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    Exitializ has a mission that’s as basic as it gets: it wants to introduce millions of players from around the world to the “play-to-earn” ecosystem. The platform is built to be a one-stop-shop for all gamers and influencers alike; anyone with the desire to earn a little extra cash while they play their favorite video games can join in on Exitializ.

    Axie Infinity made waves in the crypto community when it announced that its Small Love Potion (SLP) token would be used for both in-game and outside-game transactions. By using an ERC20 token, Axie Infinity ensures that SLP is a versatile cryptocurrency that can easily be converted into ETH or other cryptocurrencies.

    The test of any new cryptocurrency platform is whether or not it can become a source of income for its users in times of economic hardship. When COVID-19 struck, the number of active Axie players in the Philippines and other countries hit hard by the crisis skyrocketed. Not only did this show that people are interested in cryptocurrency and its ability to generate passive income, but it also demonstrated that the platform was able to provide entertainment value during times of hardship.  Not only will Axie Infinity change the face of gaming, but it'll also change lives. It's a significant development in games that can help even developing nations with their economy — some people in these countries can make more money playing Axie Infinity than they can while working full-time jobs!

    Into the Metaverse

    Our goal here at Exitializ is to bring the benefits of blockchain technology to all gamers out there. We aim to create an ecosystem where gamers can get rewarded for playing the games they love, and we hope that one day, all gamers will be able to benefit from this with the help of our community. We believe that the future of our digital world is here, and it’s in the metaverse. With NFT games, we can create worlds as immersive and real as the ones we live in — but more diverse. We are here to cultivate this new age of virtual realities for inclusive societies by creating an online platform where anyone can generate, explore and play new, exciting gaming experiences.

    The Scholarship Program

    We’ve taken the first steps in building our automated scholarship program, where our core members are acting as “scholarship managers” who guide new players through the game. Our goal is to onboard as many Axie enthusiasts as possible. The Scholarship Program is a radical new initiative that allows players to lend out their Axie NFTs to other players, who in exchange will pay a small fee and share a portion of their SLP earnings with the original scholar. The program will be managed by artificial intelligence bots that run on smart contracts, automating all steps of the process from lending out an Axie to paying the lender and divvying up the earnings.

    Exitializ aims to be the largest play-to-earn guild in the entire Metaverse. We will support and invest in virtual economies, helping these games grow, hiring individuals to fill jobs that are needed to build a viable ecosystem. We want to be a part of the building process for out-of-game communities.


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