Palworld Update Patch Notes

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On February 6th, Pocketpair made an exciting announcement about the release of Patch for Palworld on the Steam version. While the previous version,, is set to be released on Xbox and Game Pass for PC at a later date, this update brings some significant improvements. Primarily, it addresses issues related to save data and corruption, giving players a smoother and more reliable gaming experience. Additionally, the patch includes fixes for other frustrating bugs that were affecting gameplay. Moreover, Pocketpair has taken measures to enhance security by introducing new countermeasures against cheats and exploits. This update is a testament to the developer’s dedication to providing players with a seamless and enjoyable gaming experience.

Major Fixes

– Fixed crash and save data corruption issue when the total number of Pals captured reached around 7000
– Resolved broken state issue for save data and server’s world data
– Fixed disappearing weapons bug when a player used a grenade in multiplayer
– Fixed bug where capture probability did not actually increase despite display showing increased probability when using Lifmunk Effigies to strengthen capture power.

– Issue with Pals not waking up after sleeping in a manually assigned breeding farm is fixed.
– Issue with no wood dropping when Pal at the base felled a tree is fixed.


– Implemented countermeasures against cheats and exploits
– Update aims to fix world corruption and save data glitch caused by capturing too many Pals.

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