Legends of Paldea: Potential Upcoming Raid Bosses?

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With the debut of the Adventures Abound Season, we've seen a transparent shift to the Pokémon that first appeared within the Paldea area. With each era comes new Legendary Pokémon, and together with it the potential for brand new Raid Bosses in Pokémon GO! At this time I'll be going over the Legendary Pokémon featured within the Scarlet and Violet video games, in addition to what their impression might be in Pokémon GO. With that being mentioned, lets begin off by taking a leap by time!

Warning: this text will include spoilers for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet and the Teal Masks DLC

The Paradox Duo

The mascot Legendaries from Scarlet and Violet are first up on our listing. These video games took a novel strategy in that you simply obtain these Pokémon of their respective video games nearly instantly after beginning the sport, not lengthy after receiving your starter! The caveat is that they can't be utilized in battle. They're your technique of transportation till later within the recreation, while you ultimately can accomplice with them in battle.


Sort: Combating / Dragon

Weaknesses: Flying, Psychic, Ice, Dragon, 2x Fairy

Resistances:Rock, Bug, Fireplace, Water, Grass, Electrical, Darkish

Koraidon is the mascot of Pokémon Scarlet. It's a Pokémon that was delivered to Paldea by Professor Sada from the previous by the time machine in Space Zero. Its signature transfer, Collision Course, is a particularly highly effective Combating transfer that will increase in energy if the hit is Tremendous-Efficient.

Koraidon's 4x weak spot to Fairy strikes means that it's going to seemingly be a fairly simple Raid Boss to counter. Based mostly on its fundamental collection learneset, Koraidon has entry to all of the instruments it wants for each of its typings. It positive factors Counter and Shut Fight for its Combating typing and Dragon Tail, Dragon Claw, Outrage, and Draco Meteor for its Dragon typing. It will seemingly get entry to Collision Course upon its second or third characteristic in raids, which might increase its viability even additional. It'll undoubtedly discover a place amongst the highest non-mega, non-shadow Combating sort Pokémon, with or with out its signature transfer.


Sort: Electrical / Dragon

Weaknesses: Floor, Ice, Dragon, Fairy

Resistances: Flying, Metal, Fireplace, Water, Grass, 2x Electrical

Miraidon is the Violet counterpart to Koraidon. It was delivered to Paldea by Professor Turo from the long run by the same time machine. Its signature transfer, Electro Drift, is a transfer that works equally to Collision Course. Nonetheless, it's much more highly effective because of Miraidon's potential. Whereas Koraidon's summons Harsh Daylight, which boosts Fireplace strikes, Miraidon's summons Electrical Terrain, which boosts Electrical strikes, together with Electro Drift!

Miraidon shares its typing with Zekrom, which means that it retains each particular person weak spot from each of its typings. Floor sorts will seemingly be the very best counter, particularly in opposition to a Miraidon Raid Boss utilizing Electrical assaults. When it comes to strikes, Miraidon is about as properly, receiving the identical Dragon strikes as Koraidon plus Dragon Breath, which might assist its efficiency in PVP. Its Electrical movepool is nice too, with entry to Thunder Shock, Volt Swap, Thunderbolt, and Wild Cost. When in comparison with Zekrom, a Pokémon with related stats, it has the benefit attributable to Zekrom being restricted to Cost Beam as a quick transfer, particularly as soon as Miraidon will get entry to Electro Drift. It'll undoubtedly rank as one of many strongest Electrical sort attackers within the meta!

The Treasures of Break

Each area has its batch of sub-legendary Pokémon along with the mascots of the sport. Within the Paldea area, these Pokémon are referred to as the Treasures of Break.

Their origin dates again to historic instances. It's mentioned that 4 treasures, a set of picket tablets, a sword, a vessel, and a set of beads, have been corrupted by unfavorable human feelings to turn into Pokémon. These treasures have been obtained by a grasping historic king of Paldea, which induced these Pokémon to go berserk and terrorize the area. Because of this, these 4 Pokémon have been sealed away in tombs to include their energy. These tombs have been sealed by a set of mystical stakes scattered throughout the area.

In Scarlet and Violet, trainers might encounter the Treasures of Break by discovering the stakes hidden throughout Paldea. Hopefully we gained't must search out these stakes when these Pokémon make their debut in Pokémon GO!


Sort: Darkish / Grass

Weaknesses: Combating, Flying, Poison, 2x Bug, Fireplace, Ice, Fairy

Resistances: Floor, Ghost, Water, Grass, Electrical, Darkish

The primary of the Break Legendaries is among the two extra defensively oriented of the group, and in addition the one which has the least viability in the principle collection video games. Wo-Chien has an above common protection stat and common assault and HP. Wo-Chien's weak spot is available in its typing. It has a whopping 7 weaknesses, one among which is a 4x weak spot to Bug. It has some good resistances, however being weak to Combating and Fairy means that it's going to seemingly battle in PVP. The excellent news is that Wo-Chien will get entry to all of the strikes it might should be usable, with Bullet Seed, Magical Leaf, Seed Bomb, and Energy Whip for Grass strikes and Snarl, Darkish Pulse, Foul Play, and Payback for Darkish. A minimum of will probably be fairly to easy to take down in Raids.


Sort: Darkish / Ice

Weaknesses: 2x Combating, Rock, Bug, Metal, Fireplace, Fairy

Resistances: Ghost, Ice, Darkish

Chien-Pao is the primary of the extra offense oriented Treasures of Break. Whereas it has nearly as many weaknesses as Wo-Chien, together with a devastating 4x weak spot to Combating, Chien-Pao isn't designed to stay round. It has a staggering assault stat and good offensive typing. It'll absolutely make a very good glass cannon attacker, with good STAB movesets in Ice Fang and Avalanche in addition to Snarl and Darkish Pulse. Moreover, the aforementioned Combating weak spot will make it a fair simpler Raid Boss to take down.


Sort: Darkish / Floor

Weaknesses: Combating, Bug, Water, Grass, Ice, Fairy

Resistances: Poison, Rock, Ghost, Darkish

Whereas Ting-Lu was designed to be a defensive Pokémon, it truly has the stats to fill the function as a cumbersome attacker because of a good assault stat and an astounding HP stat. It has a definite lack of resistances and exploitable weaknesses, however its stats do lend itself to PVP. It will get entry to Snarl, Darkish Pulse, Payback, Sand Tomb, and Earthquake, plus protection strikes comparable to Heavy Slam and Rock Tomb. It might additionally make for a good funds attacker in case your roster is lacking staples comparable to Groudon and Darkrai. It will seemingly be one of many harder to take down in Raids, however not less than it has some widespread weaknesses that might be exploited.


Sort: Darkish / Fireplace

Weaknesses: Combating, Floor, Rock, Water

Resistances: Ghost, Metal, Fireplace, Grass, Ice, Darkish

The final of the Treasures of Break could seem like a innocent little goldfish, but it surely has the very best assault stat out of all of the Break Legends. Moreover, its 4 weaknesses look like nothing in comparison with its mates. Its resistances, whereas quite a few, are largely irrelevant attributable to it additionally being higher suited as a glass cannon. It positive factors entry to Fireplace Spin, Flamethrower, Overheat, Snarl, and Darkish Pulse, so each of its STAB typings shall be useable. It once more has many widespread weaknesses and poor defenses, which means it needs to be a easy Raid Boss to defeat.

The Teal Masks

The primary a part of the Scarlet and Violet DLC means that you can journey to the Land of Kitakami, exterior of the Paldea Area. Right here you'll find Pokémon not often present in Paldea, in addition to some species that can't be found anyplace else. Included amongst these Pokémon are just a few new Legendary faces (haha humorous masks pun). Let's check out the one you're all in all probability essentially the most accustomed to.

Reminder: some spoilers forward!


Sort: Grass

Weaknesses: Flying, Poison, Bug, Fireplace, Ice

Resistances: Floor, Water, Grass, Electrical

Ogerpon is the mascot of the Teal Masks DLC, and if you happen to've performed by the story, then you definitely're conscious that this “evil ogre” is definitely something however. Ogerpon was falsely labeled because the villain in a narrative, and the actual evil Pokémon have been heralded as heroes (however we'll get to them in a bit). Ogerpon's title is ultimately cleared, and it chooses to affix you in your journey.

The Terastal Phenomenon that enables Pokémon to alter their typing in Paldea can be current in Kitakami. The Terastal Crystals that empower this phenomenon are the identical crystals that adorn Ogerpon's masks, thus giving it distinctive powers when Terastalizing. Whereas its Teal Masks is the one it's most frequently depicted with, it truly has three others that it will probably swap between, referred to as the Wellspring, Hearthflame, and Cornerstone Masks. When sporting them, it turns into a Grass / Water, Grass / Fireplace, or Grass / Rock sort, respectively.

Its potential modifications primarily based on its kind, and it Terastalizes right into a pure Water, Fireplace, or Rock sort similar to its masks. Its signature transfer, Ivy Cudgel, which is generally a Grass sort transfer, modifications to match the masks as properly.

Ogerpon has already proved itself a dominant risk in Scarlet and Violet's latest VGC format, since, on prime of its already unbelievable stats, it will probably both maintain an Merchandise in its base Teal Masks kind, or it will get a 20% increase to the injury of all its strikes when holding one of many different 3 Masks. It'll seemingly be viable in Pokémon GO as properly, as its completely different kinds boast distinctive twin typings not usually seen. Mix that with its highly effective assault stat and the truth that signature strikes are often extraordinarily highly effective in Pokémon GO and we could have some attention-grabbing additions to the Pokémon GO roster.

Ogerpon is the newest Legendary Pokémon to be featured in a DLC, following Urshifu within the Isle of Armor and Calyrex within the Crown Tundra in Sword and Defend. We have now but to see these Pokémon make their approach to Pokémon GO, though Regieleki and Regidrago have been DLC unique and have been featured in raids. These Pokémon are particular sufficient to the place they might obtain their very own Particular Analysis storylines. I wish to see Ogerpon be capable of change between kinds equally to Hoopa and Shaymin, reasonably than receiving the Genesect remedy. Solely time will inform!

The Loyal Three

The aforementioned “heroes” of the Land of Kitakami are referred to as the Loyal Three. The tales handed down by Kitakami legends state that these three Pokémon defended the village from the ogre's rampage, giving their lives in sacrifice. In actuality, these three fed off of unfavorable emotion, and their greed led them to trying to steal Ogerpon's masks from it and its authentic Coach. They're resurrected within the occasions of the DLC's story, empowered by the unfavorable feelings of your rival Kieran. Their true nature is ultimately revealed, and upon defeat, you'll be able to catch them and add them to your staff.

In the principle collection, the Loyal Three all share a particular potential referred to as Poisonous Chain, which provides them an opportunity to poison their goal with any assault they used. Oddly sufficient, all of them share the very same HP stat, one thing that may translate to Pokémon GO. Their names are additionally a few of the most obvious puns in Pokémon historical past, a lot to my delight. Let's see how they'll measure up in Pokémon GO!


Sort: Poison / Combating

Weaknesses: Flying, Floor, 2x Psychic

Resistances: Combating, Poison, Rock, 2x Bug, Grass, Darkish

The primary of the Loyal Three is Okidogi, and he's the stuff of nightmares. It's exhausting to think about how this man might have been seen as a legendary hero. All this apart, Okidogi truly has nice typing, shared solely with the Toxicroak and Sneasler traces. It does have a big weak spot to Psychic assaults, which is able to make countering it in Raids a lot less complicated.

Within the stat division, Okidogi has essentially the most balanced stats of the three. It has first rate bulk and a very good assault stat. When it comes to strikes, it will get entry to a few of the finest strikes of its typing in Poison Jab, Sludge Bomb, Shut Fight, and the ever dominant Counter. Moreover, it has unbelievable protection strikes, with the likes of Excessive Horsepower, the basic punches, Iron Head, Brutal Swing, and extra. Paired with its typing, I can see it having some impression in each PVP and PVE.


Sort: Poison / Psychic

Weaknesses: Floor, Ghost, Darkish

Resistances: 2x Combating, Poison, Grass, Fairy

The subsequent within the two is arguably even uglier than the primary. One thing about that brow and sly gaze simply provides me the creeps. So far as typing goes, it has a reasonably distinctive mixture shared solely with Galarian Slowbro and Slowking. Having a resistance to Combating and Fairy is value noting.

As talked about earlier than, the Loyal Three all share the identical HP stat. Compared to Okidogi, Munkidori trades a few of its protection for extra factors in assault. This turns it into way more of a glass cannon. Whereas that is useful for PVE, it sadly squashes its PVP viability. Happily, it will get the strikes it wants for PVE, with Confusion and Psychic in addition to Poison Jab and Sludge Bomb. Hopefully its distinctive typing will assist it discover a area of interest within the Raid counter pool.


Sort: Poison / Fairy

Weaknesses: Floor, Metal, Psychic

Resistances: 2x Combating, 2x Bug, Grass, Darkish, Fairy

The ultimate of the Loyal Three is Fezandipiti, my private favourite of the three. It doesn't seem inherently evil in comparison with the opposite two, but it surely seems simply as harmful. Additionally it is the one Pokémon to sport the twin Poison and Fairy typing. I keep in mind being notably excited upon registering it within the Pokédex, as it will probably concurrently counter Fairy and Dragon sorts. This was doable earlier than with the Fairy / Metal typing, however its all the time good to have a brand new sort mixture to mess around with.

Sadly, Fezandipiti's stats don't translate to Pokémon GO in addition to the others. It sacrifices its assault for extra protection, however its bulk isn't something to jot down dwelling about. Because of this, it finally ends up falling brief, because it gained't be placing out insane injury and in addition gained't be sticking round for too lengthy. It depends closely on its typing to hold its viability. When it comes to strikes, Fezandipiti once more falls brief, receiving no STAB quick strikes as of now. It does get entry to Wing Assault, which might make it attention-grabbing in PVP, however its movepool sadly solidifies the truth that Fezandipiti won't discover a place as a Raid counter. Metal sorts would be the go-to for countering Fezandipiti as a Raid Boss.

The Indigo Disc

The second DLC has but to be launched, however we all know it'll characteristic a Pokémon referred to as Terapagos. Not a lot is understood about it, however we do know that it's integral to the Terastal Phenomenon. Clearly we can't speculate on its function in Pokémon GO till we see the way it suits in the principle collection. It seems to tackle a novel kind when it Terastalizes. Some speculate that it will probably flip into any of the 18 differing types at will, and even that it might introduce a brand new sort. It's certain to be an thrilling addition!


And there now we have it! These are the Pokémon that make up the Legends of Paldea and past. After all, all of that is simply hypothesis, however given the truth that now we have seen a shift to the Paldea area, it wouldn't be out of the query to see a few of these Pokémon making their debut a while quickly. In the event that they do, we'll you should definitely preserve you all up to date!

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