on it with ever-increasing energy (due to Poison Fang) in 1v1 and 2v2 shielding. One of the best half about these two is that Bronzor may even be sitting behind two shields and it simply doesn’t matter… fast moves will do it in eventually.


As this sequence was once about Cores, in spite of everything, I need to wrap up with a handful to contemplate, primarily based on suggestions from GO Battle Log. I’m simply going to record them and suggest you take a look at GO Battle Log and PvPoke’s Team Builder for Little Cup to spherical them out with a 3rd.

Right here we go: cores utilizing no less than one of many above, in no specific order:

That’s only a handful to get you began, however I extremely suggest checking GO Battle Log on daily basis or two for concepts, as they maintain monitor aa the meta shapes and reshapes all through the week. And naturally, see what concepts YOU can give you! (And what number of of them find yourself with Bronzor itself as your third. 😈)

Thanks as all the time to my pals PvPoke for his or her superior assets, and to GO Battle Log, and due to YOU for studying. I hope this helps you deal with the menace referred to as Bronzor!

As for higher understanding of the complete meta, I refer you to my huge meta and funds evaluate of Little Cup, “Nifty Or Thrifty”. That was pushed out final 12 months, and the meta HAS modified a little bit bit since then, however that ought to nonetheless offer you a very good total concept of what to anticipate. (And I nonetheless hope to tweak/replace {that a} bit over the subsequent day or so.)

Till subsequent time, you possibly can all the time discover me on Twitter with common PvP evaluation nuggets, or on Patreon.

Better of luck in Little Cup, or no matter format you end up on this week. Keep secure on the market, Pokéfriends, and catch you subsequent time. Attempt to have enjoyable!

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