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    I would like to introduce my self as a member of Exitializ Member. Hi! I'm Neil, 19-year-old BS-CS student from San Sebastian College Recoletos Manila. I don't remember when I started become an exitializ member. But Francis Cabanas recruit me here. I can't tell which game we met ( TOO CONFIDENTIAL ) . 3 words to describe me are "Simple","Quiet" and "Out Going" . I really don't like to talk about myself. . When i'm upset , don't try to talk to me or else. . You can trust me, if you want. I don't tell anyone what i feel coz i don't want to bother them. "Mas gusto ko magmukmok nalang" . If you want to know me more add my social networking site . Facebook : http://facebook.com/syntaxlegend17. Nice to meet you all! and Welcome to the new members of Exitializ. Enjoy!
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    The "EXITIAL" Guild in Ragnarok Online Mobile (CN) just recently reached level 3! Thanks to the help from both our core members and those who just joined the family. To celebrate this achievement and to welcome our new members, we would like to announce our small guild event where we will be giving away VIP tickets to our active contributors. Mechanics: Member with the most guild contribution by a certain period of the event will win a 1-month VIP access. A random member will be drawn from all the guild contributors. Number of entries will be based on the number of contribution points. Event Period: TBA (2 VIP Tickets) The moment our Guild reaches level 4 Eligibility: Guild Leader and Majors including other alternate characters they have are not allowed to join. If you have questions regarding the event, feel free to ask here or in our Facebook group.
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    We are giving away 10 Beta Keys for the upcoming Closed Beta this month for Revelation Online. If you'd like a chance to win one of the keys, reply to this thread and tell us what are you most excited about Revelation Online.. This giveaway will run through October 7, 2016 . Everyone eligible will enter a random draw and the winners will be announced and contacted shortly after. GOOD LUCK! BONUS ENTRY: Earn a Bonus Entry by joining on our Discord (https://discord.gg/es4dagr) channel and dropping a line at the #evelation channel. Disclaimer: Giveaway end date is subject to change depending on final closed beta dates.
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    Nice Question Waiting for more
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    Greetings to all, I’ve decide to share with you people this open secret of Comet Dusts, Spiral & Vortex Pouches. This guide serves to teach you an efficient way to farm your own Comet Dusts, know what it’s used for, and helps you decide if you should get the spiral or vortex pouch. There will also be a FAQ Section to clear most of your doubts on this topic at hand below, before leading you into deeper discussion. Watch the video guide first! Video below http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Vev7OkwS81w FAQ What are spiral and vortex codes? Spiral and Vortex codes both give you 100% success rate in enhancement. So what’s the difference between spiral and vortex codes? Spiral code requires you to have the -1 enhancement level of the item you want to use the code on. i.e +7 Lvl24 Epic Spiral Code (Shoes) can only be used on a +6 Lvl24 Epic Shoe. Using the code will bring the shoe to +7 @ 100% success rate. Vortex code however doesn’t have any pre-requisite. i.e +7 Lvl24 Epic Vortex Code (Shoes) can instantly enhance a +0 Lvl24 Epic Shoe to +7 upon using @ 100% Success Rate. Also the pouches you buy from the blacksmith will give you anything between +7- +10 enhancement codes of any equipment (armors and weapons only of course) Why only dissemble Main Weapons? If you have visited dragonnestsource.com, someone made a guide that showed how many comet dusts you will receive for various enhancement levels as well as for different types of equipment. It is proven that main weapons yield the most Comet Dusts for the same level of enhancement. +6 Rare Shirt = 10 Comet Dusts +6 Rare Main Weapon = 35 Comet Dusts If you were to use the same number of jewels to enhance a equipment, enhancing on main weapons will yield the most Comet Dusts per jewel used. Why enhance the main weapons to +6? First and foremost, enhancement to +6 will never break the weapon. Secondly, going any further will yield more comet dusts but at the risk of breaking the weapon, wasting BOTH the weapon AND the jewels used to enhance it. Okay…but ain’t those 24 spiral/vortex pouches useless now? If you’re still utilizing the Elf Queen Set as part of your build at the moment, then you can enhance your armors/weapons without using jellies at all. However, in general, the pouches are mostly not useful for now as there is no high demand for lvl 24 spiral/vortex codes since everyone has moved on to lvl 32 equipment So if you’re looking into comet dusts for lvl 24 pouches, I’ll strongly advice you not to do so, especially if you think you can make money off it, for now.. you won’t So Lvl40 Pouches are the next big thing, how many comet dusts do I need? According to what is shown in Dnarmory.com which I believe to be legit : Lvl40 Spiral Code Pouch = 975 Comet Dusts Lvl40 Vortex Code Pouch = 2000 Comet Dusts This seems probable as similar to the lvl 24 pouches, the vortex code pouch will cost more than twice the number of comet dusts required for spiral code pouch. Wow that’s alot of Comet Dusts, how do I prepare myself for the Lvl40 pouches that is going to be implemented most probably in the release of lvl 40 cap? Well, I’ve tested myself with Lvl32 Rare Weapons +6 Lvl32 Rare Weapons +6 = 70 Comet Dusts Seeing that Lvl24 Rare gave 35 dusts, I strongly believe that Lvl40 Rare Weapons + 6 = 140 Comet Dusts This information is (I believed)deliberately left out in the guide in dragonnestsource with regards to extract rares, and you should probably know why they left it out. They’ve only shown until Lvl40 Rare weapon +5 = 60 Comet Dusts Like wow lvl40 weapon only give 60 dusts, I’m not going to bother with them then… This in my opinion is why they left it out, because they wanted to make people think that comet dusts is very hard to get in Lvl40 cap when it is not so. So…wait.. you still didn’t explain what we can/should do now! Okay. We know that ordinary jewels will drop like hotcakes in the lvl40 cap. So there’s nothing to worry about now except for to either: 1) Start collecting some comet dusts with the method I’ve shown in the video. 2) Just wait out until 40 cap, make sure you have a few stacks of ordinary agate to enhance lvl 40 rare weapons to +6, 10 weapons(1400dusts) will give you more than 1 lvl 40 spiral code worth which isn’t too shabby, considering you need around the same for Lvl24 spiral codes. Now for the deep stuff Spiral or Vortex? This debate is actually very simple, just decide what you want before you start your comet dust farming. 1) You want to earn gold by selling the codes to players who don’t want to use jellies to enhance their gears (high demand especially for lvl40 codes once they are out) 2) You want to upgrade your own gears whilst still earning some gold with the codes that you can’t use for yourself IF you chose (1) - Go for Vortex Code Pouch IF you chose (2) - Go For Spiral Code Pouch The idea is very simple, spiral codes require a -1 enhancement level version of the item, and usually we will enhance our own gears to +6 first because we know they don’t break until +7 onwards. Spiral codes require less than 2times of the comet dusts required for vortex codes. Meaning for every vortex code I buy, I actually can buy 2 spiral codes. Now then we have to look at the odds of getting the lottery winner +10 Vortex/Spiral Codes. We agree that (Main Weapon) codes are the most expensive or sell for the most. To get a +10 Main Weapon Code. Assuming every level +7, +8 , +9 and +10 has an equal chance to pop, and there are 7 armour/weapon parts. Probability of getting a +10 Main Weapon Code is : 1/7 * 1/4 = 0.035 = 3.5% Comparing to the 0.04% to get critical potentials, that seems fairly high. I’ve personally opened 40 Lvl24 Spiral code Pouches myself and the best I’ve got was a +9 Lvl24 Main Weapon Spiral Code. Now imagine after 40 pouches I didn’t even get a +10 Main Weapon Spiral code, and coupled with the fact that vortex codes require A LITTLE MORE THAN TWICE the comet dusts to buy, wouldn’t it be wiser to buy Lvl40 Spiral Code Pouch if you want to use for yourself as well as earn gold? So basically, if you’re into the comet dusts business for personal use (i.e you don’t want to use jellies), definitely go for spiral pouches because they cost half the comet dusts meaning that you increase your chance at getting a +10 code by at least twice! Moreover, for vortex codes, getting a +7 Vortex Code is as good as getting a +7 Spiral Code becauseeveryone knows +1-6 does not break the weapon! That means for vortex codes, if you want to earn money, you have just increased your chance to not earn back the costs in your comet dust venture. You have 25% chance of getting a code you probably can’t sell for very high D:! So go for vortex codes if you’re a gambler, meaning you want to try your luck, and also it earns more gold because generally vortex codes can sell for much more if you get a +8 and above. This is due to the nature of how vortex codes function which I’ve mentioned above, where it enhances an equipment straight to the given level of the code. As always, I hope my guide has helped clear some doubts with regards to comet dusts, spiral&vortex codes. Please subscribe to my channel if you haven’t and leave in the comments below what other guides you guys want me to show next! Cheers, AikawaKazu
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    Map: Abandoned Welton Hollow Difficulty: Abyss Equipment: None (meaning get naked) Farming Level: Base on LUCK Instruction: Once started, go directly to the cave located at the left side. Find crown chest (base on luck) Get killed by monsters. Do some gestures/ Dance Choose to return to strange entrance. repeat process. Reasons: For being naked - no repair and easily get killed. Gesture - Dance - much longer. Reason for Gesture - Obtain superarmor, to avoid fall or push by monsters. Note: This is based on your luck ! ! ! ! ! RESEARCH and by EXPERIENCE of GIAN CARLO TAN YAO ==
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    Here you can post gameplay that explains a little bit how the professions are gonna work, to introduce some people to that professions' mechanics. PvE: PvP ( Level around 65): Gameplay above was done by TotalBiscuit ( http://www.youtube.com/totalhalibut ) and it's from Gamescom, if anyone has newer gameplay, post here please.
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    Occultists deliver devastating attacks but can also use powerful spells to fortify and heal themselves and their allies in war-torn lands. From a distance, they utilize powerful buffs to help their comrades, enhancing their battle abilities. Occultists carefully oversee the balance between the human and spiritual realm as the Queen of Souls retains them as envoys in the human realm. They can peer deeply into the souls of their victims, and as interrogators, their skills are unsurpassed. If you would like to master the balance between darkness and light, sign up for Closed Beta or gain guaranteed Closed Beta access with a Founder Pack!
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    The Hot Springs Inn is widely known as a place where you can relax and upgrade easily. Not only can you get a massive amount of XP here, it is also a great place for players to chat with each other. BENEFITS TO BEING AFK AT THE HOT SPRINGS Players can use the Hot Springs to drink and easily earn massive amounts of Character XP. It's a fantastic way to level up for players who are more casual or don't have as much time as others. Not only this, but, since it is so popular with players, the Hot Springs has become an important social location inside the game. It's unique location also provides beautiful scenery for players to look at while they're chatting. BEAUTIFUL AND UNIQUE SCENERY At the Hot Springs Inn, the rich and peaceful music gives a feeling of serenity. The dense mist hangs over the pools to create an unbelievably relaxing atmosphere. The waterfalls help shape players like stones while also cleansing them of all their worldly filth. Fresh autumn leaves fall on the hot springs and create blooming ripples. Like a fine wine, the red creates a warming feeling. THE INNKEEPER IS A CIVET? The Hot Springs Inn was built as a place of rest by the Civets. They draw the hot water from the spiritual realm to give themselves a place to relax. For a Civet, there is nothing more wonderful than enjoying a drink of wine and then soaking in the hot springs. Sometimes they invite Human guests to enjoy the wine and chew the fat. One time, a guest fell into the ecstasy of the spring and broke through his training bottleneck to become a preacher. After word of this got out, people have been eager to cross the inn's threshold. Overwhelmed, the Civets tried to keep the guest numbers down by charging a substantial fee, but it was to no avail. In the end, all they could do was accept the bitter reality and share the hot springs with the Humans. However, they did find a new pleasure. They started transforming themselves into various forms and playing tricks on the Humans. They've even gone so far to steal Human clothes to embarrass unsuspecting guests. If you would like to spend a day at the Hot Springs Inn, sign up for Closed Beta or gain guaranteed Closed Beta access with a Founder Pack!
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    Game Server Upgrade for Westwood is successfully completed and service has resumed since 1905HRS.
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    Yo! Nice meeting you
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    http://www.mf-pcgame.org/ http://mediafiregames.net/ http://www.downloadrider.com http://www.rlslog.ne...egory/games/pc/ http://sceper.eu/cat.../games/pc-games http://www.mediafirerepack.co.in/ <------ repacked games for those with low capacity hard drives.
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    Howdy all, my name is Mike Age, Country and Job I am 16 years of age and still getting older unfortunatley. I am from the UK (England) living in a small town called Scarborough. And i work at McDonalds which isn't something to be proud of Likes and Dislikes Like - I like to play football, exercise and keeping fit. I started doing this 8 years ago and have carried on from there. Dislikes - I HATE dubstep and mc's and i also don't like eggs? Pretty much it My Dream Job I would have loved to be in a metal band such as 'Dead By April' (please check them out if you like or don't like music) and play the drums. I have dreams about touring all over the world doing gigs and concerts and just being on the road with my band mates and just having an awesome life. Future I have singed an application to join the Army and i am now on the Bursary scheme. This will give me £1000 at the end of my level 2 college course and another £1000 at the end of level 3 (Uniform Services) Also when i do service for 4 years i will get paid another £1000. My job that i am hoping to do in the army is to be a Paratrooper. I love my country and hope to be fighting for it one day. What i can't live without (besides family) The one thing that i would be hopeless without would be music. I love music and respect the art so much. The music which i listen to is Metal/Rock mainly Swedish bands, so if anyone else likes this kind feel free to have a chat and we could talk music Also i will get along with everyone, i love meeting new people and having a laugh weather it be just typing to each other or with headsets. I am hoping i get accepted as one of you and can't wait to meet you all. Thank you
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    P.S. I will just put a list of awesome mangas to read.. Can't upload the main manga for licence issues. Enjoy reading this mangas UTSUROWAZARUMONO - BREATH OF FIRE http://www.mangafox....ath_of_fire_iv/ NARUTO http://www.mangafox.com/manga/naruto/ FAIRY TAIL http://www.mangafox....nga/fairy_tail/ DEFENSE DEVIL http://www.mangafox..../defense_devil/ NOBLESSE http://www.mangafox....manga/noblesse/ AIR GEAR http://www.mangafox....manga/air_gear/ THE WORLD GOD ONLY KNOWS http://www.mangafox....god_only_knows/ ONE PIECE http://www.mangafox....anga/one_piece/ BLEACH http://www.mangafox.com/manga/bleach/ HISTORY'S STRONGEST DISCIPLE KENICHI http://www.mangafox....sciple_kenichi/ BEELZEBUB http://www.mangafox....anga/beelzebub/ DEADMAN WONDERLAND http://www.mangafox....man_wonderland/ 07-GHOST http://www.mangafox....manga/07_ghost/ BAPTIST http://www.mangafox.com/manga/baptist/ KARATE SHOUKOUSHI KOHINATA MINORU http://www.mangafox....ohinata_minoru/ AKATSUKI http://www.mangafox....manga/akatsuki/ 666 SATAN http://www.mangahere...anga/666_satan/ PSYREN http://www.mangafox.com/manga/psyren/ CONTINUE http://www.mangafox....manga/continue/ PALADIN: INEVITABLE DESTINY http://www.mangafox....itable_destiny/ NECROMANCER http://www.mangafox....ga/necromancer/ XBLADE http://www.mangafox.com/manga/xblade/ CORPSE PARTY http://www.mangafox....a/corpse_party/ HIGHSCHOOL OF THE DEAD http://www.mangafox....d/?no_warning=1 PERSONA3 http://www.mangafox....manga/persona3/ SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI: PERSONA 4 http://www.mangafox....nsei_persona_4/ MEGAMI INBUN ROKU PERSONA http://www.mangafox....n_roku_persona/
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    Additional Information: For those HARDCORE PLAYERS who don't sleep and so eager to level up that they already ignoring the Main and Side Quests, do dungeon runs in DOTC. For more details, watch this video. http://youtu.be/Gi9Um5zhliU Special thanks to the person who created this video.
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    Manticore Crest - Gravity Blast
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    Dragon Wave http://youtu.be/uwL2yiS8eW4 http://youtu.be/ArgLmBp7uTs
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    Ice Shield http://youtu.be/7Nyg65QAQkA
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    Magic Missile http://youtu.be/zjsXpVAlyWo
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    Apocalypse - Tentacle http://youtu.be/FWUxhELKEbw
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    Cerberus - Lightning http://youtu.be/lcfTKW_1Tzs
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    Iron Wood Golem Crest- Poison Spore
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    Tried playing Dragon Nest?
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    Hmmmm.... what online game you play? Haven't seen you online in DN..
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    I don't know what to put... Any questions out there?
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    I'm new to the Guild Wars world, but I have studied quite a lot about the background and about the gameplay because I'm so excited to play. I'm actually from Brazil, but I speak English fluently since 13 years old, now i'm 16yo. Hope i meet a lot of cool people here and in-game.
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    Win yourself an Exclusive [30Days] Red Little Devil Wings! +10% Movement Speed -Simply post a Screenshot with your Character in Dragon Nest SEA -Upload it on an Image Hosting Site, you can use imgur or the exitializ image hosting -Post your screenshot here Submission of screenshot is until December 13, 2011, 12:00 PM GMT+8 • Coupon code will expire on the 20th December (2359HRS –GMT+8) if left unredeemed. • Only 1 redemption per character. • Wing item is not tradable. 2 Lucky winners will be randomly selected through Random.Org 1. InFaMuS 2. DixieRect 3. llRednaxll 4. Xesus 5. xXXShinXXx 6. Chewski 7. Mystogan10 8. Xaul
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    I could only use my desktop 3-5 hours per day due to home/business issues Unlike my netbook, can go 24 hours
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    Awesome Hmmm... my opinion, 50% chance i will play this game. My reasons are: Most of our TNK will play this game. I'm hoping that my netbook can handle this if not, i need to use my desktop, i really prefer playing in my netbook for some reason.
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    GO and hoping everyone will join too.. it's better to play a game w/ friends.. Much more fun and enjoyable.
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    Yeah! Hello Everybody Natsume Shin is here and I like to Introduce my self. well since I joined Exitializ I never Introduce myself properly XD This is the first time I will tell something about myself hehehe .. my friends Known me as "Shin Natsume" Jeffrey B Castillo is my real name XD Im 24 years old single. yeah i love being single for now hehehe my birthday is on feb 1 1987.. and grew up here in olongapo but no permanent address heheh im always with my friends thats why i like playing games like RPG "role playing games" and "MMOG" like ragnarok, cabal, RF, perfect world, ran online, ext, my attitude heheh you never know unless you meet me XD I like being happy i enjoy my life and i don't easily get mad sometimes Im naughty and like to play joke on other people and Don't ask about my love life LOL its a different story I like helping my friends and sometimes I over do it so I made Mistakes sometimes heheh Im totaly different in realistic world uhhm what else XD just ask what you want 2 know ok XD
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    i think it's F2P.. guild going to try this?
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    Pa-ADD nito: http://gamestorrents.com/ http://pspiso.com/ un mga illegal sites hindi k muna isasama hehehe
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    Wow, aspiring CPA... Just keep your dreams and set it as a goal, you will achieve that in no time Uhh, so, are you still studying now? Yay!
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    Destructive Bow + Wind Quiver? Wind Bow + Destructive Quiver? Wind Bow + Wind Quiver? Destruction Bow + Destruction Quiver? The answer can be found in the table: Wind Bow + Destructive Quiver is a more efficient pair. Destructive quiver give 65 phy att bonus whereas Destructive Bow 26~32 phy att bonus. Interesingly, Wind Bow also give higher Agi (35) as compared to Wind Quiver (22). Just for comparison sake, the phy. attack bonus from the 4 possible combinations of destructive/wind long bow and quiver are, [ assumption: perfect opt on all gears: 5.8% phy att on 2 weapon and 2 rings, 4.5% agi on all 11 gears. Comes with Agi 10% and Destructive 10% A plate. Given: 1 AGI = 0.5 PHY ATT ] Destructive Long Bow + Destructive Quiver: 129 Wind Long Bow + Destructive Quiver: 116 Destructive Long Bow + Wind Quiver: 60 Wind Long Bow + Wind Quiver: 47 As you can see here, Wind Bow + Destr Quiver combination only loses 13 Phy. Att as compared to Destr Bow + Destr Quiver. Here, you not only gain the normal triggering damage, but also the nifty crit resist debuff. However, do note that by using only 1 wind prefix weapon (long bow), the chance for the crit resist debuff to trigger is reduced significantly to 7.4% only ( roughly 1 in 13~14 hits). If you choose 2 x wind weapon, your attack is cut by 82 (only?), but your chance of inducing the crit resist debuff increases significantly to 16.6% (1 in every 6 hits). For PVP / Nest Boss Wind Bow + Harsh Quiver = Damage + Poison Effect = Damage Over Time (DoT) For PVE / Normal Monsters Wind Bow + Destruction Quiver = High Damage = 1 Hit Kill + Fast Kill
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    TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Basic (purely attacking) and Advanced (includes tumble for positioning) Combos 2. Why W+W is inferior to Shift+W (re: Tumble) 3. Skill canceling 4. Proper use of Cyclone 5. Chaining skills (quite different from combo) 6. The importance of putting Impact Punch to slot 1 7. Proper execution of Jump slashing (and its benefits) and more. WATCH it here: http://static.youku.com/v1.0.0193/v/swf/loader.swf?VideoIDS=XMzAxNjA0MDA0&embedid=MjIyLjEyNy4yMjMuNzcCNzU0MDEwMDECAg%3D%3D
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    Definition of Super Armor: Super armor is a temporary and invisible buff which makes the character very hard to stagger or interupt, certain skills will give this super armor during it's animation. From monster, yellow bar signifies super armor. How to defeat someone with super armor? Use HERO PREFIX Mercenary Flying Swing Axe Tornado Devastating Howl Chaotic Bomb Sword Master Infinity Edge Great Wave Front Shove Rage Elemental Lord Ice Shield Volcanic Vortex Blizzard Priest Charge Bolt Heavenly Judgement Miracle Relic Paladin Hammer of Divinity The God Within Stance of Faith Armor Break Divine Breaker Force User Meteor Storm Beam Tempest Bow Master Arrow Barrage Hawk Ballista Acrobat Quake Barrage Nature's Rage Blooming Kick Note: Some skills have invulnerable effect but not considered as superarmor. Parry Block P.S. Skill names not accurate. Kindly inform us if there's a corrections. Thanks! SPECIAL THANKS to CHESS GARCIA and IAN BADILLO for more information. RESEARCHED BY GIAN CARLO TAN YAN ==
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