Not Boomburst! Right here’s what Kommo-o actually wants!

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Hey Trainers!

Did you get Boomburst? No? However isn’t everybody getting Boomburst this Season?!

Certainly! Whereas we had been all anticipating at the least an honest set of transfer upgrades and additions, all of it went downhill. As if Noivern’s poor exhibition of this transfer wasn’t sufficient already, we acquired three new Pokémon with Boomburst! And among the many three mons that acquired Boomburst, Kommo-o looks as if the most important missed alternative. This pseudo legendary fighter dragon is massively coveted within the sport in the intervening time and rightfully so. It’s maybe essentially the most underrated PvP Pokémon as properly, with the uncommon distinction of getting potential in all three PvP leagues!

There’s simply a lot one can do with Kommo-o and Boomburst ain’t it, chief. And that’s the premise of this text. Whether or not it’s a future transfer shake-up or Group Day, Kommo-o is certain to get a brand new transfer into its arsenal someday. As such, this write-up will discover the probabilities and the untapped potential of this glorious dragon, and present simply how a lot nice it may possibly get. It’s already good, little question, however it’s slated to get higher and extra threatening to the meta. Let’s dig in!


Counter is arguably the perfect PvP transfer round! And when blessed with STAB, on a mon with wonderful impartial protection like Kommo-o, and also you’re in for a enjoyable journey. Shut Fight is a scary transfer however the sharp DEF drop from it tends to hurt Kommo-o’s prospects. Furthermore, CC is Kommo-o’s solely bragging proper towards the omnipresent Metal sorts (together with Dialga in ML!). With Counter within the combine, Kommo-o can begin thrashing the steely mons for good, even beating the likes of Metagross in ML. With a mouth-watering [DPT/EPT] of [4.00/3.50] and a decrease EPT and cooldown than Dragon Tail, Kommo-o finds itself having access to its charged strikes faster and smoother. That being mentioned, whereas Counter is undoubtedly an incredible addition to Kommo-o’s movepool, Dragon Tail Kommo-o is hardly behind in efficiency. So Counter makes this dragon extra practical however shouldn’t be essentially a significant improve.

Breaking Swipe

Breaking Swipe is just too good of a transfer in PvP in addition to PvE to a sure diploma! In PvP, it’s a Dragon Claw clone by way of stats however it additionally decreases the opponent’s ATK. This makes Breaking Swipe a transparent improve over Dragon Claw for Kommo-o. In all three leagues, Breaking Swipes helps shoot up Kommo-o’s win fee appreciably and makes it an even bigger menace (significantly within the Extremely League). Kommo-o has vital bulk and a transfer like Breaking Swipe would find yourself making the dragon a significant drawback to take out.

It’s price noting that Breaking Swipe Kommo-o may even beat the likes of:

  • Dialga, Plakia, Metagross and Melmetal in ML
  • Trevenant, Giratina (Altered), Dragon Breath Gyarados, Walrein, Charizard, Nidoqueen, Cofagrigus, Shadow Machamp, Aurorus and Umbreon in UL!!
  • Alolan Marowak, Cofagrigus and Mandibuzz in GL

Aura Sphere?

Plenty of trainers speculate Aura Sphere for Kommo-o, however they don’t understand that Aura Sphere may not assist it a lot.

As an example, Aura Sphere is downgrade for Kommo-o in PvP as Shut Fight is clearly higher, Finish of story.

Nevertheless, you’ll be shocked the way it can profit Kommo-o in PvE… offered it will get Counter as a quick transfer! I’ll maintain this quick and candy, however price your learn: Aura Sphere Kommo-o surpasses Conkeldurr and Machamp in DPS and has considerably extra TDO than Lucario. General, Kommo-o turns into a top-notch Preventing sort in your raid battles. Plus, it seems so superior!

Conclusion: The very best case state of affairs

It’s Breaking Swipe. A strict improve over the present neat Kommo-o in PvP. It’s like making your pizza cheesier or including marshmallows to scorching chocolate.

Counter is neat as properly. It’s all the time quick transfer to have, particularly when ut’s STAB.

Or possibly wait until its Group Day? Now Clanging Scales brings a self-debuff and won’t justify getting used over one thing like Breaking Swipe except it’s tremendous OP. So Clangorous Soul sounds cheap. It even buffs its stats. 😀 What do you say? Clangorous Soul doesn’t deal harm within the MSG? Effectively even Attraction doesn’t! And everyone knows how hard-hitting it’s in Go 😉 

Kommo-o is wonderful, and with strikes like Breaking Swipe, it may be stellar and can get the appreciation it deserves. 


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