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  • Drunk Robots' Unique Characters


    Drunk Robots is an upcoming play-to-earn browser-based game. It’s starting to get the hype as it’s going to launch next month. As its name suggests, the world of the game is run by drunk robots, making them the main characters. 

    The “Dump” is what all the playable robots have in common. They get involved in a dilemma or commit a crime, and they get sentenced to dump. However, they somehow recover and survive to change their future. The robots are now standing for themselves after being dumped, overrunning a chaotic, abandoned city known as Los Machines. They can party, attack, rob banks and properties, and are also customisable to do more. When the game launches, there will be six robots, each one of them has their own distinct life and past full of stories, and -of course- different abilities that make playing one of them different from any other. 

    The characters are designed to match the vibe of the game, which is full of fights, gangs and chaos. Their parts and fashion suit the theme of a post-apocalyptic environment where robots getting dumped is a common thing. They are manufactured in different phases with random parts and pieces, because some of them were mostly destroyed, and for some, their AI tells them to do things that can hurt their components. After they get up, they get engaged in missions different from what they were made for. They party in groups, join gangs, which shows each one with a different personality and sense of style. 

    Players need to maintain certain factors to get the most out of the characters. One of these is health. It can be spent in minigames and battles, and they can be restored by using METAL. Energy is spent in the same way as health, but can be restored over time, and when the robots own a home, they can recover faster. Rating also matters. One can raise their rating by playing smoothly, winning battles and by successful raids and robberies. Players can also style their robots with the use of accessories. They aren’t only for looks, but they can increase certain strengths in the robots such as rarity, power, intelligence, speed, stamina and dope. All of which have a range from 0 to 100. 

    It’d be really nice to get to know some of these characters, before you start playing:

    Jane: is an intelligent robot who served as a barista and was once positioned as a secretary for business people. She knew her jobs were lower than her actual capabilities. After she was set to zero, she began to follow her dreams.

    BOB: Bottle Opening Bot, or Burp Bob. As his names suggest, he was created to help in bar festivals, but didn't have protection from liquids though. His AI forced him to drink from a beer barrel, which caused him to throw toxic liquids. It’s his favourite weapon now.

    Molly - a robot created for every and any purpose. Whoever owns the robot, can download any software on the internet to use it however they please. He was owned by a person who loves fights, which used him to burn and blow things. Molly got into a dump by accident while escaping the law.

    Knockout: A star robot, and a professional shooter as he trained for action movies. He’s now the rich robot seeking to build his own empire in the Los Machines.

    Tommy: used to be a war machine. He was saved by other robots. And now he’s the weirdo wandering around the junkyard gathering pieces and parts.

    And last but not least - Ninja. She was a robot made to be a child alternative for some elderly couple. She hated her position. Then, she ran away and became a gang member .

    Until the game releases, we still want to know more about the characters and have a sneak peek of the gameplay. Overall, what we already know is enough to keep us hyped, and maybe start making plans in our minds for robbing banks and winning battles!  Stay tuned to read more articles about this game on our site.


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