Iron Leaves (Paradox Virizion) Meta Evaluation: A Hypothesis

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Pokémon Day 2023 had an thrilling Pokémon Presents that dropped at us a number of bits of information on varied Pokémon video games, together with Scarlet and Violet. Not solely did we get to have a sneak peak into the upcoming DLC however we additionally received launched to 2 new Paradox mons: Strolling Wave (Paradox Suicune) that’s unique to Scarlet, and Iron Leaves (Paradox Virizion) that’s unique to Violet.

One of the vital distinctive features of those video games (aside from the Terastallization gimmick) is the introduction of Paradox Pokémon, previous and future types that look much like sure current Pokémon however are totally totally different Pokémon altogether. They’re related in essence to Extremely Beasts, apart from the truth that Paradox mons should not from one other dimension… moderately, they’re from totally different timelines. 

So, as I’d accomplished for Strolling Wake (Paradox Suicune), Roaring Moon (Paradox Salamence), and Iron Valiant (Paradox Gardevoir/Gallade), I reckoned I ought to do the identical for Iron Leaves as effectively!

Introduction to Iron Leaves

Iron Leaves is a Grass and Psychic kind Paradox Pokémon that’s unique to Pokémon Violet.

It’s actually a mechanical/robotic model of Virizion and the design upgrades in comparison with the OG Virizion are akin to Iron Thorns (Paradox Tyranitar) and Iron Jugulis (Paradox Hydreigon), the place they don’t look too totally different from the OG mons, and are actually simply mechanized avatars. 

Common Sprite Shiny Sprite

Fundamental Sequence Stats

Iron Leaves has the next stats within the MSG:

HP 84
ATK 130
DEF 88
SpA 70
SpD 108
Spe 104


Stats in Pokémon GO

The following article explains how one can get hold of a Pokémon’s stats in GO from its MSG stats. Based mostly on the mathematical formulae for a similar, we get hold of the next values for Iron Leaves:

ATK: 259

DEF: 213

HP: 197

Max CP (lvl 50): 4253

Iron Leaves has good stats that may earn it a spot within the Grasp League in addition to PvE meta so long as it will get moveset to salvage. 

Naturally, Iron Leaves will likely be speculated as a Grass kind and Psychic kind. Nevertheless, there are some necessary tips that could be saved in thoughts:

  • As a Grass kind, there’s nice potential with a workable moveset. There aren’t too many Grass sorts within the ML meta and its ATK is fairly greater than most grassy Pokémon on the market. Fingers crossed!
  • As a Psychic kind, the competitors is fierce. Even if you happen to don’t take into account Megas, Mewtwo exists. After which there are the likes of Alakazam, Azelf, and Espeon in addition.
  • The twin typing of Grass and Psychic is infamous for having 7 weaknesses. Extra on this later.

Viable Moveset Choices

Not like my analyses of Roaring Moon, Iron Valiant, and Strolling Wake, Iron Leaves received’t be in contrast with any specific Pokémon per see. Fairly, I’ll record down the attainable strikes and see how this paradox mon fares as a Grass and Psychic kind.

Quick Strikes Charged Strikes
  • Magical Leaf Grass
  • Leaf Blade Grass
  • Grass Knot Grass
  • Leaf Storm Grass
  • Sacred Sword Combating
  • Shut Fight Combating


As a Psychic kind

Umm, I do know what you’re considering… and no, I didn’t overlook to incorporate Iron Leaves’ Psychic kind strikes. The factor is, there aren’t any which might be learnable in Pokémon GO! 

Now you see why Iron Leaves is so underwhelming in comparison with the opposite Paradox Pokémon I’ve analyzed? It’s unhappy although as a result of Iron Leaves truly has a pleasant attraction.

As a Grass kind

In PvP

Fortuitously for Iron Leaves, it does get some bragging rights as a Grass kind. It will get Magical Leaf as the one attainable Grass quick transfer and it’s high-quality, truly. Sure, one thing like Vine Whip would have been nice however Magical Leaf works. Not solely is it a kind of uncommon strikes to cross the famed 3 EPT (Magical Leaf will get 3.33 EPT), but it surely additionally offers respectable harm. And with attainable entry to comparatively low vitality charged strikes like Leaf Blade (35 vitality), Grass Knot (50 vitality), and even the highly effective Leaf Storm (130 DMG at solely 55 vitality), Iron Leaves does appear sorted for good PvP efficiency. You’ll be able to go full grass and threaten the likes of poor Swampert, Groudon (watch out of Hearth Punch although) and Kyogre, Rhyperior and many others. Sure, Grass isn’t probably the most coveted kind in an ML state of affairs however in the appropriate match-ups with some notorious ML heavyweights, Iron Leaves will lower by means of, actually! 

PS: Although it doesn’t get STAB, Sacred Sword (ideally this over Shut Fight), is usually a viable transfer in addition.

In PvE

With the next ATK than Zarude, Sceptile, Roserade and Tapu Bulu, Iron Leaves can doubtlessly develop into one of many premier Grass kind raid attackers of alternative. The mix of Magical Leaf with Grass Knot + Leaf Blade may give you a versatile playstyle in raids. Leaf Storm is a 1-bar charged transfer however nonetheless highly effective. So if you happen to’re searching for an absolute Grass kind unit that offers heavy harm in raids, Iron Leaves with the appropriate moveset is what you want. 

The General Finest Moveset Situation

Quick strikes: Magical Leaf

Charged strikes: Leaf Blade, Grass Knot, Leaf Storm, Sacred Sword


Iron Leaves has a clumsy profile with regards to kind match-ups. 

For starters, it has no Psychic strikes to threaten Combating kind. Its Grass strikes might reserve it from falling into oblivion because of constructive match-ups in opposition to some well-known ML mons however that’s about it. Its slew of seven weaknesses that embody the Bug, Darkish, Hearth, Flying, Ghost, Ice, and Poison sorts is a matter of concern. So don’t count on it to be dependable in PvP. Let’s simply be completely happy that it has superb potential in PvP!

Parting phrases…

Virizion by no means actually made a mark within the recreation however Iron Leaves can do this within the Grass kind PvE meta so long as it will get the appropriate moveset. And there’s some excellent news on this regard: Iron Leaves movepool is anyway very restricted in the primary sequence video games, and much more restricted with regards to learnable strikes in Pokémon GO. 

So whereas it most likely received’t be as thrilling as among the different Paradox Pokémon, it may be usable. The idea of Paradox Pokémon is among the most modern and thrilling stuff accomplished within the franchise and so they may cause a stir within the meta if handled effectively by Niantic!

With that being mentioned, let’s hope that Iron Leaves will get what it deserves!

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