Mighty Doom is a new top-down arcade shooter coming to iOS and Android

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Mighty Doom is a new top-down shooter starring the Mini Slayer and is launching in select countries on March 21.

Announced by Bethesda and developed by Alpha Dog Games, it takes place in the Doom animated universe. Mighty Doom stars a plastic collectible brought to life by Argent energy. As the Mini Slayer, you soon make it your mission to cut down all of the collectibles of demons from Hell. Why? They ran off with your pet rabbit, Daisy.

As the Mini Slayer, you are customizable and are played using a one-touch control scheme. You can run and gun through demons, dodge attacks, pull off over-the-top Glory Kills, and go up against the Doom Hunter in arena combat.

As you complete levels, the demons will grow more menacing, so you will want to upgrade your gear, unlock legendary weapons, and even choose powerful abilities.

You can pre-register for Mighty Doom to start playing as soon as it is available. Playing at launch will earn you exclusive weapon skins and more. And, if you play between launch and April 20, you will also receive the Mini Slayer’s Pack.

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