Let’s Speculate: Sinnoh Tour in Pokémon GO

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For the final three years, we've had Kanto Tour, Johto Tour, and Hoenn Tour within the early months of the brand new yr. If 2024 is ready to comply with the sample, meaning we should always see a Sinnoh Tour, with a launch of all of the remaining shinies that aren't at the moment obtainable in Pokémon GO.

Nevertheless, with Sinnoh Tour comes fairly an enormous downside… there simply actually aren't many Pokémon that aren't but shiny, and lots of of people who aren't shiny, are Legendary Pokémon! GO Fest World 2023 will see the discharge of each types of Shellos, and in current months we've additionally seen a few of few different Sinnoh shinies we have been beforehand lacking debut in GO. Let's check out the shinies we're lacking for Sinnoh, and what different choices we would have for a Tour occasion in 2024.

Unreleased Sinnoh Shinies

Child Pokémon

  • Chingling

Shiny Chingling

After I final took a have a look at which Pokémon didn't have their shiny launched but however in all probability would for Sinnoh Tour, we had two different infants on this record, Munchlax and Mantyke. They've each been launched in 2023, which means we solely have Chingling that's at the moment egg locked. Munchlax and Mantyke are each uncommon shinies, however neither can be new for the occasion.

Regional Pokémon

  • Carnivine

  • Chatot

  • Pachirisu

Shiny Carnivine Shiny Chatot Shiny Pachirisu

These regional shinies are more likely to be held again for Sinnoh Tour, as a result of regional shinies have turn out to be an enormous a part of the hunt throughout Tour occasions. Whereas they've been featured at different occasions beforehand in Safari Zones, Carnivine and Pachirisu will each function this summer time for World GO Fest! It appears unlikely they may have a shock shiny launch, however it will likely be the primary time these two regional exclusives will probably be broadly out there.

Different Pokémon

  • Stunky

  • Rotom

Shiny Stunky Shiny Skuntank

When it comes to ‘different' Pokémon, ie. people who aren't regional, infants or mythicals, we now have two Pokémon with unreleased shinies. Stunky, and subsequently Skuntank, and all the numerous types of Rotom. Stunky will nearly definitely not see a launch earlier than Sinnoh Tour as a result of it's the solely ‘widespread' Pokémon that hasn't been launched shiny to date.

Shiny Rotom Shiny Fan Rotom Shiny Wash Rotom
Shiny Mow Rotom Shiny Warmth Rotom Shiny Frost Rotom

We've to date solely appear Wash and Mow Rotom launched, with Mow Rotom to date unique to the in-person 2022 GO Fests. Probably we'll see extra completely different Rotom types launched throughout occasions earlier than a full launch of the shinies, but it surely appears a bit a lot to launch all of those completely different types, and their shinies, in a single occasion. Possibly we'll see Rotom be featured extra in the remainder of 2023 with new types being launched, or possibly with so few shinies unreleased for the Sinnoh area, we want these held again to make Sinnoh Tour extra enjoyable!

Rotom undoubtedly presents an uncommon state of affairs for Sinnoh Tour, as a result of so many types of the Pokémon haven't even had a large launch, and for a lot of trainers, they received't have been in a position to encounter a rotom in any respect!

Legendary Pokémon

  • Manaphy

  • Phione

  • Shaymin

  • Arceus

Sinnoh has an entire host of legendary Pokémon, together with some which have by no means been launched, so let's check out them!

Manaphy Shiny Manaphy
Phione Shiny Phione

Manaphy and Phione are nonetheless fully unreleased in GO, so anticipate their non-shiny types to make an look earlier than a possible Sinnoh Tour. As Legendary Pokémon that is more likely to be by means of a Particular Analysis quest, however with Diancie introduced because the Legendary for GO Fest 2023, maybe we'll have a distinct devoted occasion introducing this pair? With the opposite Legendary Pokémon we've had shiny releases of for a Tour, we've had their non-shiny counterparts for a superb size of time earlier than, however we've had not a whisper of those two.

Shiny Land Shaymin Shiny Sky Shaymin

Having made their debut at GO Fests in 2022, after which made out there through world Particular Analysis, these appear nearly sure to be set to attend for a shiny launch until Sinnoh Tour.

Now for a extremely difficult Pokémon, Arceus has a whopping 18 completely different types, so I'm not going to share sprites for all of them. Every kind has a distinct color for the wheel-like portion on its physique.

Arceus Shiny Arceus

Arceus is when it will get actually difficult for Sinnoh Tour. Would they launch all 18 completely different types? It appears unlikely, however with no trace of Arceus in GO to date, it'll be intriguing to see how it's launched full cease. It's a Legendary Pokémon, so could also be a part of a quest line, however we now have seen Darkrai, one other Sinnoh Legendary, launched into raids. With none tease of a launch but in GO, any Arceus launch appears a manner off, by no means thoughts the shiny.

Different Choices

With few choices to really launch as shinies that may probably be wild spawns, there are another choices for issues we may see occur to boost these occasion spawns.


  • Cherrim

Shiny Overcast Cherrim Shiny Sunny Cherrim

With so many child Pokémon sometimes relegated to eggs within the Sinnoh area, a simple strategy to enhance up these ‘new' shiny numbers, can be to have each types of Cherrim get a shiny launch. Whereas Cherubi could be shiny, Cherrim can't, and must be developed through a random evolution. A pesky evolution technique with no assure! Having them spawn wild and doubtlessly be shiny would undoubtedly be one thing individuals would love.

The Lake Trio

  • Azelf

  • Mesprit

  • Uxie

Shiny Azelf Shiny Mesprit Shiny Uxie

Because the Lake Trio can already spawn within the wild, it might be unimaginable to see them spawn within the wild for Sinnoh Tour! They could possibly be a devoted uncommon spawn from incense, or a photobomb encounter, and with first rate shiny odds, it could possibly be an effective way to offer extra wild shinies to chase.

Mega Pokémon

  • Lopunny

  • Garchomp

  • Gallade

  • Abomasnow

  • Lucario

Shiny Lopunny Shiny Garchomp Shiny Gallade Shiny Abomasnow Shiny Lucario

It's potential that Niantic hopes that extra of the above Pokémon may have seen their Mega Pokémon kind launched by the point of Sinnoh Tour. Their developed types could possibly be within the wild and can be found shiny as a result of they're Mega Pokemon, giving extra completely different shinies to hunt for. Lucario is that includes for GO Fest 2023 and not using a Mega launch, so it's potential!

It's also doubtlessly viable that we may even see another developed types within the wild with their shiny out there. Similar to for Johto Tour, for Pokémon with evolutions in Sinnoh, which might be from earlier generations. We've seen Poliwhirl and Onix within the wild, so we may see Togetic, Roselia, Misdrevous, Murkrow, Sneasel, Magnemite/Magneton, Lickitung, Rhyhorn/Rhydon, Tangela, Magmar, Electabuzz, Yanma, Eevee, Gligar, Swinub/Piloswine, Porygon/Porygon-2, Nosepass, Ralts/Kirlia, Snorunt, and Duskull/Dusclops with shiny wild spawns. I can't see individuals being fairly as excited by these as they'd new shinies, however it's an possibility.

Various Occasions

With so lots of the new releases centered on Legendary Pokémon that we don't have in GO, there's a danger that Sinnoh Tour might have to be delayed, in order that the Mythicals can get their time to shine earlier than any shiny launch. If 2024 isn't sensible for Sinnoh Tour, may we as a substitute see some kind of revisit to Kanto, Johto and Hoenn as a kind of group tour as a substitute?

Many individuals will nonetheless be lacking loads of shinies from these areas, and a return journey to all three areas wouldn't go amiss for many individuals. With regionals locked to eggs in earlier occasions, they might spawn within the wild for this one, or possibly even the infants could possibly be wild! This feature does really feel much less probably than a Sinnoh Tour sadly, however you by no means know.


Sinnoh Tour is the primary of those potential tour occasions that basically presents a difficulty for Niantic, to determine the way to make it thrilling, and the way to optimise wild spawns. What do you suppose may doubtlessly occur for Sinnoh Tour, or do you suppose we'll see as a substitute?

As a Turtwig fan, I after all would like to see Sinnoh Tour occur in early 2024, however proper now, I'm not certain how it might work!

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