Mega Diancie and Geomancy Xerneas as Raid Attackers

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Mega Diancie is now the perfect Rock attacker in solo energy.

  • Mega Tyranitar outperforms it in group harm (impartial typings) even when only one different participant makes use of Rock. However in that case, a background Primal may fit even higher.

Though Geomancy Xerneas is now #2 non-mega and #1 non-mega non-shadow, it's nonetheless nicely beneath non-shadow dragons (Haxorus, Dragonite and many others) and Shadow Gardevoir. Very usable, however doesn't change the Fairy metagame in raids.

  • Just like Zacian, Xurkitree and Shadow Granbull – sure, all three as Fairy raid attackers – or perhaps marginally higher.
  • L40 Xerneas ≈ L45 Gardevoir/Togekiss.

Occasion Data

Diancie and Mega Diancie can be launched throughout GO Fest 2023.

  • Gamers who attend in-person GO Fests (Osaka and London, Aug 4-6; NYC, Aug 18-20) can get Diancie from particular analysis, and Diancie Mega Vitality from area analysis in parks and Tier 2 Carbink raids.
  • Gamers who purchase a ticket for GO Fest World (Aug 26-27) can get Diancie from paid particular analysis, and Diancie Mega Vitality from Tier 2 Carbink raids solely.
  • Gamers who don't purchase a ticket for GO Fest World will seemingly get Diancie totally free in a couple of months. Presumably, they will nonetheless get Diancie Mega Vitality from Tier 2 Carbink raids throughout GO Fest World.

Xerneas returns to raids throughout August 16-23 and August 27-September 1, along with Yveltal. Xerneas caught throughout this time will know its unique Fairy-type quick transfer Geomancy (and Yveltal with Oblivion Wing). Additionally, you will be capable of use an Elite Quick TM to get Geomancy.

Mega Diancie as a Rock Attacker

Rock attackers ranked by their common in-raid efficiency, utilizing ASE and ASTTW.

Chart with ASE and ASE Dodge might be discovered here.

Mega Diancie vs. L40 and L50 Mega Tyranitar (L40 finest pals)

Mega Diancie (Rock Throw/Rock Slide) debuts because the strongest Rock-type solo attacker within the recreation.

  • By way of particular person energy, even Degree 50 Mega Tyranitar is barely beneath L40 Mega Diancie.
  • It's additionally stronger than future shadows (e.g. Shadow Rhyperior and Shadow Rampardos).
    Rock megas ranked by harm as much as a hard and fast timeframe (relative to the no-mega baseline).

Nevertheless, in group raids, Mega Tyranitar contributes extra harm (thus group DPS) than Mega Diancie does (if neither has a typing benefit), as a result of it offers the mega increase to different gamers for nearly twice so long as Mega Diancie does.

  • That is true even when there's solely one different participant utilizing Rock attackers.
  • Moreover, whereas Mega Aerodactyl is (barely) weaker than each, it will probably present XL increase when catching Flying-type raid bosses after serving as a counter to them. Most gamers will most likely simply use Mega Aerodactyl as a substitute.

The caveat is that, in these eventualities, operating a “background Primal” within the sixth slot could also be even higher than operating any Rock-type Megas.

  • It is because Primals (and perhaps Mega Rayquaza) nonetheless present the harm increase to others so long as they're in your raid get together, even when they're not at present on the battle area. So for those who relobby as quickly as your first 5 Pokemon die, they primarily present a everlasting harm increase.
  • Observe: The plot assumes you undergo all of your 5 Pokemon, in order that's most likely a quite small foyer. If the raid ends earlier than that, Mega Tyranitar should be higher than a background Primal.

Geomancy Xerneas and Mega Diancie as Fairy Attackers

Fairy attackers ranked by their common in-raid efficiency, utilizing ASE and ASTTW.

Chart with ASE and ASE Dodge might be discovered here.

Xerneas vs. related fairy attackers (L40 finest pals)

For those who by no means used (and even considered) Zacian, Shadow Granbull and Xurkitree as raid attackers, then Xerneas received't be of a lot assist to you, both.

On common, Xerneas (Geomancy/Moonblast) is the #2 non-mega Fairy attacker and the #1 non-shadow non-mega.

  • It solely sits behind Shadow Gardevoir, Mega Gardevoir, Shadow Granbull (situationally) and legacy Mega Alakazam.

Nevertheless… Not solely is it solely somewhat bit higher than Zacian and Xurkitree (the earlier prime common Fairy attackers), however it (at L40) additionally falls behind a L45-50 common Gardevoir/Togekiss, and isn't an enormous distinction from L40 Gardevoir both.

  • Zacian, specifically, turns into even higher than Xerneas when getting used in opposition to Dragon bosses, which is the principle use case for Fairy attackers. However they're nonetheless extraordinarily related. (It does higher than common as a result of Snarl offers at the least impartial harm.)

Mega Diancie is underwhelming as a Fairy attacker, primarily resulting from no Fairy quick transfer.

  • Attraction is authorized, however Niantic stated no. Being caught with Moonblast (a foul PvE transfer) doesn't assist, both. Diancie received an enormous W in its Rock moveset, however an enormous L in its Fairy moveset.
    Fairy megas ranked by harm as much as a hard and fast timeframe (relative to the no-mega baseline).

Fairy vs. Dragon attackers

Fairy and Dragon attackers ranked by their common in-raid efficiency, utilizing ASE and ASTTW.

Chart with ASE and ASE Dodge might be discovered here.

Geomancy Xerneas stays nicely beneath even non-shadow [dragon] attackers – whilst “low” as Dragonite.

  • Contemplating even Shadow Gardevoir solely ties non-shadow dragons, that is no shock.
  • Caveat: If the boss has Dragon charged strikes, Xerneas will seemingly be higher than most non-shadow dragons and even perhaps some shadow dragons. However this solely occurs 1/4 to 1/3 of the time.
    • No charts for Xerneas, however outdated charts are here as a part of the Mega Gardevoir evaluation. Seek advice from Shadow Granbull and Zacian on that chart for an approximation.

Xerneas Verdict

General, whereas Geomancy lastly makes Xerneas usable and counters an enormous variety of raid bosses, it has quite minimal impression on the present state of Fairy attackers and their position in raids. It does no matter Zacian and Shadow Granbull do, neither of which aren't very notable to start with.

Except you need a Xerneas for different causes (e.g. PvP), your sources are most likely higher spent on different varieties and Shadow Gardevoir. For those who actually need one thing to raid, save your passes for Spacial Rend Palkia and Roar of Time Dialga, which can be coming quickly.

Fairy Speculations: Xerneas, Mega Diancie and Tapus

TL;DR: Plenty of rooms for enchancment, however too unlikely and/or unimpactful. Ready for Enamorus is probably the most real looking possibility.

Speculative Fairy attackers ranked by ASE and ASTTW.

Chart with ASE and ASE Dodge might be discovered here.

Xerneas can actually profit from a greater charged transfer, however it's unlikely to occur.

  • Moonblast is a foul transfer in PvE, although in PvP it's the most effective Fairy charged strikes. For raids, you as a substitute need Geomancy/Play Tough which is the perfect mixture, and Dazzling Gleam is very intently behind.
  • Geomancy/Play Tough makes Xerneas much more aggressive as a non-shadow. Largely surpasses Shadow Gardevoir, and now blends within the group of non-shadow dragons (between Rayquaza and the remaining). Nonetheless behind shadow dragons.
  • I doubt it should occur, although. Neither PR nor DG presents any enhancements in PvP.

Whereas it has numerous room for higher Fairy strikes, Mega Diancie will most likely by no means surpass Mega Gardevoir considerably, it doesn't matter what strikes you give it.

  • Attraction/Moonblast permits it to be top-tier, however nonetheless beneath Mega Gardevoir. Even Attraction/Play Tough solely ties Mega Gardevoir whereas having much less bulk (so worse in group harm).

The Tapus will seemingly get their shared signature transfer, Nature's Insanity, in some unspecified time in the future. After Geomancy, it's affordable to suspect that NM could grow to be a quick transfer. IF it's pretty much as good as Geomancy, many Tapus can land on related ranges as Xerneas or greater, although most likely not far past that.

  • Tapu Bulu and Koko solely want a Fairy quick transfer to work. Barely higher than Xerneas, however the distinction is marginal.
  • Tapu Lele has the perfect potential when it comes to stats, however it wants one other charged transfer to comprehend that. With Moonblast, it falls beneath Xerneas.

Essentially the most real looking possibility for a future Fairy attacker as a substitute lies in Enamorus Incarnate. With a non-signature moveset, Fairy Wind/Play Tough, it will probably already land on the identical degree as Xerneas and Shadow Gardevoir.

  • Zacian Crown, Flutter Mane and Iron Valiant are different future prospects. For extra data, consult with my Mega Gardevoir evaluation the place I did a full breakdown.

Previous analyses on different varieties

An entire checklist of all my previous analyses – on each single kind apart from regular – can now be present in this spreadsheet!

It's also possible to comply with me on Twitter (or X?) and Threads! I usually put up sneak peeks of WIP articles earlier than they go dwell.

What's Subsequent?

Subsequent article will most likely be Mega Rayquaza and Oblivion Wing Yveltal. Nevertheless, it should most likely not be prepared in time for Osaka and London GO Fests, as I've a loopy week or two arising.

Relying on timing, you may as a substitute see an article on Greninja first.

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