Pokémon GO Database V6 launched: Whats up Shadow Raids!

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We don't usually publish about our Pokémon GO Database, however we predict the replace we launched final evening deserves a publish on the principle GO Hub web site, if for nothing, only for ourselves to maintain monitor of all of the superb work that's being finished on the database.

To begin with, for these of you who don't know, GO Hub runs two essential web sites:

  • pokemongohub.web, the place we publish information, guides, meta analyses, and all the opposite content material that's written by precise people. That is additionally the web site the place you're studying this text proper now.
  • we additionally run db.pokemongohub.web, a complete, stat-heavy, web site constructed to offer our readers with detailed stats for each Pokémon in Pokémon GO. Over the current few months, we've finished some superb work on our Pokémon GO database, and yesterday we launched an replace that makes it much more correct, person pleasant, and useful.

So right here's what's new within the GO Database V6 (*).

Assist for Shadow Raids and Enrage mechanic

When you navigate to any Shadow Pokémon's counters within the database, you'll discover that they're now rather more tough to counter in 3-Star and 5-Star Raids. We included assist for the brand new Enrage mechanic which dramatically will increase the opponent's Assault and Protection stats. Bosses Enrage from 60% to fifteen% HP.

Throughout that point their Assault is elevated by 81%, and their Protection is elevated by 200%. The database presently doesn't account for Purified Gems, so it all the time calculates the worst case state of affairs, as if the Boss is enraged for the whole length of the Enrage window.

New Raid Counters UI and group dimension suggestions

Pokémon GO Database v6 update: new raid counters UI and group recommendations

We've heard your complaints: tables are nice for desktop, however they don't seem to be that nice for cellular. They're additionally fairly tough to shortly look over and work out that are the perfect counters for a given Pokémon. We additionally perceive that Trainers who use our Database for locating out counters have to get that data quick, as they usually look simply earlier than the combat begins.

We're glad to announce that we're introducing a brand new, streamlined, and notably vibrant greatest raid counters UI on each Pokémon. Don't fear, the previous tabular view just isn't going away, it has simply been pushed down on the web page a bit.

Along with the brand new UI, we're introducing a brand new function: group dimension estimation! The database will now attempt to advocate the minimal Coach depend required to defeat a boss, the optimum group dimension, and the “overkill” group dimension. Remember that these are simply estimations, and the database assumes that you're utilizing a full crew of a given Pokémon – ie. 6 Primal Groudon on this case. This isn't excellent, neither is it all the time attainable, so concentrate on these limitations.

When you don't wish to simulate with Primal and Mega Pokémon, you are able to do so by altering the simulation settings, and turning off Primal and Mega Pokémon all collectively. 

Greatest Pokémon per sort lists now present extra Pokémon, and have expanded performance

After we initially constructed the Database, we made a foolish assumption that our readers are solely all for “pure” greatest Pokémon of each sort. Pure that means Pokémon which have a specific typing, and each a quick and cost transfer of that sort. This isn't appropriate, and a number of readers advised us that they wish to see Pokémon which have a specific typing, and a cost transfer of that very same sort.

For instance, Buzzwole with Counter Combating and Fell Stinger Bug would by no means have appeared in our “Greatest Bug-types in Pokémon GO” listing earlier than this replace. This was not supposed, and our readers have been proper to level out that there are individuals who use Buzzwole as a Bug-type attacker. The identical goes for a number of different Pokémon, like Ho-Oh with Incinerate/Courageous Hen, Diancie with Rock Throw/Moonblast.

However that's not all – now you can rank all Pokémon which have entry to strikes of a specific typing! For instance, should you navigate to our listing of Greatest Ice-type Attackers in Pokémon GO, you possibly can see how non-Ice Pokémon which have Ice-type strikes carry out in comparison with all different Ice-types:

Best Pokémon per type lists now show more Pokémon, and have expanded functionality

You'll be able to lastly see how a few of these “bizarre” Pokémon / strikes combos rank in comparison with true sort attackers, and the outcomes are fairly shocking. We knew that Ice Beam Mewtwo and Triple Axel Gardevoir have been robust, however we had no thought how robust they're in comparison with Mamoswine and Weavile.

This performance is energetic for all “Greatest Pokémon per sort” lists. 

Beauty and misc adjustments

There was additionally a handful of tuning and beauty adjustments we would like you to concentrate on.

Beauty adjustments

  • Shadow Pokémon impact has been modified. Purple-tinted icons are gone, and a brand new purple flame background is energetic.
  • Mega Pokémon now show the mega evolution image within the background
  • All hyperlinks ought to mild up when hovered, regardless if they're textual or picture hyperlinks

Tuning adjustments

  • Glass-cannon sort Pokémon can be now ranked decrease in counters and greatest per sort lists. We have now utilized a penalty for Pokémon that faint greater than 50 occasions in a combat, and an excellent stricter penalty for Pokémon that faint greater than 100 occasions. This impacts Pheromosa, Gengar and different squishy Pokémon
  • Attributable to an issue with the brand new Shadow Pokémon background, Shadow Pokémon will not seem within the Who's that Pokémon recreation.

(*) We're utilizing integer-based versioning for our Database web site. Each main launch will get a quantity bump. We don't depend the in-between bug fixes and patches in direction of model numbers. V1 was launched again in 2017, V2, V3, and V4 over 2018-2022, and V5 is the main model we launched the revamped database in September 2023.  

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