Meta Shifts and Surprises: Contained in the Pittsburgh Regional and What It Reveals for Pokémon GO’s 2024 Match Circuit

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Good day, Pokémon Trainers! GO Battle League Season 16 has caused fairly a considerable replace to Pokémon GO's PvP roster. Not solely did we get a complete new area of Pokémon to gather and check out in battle, however we additionally acquired an enormous transfer replace as nicely. And there was no scarcity of speculations and analyses of how these modifications will shake up the meta. Many are testing out some beforehand ignored Pokémon or methods to see who're the largest winners and losers of the brand new season.

However maybe probably the greatest indicators of what really does and doesn't work within the present meta is the official Play! Pokémon Pokémon GO event circuit. The place Trainers from around the globe compete for the eventual title of World Champion. As such the stakes are excessive and trainers are incentivized to shortly get a way of the very best methods every season.

With that being stated the 2024 season of this official event format is already underway with the Pittsburgh regional. And I believed it'd be fascinating to see the early tendencies within the event season in hopes of getting an thought of what the way forward for GO Battle League and Pokémon GO PvP, generally, may seem like. 

Pokémon nonetheless a part of the meta

Adjustments to the meta don't imply each Pokémon that was as soon as meta can now be thrown below the metaphoric bus. Listed below are some Pokémon that proper now really feel like their place within the meta hasn't modified a lot regardless of the updates:



Shocking nobody, Medicham continues to be right here to remain. The measly 5 Energy nerf to Psychic does little or no to decrease Medicham's potential. The truth is, with outstanding Flying sorts similar to Noctowl and Altaria out of the image, Medicham's potential appears increased than ever.

This was mirrored within the Pittsburgh event, as Medicham noticed 72% utilization all through each days. Although arguably, Medicham's victories aren't as clear as they as soon as had been. It's nonetheless a powerhouse of a Pokémon. None of what makes it nice has modified. It's nonetheless cumbersome, has a helpful typing and, a implausible moveset. However whereas a few of its greatest counters are gone, quite a lot of Pokémon have taken their place that Medi has a tough time cleanly flattening. And it needs to be famous that the winner of the event Wdage didn't carry a Medicham, opting to make use of Deoxys (Protection Forme) as a substitute.

Once more, I wish to iterate that Medicham continues to be a implausible Pokémon that I think about will proceed to be a relentless presence in PvP. What I wish to give attention to is that threats to Medicham are nonetheless round, for instance:



Now I do know what you might be considering, “Actually? Lickitung? A counter for Medicham? Has Priom lastly misplaced it?” 

However no, I'm really being sincere with this. Whereas sure, as a Regular sort, Lickitung is weak to Medicham's counter. However Medicham is weak to Lickitung's Lick as nicely. So Licki can really beat Medi in each the 2 shields and zero-shield eventualities. And might even beat Medicham within the one defend situation with an 8-lick benefit. Nevertheless, the victory does depart the successful Pokémon with little or no HP within the tank whatever the winner.

Therefore I really feel inclined to name Lickitung a Medicham counter. And the stats do appear to agree. Lickitung already made its triumphant return close to the tail-end of the 2023 event season after Medicham's prior prime counter, Trevenant, left the sphere. And with Noctowl gone now, Licki feels fairly protected to proceed being a mainstay in PvP. There was a 44% Lickitung utilization within the Pittsburgh regional event.



Right here we have now one other Pokémon that refuses to let go of its declare on the meta throne. The nerf to the power era of Spark, Lanturn's quick assault of alternative is extra substantial than Medicham's nerf to Psychic. Regardless of this, it isn't a pure nerf as Spark acquired a 2-point injury enhance to associate with it. And Lanturn already had an alternate transfer of alternative within the type of Water Gun, which could see extra recognition because the event season continues.

So general, regardless of Lanturn's nerf being extra substantial it's nonetheless hanging round with a 42% utilization in Pittsburgh. Each the 2nd and third place finishers had a Lanturn of their roster.



There hasn't been any explicit shakeup to Swampert's package on the newest season replace. It was a strong WaterFloor earlier than, and it nonetheless is. Nevertheless, what I wish to carry consideration to is that the common variant of Swampert is simply as a lot price your consideration as its shadow variant is. 

Common Swampert already labored fairly nicely for ChiodoSH01 in the course of the 2023 World Championship. With its fall from grace coming by the hands (or talons I suppose) of Noctowl, the place that added Shadow injury would've actually helped. And with Noctowl gone, Swampert doesn't have to fret about that matchup anymore. As soon as once more, the Pittsburgh event winner Wdage introduced an everyday Swampert to fill out his roster as nicely. So it's one thing to contemplate should you haven't discovered a very good Shadow Mudkip.

Pokémon that might be new event meta
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From what I noticed on the Pittsburgh regional stream I consider these have the potential to be the brand new everlasting fixtures of the official event meta:



I believe the writing was on the wall with this one. Whereas Sableye was the cumbersome Darkish sort protected swap of alternative in the course of the 2023 World Championships, there have been undoubtedly extra Umbreons going round on Day 2 of the event. And with the primary regional of 2024, Umbreon is in every single place whereas Sableye is nowhere to be seen.

There might be fairly just a few causes for this transformation in choice. I personally consider the largest contributor is the return of Lickitung as one other most popular protected swap. Umbreon has a a lot better time with Lickitung than Sableye does. As Sableye's Shadow Claw is resisted by Licki. Add in the truth that Umbreon is quite a bit less expensive to construct for the Nice League format than Sableye is, and I believe we have now a deal-maker.



We now arrive at a totally new face to the meta that I consider might be hanging round for some time. With each Noctowl and Altaria out of the image, Pokémon GO wanted a brand new face for the lead Flying sort for PvP.  And it appears Gligar is right here to seemingly take that function. The place Noctowl and Altaria acquired a nerf with their most popular cost assault of Sky Assault. Gligar over right here acquired a double buff in each Aerial Ace and Dig costing much less.

It appears even prime trainers are nonetheless making an attempt to determine how you can use Gligar although. Flying sort mons already didn't respect Medicham's Ice Punch, and Gligar reaaally doesn't respect it because of its half Floor typing. So there's the matter of when and the place to spend shields on Gligar, together with whether or not or not Shadow or Non-Shadow is most popular. Solely time will inform during which place Gligar actually finally ends up I suppose.

Spice Picks
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Even supposing we're within the early days of the brand new event season these Pokémon nonetheless really feel like they're fascinating spice picks at finest. However, their performances are nonetheless noteworthy:



Truthfully, HotPoket777's whole Pittsburgh crew is price a point out right here. Not solely did he carry an unconventional crew, however he additionally managed to get third place as nicely. It simply goes to indicate that making aware selections relating to which Pokémon complement one another the very best in your crew is extra essential than bringing essentially the most meta Pokémon. 

Nevertheless, if I needed to choose a single stand-out spice choose from HotPoket777's already spicy roster, it needs to be Serperior. Whereas the mono-Grass starter from Unova was all the time a good Pokémon because of its spectacular bulk, I don't assume anyone anticipated it to be this spectacular. HotPoket777's Serperior I'd argue was very important to success, as entry to the newly buffed Aerial Ace gave the snake king various play on the sphere. A lot in order that HotPoket777 felt snug sacking the shield-hungry Shadow Charizard in favor of protecting his Serperior wholesome on the sphere just a few occasions.



There's one thing in regards to the Dratini household that makes them particular. Final season TontonBatteuse wow'd the European Internationals stage along with his Dragonair. And now Wdage is out right here getting the primary on-stream event win of the season with a Dragonite.

Now, does that imply Dragonite is the brand new substitute for the now nerfed Altaria as a fellow DragonFlying Pokémon? I personally don't assume so. Whereas they do share the typing, Dragonite solely advantages as a Flying sort defensively, because it doesn't sometimes wish to run any flying-type strikes. And even then, the Flying sort does make Dragonite even worse towards Registeel than Dragon sorts already had been. As Registeel's Zap Cannon is now going to do impartial injury, versus being resisted by Dragonite.

However, Dragonite was by no means a nasty Pokémon for the Nice League regardless of its predominant residence being the Grasp League. And it undoubtedly labored out nicely for Wdage, serving to him win the Pittsburgh Regional.

Lacking in motion?
General icon

  • Steelix

  • Carbink

  • Mandibuzz

  • Greedent

  • Stunfisk (Galarian)

There have been some Pokémon that had various hype going into the brand new season however didn't make a lot of an look at Pittsburgh. I'm going to briefly speculate why which may be:


Lots of people most likely noticed this coming. Whereas Steelix's new transfer Breaking Swipe makes it devastating each within the Nice League and Extremely League throughout the GBL format. Within the official event format the place opponents can have a look at your crew and make preparations, Steelix has a tough time working non-STAB Dragon sort strikes. Particularly towards the far more most popular fellow Metal sort Registeel.


Carbink had quite a lot of hype surrounding it however was nowhere to be seen in Pittsburgh. The 2 causes I can consider are that it has to date solely been obtainable in restricted portions and is fairly arduous to construct. Together with the truth that very similar to the same Bastiodon, its a bit rigid and may get caught in a nasty scenario. However, I believe its lack of look is extra so for the previous cause and we'll see extra Carbink down the road.


We did see just a few Mandibuzz at Pittsburgh. However its place wasn't notably noteworthy. This may be attributable to an identical cause as Carbink, as it's decently tough to get a very good Mandibuzz for the Nice League format that official tournaments run on. Plus Mandi is a bit totally different from the opposite Flying sorts. Nearly working nearer to one thing like Umbreon, with Snarl as its most popular quick assault.


Whereas entry to mud shot makes this Pokémon implausible as one of many spammiest Pokémon within the sport. I consider Lickitung will proceed to be the Regular sort of alternative as long as Medicham is round. As no different Regular sort can actually go toe-to-toe with it.

Galarian Stunfisk:

Galarian Stunfisk outfavored Registeel in the course of the 2023 World Championships as the popular Metal sort. But was nowhere to be seen in Pittsburgh whereas Registeel was nonetheless hanging round. That is as a result of 10-point lower in Earthquake‘s injury output within the latest replace. Which makes sure matchups quite a bit much less snug for Stunfisk. Although I personally consider Galarian Stunfisk's nerf is a bit overstated. It's nonetheless a implausible Pokémon, Earthquake continues to be a really sturdy transfer, and it could actually nonetheless beat Registeel, only a bit much less comfortably. So I think about G.fisks will return sooner or later, not less than in restricted portions.

Battle Friend icon

And there you may have it. Admittedly, quite a bit continues to be on the wall relating to what is going to and received't be mainstays in each the present event and GBL seasons. If I hopefully handle to complete this on time, the Barcelona Regionals needs to be beginning quickly. I'm undoubtedly excited to see how the European trainers deal with the brand new meta. Because the 2024 event season continues and the everlasting fixtures of the season are solidified, I'd have to take a model new have a look at what's working and what isn't. However as all the time:

Goodbye for now, Pokémon trainers. Priom-out!

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