Noxious Swamp Occasion: A PvP Information

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G'day PoGO lovers. The Noxious Swamp occasion is beginning this Saturday 19 August and runs by way of to Tuesday 22 August, that includes quite a few Poison and Dragon kind Pokémon, plus the model new shiny Skrelp! Let's check out the occasion from a PvP perspective that will help you work out the place to prioritise your efforts all through the occasion.


  • General, it's a little bit of a disappointing occasion from a PvP perspective, as a lot of the featured Pokémon have both restricted utility, are pretty widespread / current spawns, or are higher of their shadow kinds.
  • Dratini is way and away one of the best spawn to grind for all through the occasion. Tentacool, Skorupi and Zubat are additionally excessive precedence picks for his or her numerous developed kinds in PvP. These are the mons to hunt for for those who're lacking their PvP evolutions out of your arsenal – although it's value noting that the shadow types of Dratini, Skorupi and Zubat are arguably extra impactful within the numerous metas.
  • Axew, Skrelp, Shadow Nidoran, Shadow Onix and G-Weezing all have utility within the numerous leagues of their developed kinds, however are a decrease precedence.
  • There's loads of useful XL sweet on supply all through the occasion, so think about taking benefit by mega evolving any Poison or Dragon sorts to help you together with your XL grind.
  • Fortunately Xerneas and Yveltal raids will likely be ongoing all through the occasion, so it's positively value persevering with the grind for looking the hundo for these two builds (or an Extremely League Yveltal construct). You may learn extra evaluation from JRE about these guys in PvP right here. 

Highest Precedence

The under are all meta related mons within the open leagues, and most require XL sweet to be maxed out, so this can be a good alternative to grind!

PvP Evolution League/s XL Required?


GL, UL & ML Sure (ML)





The Dratini line is by far and away essentially the most meta related line to hunt for throughout this occasion. All three of its evolution strains are impactful throughout ALL leagues (though Dratini is for my part, the bottom precedence – until you're actually into all of the Little Cups that we have now on rotation nowadays!).

Dragonite now has important relevance in all open metas, notably for the reason that introduction of Superpower to its movepool. SP offers it plenty of versatility and the power to hit again laborious towards Metal sorts that it beforehand struggled towards. Dragonair additionally has much more play for the reason that introduction of Physique Slam to its movepool, which permits it to hit for not less than impartial injury in all matchups. It's in all probability extra suited to restricted metas, however it's completely an amazing choose within the open meta given the flexibility of its moveset and quick transfer stress it could possibly apply in all impartial matchups (simply steer clear of Steels and Fairies!).

One other consideration is whether or not you save up for the shadows once they come again into city by way of the Rocket Grunts. Shadow Dragonair could be very highly effective within the Great League, as is Shadow Dragonite within the Ultra League, so that you would possibly think about this the chance to save lots of up the sweet for the longer term.

No matter your alternative, that is the #1 spawn it's essential to give attention to if you don't have first rate ones constructed but for the assorted leagues. That's an enormous if – Dratini had its group day basic occasion in November 2022, and it has been featured all through quite a few occasions and been in numerous egg swimming pools for a very long time. Nonetheless, if you're new to the sport or haven't but invested in constructing a few of these, now's the time as a result of you will want plenty of sweet (together with XL for the Master League) to construct all of them! 

PvP Evolution League/s XL Required?


GL & UL Sure (UL)

Tentacruel was beforehand a little bit of a meme choose attributable to its restricted and costly moveset. Because the buff of Poison Jab and the introduction of Scald to its moveset, Tentacruel is now a superb anti-meta choose for the Ultra League. Take a look at that win-loss report! It struggles towards a few of the mudbois and prefers shields down situations, but it surely's positively a worthwhile funding. Tentacruel additionally prefers a bit extra bulk typically, so seize the XL sweet whereas its round. It's in all probability much less of a precedence within the Great League, the place its lesser bulk begins to restrict its skill to achieve its charged strikes, however it may be fairly helpful in lots of restricted cup metas. 

Tentacool has a little bit of play within the Little Leagues, so save one for there too.

PvP Evolution League/s XL Required?


GL & UL Sure (UL)



Drapion is a type of mons which are actually annoying to return up towards. It's tremendous spammy with Crunch and Sludge Bomb, it's a superb secure swap that may stress shields, its typing is admittedly helpful in most matchups, and it could possibly hit just about every thing for not less than impartial injury. The catch is that it doesn't have a lot bulk to assist it hold round for too lengthy, even with a typing benefit, and it kinda prefers to be a shadow, notably within the Great League. Skorupi not too long ago had a Highlight hour, so that you won't essentially be out there for a brand new one. Nonetheless, I counsel you benefit from the chance to gather the XL sweet for an Ultra League construct, and positively think about investing in constructing a Drapion for each leagues (and Skorupi for the Little Leagues!).

PvP Evolution League/s XL Required?


Golbat (Shadow)



Crobat (Shadow)

GL & UL (spice) No

It'd shock you to see Golbat within the excessive precedence checklist, but it surely's grow to be a superb choose within the open Nice League as a solution to mudbois and Combating sorts, notably for the reason that current buff to Wing Assault. I'm right here to advocate it as a precedence for a couple of causes: it has a superb W/L report within the Great League, it is possible for you to to raid for the shadow variant (which I feel is a a lot scarier proposition to face down than its record suggests), and it is without doubt one of the inexpensive builds for the GL so it's not going to interrupt your stardust pockets. 

Crobat had much more relevance within the Extremely League earlier than the nerf to Poison Fang, making it only a bit too costly and clunky to make use of Crobat simply. Nonetheless, it has a decent W/L record within the Extremely League as each a daily and shadow, and it's at all times value saving one for later, since you by no means know what future updates might do for the massive bat. 

Medium Precedence

PvP Evolution League/s XL Required?


GL, UL & ML Sure (ML)


GL & UL (spice) Sure (UL)

Axew was the featured group day in June 2023, so most gamers may have a Haxorus constructed and able to go. It additionally actually wants its group day transfer Breaking Swipe to have any play within the numerous leagues. It's positively value looking down a great one if you're nonetheless looking for the one / hundo, and saving it for December when you may evolve it to get one with its comm-day transfer.

Fraxure is an excellent spice choose and must be XL within the Extremely League. I don't see it myself, however for those who're trying to construct one thing new, this may very well be your probability!

PvP Evolution League/s XL Required?


GL & UL Sure (UL)



Skrelp is the brand new shiny for this occasion, in order that alone renders this a precedence choose! Its evolution Dragalge is an honest however awkward mon to make use of within the numerous leagues. It doesn't have a foul report per se, but it surely simply isn't that nice. The primary problem with utilizing Dragalge is it doesn't have plenty of solutions to Metal and Fairy sorts even after it wins its preliminary matchup, so it may be difficult to construct a crew round within the open leagues. It has plenty of play in numerous restricted cup metas, so it's completely value investing in a great one for the Great League, and think about investing in a single for the Ultra League. You'll additionally want some XL sweet for the Extremely League, though it really kinda likes having an assault weight so don't stress an excessive amount of about grinding for the L50 construct.

Skrelp has a good bit of play within the Little League, so preserve one for that cup too for those who're invested in that format.

PvP Evolution League/s XL Required?

Nidoqueen (Shadow)

GL & UL Sure (UL)

Nidorina (Shadow)

GL (spice) Sure

Nidoran (F) (Shadow)


The Nidoran♀ household is one other robust line that has play throughout a number of completely different codecs. Nidoqueen has taken a little bit of successful in current occasions because of the nerf of Poison Fang, but it surely's nonetheless a superb mon to construct for the Ultra League, and to a lesser extent for the Great League. Not plenty of issues prefer to be hit by Earth Energy from the shadow-Queen, and it could possibly completely rock and roll groups in the proper matchups. The massive problem is that it's solely going to be out there in shadow raids, so it'll take a good quantity of dedication to hunt for a great shadow type to construct by way of this occasion.

Nidorina is absolute spice within the Great League, and must be maxed to L50 for use, so it's not the time to grind for that construct. Nidoran (F) alternatively slides in properly to the Little League format, and is an excellent choice for those who discover a first rate one.

PvP Evolution League/s XL Required?

Steelix (Shadow)

GL & UL Sure (UL)

Onix will likely be out there in shadow type by way of raids throughout the occasion. Given Onix not too long ago exited the rocket pool, this can be a good probability to seize an honest one for a Shadow Steelix construct for those who don't have one but. Shadow Steelix is an underrated choose within the Great League and particularly the Ultra League, the place it may be a really annoying anti-meta choose to beat. It does like some further bulk for the Extremely League, so don't stress an excessive amount of about grinding for that in this occasion – save one for later and grind the XL sweet one other time.

Observe that Shadow Onix and Steelix are additionally very good within the lower-CP cups, however you received't be capable of receive one on the decrease ranges all through this occasion – you'll want to attend for Onix to return into the rocket circulation.

PvP Evolution League/s XL Required?

Weezing (Galarian)

GL & UL Sure (UL)

Because the introduction of Fairy Wind to its movepool, Galarian Weezing has gone from a tragic state to a superb Ultra League construct. Its distinctive typing, glorious protection strikes and skill to entry its nuke strikes with nice pace make it a meta related mon that may match effectively into many alternative crew compositions. It does must be virtually maxed out for the Extremely League, however your raid IV catches will likely be completely viable. The massive problem is acquiring the XL sweet you want – although Koffing and Kanto Weezing have not too long ago been in circulation within the wild, so hopefully you've bought the XL sweet able to go. 

Lowest Precedence

I received't spend an excessive amount of time discussing the remaining spawns and raids. Every of the under have a time and a spot to shine, however they're sometimes going to be seen in restricted cup codecs. Some are additionally solely out there in raids/subject analysis, which implies the IV flooring of 10-10-10 goes to restrict your skill to acquire one with optimum IVs (particularly: the Grimer household, Mareanie and Qwilfish). The Grimer household have numerous play in numerous metas, however given their lesser availability throughout this occasion I'd prioritise a few of the different spawns/raids.

It's value noting that Shadow Weavile does have some PvE utility, as does the monster that's Mega Salamence

PvP Evolution League/s XL Required?



Venonat: LL

Venomoth: GL (spice)



GL & UL (restricted cup) No


GL (restricted cup) No


GL (restricted cup) No

Weavile (shadow)

GL & UL (spice) Sure (ML)


GL (restricted cup) No


GL (spice and needing transfer replace!) No


Sneasel (Hisuian)


Sneasler: GL & UL

Sneasel: GL (restricted cup)


Qwilfish (Hisuian)


Qwilfish: GL (restricted cup)

Overqwil: GL & UL (spice)



GL (prefers bulk) No

Muk (Alola)

Grimer (Alola)



Grimers: GL

Muks: GL & UL

Grimers: Sure (GL)

Muks: No

Houndoom (Shadow)

GL (restricted cup) No


ML (tremendous spice) Sure (ML for those who're investing for the longer term Mega ML Cup)

Don't Hassle!

  • Surskit

  • Noibat

  • Pidove (Shadow)

Until you're planning on working some absolute spice (and dropping quite a bit) none of those mons will lower the mustard. Noibat simply had its group day so newer gamers ought to have already got their shiny (with the redundant Boomburst to match).


General, there's not plenty of thrilling PvP picks all through this occasion, although there's nonetheless sufficient to maintain issues attention-grabbing for gamers which are lacking a few of these mons from their PvP arsenal. Good luck with the shiny hunt, and till subsequent time, it's also possible to discover me on Twitter or Instagram for extra PvP evaluation!


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