Magma Storm Heatran as a Fireplace-type Raid Attacker (Evaluation)

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Behind Reshiram and high shadows (Moltres, Entei, Blaziken, possibly Charizard), however higher than all different non-shadow non-megas not named Reshiram.

It's an enormous improve for Heatran, however your uncommon candies and ETMs are most likely higher spent on Reshiram as a substitute.

Occasion Data

Heatran returns to raids from June 29 to July 6 (10am). Heatran caught earlier than 8pm on Sunday, July 2 (finish of Darkish Flames occasion) will know the unique transfer Magma Storm; it's unclear whether or not Heatran caught after that may nonetheless be taught it. You can too get it with an Elite Charged TM.

Magma Storm Heatran as a Fireplace-type raid attacker

Fireplace attackers ranked by their common in-raid efficiency, utilizing ASE and ASTTW.

Charts of ASE with and with out dodging are here.

Magma Storm Heatran sits between non-shadows and shadows (& Reshiram).

Magma Storm is a big improve on Heatran itself – the 11% improve is greater than a number of current legendary signature strikes. Nevertheless, the transfer's uncooked energy continues to be barely weaker than Fusion Flare and Blast Burn.

For many gamers, assets like uncommon candies and ETMs are higher spent on Reshiram and shadows (Blaziken being probably the most accessible proper now). However for selection lovers and those that need to energy up a Heatran for different causes, it's a terrific attacker.

Heatran in comparison with high fireplace attackers

Heatran vs. Different top-tier fire-type attackers

Most comparisons listed below are fairly clear – Heatran is worse than them.

  • Though Heatran has a wonderful typing for a Fireplace attacker (double resisting each STAB transfer from the boss), its uncooked energy is simply too removed from Reshiram and high shadows to be saved by typing.

Heatran vs. Shadow Charizard is a bit more intriguing.

  • They've comparable ER values, however Shadow Charizard is a traditional glass cannon: 13% greater DPS however 30% much less TDO.
  • In estimator, they're truly fairly even when it comes to “win” charges, however Heatran's Common Scaled Estimator (ASE) is greater as a result of its dangerous eventualities are much less dangerous than Shadow Charizard's.
  • Shadow Charizard is best in TTW, or should you dodge.

Shadow Heatran within the Future

Future fireplace attackers (Shadow Heatran) ranked by ASE and ASTTW.

Charts of ASE with and with out dodging are here.

As soon as Shadow Heatran comes, it is going to (doubtless) turn into one of the best non-mega Fireplace attacker, till Shadow Reshiram dethrones it once more.

  • Shadow Chandelure and Shadow Darmanitan will likely be worse (except they get higher strikes themselves). Nevertheless, they'll doubtless be extra accessible than Shadow Heatran, being non-legendaries.

Remember the fact that Shadow Heatran's Giovanni debut will solely are available 2024 or 2025 on the earliest, and its entry in shadow raids will doubtless be even later.

Appendix: Checklist of my earlier analyses

Here‘s a Google Sheets spreadsheet with all my earlier evaluation articles. You can too filter by kind, as defined within the spreadsheet.

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