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  • Drunk Robots: Website Review


    Drunk Robots is an upcoming play-to-earn game awaited by many crypto enthusiasts. Launching in October, This game is constantly gaining more attention by players, and is gaining more popularity than ever. A seemingly cool game that hasn't been released yet, they have a website stating all the info and art players would be interested in checking out to know more about the game, and to follow any updates about it by the devs.

    The user interface of the website is well-designed. Its aesthetic highly reflects the vibe of the game. It is set in a post-apocalyptic world, where there are no humans left, but only junky, scavenging, and drunk robots. Those robots are meant to party in groups in order to steal, rob and attack banks and properties, and this site is as dark as these robots can be. The texts are written in the kind of font that is used in typewriters, matching the machine concept of the robots. On this site, There are not so many animations that get annoying or disturbing, but they are mild and good enough to add a living touch to them. 

    The pages of the website are designed in a user-friendly basis. All the components of it are easy for the visitors to use and understand, simple and all the information are stated clearly. 
    It displays the characters, and some aspects of the game, revealing the art style of it. In addition to some hints of what the game is like and what players can do on it. To spark enthusiasm of the players awaiting, the site is full of stirring expressions, not to mention the fun and unique designed characters. 

    There’s the logo of the game placed on top left, next to it you can see the buttons to the main pages of the site. On top right, they have icons, which are link buttons to their social networks, including Twitter and Discord. They have also added a link to a page in which you can read an AMA by BlockchainGameGang interviewing Vladimir, one of the co-founders of Drunk Robots, asking him various questions about the game. The first thing you notice when entering the first page is the logo in mild motion, and a catching, fun phrase below it. Second, they introduced the three options to the packages with their prices in BNB currency, with clear descriptions of each. It states a brief description of what the game is about and what are the main missions and undertakings in the game. There’s also a simple infographic that outlines the things that can be done in the world of the game. Finally, there is the roadmap, that lists the goals that the game developers are willing to achieve.

    For curious followers, the buttons on top of the site offer more info and details. One of them shows a page for the characters. And here comes the fun part! The robots are the main characters of the game. Each one has their own past and story, which reminds me of robot Overwatch heroes. There’s a specific page to introduce the characters. They all have their distinct personalities and abilities, with the artwork of each one. There is also a button labeled game details, which is linked to a page that dwells on further info about some aspects of the game such as farming, minigames, and gangs, etc. For the lore of the game, the history page narrates amazingly the story and details of the robots and their world, and that’s a rich resource for the nerd players. These pages clearly add a value to the website, as they make the future players of the game excited and hooked with the depth of the game’s world before it even comes out.

    Drunk Robots is still under development. However, the players surely need reliable sources for the information officially revealed by the developers. All they need before the game launches is to follow the social network of the game and to check the website.


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