Miyamoto would you like you to stop calling him the Spielberg of video games

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If you’re someone who’s compared iconic game designer Shigeru Miyamoto to equally iconic film director Steven Spielberg, stop it, he doesn’t like it.

For some reason, everybody likes to compare every single aspect of video games to film, even if it doesn’t make any sense. A classic one for Miyamoto in particular is the comparison to Spielberg, which goes all the way back to 1996. But in a recent interview with GameSpot, it turns out that the eclectic father of Mario (and possible mother of Bowser Jr.) doesn’t want people to make that comparison (thanks, GamesRadar).

“As you said, I’ve also been called the Spielberg of the game world,” Miyamoto said to GameSpot, continuing on to say, “but I actually don’t like that. I’m Miyamoto. Miyamoto is Miyamoto and Nintendo is Nintendo. However, I do feel very honoured to be compared with Disney. But with that said, rather than comparing Nintendo to Disney, I feel that Disney to some extent, especially for families, [represents] a sense of reassurance for families.”

The bulk of the interview with the developer is actually about his time spent working on the recently opened Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios’ Hollywood park. Miyamoto being the odd guy that he is noted that the big building – presumably the castle – is something he wanted to climb on, but obviously this is real life and not a video game, so you can’t really do that.

Interestingly, when asked about the fact it’s called Super Nintendo World, but has mostly a Mario theme currently, Miyamoto did say that there was discussion about “adding other IP in there,” providing Splatoon as an example. We do know there’s a Donkey Kong themed ride coming to Universal Studios in Japan, who is technically a Mario character, but a Splatoon themed section would be incredibly fresh too. Now they just need to open a park in the UK.

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