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  • Exitializ will Onboard More Players to Populate its Expanding Metaverse


    The age of DAOs and NFTs is here! Gamers must be ready to ride the waves because slots--for earning while playing--are limited! 

    When the COVID-19 pandemic struck the world and its 7 billion inhabitants, many lost their jobs, while others started earning from home boatloads of dollars every day! 

    The age of the internet has continued to provide job opportunities, expanded many industries, and connected millions of people with each other. Today, NFT games are making hundreds of thousands of people richer by the day. 

    What is Exitializ? 

    This competitive guild-turned gaming platform helps players get started with NFT. Exitializ aims to become one of the largest virtual economies on the web, in order to cater to the growing demand for NFT games. 

    The DAO will serve as a safe haven for crypto gamers to trade NFT assets, explore new virtual worlds, and find scholarship managers. 

    Exitializ is bound to create a cyberspace where everyone is equal and votation rights will be given to those who hold origin coins. This non-fungible token will be publicly offered on Pancake Swap by the end of 2021. 

    The core members, the main founders of Exitializ, promote that by establishing a guild backed by blockchain technology, players can earn money safely within the confines of a multichannel virtual platform. 

    By April 2022, organization-limited quests will be available to all members, regardless of rank or gaming experience. Even beginners can earn in-game inclusive currencies, like small love potions (SLPs). 

    For the guild members, many ways to generate real-world money will be available. This includes breeding NFT assets, like Axies and DeFi pets, and converting high-grade loots to Ethereum. 

    Exitializ, as a competitive guild and decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), is ready to enter the OpenSea marketplace, in order to accommodate more scholars in their expanding metaverse. 

    The DAO aims to leverage NFT virtual realities for Axie enthusiasts and crypto gaming communities. To make this possible, Exitializ will sell and auction its Origin Coin. The proceeds will fund the next-generation Axie scholarships on the Exitializ network.

    Check out Exitializ' Collection on OpenSea

    How Much can NFT Players Earn?

    The average Axie Player earns $30 per day, while top players make $400 by playing for eight hours, as reported by CNBC. Last month, Forbes forecasted that this trend will likely continue for many more years to come.

    SLP, alone, experiences a 200 million daily trading volume. Every day, approximately 200 million dollars worth of SLPs are being exchanged for real-world money, into many currencies, including Philippine pesos and Euros. This is made possible by e-trading platforms and digital wallets, like Binance, Metamask, and TrustWallet. 

    Work Opportunities in the Metaverse

    Today, games enable players to earn real money by doing what they love. Play-to-earn games could be the main source of income for aspiring scholars.

    The demand for non-fungible tokens is rising. As the demand increases, the prices of highly traded virtual assets, like Axies and Enjin coins, rise as well. For gamers residing in the Philippines and other developing countries, investing $700 or more for an Axie team is impossible. Becoming a scholar is their only way to enter the lucrative crypto industry. 

    However, according to CoinDesk, only one would be chosen for every 1,500 applicants. Many are desiring to enter the industry, but the slots are limited. The same can be said in other virtual worlds backed by blockchain technology, including the universe of Splinterlands and the cyberspace for CryptoKitties. 

    Decentralized autonomous organizations, like Exitializ, provide opportunities for aspirants. Exitializ connects players with managers, seamlessly. They are eager to help people who desire an improved quality of life but have been left out due to the fast-paced changes in the industry. 

    How it Works

    The organization is willing to fund the baby steps of dedicated gamers desiring to earn by playing. With a profit-sharing agreement, known as a “scholarship,” and through a decentralized gaming platform, the DAO, Exitializ can make all of these possible. 

    Being a free and profitable platform, Exitializ will not charge subscription fees and the profits will be distributed among the members. Set percentages will be allocated to the players, founders, and seed investors. 

    In an automated scholarship program, the founders will serve as the scholarship managers. They will guide players and scholars through the ins and outs of NFT gaming. One of the primary goals of the DAO is to onboard as many dedicated Axie enthusiasts as possible. 

    The players, on the one hand, will enter the world of NFT games and play--to earn money. A small percentage of their earnings will be shared with their managers and with the DAO. 

    Like on the blockchain network, AI bots (powered by smart contracts) will automate the transactions for the scholarship program. Aside from the supervision of the managers, artificial intelligence will automate all processes from Axie lending to payment and asset conversion. 

    Soon, players can start renting and earning NFT assets within the network. Exitializ aims to bring the benefits of the new, lucrative crypto industry to both gamers and investors worldwide.

    Check out Exitializ' Collection on OpenSea


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