Kleavor Raid Day: A PvP Evaluation

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Alright, KLEAVOR Raid Day is right here! How can we really feel about this superior trying beastie? Properly, it’s principally proper right here in our Backside Line Up Entrance:


  • With poor bulk and a mediocre typing mixture, Kleavor has rather a lot to beat to make an influence in PvP (or PvE, for that matter!).
  • …and total, it principally fails to take action, evaluating unfavorably to not solely its different evolution (effectively, ultimately it’s best to have the ability to evolve Scyther into Kleavor!) Scizor, however even belongings you by no means see in PvP like Kabutops.
  • Remember that Kleavor is at present not out there in Nice League OR as a Shadow, since there is no such thing as a present method to evolve it… that is just for Extremely League and MAYBE Grasp League for now, people.

Properly, sunshine and rainbows there, eh people? Sorry, however simply giving it to you straight. If you wish to exit and raid a ton anyway, or simply need to know HOW dangerous it’s, then please do learn on! I uh… I spent a whole lot of time writing it, so I’d admire it anyway.

You might be all in favour of our Kleavor Raid Information and testing how Volcarona, Kleavor and Mega Pinsir carry out as Raid Attackers (Very Fast Preliminary Evaluation). With that being stated, let’s dive in, we could?

KLEAVOR Stats and Strikes



Extremely League Stats

Assault Protection HP
186 (184 Excessive Stat Product) 135 (137 Excessive Stat Product) 133 (134 Excessive Stat Product)

(Highest Stat Product IVs: 1-15-13, 2500 CP, Degree 29.5)

Grasp League Stats

Assault Protection HP
225 159 157

(Assuming 15-15-15 IVs, CP 3557 at Degree 50)

So, bear in mind how I spent a couple of paragraphs in my latest evaluation on Volcarona discussing how its typing and bulk have been each poor? Properly, Kleavor is… kinda worse in a single respect, and clearly worse within the different. 😬

First, the typing. Volcarona’s Bug/Hearth typing leaves it critically weak to widespread Water, Flying, and 2x Rock injury, however it does include six useful resistances to considerably make up for it (Bug, Fairy, Combating, Ice, Metal, and 2x Grass). Kleavor can be left weak to Water, has a one-stage weak point to Rock, and has a further vulnerability to (admittedly, comparatively uncommon) Metal strikes. However the large obvious distinction is that Kleavor has a mere two resistances: Regular and Poison, each coming from its Rock aspect. All three resistances of its Bug aspect — Combating, Grass, and Floor — are negated by its Rock aspect. So whereas most Bugs are identified for these resistances, Kleavor is left with none of them. Actually, the one actual optimistic that comes out of the pairing of Bug and Rock is that Rock negates Bug’s customary vulnerability to Hearth. However that’s it.

As for the majority, it’s an excellent sorrier story. Volcarona is in NO manner cumbersome; as famous in my evaluation of it, the closest comps are… effectively, let me simply quote my very own article:

In Nice League, Volcarona’s stats and total bulk are in the identical zip code as Primeape, Greninja, Luxray, Ursaring, and Deoxys… the Pace Forme of Deoxys. It is extremely barely bulkier than these, however solely ever so barely. That’s not implausible firm to be amongst. Its neighbors are related in Extremely League, with issues like Pinsir, Houndoom, Tapu Lele (the never-seen Psychic Lele), Staraptor, and Galvantula having roughly the identical Assault, (lack of) bulk, and stat product. Yuck.

It’s not plagiarism in case you’re stealing from your personal work! Bought that, former-middle-school-grammar-teacher Ms. Oates? Ha! Guess who bought the final chortle.

Ahem, sorry.

So yeah, Volcarona is the other of cumbersome. So what if I informed you that Kleavor is strictly worse? In CP-capped Extremely League, it has about half a dozen extra Assault, however that comes on the costly of about 10 much less HP. And in Grasp League, it trails BADLY, with a couple of dozen much less Protection and 20 much less HP. In equity, it additionally trails by over 500 CP, however nonetheless. The UL comps alone make it clear that as frail as Volca is, Kleavor is worse.

It’s ALSO worse than Steely cousin Scizor. Not identified for its personal bulk in any respect, regardless of having a MUCH extra favorable defensive typing (with 9 typing resistances and only a single weak point, to Hearth), Scizor nonetheless boasts about 8 extra Protection and 4 extra HP than Kleavor in Extremely League, and regardless of having about 150 CP much less than Kleaver in Grasp League, nonetheless has simply as a lot HP as Kleavor and nonetheless a couple of half dozen extra Protection.

Have I painted the image but?

After all, flimsy issues like Scizor can nonetheless thrive in PvP because of their strikes. Would possibly that save Kleavor? Let’s see.

Quick Strikes

  • Fast AssaultRegular kind, 2.5 DPT, 4.0 EPT, 1.0 CoolDown
  • Air SlashFlying kind, 3.0 DPT, 3.0 EPT, 1.5 CD

Hmmm. No STAB quick strikes, regardless of gaining access to issues like Fury Cutter and Smack Down in MSG. That’s a… daring selection. Technically, if Niantic was going with solely the strikes Kleavor can be taught within the Legends Arceus sport (when Kleavor was first launched), Fury Cutter and Smack Down (and plenty of different strikes) weren’t in its movepool… not till the later Scarlet & Violet/Gen9 introduced it a bevy of recent strikes to work with. (Legends Arceus famously had a really restricted choice of strikes total as in comparison with most different latest mainline video games).

However I digress. What we DO have is a really lackluster Air Slash, and an above common Fast Assault that nonetheless will NEVER be tremendous efficient in opposition to something, seeing as the way it’s a Regular kind transfer. But it surely has good vitality era and satisfactory energy, so it’ll do. It’s at the very least way more enticing than Air Slash!

Now, what change strikes can it energy out? Tremendous spam like Scizor with its 35-energy Evening Slash and X-Scissor? Properly… kinda?

Cost Strikes

  • X-ScissorBug kind, 45 injury, 35 vitality
  • Rock SlideRock kind, 75 injury, 45 vitality
  • Stone EdgeRock kind, 100 injury, 55 vitality

Ah, there’s the STAB strikes! Awkward for PvE to not have any Bug or Rock strikes, although. (For fuller ideas on PvE, see the short look by my pal and colleague Teban54, however uh… it’s not good.) However at the very least we bought ’em right here.

X-Scissor is disappointing, ngl. In equity, the ONLY Bug strikes Kleavor learns in PLA are X-Scissor and Silver Wind, however uh… truthfully, I may need most popular the latter. Oh effectively. Even within the later sport S&V, the one Bug cost transfer added on was Bug Buzz, so the pickings are slim. X-Scissor CAN be workable, as it’s for Kleavor’s fellow Rocky Bug Crustle. It’s simply removed from preferrred.

A lot higher are the Rock strikes. Sooner or later Kleavor will hopefully get GO’s model of its unique transfer Stone Axe, however for now, Rock Slide and Stone Edge are each fairly nice. Higher than the Rock Blast it may have been caught with as a substitute, and doubtless a greater match than the Rock Tomb it learns in MSG too.

So at the very least some promise right here. How does it form up once you put every thing collectively?

Kleavor makes its Pokémon GO debut during Kleavor Raid Day!


In the meanwhile, we’re truly skipping over Nice League, as Kleavor is ONLY in a position to be acquired by way of raiding (no wild and even evolve possibility as of but), which implies a minimal of Degree 20, and Degree 20 Kleavor won’t ever squeeze underneath 1500 CP. In your Raid Day Kleavors, Extremely League is your flooring. However don’t fear… Kleavor is usually only a worse Kabutops in Nice League anyway. You’re probably not lacking out on a lot. I imply, when’s the final time you noticed freaking Kabutops in PvP anyway?

So onward with Extremely League. Onward, however uh… not exactly upward. But once more, you’re left trailing the likes of Kabutops… and there’s a motive you by no means see Kabutops. The pluses for Kleavor are the flexibility to slay Mandibuzz and Obstagoon because of the velocity of X-Scissor, however Kabutops, in contrast, can take down stuff like Umbreon (because of the Fury Cutter that Kleavor would like to get its claws on), Pidgeot, Aurorus, Charizard, and Kleavor’s cousin Scizor along with beating every thing else (aside from the aforementioned Mandi and Goonie) that Kleavor can.

If you need a Sycther evolution in Extremely League, it’s definitely still Scizor, particularly in Master League Premier. (Yeah, Kleavor mostly flops there too.)

As is, Kleavor is a BAD PvP possibility, people. Sorry.

And spoiler alert: as you may count on of one thing that hardly crosses 3500 CP, Grasp League isn’t any higher. However for completeness….


Yeah, here is Kleavor’s current best. It DOES handle to slay Flyers like Ho-Oh, Gyarados, Yveltal, and Togekiss, however aside from sneaky wins versus Zacian, that’s about all of the reward I may give it. Heck, the one different actually meta win it will get in any respect is weak-to-Rock Reshiram… no different Dragon even comes realistically shut to dropping. Even Flying Dragonite wins without even needing Superpower.


How To Get Kleavor In Pokemon Legends: Arceus - RespawnFirst


Properly, simply to complete the tease I discussed earlier… no, Silver Wind isn’t the answer.

Out of strikes it has out there in Pokemon Legends Arecus, there are actually solely two that stand out. Psycho Lower supplies a doubtlessly intriguing quick transfer different, although in precise follow, it doesn’t really help. Extra attention-grabbing is Shut Fight, which might give Kleavor at the very least little more potential and flexability, although considerably less so in Master League. (Acquire Mamoswine however lose a number of different potential wins from earlier than.)

Our greatest options lie in Kleavor’s transfer pool from Scarlet & Violet, which provides on issues just like the beforehand talked about Fury Cutter and Smack Down, in addition to stuff like Bug Buzz, Acrobatics, Brick Break, Wing Assault, and most promising of all, Evening Slash and even Counter (these final two by way of breeding). Not less than some combinations of these strikes make Kleavor a bit extra attention-grabbing, significantly in Ultra League and Ultra Premier, however even then, if I’m being trustworthy, it appears to be like like to stay extra spice than one thing that may ever be thought of meta.

Its greatest probability probably lies in how GO implements Stone Axe, Kleavor’s signature transfer. Within the mainline video games, it’s a comparatively low energy transfer (65 base injury), although extremely correct with an elevated probability to land important hits. It additionally leaves “splinters” within the goal that pile on extra injury over an extra 2-4 turns. How will that translate to GO? Guess we’ll see! But it surely actually is probably going Kleavor’s final, best choice to realize sudden relevance down the road. Right here’s hoping, as I LOVE the design. 🤞

Kleavor | Pokémon


I imply, simply to reiterate yet one more time: with present and even identified future strikes, Kleavor can’t overcome its inherant flaws of a so-so typing and really poor bulk, and is unlikely to have a serious influence on PvP (and even PvE, for that matter). I’m not right here to inform you what to do that weekend, however I WILL say that I personally plan to hit the closest fitness center for the Pokedex entry and doubtless name it a day. I’ll not even go that far relying on my youngsters’ soccer (fútbol for my non-American mates) schedule! ⚽ Do with this data what you see match, pricey reader, however in case you for no matter motive (and I can’t think about why! 🫠) don’t really feel like raiding a lot proper now, I feel it is a Pokemon and a Raid Day for which you don’t have to fret a lot about FOMO. I’ll simply go away it at that. 😉

Alright, that’s it for at present! Till subsequent time, you’ll be able to at all times discover me on Twitter with near-daily PvP evaluation nuggets or Patreon, in case you’re feeling further beneficiant.

Blissful raiding, for nonetheless a lot you attempt to get in! Do keep secure on the market, and catch you subsequent time, Pokéfriends!

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