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  • Drunk Robots: Knockout Minigame Review


    Drunk Robots is an upcoming NFT-based game, and it consists of numerous minigames with various gameplay mechanics. It’s not launched yet, but as we were promised, the developers of Drunk Robots have launched the first one in October, last week. Mini games in Drunk Robots are a great addition as they are a bonus to give the players more things to do and variety of gameplay. We’re here reviewing the first mini game with its tiny protagonist: Knockout.

    But first, why are there mini games in Drunk Robots?

    Prior to the major launch of Drunk Robots, players can play the mini games to have fun and get to know some of the characters. The game offers players a chance to have fun before the play to earn feature drops. By playing those games, they can get points and exchange them with other in-game non-fungible tokens such as weapons, farm units, etc. One of the co-founders of Drunk Robots, has declared in an AMA we shared earlier that there will be a variety of minigames. He mentioned that there will be a card game, a poker, and a shooter. Here, we are reviewing the mini shooter: Knockout Mini Game.

    Suitable Art Style

    The first thing you are going to see is the main menu with the funny looking bad guys running in the battlefield behind. Press the “Play” button to start. You’ll notice that the art style is similar to the game’s concept. The colors of the main menu and the game’s background and characters match those of the game’s website very well. When you start playing, A mini version of knockout (the cool action actor) will appear as the playable character you control to shoot the enemy robots around with his gun. The way bullets are drawn and the visual effects when the bad robots blow up adds a nostalgic spice and reminds us of the old flash games.

    The music is thrilling and matches the action vibe of the game. The gun produces a shooting sound similar to shooting sounds in small flash games as well. It is nice of the developers that they enabled players to turn off the sounds in the main menu before playing, because the sounds may be very loud to some.

    Gameplay Easy at First, but Challenging

    The controls and the gameplay are easy to understand as it is a 2D shooting mini game. You start with your character Knockout in the middle standing in like a junkyard, aiming with the crosshair at the attacking drunk robots from all directions. Some of the robots are faster than the others, so it requires fast decision making and some intuition. The robots push your characters against them so you will be changing direction depending on the direction the other robot is pushing, so you may need to constantly re-aim at the enemies. In the battlefield, there are giant pieces of junk that stand as obstacles and delay the enemies a little when attacking. It is basically easy to play but it gets more challenging as you continue confronting enemies.

    I’d recommend playing with a separate mouse because it is hard to control and aim with a trackpad.

    Immediate Feedback 

    The game requires fast action and intuition. Therefore, the player may have to lose and repeat many times. After losing, The game will display the main menu with simple feedback. It counts and shows you the number of enemies you have taken down in the last round, and the best record you have broken. So it is only about killing the enemies (drunk robots) attacking and trying to break the record.

    Have You Played The Game? Give It a Try!

    It’s simple, fun and quick to play and repeat. It has nice sounds and aesthetic visuals. It pretty much reminds of the nostalgic flash games we used to play on the browser.


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