Pokémon GO in August: PvP Priorities

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G’day PoGO lovers. August content material has simply dropped for Pokémon GO and there’s some very thrilling issues developing for PvP fans, beginning instantly with the highlight hours and carrying throughout to the annual world GO Fest. Let’s check out the headline acts, plus another issues all through the month.

5 Star Raids

We'll kick off with the brand new signature transfer releases, as that is going to shake issues up a bit within the PvP Grasp League meta.


Xerneas will likely be in 5-star raids and can study its signature Fairy quick transfer Geomancy.

  • Put merely, that is big for Xerneas and at last provides it correct relevance in each PvP and PvE. Beforehand restricted to Sort out, even post-buff this didn’t give Xerneas a lot flexibility in battle because of the time taken to succeed in its charged strikes in battle.
  • Alongside comes Geomancy. Early indicators counsel will function as a Snarl clone, which allow Xerneas attain its costly charged strikes shortly, though its quick transfer strain diminishes considerably.
  • The sims alone present 6 new wins – Excadrill, Garchomp, Giratina Altered + Origin, Lugia and Melmetal (with a brand new loss towards Dialga because of the lack of quick transfer strain from Sort out). It is a severe enchancment and allows Xerneas to fulful its position as a Fairy kind way more successfully. Nevertheless, the true profit is the extra flexibility offered, as Xerneas can stack Shut Fights collectively and fireplace them again to again, or duck out and have one prepared for later in battle.
  • For gamers which have already constructed a Xerneas, this can completely be price an Elite TM as soon as its potential to make use of. For people who haven’t, you’ve acquired a 2 week window to prioritise raiding for the sweet to construct one.


Yveltal will likely be in raids concurrently Xerneas, and is receiving its signature Flying kind transfer Oblivion Wing.

  • OW is objectively an excellent transfer dealing 5 extra injury than Darkish Pulse for a similar quantity of power. In apply, it’s extra of a sidegrade possibility for Yveltal in PvP (or potential downgrade). Operating OW means changing both Darkish Pulse or Focus Blast, which finally ends up sacrificing sure matchups in each eventualities.
  • The large drawback with OW on Yveltal is that you just sometimes need DP in order that Yveltal can successfully play an anti Psychic and Ghost position, and also you need FB for potential closing energy towards Dialga and Metal Sorts, which performs out very often. Operating OW means you might be at a lot greater danger of opponents calling the bait and dropping matchups you'd sometimes win, and it additionally makes the Giratina and Mewtwo matchups much more shaky. Flying kind injury simply isn’t as helpful within the Grasp league as different varieties, which is basically unlucky for future use of OW in PvP for Yveltal. With some sort of potential debuffing impact sooner or later issues could change, however at this level I sadly can’t see Yveltal wanting OW over its present moveset.
  • In PvE it’s a distinct story – OW is objectively glorious and pushes Yveltal means means up the Flying kind rankings. Sadly, this received’t final lengthy with the pending launch of Mega Rayquaza. Undoubtedly price holding one to spherical out your Flying squad, it’s simply not going to essentially have the transferability into PvP at this stage.

The opposite 5 star raids are a blended bag.


  • Regidrago continues to be round for the primary few days of August. It is a arduous miss – should you haven’t but crammed your dex entry decide one up after which transfer on.


  • Cresselia alternatively is a tough sure. In case you don’t have a Cresselia for each Nice and Extremely League but, now could be your time to choose one up. Cresselia is a wonderful decide, with huge protection with its moveset. Its bulk and flexibility makes it a superb decide within the open meta, notably within the Extremely League. Cresselia prefers operating Grass Knot, as it is a cheaper transfer and permits it to extra successfully deal with the Swampert matchup in UL, and the various Water and Floor varieties pervading the Nice League. At this stage it appears to be like prefer it received't be accessible throughout this rotation, so you may use this chance to construct a Cress with double nukes in Moonblast and Future Sight. Notice that you just’ll have to commerce with a good friend to get one at Nice League degree (it must be round degree 19) however that is very doable, and also you’ve acquired 2 weeks of raiding for sweet within the meantime. Completely price it.

Primal Raids

  • Kyogre (Primal)

  • Groudon (Primal)

In good news, Primal Kyogre and Primal Groudon are going to be accessible to raid within the week main as much as the worldwide GO Fest from August 23-26. This is a wonderful time to raid for Primal power and sweet for these builds for PvP.

Groudon prefers having its legacy charged strikes of Hearth Punch and Precipice Blades for PvP, and it doesn’t seem like these will likely be accessible throughout this raid interval, so that's price consideration earlier than you make investments too closely. 

Mega Raids

  • Tyranitar (Mega)

  • Gyarados (Mega)

  • Salamence (Mega)

  • Rayquaza (Mega)

The mega raid circulation for August is just not essentially the most thrilling from a PvP perspective, although there's undoubtedly some utility for PvE.

  • Mega Tyranitar is round till August 4. In case you haven’t raided closely for these but, now could be your time. It’s an unimaginable rock and darkish kind attacker in PvE, however sadly you possibly can’t double up on this so that you’ll actually need to construct 2 completely different ones to get full utility out of TTar. It’s a consideration, however for my part a worthwhile funding. In case you’re solely PvP focussed – that is most likely a miss as a result of we’ve simply had the neighborhood day, and TTar isn’t actually all that good within the meta, aside from some spice play in its shadow kind.
  • Mega Gyarados is again in circulation for two weeks. From the PvP aspect of belongings you actually need to have Aqua Tail, which Gary received’t have upon catch. The mega is helpful in PvE, however not that nice. General, most likely a miss, with sufficient Magikarps flopping round within the wild you most likely aren’t needing to raid for its evolution. Higher off ready for its unique transfer to change into accessible once more.
  • Mega Salamence is in circulation on the finish of August. From PvE perspective, it is a sturdy sure – getting the mega power will likely be invaluable for you. Nevertheless, you’ll need to be utilizing your Salamence with Outrage, which you'll get hold of throughout GO Fest by evolution. So watch out about which of them you select to mega evolve, From the PvP perspective, there’s not quite a bit to get enthusiastic about as Salamence is simply too squishy to be viable within the open meta. It’s not too dangerous within the potential future Mega Grasp League, because it will get a whole lot of extra bulk in its mega kind. However not an enormous precedence.
  • Mega Rayquaza will likely be accessible throughout GO Fest on the Sunday solely. That is an absolute precedence for each PvP and PvE, so be sure to dedicate some effort and time in direction of this. Dragon Ascent will likely be a monster of a transfer and one which pushes Ray means up the raid charts, however it’s additionally an excellent closing transfer in PvP. Undoubtedly price pursuing.

Highlight Hours

Date Pokémon Bonus
August 1, 2023


2× XP for evolving Pokémon

August 8, 2023


Stardust icon

2× Stardust for catching Pokémon
August 15, 2023


XP icon

2× XP for catching Pokémon
August 22, 2023


2× Sweet for catching Pokémon

August 29, 2023


Candy icon

2× Sweet for transferring Pokémon


There’s some nice alternatives for PvP gamers throughout August's highlight hours.

  • Vulpix is offered on August 1 with 2x evolution XP. I extremely advocate mega evolving a hearth kind and grinding arduous for Nice League and Extremely League Ninetales, and Little League Vulpix. Ninetales is a wonderful decide – however most likely prefers its shadow kind to be only. A further motive to prioritise the XL grind is that you just actually need to construct an Alolan Ninetales for the Extremely League. Each common and Shadow kind are very excellent, however require a major XL funding to construct. Undoubtedly price it, don’t deal with the evolution XP!
  • Paras is offered on August 8 with 2x stardust per catch. Parasect itself isn’t notably good – however 2x catch stardust could be very very good, and Paras already has 500 stardust at base catch. Throw on a few star items and use this time to grind for mud, and if you could find your self in a climate boosted location, even higher!
  • Stufful is offered on August 15 with 2x XP for catching. Beware has spice worth throughout all 3 metas, and it doesn’t actually need its neighborhood day transfer Drain Punch to be efficient. The evolution sweet of 400 to evolve is steep although, so this may very well be time to apply your glorious throws and discover some first rate IV Stufful to evolve.
  • Venonat is offered on August 22, with 2x sweet per catch. Venomoth has some spice play in Nice League, however is often seen in its shadow kind. Venonat can also be helpful in sub-500 CP cups, so it is a good time to choose one up for every format.
  • Tentacool is offered on August 29, with 2x switch sweet. This is a wonderful highlight hour for quite a few causes. Tentacruel is now a extremely good decide within the Nice and Extremely Leagues, however wants some XL sweet to extend its bulk within the Extremely League. It's additionally a superb time to switch your spare legendaries that you just've collected to reap the benefits of the additional sweet you'll obtain. Undoubtedly a helpful hour.

August Occasions

Glittering Backyard Occasion
August 5, 2023, 10:00 am to August 8, 2023, 8:00 pm native time

This occasion doesn't have tons to get enthusiastic about for PvP, however essentially the most related issues to hunt for are:

  • BulbasaurVenusaur is a staple of the Nice League, and has a whole lot of play within the Extremely League. It would be best to evolve it till the following alternative to acquire Frenzy Plant, as Venusaur completely wants this to be related in PvP. Nonetheless, its time to prep should you don't have one constructed but.
  • FerroseedFerrothorn is superb within the Nice League, notably in restricted metas, and likewise has some play within the Extremely League. It's alternative to grind for XL sweet for a future UL construct, or simply search out one for the decrease leagues. Ferroseed can also be helpful within the Little Cups so price hanging onto considered one of them.
  • HoppipJumpfluff is an excellent Nice League decide, however likes to have Acrobatics in its moveset, which is a neighborhood day transfer. Maintain onto one for the long run.
  • DedenneDedenne is ready for a movepool replace to really breakout within the open meta. It's , albeit not nice restricted meta decide in the present day so it's price discovering one for PvP.
  • RoseliaRoserade is nice in PvP, however wants its neighborhood day strikes to be usable. These will likely be accessible in the course of the World GOFest later within the month, so it's not a foul time to organize for this. The one concern is that Roselia is barely accessible by way of analysis, so it's not supreme for IVs, however nonetheless price it should you want a Roserade for Nice League specifically, but additionally some spice play in Extremely and Grasp League.
  • Slurpuff, Aromatisse, Wigglytuff and Shiftry all have play in varied metas, although should not actually a part of the open Nice League meta.

In any other case, hunt for some shinies and attempt to hatch a Larvesta!

August Neighborhood Day: Froakie
August 13, 2023, from 2:00 pm to five:00 pm native time

It has simply been introduced that Froakie would be the featured pokémon for the August neighborhood day! Froakie advanced into Greninja will obtain the unique transfer Hydro Cannon. Throughout the occasion there'll even be 3x stardust, making this an unmissable neighborhood day for PvP gamers.

In even higher information, Greninja will have the ability to study the transfer Water Shuriken after the occasion, which goes to be one of many premier Water quick strikes within the sport. Water Shuriken's datamined stats seem like much like a Mud Shot clone, however with even sooner power technology and injury output. That is insane for PvP, as Greninja will have the ability to pump out Hydro Cannons even sooner than Swampert. Given Greninja's fragility, that is tremendous essential and can assist it strain shields early, or sweep groups with shields down. Preliminary sims counsel that the largest efficiency enchancment will likely be within the Nice League the place there are much less cumbersome mons to hose by, although in Extremely League the advance isn't fairly as sturdy as a consequence of tanks resembling Registeel and Cresselia with the ability to face up to extra injury. Don't let this dissuade you too a lot, this is a wonderful comm day for PvP.

It additionally appears to be like like this will likely be unimaginable for the potential future launch of Ash Greninja and Shadow Greninja in PvE, so it's additionally a superb time to organize for the long run.

Noxious Swamp
August 19, 2023, from 10:00 am to August 22 at 8:00 pm native time

Not quite a bit identified about this occasion but, however we'll replace you as soon as we discover out extra.

Pokémon GO Fest 2023: Global

August 26 to August 27

(10:00 am to six:00 pm every day)

World GO Fest is trying like a superb PvP occasion this 12 months. We'll be sharing quite a few different guides that will help you put together for this, as its going to be a mammoth occasion that's price your whereas!


There's a lot to love for PvP gamers all through August, with new unique strikes and a few big occasions! Keep affected person along with your seek for good IVs and good luck with the ever essential shiny hunt!

See ya later,


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