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  • Why do we think Monsta Infinite has the highest potential as an upcoming NFT Game?


    The developers aren’t just simply developing a game but they really do want to solve certain issues not just in gamin but in the #DeFi scene in general as well.

    "Pay to win" is one of gaming's most commonly used terms, and it refers to the practice of purchasing items or enhancements within a game for the purpose of gaining an unfair competitive advantage. If you're new, you'll start at the bottom of the ladder, but that doesn't mean that you can't climb to the top without spending any money. But that would be challenging to a lot of players.

    Overpopulation is an issue in any game, and Monsta Infinite won’t be an exception. Without a proper balancing mechanism in place, the player base could easily fall victim to overpopulation. If this happens, weaker monstas could have their value crash, meaning there would be no liquidity in the marketplace.

    Multiplayer online battle arena games are always a big hit because they cater to all sorts of players. MOBA games are no longer the sole dominion of hardcore gamers who love complex, involved gaming experiences. Today's MOBA games are accessible to players across gamers, regardless of their skill level or time commitment.

    By simply pointing out these problems, we can simply get a sense of what these developers are thinking and they know what they are doing.

    #Monsta Infinite is a game whose scope is so large, it's difficult to capture everything in just one paragraph. An action-packed multiplayer title with an infinite number of possibilities for expansion, Monsta Infinite has brought the best of both worlds to its players. Players are rewarded with STT or MONI tokens for their victories, allowing them access to monetization.

    Blockchain has grown exponentially over the last few years, emerging as an innovative technology with endless potential. But although blockchain is becoming increasingly popular, it's still relatively unknown to the average person. The promise of decentralization and revolutionized services are what make blockchain attractive to many. However, the barriers to entry are high. Monsta Infinite has developed a game where people can learn about blockchain technology in an engaging way, making it easy for anyone to participate in the growing industry.

    Through the use of an open-world system and a low-cost revenue model, Monsta Infinite is able to continuously release new content and reach out to customers. The team developed this idea with their goals in mind: to develop a sandbox game that's fun and exciting for young gamers, yet provides a way for sponsors and advertisers to reach them.

    There’s still a lot to cover in terms of the developer’s vision for the game like the base gameplay, cloning, etc. But focusing on the vision alone, makes me feel confident about the project.

    Be on the lookout as we cover more about Monsta Infinite as it progresses in the coming months! Also, our team at Exitializ is working on a dedicated Monsta Infinite database and fansite.


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