Pokémon GO in November: PvP Priorities

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G’day PoGO lovers. November content material has lately dropped and though this author is a bit late to the occasion, let's take a look at the PvP priorities and your different PoGO concerns all through the month! 

Highlight Hours

Date Pokémon Bonus
November 7, 2023


2× Sweet for transferring Pokémon

November 14, 2023


2× Sweet for evolving Pokémon

November 21, 2023


Stardust icon

2× Stardust for catching Pokémon
November 28, 2023


XP icon

2× XP for catching Pokémon

November's highlight hours are total underwhelming for PvP, as a consequence of both a scarcity of meta relevance or being part of latest occasions.


Chinchou was out there on November 7 with 2x switch sweet. Even with the latest ‘nerf' to Spark, Lanturn is a superb meta staple within the Great League which has a better than 50% win fee throughout the open meta. You'll be able to run with both Spark or Water Gun because the quick transfer, each variants having robust win-loss outcomes relying on the meta and your staff make-up. Lanturn's bulk helps it to chunk away at its opponents HP, even in dropping matchups. Lanturn additionally has some play within the Ultra League, notably with the everpresent Charizard and Tapu Fini within the open meta. Nevertheless, Lanturn does are inclined to wrestle extra with its arduous counters within the larger CP league, with its decrease assault much less more likely to threaten shields or chunk away on the Grass and Dragon sorts that resist its strikes. In some ways, Tapu Fini does Lanturn's job, however higher.

Chinchou can be very first rate within the Little League meta, usually that includes as a wonderful anti-pick for Vulpix and Ducklett. Positively price holding onto for subsequent season's sub-500 CP cups. Chinchou remains to be spawning as half of the present Competition of Lights occasion, so for those who missed your probability to select up an honest one in the course of the highlight hour, hold attempting to find a cumbersome IV variant.


Buneary is accessible on November 14 with 2x evolution XP. Lopunny lately obtained the transfer Triple Axle into its movepool, although this nonetheless isn't sufficient to push it into open meta relevance. It does choose up some useful wins within the Great League, and can be utilized as a (form of) anti-Metal and Lickitung counter, however it doesn't fairly have the majority or versatility wanted to be a constant performer. 


Dunsparce is accessible on November 21 with 2x stardust per catch. Dunsparce is perhaps one of many extra irritating anti-meta pokémon to face within the Great League, with a spammy moveset, glorious protection, and first rate bulk rivalling Lanturn for stat product. The principle problem that Dunsparce has is that it struggles extra in opposition to Preventing sorts than meta staple, Lickitung. Whereas Licki has barely extra bulk and extra impartial protection in its strikes, Dunsparce remains to be extremely first rate and has a variety of play in restricted meta cups, such because the latest Sunshine Cup.

If you have already got an honest Dunsparce constructed, you could possibly take into account looking for an honest construct for the pending launch of its evolution, Dudunsparce, which has some play within the Ultra League. Lastly, you should utilize the hour to drop a few starpieces and construct up your stardust provide!


Lechonk is accessible on November 28 with 2x catch XP. Oinkologne is first rate sufficient within the Great League and Ultra League, and is pretty low-cost to construct. Lechonk was a part of this season's Paldea launch, and has featured closely in wild spawns, so it's extremely possible that you'll have already got an honest variant constructed, or able to go. Nevertheless, now is an efficient alternative to hunt for one with first rate bulk, or the shiny for those who don't have one but! It's price noting that the feminine variant has better bulk and the higher win fee total.

5 Star Raids

Pokémon Dates


From November 3 to November 9 Genesect (Douse Drive) will seem in five-star raids, and they are often shiny.




  • Virizion: November 9 to November 16
  • Cobalion: November 16 to November 23
  • Terrakion: November 23 to November 30

From a PvP perspective, the spotlight would be the return of the Swords of Justice trio! It's a little bit of a bummer that non of the featured mons may have their signature strikes, that means you'll must burn an Elite Charged TM if you wish to maximise their PvP (and PvE) potential.


Genesect (Douse Drive) is an okay choose within the Ultra League and surprisingly the Master League, however the Chill Drive variant has best versatility and is total a greater reply to the assorted Dragon and Grass sorts within the present (UL) meta. To make issues worse, whilst you can catch the Douse Drive variant, it doesn't have its signature transfer Techno Blast (Douse) upon catch, that means it's an costly construct total. For my part, there are higher candidates to your Elite Charged TM's, however for those who've acquired a bunch spare and also you're dying to construct one, now's your alternative!


Virizion has develop into an Ultra League staple, and with that win-loss file it is extremely straightforward to see why. Virizion represents a wonderful counter to Water and Metal sorts, and is among the greatest leads within the meta. Though Flying sorts corresponding to Charizard and Pidgeot characterize a critical problem to beat, in the fitting staff composition Virizion is an absolute menace within the 1-shield situations. A part of Virizion's menace is that its moveset is tremendous spammy, and might act as a little bit of a swiss military knife rotating between the charged strikes Sacred Sword, Leaf Blade and the arduous hitting protection transfer Stone Edge to fight the aforementioned flyers. Virizion can be greater than first rate within the Master League, so for those who've acquired a hundo spare now is an efficient alternative to grind for XL sweet.

It's price noting that whereas Sacred Sword isn't completely needed for Virizion, it's positively in the popular moveset for all 3 Swords of Justice legendaries. You may at all times construct 2 (or 3) variants to keep away from burning Charged TMs (that are in restricted provide as of late).


Like its grass cousin, Cobalion is one other Ultra League staple that is a superb choose within the open meta. Cobalion is barely much less versatile, with its most well-liked moveset that includes Double Kick, Sacred Sword and Stone Edge (observe: Iron Head doesn't minimize it within the open meta, it doesn't hit arduous sufficient and there's not sufficient Fairy sorts to focus on). Coballion smashes by means of Metal, Darkish and Ice sorts and is considerably of an anti-Poison choose too due to its personal Metal sub-typing. In the fitting staff, Cobalion can play an important Preventing position and its versatility permits it to play a number of roles in numerous staff compositions.

It's price noting that Sacred Sword is completely needed for Cobalion to be related, so that you'll must both look ahead to the long run or use an Elite Charged TM to leverage its potential.


Terrakion has the worst w/l file of the three Swords of Justice fighters, however it does have some spice play within the Ultra League and Master League. Terrakion's Rock sub-typing sadly does it no favours within the open Extremely League meta, missing the helpful resistances of its cousins, and its assault weighted stats imply it struggles to outlive in extended battles. Though its strikes are glorious, this isn't sufficient to assist it out of lots of its detrimental matchups.

All will not be misplaced – Terrakion is glorious within the PvE scene, and its assault weighting helps it to be the #2 ranked Preventing kind attacker (however solely with Sacred Sword), so it's positively price grinding to get the sweet to energy one up.

Mega Raids

Pokémon Dates

Houndoom (Mega)

From November 3 to November 12 Mega Houndoom will seem in Mega Raids.

Garchomp (Mega)

November 11 2-5pm native time – particular raid day

From November 12 to November 16 Mega Garchomp will seem in Mega Raids.

Kangaskhan (Mega)

From November 16 to November 30 Mega Kangaskhan will seem in Mega Raids.

The Japanese Pokemon GO X account has confirmed that Mega Garchomp would be the featured between November 12 – 16. Mega Garchomp will likely be an absolute monster on the PvE scene, coming in because the #2 attacker in each its Floor and Dragon typings. Garchomp itself can be a sleeper choose within the Master League, though it does wrestle in opposition to fairies and flyers, however most significantly, it actually wants its neighborhood day transfer Earth Energy to fulfil its potential. If you have already got a hundo constructed, it is perhaps higher to raid for the mega power solely. 

Mega Houndoom is definitely an honest Darkish kind raid attacker, coming in at #3 on the PvE attackers record. On the PvP scene, Houndoom isn't so sizzling, missing the majority to do any significant injury within the Extremely League. Not a excessive precedence.

Mega Kangaskhan is a dex-filler. Regular typing simply has no utility in raids as a consequence of missing the flexibility to hit something for tremendous efficient injury. Kangaskhan's moveset and stats do nothing to vary that.

Group Day Basic

Mareep has been introduced because the featured Pokémon for the November Group Day Basic occasion on November 25, operating from 2pm to 5pm native time. I've had a particular place in my coronary heart for Ampharos for the reason that days of Pokemon Silver, and plainly it has a particular place in Niantic's coronary heart too, being the particular recipient of NINE totally different cost strikes! The difficult half about that is that you simply'll be enjoying charged TM roulette making an attempt to get the fitting moveset that meets your wants.

The excellent news? Dragon Pulse isn't actually doing Ampharos any favours, so you may maintain in your evolutions for after the occasion and save a charged TM. Though the Dragon kind injury could be situationally helpful, it's a pretty costly and low powered transfer that doesn't present as a lot protection as you'd hope. For instance, when contemplating the Extremely League meta, Brutal Swing already hits Giratina for tremendous efficient injury, and is less expensive and accessible, whereas Volt Change and Thunder Punch already hit Dragonite for impartial injury. The popular protection strikes are both the newly launched Trailblaze or the nuke transfer Focus Blast, which have higher protection and utility for Amphoros. 

The opposite consideration? The shadow variant is much more impactful within the Great League  than its non-shadow counterpart. Within the Ultra League it's a bit extra combined – the additional energy of the shadow type is extremely threatening, however the price is a lack of bulk which actually hurts a mon that has common bulk to start with. 

In abstract, I'd prioritise (within the following order): a very good Extremely League Ampharos, a Nice League Ampharos, an honest Mareep for the Little League, and a hundo (with sufficient XL sweet) for the mega evolution.

Occasions (together with some hypothesis)

The occasions this month are a bit lacklustre, however lets take a fast take a look at what we all know.

Competition of Lights
November 7, 2023 to November 12

The Competition of Lights occasion options the newly launched Tadbulb! Its evolution, Bellibolt is definitely fairly first rate within the Great League and notably the Ultra League! With the quick charging Discharge and nuke transfer Zap Cannon, mixed with first rate bulk, Belli may positively escape in sure metas. 

Different spawns to hunt for:

  • Vulpix: its evolution Ninetales could be very first rate within the Nice League, although it prefers to be a shadow. Vulpix is superior within the Little League too.
  • Mareep: its evolution Ampharos is a robust Ultra League choose, hitting nearly all kinds for no less than impartial injury with its numerous movepool. 
  • Slugma: its evolution Magcargo has some play in restricted metas on the Great League degree as a sluggish however arduous hitting hearth kind.
Fashion Week 2022 Avatar Items Trend Week
November 15, 2023 to November 19

Similar to shinies, costumed Pokémon are higher in PvP, proper? Of all of the mons featured with costumes, we've acquired everybody's favorite – Wooper! You'll be able to catch an honest IV one and evolve it in December's commday recap for its neighborhood day transfer Aqua Tail, for those who really feel like having your Quagsire rock some swag!

There's actually not too many spawns to get enthusiastic about for PvP throughout this occasion. Notable concerns embrace:

  • Dragonite rocking the bow tie and glasses could possibly be enjoyable within the Grasp League, however once more most gamers ought to have an honest one both able to or constructed already.
  • Mareanie's evolution Toxapex is very meta related (notably in cups, for instance the latest Halloween Cup) however is a reasonably latest spawn (and appears to hatch out of each 5km egg for me!). I don't love Toxapex as a result of it's pretty rigid however its bulk isn't any joke and it may possibly put in work – simply hold it away from Clodsire!
  • Frillish's evolution Jellicent stays extremely related within the Great League and notably the Ultra League, performing as a cumbersome reply to Swampert, Cresselia, and most different Preventing and Poison sorts. You'll want XL sweet for the Extremely League construct (and the spicy Frillish Great League construct!), so now could possibly be an honest alternative to grind for these.
Party Play Pokémon GO Celebration Up!
November 22, 2023 to November 29

Early hypothesis suggests we've acquired an occasion tied to the newly launched Celebration Play function that was lately rolled out. Once more, we'll hold you posted as soon as we all know extra particulars.


November is barely much less thrilling than the final couple of months for the PvP scene, however hopefully you're all kicking your GBL objectives and pushing for larger ranks! Yow will discover me on Twitter or Instagram for extra PvP spot evaluation. As at all times, good luck together with your shiny hunt!

See ya later,


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