Nifty Or Thrifty: Fantasy Cup PvP Meta Information

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The “Nifty Or Thrifty” article collection takes a complete have a look at the meta for PvP Cup codecs: Extremely League's Fantasy Cup, on this case. As is typical for the NoT collection, I'll cowl not solely the highest meta picks, but in addition some mons the place it can save you some mud with cheaper second transfer unlock prices or much less powering up… although there aren't many issues that fall into the actually “thrifty” class on this one, I'm sorry to say!

As per typical, we'll begin with Pokémon with the most affordable second transfer unlock price and steam forward till we lastly arrive at the most costly (Legendaries and a few excessive XL choices). I may even solely be highlighting Shadow variations after they're notably related… many are worse, and that's what you possibly can typically infer if I don't speak about them.

First, VERY transient abstract of the meta:


  • It is a fairly condensed meta, which isn't too stunning for a format with solely three typings, I suppose.
  • It's additionally an costly meta, with only a few cheap picks and nearly all of the heavy hitters being within the 75k or 100k second transfer grouping, AND many require a heavy XL grind on prime of it.
  • Steels dominate, with only a few direct solutions past a handful of issues with Preventing, Floor, or Fireplace injury, all of which stand up within the rankings to attempt to fill that anti-Metal function.
  • Dragons with Preventing or Floor strikes are normally the highest Dragons consequently, together with the Giratinas and their broadly unresisted Ghost injury.
  • Fairies are left with the least to do, however are first rate sufficient generalists, particularly some with fascinating protection strikes (and/or a helpful subtyping, like Togekiss' Flying).
  • Did I point out this format is dear? Lotta XLs wanted on this one, of us.

10,000 Mud/25 Sweet

LUCARIO (Child Low cost)



Counter | Energy-Up Punch & Shadow Ball

In a meta made up fully of Metal, Dragon, and Fairy varieties, right here's a specimen that resists Metal and Dragon, takes impartial from Fairy, and offers regular tremendous efficient injury to opposing Steels, AND has an enormous fats closing transfer resisted by mainly nothing within the meta. Lucario nonetheless has particular — even obtrusive — flaws, however it wins more than it loses, although the overwhelming majority of its wins come towards different Steels, with all the opposite good going for it amounting to solely a handful of precise wins over Dragons (Giratina Origin and Kommo-O). You'll be able to kinda see a bit extra of its inherent benefits with top flight IVs, which makes a win over Florges potential (and the mirror match as nicely). Luc's lack-of-bulk issues maintain it again from what ought to be even greater potential, however it's greater than adequate to emerge as a prime possibility on this meta. And it may be the thriftiest factor round too, capable of purchase a second transfer for less than 10,000 mud (for those who do it to a Riolu earlier than evolving) and requiring no XL Sweet to comfortably hit 2500 CP. (You can see that each of these are a rarity on this meta!)




Fairy Wind | Meteor Mash & Moonblast

Dragons hate it (Clefable beats ALL of them besides typically Turtonator), and even most Fairies fall before Clefable and its Meteor Mashing. (A couple of Fairies outlast it in the event that they throw each shields at Clefable, however in any other case it's simply Tapu Fini and typically Florges that outlast it.) The massive problem, after all, is Steels, as they resist all the things Clefable has to throw at them. This holds it somewhat in check towards the core meta (greater than half of that are Metal varieties). The excellent news I've to share is that Clefable may be constructed as a hundo and hits 2499 CP at “solely” Degree 42 (versus Degree 48+ that almost all “good” IV spreads are available in at) and nonetheless will get ALL the same meta wins throughout all even protect situations, and beneficial properties the mirror match AND, in 2v2 shielding, Florges as nicely (leaving Tapu Fini because the solely Fairy that overcomes Clefable there). Nonetheless removed from actually “thrifty”, however low-cost in THIS format for certain!




Waterfall/Allure | Disarming Voice & Moonblast/Psychic

PvPoke lists Prima with Allure, and that's fine enough, I suppose. However in my view, for those who're going to run Primarina on this format, it's with Waterfall as type of a poor man's Tapu Fini. Very, little or no resists Water injury in Fantasy Cup, together with most Metal varieties, so you possibly can flip some foolish issues like Solgaleo, Steelix, Genesect, Excadrill, Escavalier, and Galarian Weezing that terrorize most Fairies. Mockingly, this leaves Prima on the incorrect aspect of issues most different Fairies do beat, like Lucario, Flygon, many different Fairies, and infrequently the Giratinas. You'll be able to considerably compensate for a few of this by working not the beneficial Psychic (the transfer) as your nearer (which has an excellent use case versus G-Weeze, however that's about it), however as an alternative Moonblast for the double Fairy cost moveset (alongside the brand new Disarming Voice), which no less than brings the Giratinas again into the win column typically and someway, amazingly, may even beat Registeel in 2v2 shielding! The numbers should not overly spectacular on the floor, however I like Primarina rather a lot on this meta as an inexpensive potential build-around piece.




Waterfall | Hydro Cannonᴸ & Flash Cannon/Drill Peck

The different Waterfall consumer in Fantasy Cup, and it works quite differently than Primarina. Being a Metal kind, Preventing injury is lethal, so Lucario and Escavalier and the like have to be prevented in any respect prices. (And Grounds like Excadrill and Flygon might not WANT to face down that heavy Water injury, however they often come out on prime versus Empie too.) What Empoleon does nicely as an alternative is dominate Fairies, to incorporate Tapu Fini, and might conveniently additionally deal with issues that spew Fireplace higher than most, proven with wins over Solgaleo, Genesect Burn, and Galarian Weezing. (And typically, although not usually, Alolan Sandslash and its scary Drill Run as nicely.) I typically advocate Flash Cannon right here moderately than Drill Peck, as each work alright for protection however Flash is no less than an enormous slammed door for Fairies… Galarian Weezing particularly.



I'll give a fast shout-out to WHIMSICOTT, which conveniently handles Tapu Fini, each Giratinas, and a number of other different big-name Dragons, however it's A.) fairly area of interest (albeit a NICE area of interest), and B.) loopy costly regardless of the low second transfer price, because it needs to be totally maxed out. However you probably have one, sure, it might work on the appropriate group, and possibly fairly nicely! However apart from that and the opposite issues above… that's actually it for 10k choices on this meta. Sorry, price range warriors… that is NOT the meta for us!

So on to the remaining….

50,000 Mud/50 Sweet


Sandslash (Alola)


Shadow Clawᴸ/Powder Snow | Drill Run & Ice Punch/Gyro Ball

Plenty of methods to go right here, all of them potent in Fantasy Cup. The now-standard Shadow Claw/Ice Punch/Drill Run variant continues to be an excellent all-rounder that applies wonderful strain to Dragons whereas nonetheless dealing with most Fairies and even Fireplace-breathing Solgaleo due to the tremendous effectiveness of Shadow Claw. Powder Snow clearly cranks up much more strain on Dragons (now beating Kommo-O, for instance), however Solgaleo slips away and Ice-resistant Steels and Waters change into even more durable to beat. There are even mixtures that work in Gyro Ball for even more durable anti-Fairy tech, normally greatest with Shadow Claw to take care of no less than some strain on Dragons, however it's price noting that the mixture of Shadow Claw and Gyro Ball can truly beat Tapu Fini, which is fairly nice. And don't overlook Shadow variants exist too, although I typically like them a bit much less on this format… A-Slash needs as a lot bulk as potential right here. How will you trick out YOUR Alolan Sandslash?




Fairy Wind/Vine Whip | Disarming Voice & Moonblast

Much like the dialogue on Primarina earlier, it's simple to imagine that going with one of many protection cost strikes right here (Petal Blizzard with apparent purposes versus Tapu Fini and others, or Psychic {sure, the transfer!}) is the good play, however as an alternative I feel it's greatest to forgo protection and simply persist with Disarming Voice and Moonblast, which is the one a type of three transfer combos that may overcome Lucario, Clefable, and Escavalier, and counterintuitively, it's Moonblast that may overcome Tapu Fini (albeit barely), NOT Petal Blizzard (which is simply too gradual). Should you DO wish to get difficult, I'd do it with the quick transfer as an alternative. Fairy Wind is the general greatest (its loopy power era is required to outrace Lucario, Escavalier, and normally Clefable), however Vine Whip isn't too far behind, and has apparent purposes versus massive Water and Floor varieties within the meta (shredding Tapu Fini and even overcoming Steelix). Could possibly be helpful on the appropriate group! 🌿




Counter | Drill Run & Acid Spray

It's uncommon for me to advocate Acid Spray on something that doesn't have a reputation rhyming with “Penta Drools” (sorry to any and all “Penta”s on the market!), however right here we're. Whereas Megahorn has just a few edge circumstances with shields down, reminiscent of beating Flygon and profitable the mirror outright, Spray is just best overall, carrying down even issues that resist Poison (like Magnezone in 1v1 shielding and Flygon in 2v2 shielding) and enabling another nice wins like Kommo-O in 2shield as nicely. And whereas Escav typically has a leg up versus Fairies, the tremendous effectiveness of Acid Spray makes them a lot simpler. Additionally advocate that Megahorn (and Aerial Ace) are resisted by Steels anyway, so Spray continues to be good there to no less than up the injury of Counter and must-have Drill Run (as proven by that Magnezone win). Spray N' Pray lives!




Mud Shot | Drill Run & Earthquake

On this meta filled with Metal and Floor varieties and light-weight on Flyers, I figured that Rock Slide could be subpar. However I additionally figured that Iron Head may be the way in which to go to fight Fairies, and uh… nah. Identical to different issues have relied on double STAB strikes of the identical typing, so I feel it's right here… simply go along with Earthquake. With that, you add Kommo-O to the win column in a number of shielding situations, whereas Iron Head and Rock Slide don't appear to have any considerable edge circumstances like that. I'd LOVE for somebody to show me incorrect/proper and flex their Iron Head one as an alternative, although! Name me, beep me… nonetheless you wish to attain me. 📱




Spark | Mirror Shot & Wild Cost

I imply, I guess it's okay? It does function greatest as a Shadow, as non-Shadow struggles versus A-Slash, Solgaleo, and G-Weeze that ShadowZone can outrace. The very best I can say is that it persistently handles Fairies, to incorporate Tapu Fini for certain… it's, in reality, solely the very fringe Tapu Koko that bests Magnezone. However poor bulk signifies that it struggles elsewhere, even towards Dragons that largely wail on it with resisted injury.




Allure/Hidden Energy (Fireplace) | Historical Energy & Aura Sphereᴸ/Flamethrower

Our first actual have a look at the limitation of Charmers in this format, as a result of Togekiss is the most effective one (largely as a result of it might additionally overcome Escavalier due to being a Flying kind, and even then it wants Historical Energy to do it. That's only a bonus, although… your major job is clearly to wipe out Dragons, and Togekiss certainly beats each single one besides that darned Turtonator, in addition to Preventing Lucario. However for some enjoyable tech, for those who occur to have a Hidden Energy Togekiss of the potent-in-this-meta Fireplace kind, that can turn some things on their heads out of nowhere, permitting Togekiss to torch issues like Steelix and Genesect (and tie Shadow Alolan Sandslash) which are historically onerous counters… although you do, after all, surrender a number of Dragons within the course of, reminiscent of each Giratinas. (Nonetheless maintain onto issues like Dragonite, Kommo-O, and Flygon although!) Only a enjoyable thought that might REALLY shock opponents!




Snarl/Allure | Shut Fight & Play Tough/Crunch

I imply, you CAN run Charm, however it's nothing particular. Now Snarl, however… now we would have one thing. As with fire-breathing Togekiss, shifting away from Allure means giving up the Giratinas, however you continue to preserve most different Dragons due to Play Tough, and now can beat a slew of Steels with Shut Fight, together with A-Slash, Excadrill, Magnezone, and sure, the grand prize: Registeel. Now THAT is what I name nifty.


Rapidash (Galarian)


Fairy Wind | Physique Slam & Excessive Horsepower

In a meta full of Metal varieties, you had me at Excessive Horsepower. Between that and spammy Physique SlamG-Dash is pretty flexible in this meta, slaying most (non-Giratina) Dragons and lots of the massive identify Steels (to incorporate Lucario, Steelix, Escavalier, Excadrill, and Magnezone) and fellow Galarian Weezing as a pleasant bonus. You even outpace different Fairy Wind customers Florges and Slurpuff! There's a lot to love about G-Sprint in Fantasy Cup, and primarily based on what I'm seeing from different content material creators, it's flying fully below the radar so far. Strike whereas the iron is scorching, of us. Ʊ




Bullet Seed | Mirror Shot & Energy Whip

I'm certain there's a group that wants what Ferrothorn has to offer, I'm simply having a tough time arising with it. You do maintain out towards a number of Fairies, and shred Flygon and Tapu Fini, so there's that. Appears slightly TOO area of interest, however I'd like to see somebody make it work!




Shadow Claw | Shut Fight & Iron Head/Play Tough

The potential for domination is there, with Shadow Claw for widespread impartial injury (and even higher than that towards the Giratinas!), Shut Fight for Steels, and Iron Head for Fairies. All of the items are there, and primarily based on the numbers versus the entirety of Fantasy Cup, you'd count on breakout numbers. Sadly, once you pit it towards the core meta, the issues that almost all of gamers will possible be utilizing, Perrserker falters. What went incorrect? Put merely, it's simply not having sufficient bulk. Perrserker is flimsier than identified flimsy issues like Flygon, Kommo-O, Togekiss, Solgaleo and lots of others, and that simply holds it again from what ought to be superior potential. Nonetheless viable, simply don't rely on it to hold you farther than it's actually able to.

75,000 Mud/75 Sweet

Not the entire earlier Pokémon have been low-cost (some required XL funding, although I attempted to focus on the numerous that don't too), however from right here on our we're actually pulling away from “thrifty” territory. I'll attempt to lower by these and the Legendaries rapidly, cowl some must-be-maxed choices, after which allow you to get to battling. Strap in!





  • DRAGONITE is soooo joyful to have Superpower now. Just look the way it blows up Excadrill, Lucario, Escavalier, Solgaleo, and different Steels along with all its deadly Dragon Breath/Claw combo can do!



  • That stated, general KOMMO-O does it a bit higher. Not being Flying, it does crumble earlier than Lucario, however it holds Dragonite's different wins (together with beating ‘Nite face to face) and provides on A-Slash, Magnezone, and Registeel too. Additionally price mentioning that Altered Giratina will get a litle squirrelier than Dragonite, due to the awkward timing of Dragon Tail. Your mileage might fluctuate on that one.



  • HAXORUS is significantly better this time by Fantasy Cup due to Breaking Swipeᴸ. It was already first rate anti-Metal tech last time, however Swipe pushes it over the edge by including on Genesect and Registeel! It is a Dragon that actually struggles versus different Dragons (and Fairies, after all), so simply consider it as an alternate Lucario and look at its place in your group as such.



  • HARD Giratina counter, however mushy counter to most different Dragons… that's one of the simplest ways to think about HYDREIGON. Conveniently additionally picks off Dragonite, Solgaleo, Flygon, Magnezone, and Excadrill, however that is admittedly a really area of interest decide.



  • Consider GARCHOMP as anti-budget Flygon. Its greatest benefits are beating Flygon face to face, and Giratina Altered as a Shadow. The draw back? It's simply not as dynamic as Flygon, missing practical paths to victory versus Lucario, Alolan Sandslash, Genesect, or Escavalier, all of which Flygon can beat with various levels of bait timing luck. Not typically beneficial… until you wish to maybe run Chompy AND Flygon. Mwaha.



  • Decidedly not a Dragon, STEELIX nonetheless acts a bit like one due to Dragon Tail, which is each good (slamming the door on each precise Dragon within the format) and unhealthy, being left moderately toothless versus most Fairies, with Tail and Crunch being resisted, and with few good solutions to opposing Steels. This may be mitigated a bit by giving up Crunch for Earthquake as an alternative, which might beat issues like G-Weeze, Solgaleo, A-Slash, and Genesect, and I feel that — moderately than the Crunch I extra generally noticed final time — Quake is my private advice. Additionally advocate non-Shadow moreso than Shadow, which is just shakier than you'd like it to be.

Scizor (Shadow)


  • Noticed quite a few SHADOW SCIZOR final time, which I kinda get for the way it tears by Fairies particularly. However man… I dunno. Appears very area of interest, folding like an inexpensive chair even to many Dragons and Ices it ought to be capable of beat, in addition to something with Preventing or Fireplace or Floor injury of its personal (which is, like, a lot of the core meta). Should you prefer to stay dangerously, right here's your ticket.



  • I really feel prefer it shouldn't work, however someway SYLVEON with Quick Attack did a TON of labor for me final time in Fantasy Cup. It's shakier than you'd like towards the Giratinas (normally nonetheless will get the job performed, however it places a LOT of strain on connecting a Moonblast, since Fast Assault is resisted injury), however it overcomes many odds by beating belongings you'd by no means count on like Steelix, Escavalier, and Galarian Weezing due to oft-resisted however nonetheless massive injury from Moonblast and Psyshock. (That final one is cathartic to make use of on G-Weeze and the occasional Dragalge and such.) And it might outrace practically all the opposite Fairies on the market too (Fini and Florges are problematic, however nothing else of explicit notice). It performed for me higher than the sims would point out final time, so take that for what it's price.





After which there are the REALLY costly issues like SKARMORY (which additionally works with Steel Wing) and FORRETRESS that need to be totally maxed out. They're okay, and secure sufficient future investments too, however I wouldn't go loopy prepping them only for this.

And now even MORE costly….

100,000 Mud / 100 Sweet

Giratina (Altered)


  • Sure, after all each GIRATINAS are moderately big right here. They each typically wish to run the broadly unresisted Shadow Claw moderately than their Dragon quick strikes, as Dragon is after all resisted by all of the Fairies and Steels round. ALTERED is the one you're going to see probably the most, particularly now that it's packing Shadow Drive. With Drive offering the closing energy that Gira-An extended lacked, it might now flip the tables on Galarian Weezing, Registeel, and even Tapu Fini! Fairly exceptional!

Giratina (Origin)


  • ORIGIN Giratina works too however it far much less dynamic. It's a disgrace GBL doesn't assist you to run BOTH Giratinas in the identical line, as a result of I feel that may be Origin's greatest path to utilization. As is, there simply aren't many (or any?) good causes to run it over Altered.



  • I don't assume I have to say a lot about REGISTEEL… it looms massive right here and even individuals that hardly PvP absolutely know why by now. I'll simply say that it's fairly good with Zap Cannon (extra simply beats Dragonite) or OG transfer Flash Cannon (extra simply beats Altered Giratina with out Shadow Drive) on this format, simply not with both (you continue to want Focus Blast within the combine for opposing Steels). Have a Fighter or Floor or Electrical/Preventing-resistant Giratina on the prepared!



  • SOLGALEO actually breathes Fireplace with Fireplace SpinI hear that's good in a meta with a lot of Steels, and resisting Fairy injury is a pleasant bonus too. RIP to everybody who developed Lunala as an alternative. Sure, I'm ready for Niantic to present it Shadow Claw too. 💔



  • HEATRAN is kinda Solgaleo, just worse. Poor, unloved Heatran.



  • GENESECT can even Burn issues, or Chill out Dragons. I dunno if I strongly advocate both, however you CAN use them, completely.



  • Even in a meta like this the place you'd assume its typing and mixture of strikes would make it moderately big, MELMETAL kinda proves why you rarely ever see it in Ultra League. I DID see a number of in Fantasy Cup final time, however because the sims present on this case, it didn't maintain up notably nicely. There are simply significantly better methods to take care of Fairies, which is kinda its major job right here.



  • A greater wild card type of Pokémon on this meta: ZACIAN, the scourge of Grasp League itself. Fast Assault and even Snarl each work, and my advice for cost strikes are Shut Fight for Steels and Play Tough for the Dragons (and different Fairies). It's a nasty combo usually, however maybe particularly on this meta. And one other sneaky Fireplace potnetial right here, as Zacian can even study Fire Fang, which drops stuff like Dragonite and Flygon however torches stuff like Escavalier and Genesect as an alternative!



  • XERNEAS does a fairly good Zacian impersonation now that it has Geomancy, mainly replicating Zacian's efficiency, swapping out Registeel to select up Altered Giratina as an alternative.





  • Should you wanna get artistic, RESHIRAM and KYUREM each have some potential (roasting some Steels and freezing some Floor varieties, respectively). However they're actually mere spice, if I'm being trustworthy. Reshiram particularly… I anticipated extra from you. Oh wait… perhaps I treated you too harshly. With Fireplace Fang, you're truly trying fairly fiiiiiiiine!



  • GUZZLORD seems enjoyable too, however man, that double weak point to Fairy is SCARY. Sludge Bomb alongside isn't sufficient to beat that!

Zygarde (Full)


  • I feel I'd fairly actually fall out of my chair if I truly noticed one now, however in the future, ZYGARDE COMPLETE is gonna be a drive on this meta. Possibly a few of us can have one prepared to make use of by 2025!

Tapu Fini


  • And eventually, I feel I'd be remiss to not shut out this part with TAPU FINI. It's simply SO fascinating on this meta. The effectiveness of its Fairy aspect is moderately apparent, and sure, regardless of its Water injury being resisted, it DOES are inclined to nonetheless beat all the most important Dragons… solely Latios and Zekrom (that latter one for moderately apparent causes ⚡) are inclined to get away. However that Water injury means it might wash away a ton of different issues like… nicely, simply have a look at its winlist against the entire format! Aside from just a few Electrics you'll hardly ever see, some Grasses you'll mainly NEVER see, about the one issues Fini can't beat are Empoleon, G-Weezing, Florges, Melmetal (solely IF it has a Metal cost transfer), and Registeel. Take a look at that loooooooong listing of wins. Yeah, there's by no means been a greater time to construct a Fini for those who're ready. There's a motive it's ranked behind only Registeel in Fantasy Cup, of us!


Right here I cowl ‘mons which are no much less “nifty” than these in the principle article above, however require maxing or no less than nearly maxing out, so they're FAR from “thrifty”! Finest acquired in a Fortunate commerce for good IVs and fewer funding. I'll additionally cowl these in bulletized format to deliver this text residence!



  • SLURPUFF is kinda insane in this format, thanks in very massive half to Flamethrower. Whereas it paradoxically loses to most of its fellow Fairies, it does a LOT of labor versus Dragons AND Steels. Not many different issues that may say that! The one draw back? You gotta take all of it the way in which to Degree 50, the place it hits 2486 CP.



  • I've talked about it a number of occasions all through, however TURTONATOR truly has legit use in Fantasy Cup. You don't actually wish to face different Dragons (although Dragon Pulse no less than provides you some method to hit again), however when the evil Shredder (and his fellow Steels!) assaults, this turtle boy don't lower him no slack! 🐢🔥And it is a Dragon that outright beats many Fairies too, like G-Weeze, Clefable, and Florges. Turtle energy!



Ninetales (Alola)


  • Identical with ALOLAN NINETALES, greatest on this meta with Powder Snow. It's fairly wonderful versus Dragons and a number of other Grounds, and might greatest Florges too, however not precisely a robust advice on this meta.



  • If I had my selection, I feel I'd desire TOGEDEMARU over Magnezone. However no. I don't assume it's fairly price maxing out. Which may simply be always-looking-for-thrifty me, although.

Weezing (Galarian)


  • Closing out with one of many absolute best choices in all of Fantasy Cup: GALARIAN WEEZING. Much like Slurpuff, it's the Fairy Wind excessive power right into a Fireplace cost transfer that makes it notably candy, although on this case it's Overheat and FAR extra uncooked energy than Puff's Flamethrower. However seeing as how Overheat self-debuffs moderately aggressively, the second cost transfer is simply as necessary. Play Rough might be higher/safer, as solely Steels are going to withstand it right here, however Brutal Swing is technically higher for baiting, with the draw back of being resisted by fairly a bit within the meta. Particular variations: Brutal can sneak in a win versus Alolan Sandslash, however Play Tough can truly beat Tapu Fini and I feel will get my vote.

And practically 50 Pokémon later, we're performed! As at all times, my hope is that that is enough to hit a lot of the highlights of the format and assist you stability the price of the place to save lots of your self some hard-earned mud (and sweet)… as a lot as potential, no less than. This format is EXPENSIVE, y'all!

Till subsequent time, you possibly can at all times discover me on Twitter for normal PvP evaluation nuggets, or Patreon. Or for those who'll be at GOFest in New York Metropolis, come discover me! And please, be happy to remark right here with your individual ideas or questions and I'll attempt to get again to you!

Thanks for studying! I sincerely hope this helps you grasp Fantasy Cup, and in probably the most reasonably priced method potential. Better of luck, and catch you subsequent time, Pokéfriends!

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