Mega Gengar Raid Information

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Gengar (Mega)

Mega Gengar is a mega raid boss in Pokémon GO. Its greatest counters are robust Darkish sorts, Psychic sorts, Ghost sorts and Floor sorts corresponding to Mega Houndoom, Darkrai, Mewtwo, Metagross, itself, Chandelure, Giratina-Origin, Groudon, Excadrill, Rhyperior, Garchomp and Landorus.

Gengar will be caught with the next CP values:

  • 1566 – 1644 CP at degree 20, no climate increase
  • 1958 – 2055 CP at degree 25 with Cloudy or Fog climate increase

Duo shenanigans apart, 3-5 trainers with robust counters ought to be capable to take down Mega Gengar with out an excessive amount of bother, no matter climate. The cost transfer it has in battle ought to nonetheless be stored in thoughts, nevertheless.

Finest Mega Gengar Counters

On this information we are going to cowl the strongest Mega Gengar counters, the perfect methods on the best way to defeat it, and what CPs you will get when catching a powerful Gengar.

# Attacker Quick Transfer Cost Transfer Faints TTW

Groudon (Primal)

Mud Shot Floor Precipice Blades Floor 13 323.4s

Tyranitar (Mega)

Chunk Darkish Brutal Swing Darkish 12 337.4s

Gengar (Mega)

Lick Ghost Shadow Ball Ghost 25 349.8s


Psycho Reduce Psychic Psystrike Psychic 24 359.7s

Alakazam (Mega)

Confusion Psychic Psychic Psychic 29 369.1s

Latios (Mega)

Zen Headbutt Psychic Psychic Psychic 22 370.3s

Rayquaza (Mega)

Dragon Tail Dragon Dragon Ascent Flying 18 379.8s

Banette (Mega)

Shadow Claw Ghost Shadow Ball Ghost 32 396.4s

Gardevoir (Mega)

Confusion Psychic Psychic Psychic 27 387.5s

Hoopa (Unbound)

Confusion Psychic Psychic Psychic 24 393.3s


Confusion Psychic Shadow Ball Ghost 27 413.8s


Chunk Darkish Brutal Swing Darkish 18 410.6s


Chunk Darkish Brutal Swing Darkish 20 410.1s

Houndoom (Mega)

Snarl Darkish Foul Play Darkish 22 415.2s

Latias (Mega)

Zen Headbutt Psychic Psychic Psychic 21 417.6s


Mud Shot Floor Precipice Blades Floor 20 427.0s

Gyarados (Mega)

Chunk Darkish Crunch Darkish 17 437.6s

Deoxys (Assault)

Zen Headbutt Psychic Darkish Pulse Darkish 104 656.6s

Giratina (Origin)

Shadow Claw Ghost Shadow Ball Ghost 22 441.5s

Absol (Mega)

Snarl Darkish Darkish Pulse Darkish 35 457.8s


Hex Ghost Shadow Ball Ghost 26 448.8s


Mud-Slap Floor Scorching Sands Floor 26 449.1s


Snarl Darkish Shadow Ball Ghost 25 448.8s


Mud Shot Floor Earth Energy Floor 21 452.4s


Lick Ghost Shadow Ball Ghost 42 478.7s

Hoopa (Confined)

Confusion Psychic Shadow Ball Ghost 42 479.7s


Snarl Darkish Brutal Swing Darkish 20 455.3s


Hex Ghost Shadow Ball Ghost 37 470.3s


Zen Headbutt Psychic Psychic Psychic 30 461.2s

Swampert (Mega)

Mud Shot Floor Earthquake Floor 21 463.2s


  • Since Shadow Pokémon are extraordinarily costly to energy up and require particular occasions to take away Frustration with a Cost TM, they'll NOT be listed as raid counters on this article.

As bizarre because it sounds, Mega Gengar can also be one in every of its personal greatest counter. Its ridiculously excessive 349 Assault stat mixed with the perfect Ghost kind moveset dishes out harm that's solely rivaled by Shadow Mewtwo. Nevertheless, it ought to solely be used if the raid boss has Focus Blast or Sludge Bomb, since one Shadow Ball would simply KO, even from full well being. If the Gengar you want to mega evolve doesn't have Lick, Shadow Claw continues to be very viable. One benefit of utilizing Mega Gengar is it boosts the facility of your allies' Ghost kind strikes by 40% whereas it's in battle, which makes it a incredible accomplice for different robust Ghost kind attackers corresponding to Chandelure, Giratina-Origin, non-Mega Gengar and Shadow Ball Mewtwo.

Psystrike Mewtwo is right here to indicate that it's the king of Psychic sorts. It ought to solely be used if the raid boss has Focus Blast although, since Shadow Ball is a simple KO from full well being and even Sludge Bomb does big harm on prime of being tough to dodge. Confusion is barely stronger than Psycho Reduce, however makes it MUCH more durable to dodge any of Mega Gengar's highly effective cost strikes, which makes it much less sensible and fewer helpful total.

Mega Houndoom is the strongest Darkish kind at the moment within the recreation. It additionally boosts allies' Darkish kind strikes by 40% whereas it's in battle, which makes different robust Darkish sorts corresponding to Darkrai, Weavile, Hydreigon and Tyranitar the perfect Pokémon to make use of alongside it. Darkish sorts notably are the one Mega Gengar counters that resist Shadow Ball (though it nonetheless does a variety of harm, even to cumbersome ones like Tyranitar) so preserve them in thoughts when constructing your Mega Gengar Battle Events.

As beforehand talked about, the moveset that Mega Gengar has within the raid battle is often the largest think about deciding what to convey towards it, particularly in case you're raiding with a number of folks. Darkish sorts are greatest used towards Shadow Ball since they resist it.

Ghost sorts double resist Focus Blast and Psychic sorts (besides Metagross) single resist it, making these the perfect choices towards that cost transfer. Sludge Bomb is resisted by Floor sorts, Ghost sorts, Tyranitar and Metagross, making these the perfect choices towards that cost transfer.

Mega Gengar Duo

Mega Gengar will be duoed, however it may also be tough because it requires top-tier counters corresponding to itself + Ghost sorts, Mega Houndoom + Darkish sorts, or Psystrike Mewtwo.

The cost transfer Mega Gengar has within the raid battle additionally performs an enormous think about a duo, if not the largest issue, since it could actually one hit KO nearly all of its counters if it has the best cost transfer.

The most secure technique to obtain the duo is to make use of Psystrike Mewtwo towards Focus Blast, or Mega Gengar + Ghost sorts towards Focus Blast. Mega Houndoom + Darkish sorts also can obtain the duo towards Shadow Ball, however even a resisted Shadow Ball does a ton of harm because of Mega Gengar's loopy excessive Assault stat.

Final however not least, Floor sorts can duo it towards Sludge Bomb, however Sunny climate is obligatory.

Mega Gengar Info

Gengar (Mega)

Max CP 4336
ATK 349 DEF 199 HP 155
Weak to Sturdy Towards
Ghost Psychic Floor Darkish Grass Ghost Psychic Fairy

Mega Gengar Moveset Evaluation

Mega Gengar can have the next strikes in a raid battle and when captured as its base kind:

Quick Strikes Cost Strikes
  • Sucker Punch Darkish
  • Shadow Claw Ghost
  • Hex Ghost
  • Focus Blast Preventing
  • Sludge Bomb Poison
  • Shadow Ball Ghost

Focus Blast is the best cost transfer total, because it's a one bar transfer and makes Psychic sorts and Ghost sorts a lot better counters. It's additionally pretty straightforward to dodge.

Sludge Bomb is a two bar transfer that could be very tough to dodge. Nevertheless, it's resisted by Ghost sorts, Tyranitar, Metagross and Floor sorts.

Shadow Ball is a nightmare for every part, even Darkish sorts. Mega Houndoom and Darkrai take greater than 50% harm from only one Shadow Ball. Not solely that, it's a two bar transfer, which means Mega Gengar will use it often in battle.

Sucker Punch is the weakest quick transfer because it lacks STAB (identical kind assault bonus), however it's nonetheless tremendous efficient towards Psychic sorts and Ghost sorts.

Shadow Claw has STAB, however doesn't generate vitality in a short time.

Hex has yet one more base energy than Shadow Claw and generates vitality a lot sooner, making it the deadliest quick transfer, particularly if it's mixed with Sludge Bomb or Shadow Ball.

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