Nifty Or Thrifty: Climate Cup (Extremely League)

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This text was initially printed in September 2022 for the unique Climate Cup, however barely up to date in April 2023 for its return. Three new/up to date Pokémon are highlighted under (with inexperienced textual content similar to this) that shake up the meta a bit, so learn on to search out them!

Good day once more, fellow PvPers!

The “Nifty Or Thrifty” article collection takes a complete have a look at the meta for PvP Cup codecs — Climate Cup, on this case — notably centered on Pokémon the place it can save you your self some stardust. As is typical for the NoT collection, I’ll cowl not solely the highest meta picks but additionally some mons the place it can save you some mud with cheaper second transfer unlock prices… however with this being our first true Cup in Extremely League, I’ll additionally attempt to actually spotlight areas the place you’ll be able to spend much less (and even zero) XL sweet and nonetheless squeeze out a great efficiency. As a result of particularly for one-week codecs like this, it may be overwhelming making an attempt to determine the best way to compete with out breaking our funds.

So right here we go. We’ll begin as we often do with the most cost effective (10,000 mud second transfer unlock) choices, and steam on forward till we attain the costliest (100,000 mud). However I’ll ALSO be spending a while speaking about XL sweet funding. And to make that simpler to determine, along with dialogue on XL, I may even use a fast visible chart with cash baggage (): one for issues that require no XL sweet or very, little or no, two s for issues that should be levelled into the mid-40s, and three s for Pokémon that basically should be pushed proper up close to (or at) Stage 50.

Let’s get to it!

10,000 Mud/25 Sweet




Mud Shot | Hydro Cannonᴸ & Earthquake

Beginning with what many individuals think about the scourge of PvP, Swampert is simply as meta in Ultra League formats as it’s in Nice League… if no more so. And whereas it’s not fairly that dominant in Climate Cup, there isn’t a doubt it’s smack dab in the middle of the meta, beating not solely the overwhelming majority of Rocks and Fires and Ices as you’d anticipate, but additionally most of its fellow Waters, to incorporate issues like Jellicent, Poliwrath, and Lapras, and Swampert’s Floor harm is particularly lethal to the subtypings of issues like Tentacruel (Poison), Empoleon (Metal), and Lanturn (Electrical). Swampert is a really dependable examine to lots of the larger names within the Climate Cup meta. And in contrast to in Open Extremely League, the place Shadow Swampert is barely worse, right here it seems like Shadow Swampie could also be a tad higher, shedding now to Poliwrath however including on Kingdra, Samurott, and Tapu Fini.




Fury Cutter | Hydro Cannonᴸ & Megahorn

Swampert’s specialty is being a Floor that masquerades as mere Water. Now Samurott’s schtick is being a Water that masquerades as a Bug, working finest with Fury Cutter and large dangerous Megahorn, alongside potent Hydro Cannon which supplies loads of Water harm all by itself. This permits Sammie to nonetheless do most Water issues (beating up on Rocks and Fires) whereas additionally dealing with issues like Abomasnow AND dealing regular impartial harm to fellow Waters, permitting it to — not like Swampert — beat Walrein, Politoed, and Swampert itself within the face to face. (Conversely, it fails to beat Lanturn, Jellicent, or Tapu Fini as Swampert does, these final two truly resisting Bug harm.) However there’s extra. I don’t sometimes go into a variety of detailed IV dialogue in these explicit writeups, largely simply because I’ve so many Pokémon to undergo that I simply don’t have the time to dive too deep into what I write. However I DO sometimes examine a number of completely different IV spreads, and on this case, I really feel compelled to level out how significantly better a high Attack Samurott is than a extra normal higher bulk version. Not solely does increased Assault win the mirror match (due to successful CMP), however it provides on Alolan Ninetales and, much more surprisingly, Bug-resistant Alolan Sandslash… all whereas nonetheless overcoming all the pieces that increased bulk Sammies can. One thing to consider as you scroll by your Neighborhood Day Samurott choices!




Water Gun | Hydro Cannonᴸ & Cranium Bash/Ice Beam

Pay attention, I LOVE Blastoise as a design, and this could be an amazing alternative to point out off my huge boy shiny with shades. 😎 However I simply can’t do it. At the same time as a Shadow, it’s quite lackluster except you mainly have the best of the best in IVs, after which we’re speaking a ridiculous funding for one thing that’s finally nonetheless worse than the opposite Water starters listed above. (At the least non-Shadow additionally catches up when you’ve gotten the highest IV choice, however nonetheless.) In case you have already constructed a extremely good one, sure, you need to use it. However I don’t suggest constructing one NOW only for this format. You are able to do higher. Sorry, Blastie.




Waterfall | Hydro Cannonᴸ & Drill Peck

Sadly, Empoleon followers, the story appears similarly grim right here. Drill Peck simply doesn’t have practically as many huge targets because it does in Open UL. Principally Empie is, at finest, an anti-Poison/Fairy specialist. It even struggles in opposition to lots of the huge title Fireplace varieties right here, with its Metal subtyping being extra curse than a blessing on this meta. Fairly frankly, Waterfall is simply too sluggish to maintain up with most issues it doesn’t arduous counter, together with nearly all of the opposite meta Waters. Somebody will discover a workforce that makes Empoleon work, however it has the seems of an uphill battle that received’t be value it for many gamers.




Appeal | Psychic & Moonblast

Whereas we await its eventual 2024 Neighborhood Day the place it lastly will get Hydro Cannon too, Prima stays a perfectly serviceable Charmer within the right here and now, and conveniently on this meta, one which resists all of the Water harm round it. It isn’t as spectacular and versatile as one other sure Charmer we’ll have a look at later, and is WAY under-ranked, sitting exterior the Prime 100, however don’t let that deceive you: Prima does its job simply nice for these searching for that form of factor.




Shadow Claw | X-Scissor & Aerial Ace

Pay attention, Shadow Claw or no Shadow Claw, Golisopod nonetheless stays a subpar PvP Pokemon. It nonetheless wants cost transfer assist to interrupt out in mainly some other meta. However right here in Climate Cup, a Water with Shadow Claw has worth with all of the different Waters round it, and so sure, simply this as soon as, you may be able to get away with using it. I don’t know that I suggest it — the truth is, I’m fairly certain I do not — however there are worse concepts.




Dragon Breath | Aqua Tailᴸ & Crunch

Effectively, at the very least Gary occupies a pleasant area of interest as a Water than can blow by most different Waters due to Dragon Breath, and is particularly arduous on issues like Swampert, Samurott, and Blaziken due to Gary’s Flying facet and the additional resistances (together with Floor, Bug, and Combating) that include it. Gyarados may even overpower (non-Shadow) Abomasnow, which by some means even I used to be right this moment years outdated after I realized. Do you have to occur to have a particularly high bulk specimen, you’ll be able to add Terrakion to the record as nicely, which is sort of good! IMO, Shadow Gary isn’t value it on this meta although, shedding Aboma and Jellicent with none notable wins actually taking their place.




Counter | Blaze Kick & Blast Burnᴸ/Courageous Hen

With so many Water and Rock varieties round and even lots of the higher Ice varieties being half Water as nicely, Fireplace is certainly the odd man out on this meta. Blaziken is definitely the one one which exhibits up contained in the Prime 50, and it’s largely as a result of it doesn’t play as your normal Fireplace, however as an alternative as a flexible Fighter. That implies that it may tangle with lots of the Rocks (beating Cradily and Regirock outright) and higher take care of Water/Ice varieties (overcoming Walrein and Lapras, for instance) than most Fires can, and beat issues most Fires battle with like Poliwrath and Kingdra, all whereas additionally nonetheless doing most of what you’d anticipate of a real Fireplace sort. Blaziken works the place most different Fires falter due to its really distinctive nature. Oh, and as for which closing transfer to go along with… Blast Burn can beat Poliwrath (simply by nature of its relative pace), and Stone Edge can outrace Kingdra (and impressively, generally tie Lanturn), however you might be happy to listen to that it’s the NON-Legacy transfer, Brave Bird, that may beat them each. If you wish to construct a brand new Blaze for this format, you are able to do so while not having Elite TMs, which is its personal definition of “thrifty”!

You’ll be able to see the uphill battle Fires should face most clearly by  TALONFLAME, who usually torches a lot of Extremely League, however struggles to keep up in Weather Cup. You actually CAN nonetheless use it, because it nonetheless torments Grasses and Ices (even Walrein) and manages to additionally overcome Empoleon and Samurott (preying on Empie’s neutrality to Fireplace and resisting Sammie’s Bug harm). However that’s actually it… no actually particular wins the place its huge Courageous Hen steals wins away.

However its fellow fiery flying cousin does have a number of different issues going for it…




Dragon Breathᴸ | Dragon Claw & Blast Burnᴸ

Nope, not Fire Spin. Not even Wing Attack. (Although that’s MUCH higher than Spin and has its makes use of.) What you need on this meta — what actually makes Zard particular right here — is Dragon Breath, as a result of Dragon wannabe Zard can beat all the pieces Wing Assault can PLUS Walrein and infrequently even Swampert, the latter pickup being HUGE. It beats all the pieces Talonflame can besides Empoleon (and as I defined above, Empie isn’t all that huge of a priority on this meta anyway), and may take down Blaziken and Kingdra too. Should you’re searching for a Flying Fireplace to run on this meta, I believe your selection is obvious.

Equally, TYPHLOSION has at the very least a puncher’s probability on this meta due to broadly unresisted Shadow ClawSolar Beam is most likely the perfect transfer to run alongside Blast Burn as a nuke versus a really large swath of this Water-heavy meta (and particularly can beat Poliwrath and Jellicent), however a purified Typhlosion is a less expensive construct and Return has loads of benefit too (and truly has its personal distinctive win to brag on, versus Samurott). However I wouldn’t suggest Shadow Typh — or Shadow Zard, for that matter — as they want all the majority they’ll get on this meta and carry out notably worse of their Defensively handicapped Shadow varieties.

Imagine it or not, there are NO Ice varieties within the 10k class, so on to Rocks!


Golem (Alola)


Volt Swap | Wild Cost & Rock Blast/Stone Edge

Uniquely positioned to be a risk to all three different typings on this meta — Fireplace, Ice, AND Water varieties — Alolan Golem has so much going for it right here. Often I counsel working even A-Golem with each Rock cost strikes, however not on this meta. In THIS meta, Wild Cost is vital for all of the Waters, and particularly is required to take down Politoed, Empoleon, and Tentacruel. Should you actually wish to you’ll be able to run each bombs with Charge and Stone Edge, however I just like the consistency and adaptability of Rock Blast extra, and it particularly provides on a win versus Water Gun Lapras (and sure, Water Gun is probably going most well-liked on Lappie on this meta… extra on that later). Add to that tons of normally-dangerous-for-Rocks Water varieties like Jellicent, Tapu Fini, Gyarados, and Kingdra, and it’s clear that whereas it’s clearly not excellent protection by any means, A-Golem can scrap with many extra issues than different Rock varieties can. This can be a fairly favorable meta for it to point out off its stuff, and being a funds choice whereas doing it’s a very good bonus.

Issues aren’t practically as rosy for our different thrifty Rocks, nevertheless. Regardless of coming with the attractive ThunderAGGRON lacks the quick strikes to get to it successfully and it largely stumbles. CRUSTLE additionally does some good issues, simply not fairly sufficient of them, and it utterly lacks efficient solutions to Waters… at the very least Aggron has the potential of Thunder! Each have some area of interest use however they’re way more specialists than anything.

50,000 Mud/50 Sweet




Bullet Seed | Stone Edge & Grass Knot

Effectively nicely nicely! We simply acquired completed scraping the underside of the barrel for Rock varieties within the final class, and now right here we’re main off the 50ks with a Rock that’s at present ranked #1 in the whole format! (AND #2, for that matter!) Factor is, simply as occurred again in Fossil Cup, Cradily cheats by getting right into a format that could be very susceptible to Grass… as a full-on Grass sort, with an entire (and spammy!) Grass transfer package deal. Not even something past Bullet Seed and Grass Knotthat alone would be enough to be good right here. However in fact, Cradily additionally comes with Stone Edge which provides it an extra win versus Gyarados and even most Fireplace varieties (to incorporate all those on this article besides Blaziken). Simply take a look at Cradily’s effectiveness versus the entire meta and its rating makes extra sense. A lot of the core meta (the place it has a way more pedestrian win/loss report) is fashioned round Cradily. And as for Shadowdilly, it’s a really viable (although way more costly) sidegrade, dropping issues like Regirock, Samurott, and Empoleon to as an alternative outrace CharmTales, Poliwrath, Walrein, and Tentacruel as an alternative, although it’s very barely worse total in opposition to the format’s full record of opponents… therefore its drop from #1 all the best way down…to #2. 🙃 Dilly dilly, of us… on this format, Cradily is simply foolish. But in addition foolish costly, needing to be maxed to hit 2499 for a hundo.




Razor Leaf/Bubble | Ice Beam & Leaf Storm

And right here we’ve the alternative, as Ludi seems good but not blow-your-socks-off great versus the whole lot of the format, however DOES put up eye-popping numbers against the core meta. I imply, a meta stuffed filled with Waters and Rocks will do this after we’re speaking about Razor Leaf. The one issues that Razor Leaf Ludicolo doesn’t take down amongst core meta picks are Abomasnow, Blaziken, and Alolan Sandslash (all of which resist it) and Alolan Ninetales, Cradily, and Tentacruel (who all take impartial and hit again arduous). And that’s it. Now, when you’re nervous extra about Fireplace and Ice varieties, you’ll be able to run Bubble as an alternative, which is definitely better versus all of Weather Cup and brings Ludi’s actually good cost strikes extra into focus, however it’s a bit worse against the core meta, as that has much less Fireplace and (non-Water) Ice varieties to fret about, shedding Samurott, Kingdra, and Terrakion particularly. And in contrast to Cradily, which HAS to be maxed, you’ll be able to underlevel Ludicolo a bit and nonetheless get comparable outcomes, capable of go down as low as Level 44 with out seeing any main dropoff (at the very least with a hundo). Could be a neater construct than the Stage 50 Cradily, at the very least!




Razor Leaf/Powder Snow | Climate Ball (Ice) & Vitality Ball

And when you can’t construct both of the above, perhaps you’ll be able to construct up an Abomasnow. At the least with Razor Leaf, a hundo Aboma around Level 41.5 can get the identical wins as more average Aboma (decrease Assault, increased bulk) apart from Regirock, however with its increased Assault, it manages to outrace CharmTales as an alternative. (And in 2v2 shielding, the decrease leveled hundo will get all the identical wins as increased bulk Aboma apart from… nicely, Shadow Aboma.) And whereas it’s sort of wild to even sort, sure, I DO assume you need Razor Leaf as an alternative of Powder Snow on this meta, because it’s how Aboma beats Regirock, Samurott, and Poliwrath. Powder is okay too, although, shedding that trio however gaining Gyarados and extra simply beating enemy Abomas, It will maybe be a good suggestion to run Powder Aboma alongside one of many different Grasses when you can afford to take action.

Oh, and sure, Shadowbama is a nice (if costly) various, mainly giving up Regirock to realize Gyarados (and generally a tie versus CharmTales) as in comparison with non-Shadow. A hundo model takes a nosedive on this case, although… Shadowbama is a real funds buster.




Poison Jab | Acid Spray & Sludge Wave/Scald

And now, a Water sort that may beat all three of these huge Grasses. Acid Spray isn’t a transfer I typically like counting on, however with Tentacruel, Spray mixed with Poison Jab find yourself doing most of the work. And whereas both Scald or my suggest closing transfer on this meta, Sludge Wave, make some wins simpler (Scald vs Terrakion, for instance, which CAN be received with simply Spray however will get so much simpler with Scald), the one meta wins they’re really vital for are few. (Regirock with Scald, Kingdra with Wave.) Each have benefit, and encouragingly, each work fairly nicely with hundo Tentacthulhu, who hits 2499 at solely Stage 42.5, which is sweet. In very brief abstract, you sometimes now win the mirror (and generally Politoed and/or Lanturn) due to increased Assault, however you additionally now sometimes lose to Cradily. Bummer. Should you can shake off that loss, although, you’re saving a TON of XLs and dirt for 95% of excessive XL Tenta’s efficiency.

Alongside an identical vein, you’ll be able to think about QWILFISH, who can high Ludicolo and Aboma and all kinds of different issues from all the key typings on this meta, however it loses out to Tentacruel and, maybe most critically, Cradily. Oh, and Qwil additionally must be absolutely maxed. Doh!




Mud Shot | Scald & Dynamic Punch

No second typing that blunts Grass harm like Tentacruel, however Poliwrath packs the fitting strikes to outpunch Cradily and Abomasnow anyway, and much more besides. Even higher… you’ll be able to seize the identical efficiency (minus solely the mirror match) without having to invest any XL candy (or very, very little XL sweet to keep the mirror match tie too). This is likely one of the thriftier investments I can wholeheartedly suggest, as Poli actually beats up on the Rocks, Ices, Fires, and lots of of its fellow Waters on this meta as nicely. It might be the saviour a few of you’re searching for to degree the taking part in discipline with huge spenders.




Mud Shot | Climate Ball (Water) & Earthquakeᴸ

Politoed is a steeper funding, and lacks the instruments Poliwrath has to tackle the Grasses. However the place it lacks, it makes up for it by being lethally efficient in taking off a lot of the remainder of the meta, shutting down nearly all the pieces that ISN’T a Grass or a handful of Water varieties. (Notably, it beats Swampert within the face to face, which is sweet!) Toed wants safety from Grass, however in any other case might be an amazing workforce participant on many workforce compositions.




Hex | Surf & Shadow Ball

Final time I beneficial working with twin bombs (Shadow Ball and Ice Beam) moderately than making an attempt to sneak in Bubble Beam baits. However that was all earlier than Surf got here alongside and blew that whole discussion away, since that new transfer brings alongside new wins like Swampert, Pelipper, Alolan Sandslash, Regirock and extra. It all of the sudden slots in just behind Cradily at #3 in the format!




Confusion | Surfᴸ & Psychic

One other Surf recipient (although as a Legacy Neighborhood Day transfer now… hope you adopted my recommendation and have already got one prepped for UL use!), and one other BIG beneficiary as in comparison with past performance. New wins embody Swampert, Lapras, Gyarados, Kingdra, and Regirock, amongst others, and Slowbro (and Slowking, for that matter, with the identical moveset) strikes into the Top 20 total.




Dragon Breath | Octazooka & Outrage

This may most likely upset a number of of you readers (and in that case, apologies forward of time!), however in my years of analyzing PvP, I’ve by no means understood the hype that all the time surrounds Kingdra. Sure, it’s distinctive, and sure, it often offers huge, widespread impartial (or higher!) harm with its Dragon strikes, and I SWEAR Octazooka is above a 50% probability of going off, as a result of it does so seemingly EVERY time I face one in PvP. However, even with all that goes for it on paper, it’s awfully flimsy and often fails to seize the efficiency I believe many anticipate from it. Like, it’s nice, simply not spectacular sufficient to seem in as many meta lists because it appears to. All that stated… even I’ll readily admit that THIS meta does suit it nicely. Double resisting Water and Fireplace AND taking impartial from Grass are all fairly huge offers, and thus Kingdra manages to beat the huge majority of Water, Fireplace, and Rock varieties (although Terrakion and Waters that deal Dragon harm like Gyarados and Milotic escape), and often runs over Cradily as nicely, which is a REALLY huge deal. Simply don’t waste this uncommon golden alternative on Shadow Kingdra.




Powder Snowᴸ | Icicle Spearᴸ & Earthquake

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Walrein’s fall from the best of heights after this season’s nerf to Icicle Spear has been nicely documented, so I received’t belabour that time. I’ll simply say to not rely Wally out but, especially with a decent Attack IV which not solely drives down price (although even a Rank 1 model doesn’t dip into XLs), however extra importantly, permits it to win the mirror and overcome Abomasnow (with Powder Snow, anyway). And hey, it does handle to beat down Cradily, which isn’t any small factor. Shadow Wally picks up Aboma however drops Cradily, and that alone makes it total the lesser of the 2 in my eyes. However each are very viable… even after the massive nerf.




Mud Shot | Earth Energy & Sludge Bomb

Should you don’t have (or simply don’t wish to run) Swampert, give uncared for Seismitoad a looksie. It’s truly proper on par with Swampie, buying and selling Lapras and Poliwrath to beat Walrein and Politoed as an alternative. And you may probably go the non-XL route and never miss out on a lot both. (Solely Politoed slips into the loss column.) It’s exceedingly uncommon that Seismi will get any consideration in any respect, so I figured it’d be good to offer it a second within the solar.


Sandslash (Alola)


Shadow Clawᴸ | Ice Punch & Bulldoze/Returnᴸ

Truthfully I hoped it might be slightly higher right here, however sure, A-Slash works well enough due to having Shadow Claw as of late, and nonetheless performs simply as nicely without heavy XL investment. (And sure, Shadow A-Slash is equally nice.} There are treasured few higher methods to persistently beat all three members of the dreaded Axis Of Grassy Evil, so A-Slash actually occupies a really good area of interest.


Arcanine (Shadow)


Snarl | Psychic Fangs & Wild Cost

Sure, the Shadow model. As a result of whereas non-Shadow barely clings to viability, Shadow 9 can do some truly crazy stuff, like beating Politoed, Lapras (even with the Water Gun it prefers on this meta), Lanturn, Tentacruel, Samurott, and Blaziken as nicely. This along with already beating the likes of Jellicent, Kingdra, Walrein, Empoleon, Ludicolo, and Abomasnow, amongst others. Arcanine has a horrendous “consistency” rating on PvPoke, which mainly means it probably seems higher in sims (the place all the pieces often breaks its manner) than it’ll in precise apply. However when you’re searching for non-XL (Arcanine is available in simply over Stage 30 in Extremely) spice that has the potential to really bust issues large open, look no additional. (And uh… don’t have a look at its Hisuian cousin both. Yeeeeesh. 😬)


LYCANROC stays beneath Stage 40 and does some good issues, simply not sufficient of them… it may’t even beat Cradily, which is a nasty omen.

75,000 Mud/75 Sweet

Truthfully, most of those are most likely not value constructing with a second transfer. Whereas I could even observe what second transfer to make use of when you DO add one, typically I’m going to notice simply the one cost transfer to run with and prevent 75,000 mud. However nonetheless, protocol is protocol, so we’re nonetheless gonna name it the 75k part, alright? Let’s get into it…




Water Gun | Surf & Return/Cranium Bash

Overlook all the pieces you assume you realize about Lapras, as a result of right here, Water Gun might very nicely be high canine, working alongside the customary Surf after which both Return (most ideally, because it extra persistently outraces Swampert) or Skull Bash. The standard Ice Shard simply doesn’t actually hack it on this meta, shedding to vital Rock varieties and issues like CharmTales and Tentacruel. (Although it’s value noting that Ice Shard higher outraces Swampert and Tapu Fini.) Nor does Shadow Lapras, although fortunately, non-XL Lapras DOES just do nice when you can’t or don’t wish to push into XLs.




Dragon Tail | Surf & Hyper Beam

Okay, I admit, the numbers are rather meh. However Millie does take down some huge names, together with probably Cradily, and doesn’t get anyplace near needing XL sweet, so I assumed it deserved at the very least a point out.


Mr. Rime


Confusion | Icy Wind & Psychic

Not a lot with Confusion on this meta. But Mr. Rime does. It dances proper on the graves of all three Grasses, outslugs CharmTales and Kingdra, outraces Lanturn, Walrein, and each Polis, and by some means even beats down Terrakion AND Swampert. That is a type of joyful accidents the place I don’t anticipate a lot from a specific Pokémon and find yourself very pleasantly shocked!


Rotom (Wash)


Thunder Shock | Thunderbolt & Hydro Pump/Thunder

And right here’s one other case of vastly exceeding expectations, although actually, I shouldn’t have been fairly so shocked. This can be a meta filled with issues for Electrical harm to tear by, and that’s precisely what Rotom does (although some Waters fend it off, like Ludicolo, Politoed, Kingdra, and naturally Swampert). With Hydro Pump it may nonetheless sneak away with wins over issues like Regirock too. (Although paradoxically it beats Blaziken with Thunder moderately than Pump, buying and selling Regirock for Blaze as an alternative.) And sure, it nonetheless works nice without XL investment.


I can see somebody making an attempt to outsmart everybody with SHADOW MAGMORTAR, what with its Karate Chop and Thunderbolt having nice shock potential. However I don’t know that it will actually pan outCRYOGONAL additionally seems enjoyable, however I can’t see it as more than spice. At the least it stays beneath Stage 40?… I REALLY need to have the ability to suggest AURORUS, as I’ve fallen in love with the factor not too long ago. And whereas it does good issues versus Cradily and Abomasnow and a few others, I cannot in good conscience fully endorse it. Silly Rock typing being weak to Water!

100,000 Mud/100 Sweet




Dragon Breath | Dragon Claw & Glaciateᴸ

Arguably the most important mover since final time, as Glaciate (not accessible final time by Climate Cup) brings in meta-shaking wins versus Cradily, Powder Snow Abomasnow, Swampert, Shadow Poliwrath, Charizard, and others that pre-Glaciate move options couldn’t. Hopefully you stored at the very least one good one under 2500 CP… this can be a actually good spot for it now! Similar to that, it’s now a Top Ten option.




Lock-On | Stone Edge & Earthquake/Zap Cannon

Effectively hopefully you’ve gotten a good Regirock with Legacy Earthquake, as a result of it might seem like the second move of choice in Weather Cup… you want it to beat Blaziken and win the mirror. Should you don’t have that you simply’re left with the identical Zap Cannon that has breathed new life into Registeel once more (maybe TOO MUCH life), which isn’t a horrible place to be, simply not as good as you might think in Weather Cup.




Lock-On | Focus Blast & Thunder/Earthquake

Prepared for a shock? It hasn’t even been talked about on this article but because it’s not (at present?) thought-about a part of the core meta, however uh… Regice has the looks of the better Regi here, notably when you’ve got Legacy Thunder which beats all the pieces that Earthquake/Focus Blast can PLUS Gyarados and Jellicent. Often while you DO need Regice in a meta, it desires Blizzard, however right here that’s the one transfer that does NOT assist it out. This odd moveset model of Regice is likely to be the final word darkish horse on this format, as NOBODY appears to be speaking about it. Strike whereas the iron is… uh, chilly! 🥶




Double Kick | Sacred Sword & Shut Fight/Rock Slide

So like two weeks in the past I began an evaluation on the Swords Of Justice trio with the brand new Double Kick, and promptly acquired buried in different analyses (and life!). 😅 I WILL end that… ultimately… however for now we get to at the very least have a look at Terrakion. And it seems pretty darn good working with all Combating strikes, with Shut Fight particularly being wanted to beat WG Lapras, Regirock, and Cradily. Terra is sort of an anti-Ice/Rock specialist, however it does additionally handle to beat stuff like Kingdra, Lanturn, and Blaziken too. It would for certain be part of this meta!


Tapu Fini


Water Gun | Surf & Moonblast

Fini’s Fairy typing doesn’t do all that a lot for it, however spamming Water harm carries it a long way after which Moonblast does the remainder by beating a bunch of Waters (together with Kingdra, Swampert, Samurott, Poliwrath, and Lapras), plus CharmTales. It’s not distinctive, per se, however a great Tapu Fini could be very stable right here.


NIHILEGO sneaks in a full Poison package deal now due to getting Poison Jab, and makes pretty good use of it. But it surely too is on the flimsier facet of issues, and it simply doesn’t do fairly sufficient for me to totally endorse, although somebody will try to the potential is there to actually contribute on the fitting workforce…. VICTINI isn’t dangerous right here by any means, however it is far from good either. Simply an excessive amount of Water round for it to thrive like it’s in Nice League proper now.


Operating out of area and time earlier than Climate Cup arrives, so this part with stuff that mainly HAS to be maxed is gonna be a bit truncated. Make no mistake, although: simply because the writeups could also be brief doesn’t imply these aren’t vital. A few of these are BIG elements of the meta, however once more, they’re extraordinarily costly and out of attain for a lot of gamers.

Right here we go!

Ninetales (Alola)




  • LANTURN has come up a number of occasions too. And despite the fact that it doesn’t even attain 2400 CP, Lant is quite excellent here, a greater Rotom that provides on Blaziken, A-Slash, CharmTales, and a tie with Politoed. However the report stops dropping very quickly as you dip under Stage 50, and solely accelerates from there. Lanturn needs to be maxed out or else it’s most likely Rotom time.



  • Lengthy-time readers will know that I LOVE me some triple Legacy SEAKING… down in Nice League. But it surely works pretty well up at this level too, and curiously, is definitely higher on this meta as solely double Legacy, with Megahorn changing Icy Wind, with which Seaking provides on Samurott and Kingdra (for the low value of giving up Gyarados). So on this case, not solely is the mud and sweet price up there, however we’re speaking probably some Elite TMs too! However this could be a really enjoyable and versatile choice when you can pull it off.



  • PELIPPER barely crests 2400 CP, and doesn’t put up the gaudy numbers of many different issues on this article, however it beats some big names like Swampert, Samurott, Poliwrath, Politoed, and Abomasnow and Ludicolo due to a gradual dose of Flying harm and spammy Water harm from Climate Ball.

And gonna finish it proper right here, as we’re mere hours away from Climate Cup’s arrival now! Hopefully this helps you steadiness the price of the place to avoid wasting your self some hard-earned mud (and sweet!).

So till subsequent time (probably Meteor Beam/Neighborhood Day evaluation) you’ll be able to all the time discover me on Twitter for normal PvP evaluation nuggets, or Patreon. And please, be at liberty to remark right here with your individual ideas or questions and I’ll attempt to get again to you!

Thanks for studying! I sincerely hope this helps you grasp our first true Extremely League Cup, and in essentially the most inexpensive manner doable. Better of luck, and catch you subsequent time, Pokéfriends!

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