Planet IX, the Largest P2E Game on Polygon, Experiences Astounding Growth on the BitKeep NFT Market

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Planet IX, a popular P2E game, has seen a significant increase in transaction volume since partnering with BitKeep. The Polygon blockchain-based game has achieved a 79% market share and a 3-month transaction volume of over 1 million MATIC. BitKeep, a multichain decentralized digital wallet, is the most used wallet on Google Play worldwide and supports over 250,000 different cryptocurrency types across more than 80 chains. The platform offers a comprehensive range of services including an integrated NFT market, wallet function, swap services, DApp browser, launchpad, and daily column. It places a high priority on user security and uses DESM encryption to store users’ private keys for added security. This expansion of Planet IX on BitKeep shows the platform’s value to the P2E community, and encourages other game developers to collaborate with BitKeep in the future of decentralized gaming. BitKeep’s commitment to blockchain gaming is evident in its support of Planet IX and other P2E games, and its increasing user base and popularity positions it to take the lead in the quickly growing industry for decentralized games and collectibles.

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