Pokémon GO Mountain Cup PvP Evaluation – Nifty Or Thrifty Version

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The “Nifty Or Thrifty” article sequence takes a complete take a look at the meta for PvP Cup codecs: Mountain Cup, on this case. As is typical for the NoT sequence, I'll cowl not solely the highest meta picks, but additionally some mons the place it can save you some mud with cheaper second transfer unlock prices and/or leveling up! As a result of for these on a stardust finances — and/or of us making an attempt to save lots of up some mud for the longer term — it may be daunting making an attempt to determine the place to spend or not spend it.

In order I attempt to often do, I'll begin with these with the most cost effective second transfer unlock price and steam forward till we lastly arrive on the costly Legendaries. I do try to put further emphasis on the thriftier stuff, particularly for codecs like this the place you could not use a few of these issues a lot sooner or later. (For a tough information to reusability, although, I'll rank issues with s, with three being stable in different Nice League codecs, two being okay in not less than sure Cup codecs, and just one being one thing that, actually, you're unlikely to make use of once more.)

A fast reminder of what Mountain Cup is:

  • Nice League, 1500 CP Restrict.
  • Solely Floor, Ice, Metal, and Rock kind Pokémon are eligible.
  • Swampert is banned.

Okay, sufficient intro. Let's dive in!

10,000 Mud/25 Sweet




Mud Shot/Fast Assault | Hearth Punch & Earthquake/Hyper Beam

So let's discuss Floor, proper right here from the get-go. This meta is filled with Metal and Rock varieties, each of which Floor hits tremendous successfully (and resists, within the latter case). Floor is, in fact, weak to Ice, however even that's considerably mitigated right here with Diggersby's Hearth Punch… it could not really beat many Ices that approach, but it surely not less than retains them on their toes. (In addition to, conveniently, Grass varieties that try to prey on Floor varieties as properly.) Ultimately, once you add that every one up with Diggersby's unbelievable bulk and additional resistance to Ghost (due to its Regular typing), you get this. Not a meta-busting efficiency, granted, however a really stable one, and one with some alternative options, even. Mud Shot and Earthquake drives wins versus Lucario, Empoleon, and Aurorus, however Fast Assault and Hyper Beam as an alternative slam the door on Walrein, Marshtomp, and Gliscor. Or heck, you'll be able to even go along with one thing like Quick Attack/FP/Quake to try to seize a few of every. Decide your pleasure! I will advocate that should you try to go along with a low rank, hundo (or near-hundo) Diggs, Mud Shot/Quake appears to be your finest wager, beating all the identical stuff as increased rank Diggersby with the sometimes-exception of Lucario or Escavalier and their scary Counter injury. Mess around in these sims with your individual IVs and see what occurs.




Mud Shot/Water Gun | Mud Bomb & Blizzard

Not almost as a lot moveset variance with good outdated Whiscash… you clearly need Mud Bomb and Blizzard, as all the time. There IS some potential intrigue with the quick transfer, although. Mud Shot is the usual and the one you'll absolutely see probably the most, however there IS a case for Water Gun, which loses to Lucario however beats down Escavalier as an alternative. Both approach, the general efficiency (and what you beat) is fairly just like Diggs, however you do beat Diggersby face to face, and Froslass, at the price of shedding to issues like Skarmory and Ferrothorn that hate Diggersby's Hearth Punches.




Mud Shot | Mud Bomb & Returnᴸ/Surf

With no Swampert, your solely different 10k Mud Boy possibility is Swampie's little bro Marshtomp. And on the floor, it's subpar, even with Return for closing energy. However there may be hidden worth right here, corresponding to having the ability to take out Dewgong and Lapras that Diggs and Whiscash can not… due to Return. On the flipside, it solely beats Diggersby if it has Surf, and flops versus Skarmory, Runerigus, Froslass, Ferrothorn, Escavalier, and Quagsire it doesn't matter what strikes you're utilizing. Particularly when put next with the others above, Marshie is kinda area of interest.




Razor Leaf | Sand Tomb & Frenzy Plantᴸ/Stone Edge

And now for one thing utterly completely different. In a meta with so many large title Grounds and/or Waters and/or Rocks, Grass is clearly a potent possibility. Simply by typing, it resists Floor AND Rock injury coming again at it too, although at the price of being double weak to Ice. Ultimately, that leaves it a very good role player, capable of rip via the entire above Pokémon together with most of their fellow Waters and/or Grounds, and regardless of that fragility to Ice, it will probably even take down Walrein and Aurorus. Oh, and it beats outstanding Cradily as properly. The massive draw back is an entire lack of protect strain, and that you simply mainly want a Shadow model to get all that… non-Shadow struggles to beat Cradily and Aurorus. And even the one large plus that comes with non-Shadow — taking down Ice Shard Lapras — will be principally matched by a Shadow with higher Attack. Suggest rolling with Shadow and never trying again.




Waterfall | Hydro Cannonᴸ & Drill Peck

One other method to smash via Grounds and Rocks and NOT be resisted by Metal is Water. Empoleon places out a lot of Water injury, however the apparent draw back is that its Metal subtyping makes it weak to Floor itself. Ultimately, as with Torterra, there's good and bad here, with Empie washing away Rocks and Ices left and proper, and stuff like Skarmory, Cradily, and even Abomasnow (due to Drill Peck), however flopping in opposition to most Grounds, Bugs, and different Grass varieties. Empoleon has a task to play for positive, but it surely's not fairly as potent as you'd most likely prefer it to be.


Wormadam (Trash)


Bug Chew | Iron Head & Bug Buzz

It's Bug Bite you need on this meta, because it beats a slew of issues Confusion and its sloooooow cooldown can not, like Lapras, Aurorus, Ferrothorn, Quagsire, and Marshtomp. Maybe even higher is that you could construct a decrease rank Trashadam without needing any XL Candy and nonetheless get the identical efficiency! A efficiency that features the large Grasses, Ices, and Mud Boys. Not too shabby!




Incinerate | Rock Tomb & Overheat

You'd be forgiven for pondering that Mags could be choked proper out of this meta with the Mud Boys and so many Grounds and Rocks round basically. And certainly, Magcargo must keep away from them just like the plague, however it does plenty of good elsewhere, roasting quite a few large title Metal, Ice, Grass, and/or Bug varieties, and Runerigus for good measure. Be prepared with a fast hook should you can for the laborious counter matchups, however on the precise group, I believe Magcargo might feast on this meta.

LUCARIO (Child Low cost™)



Counter | Energy-Up Punch & Shut Fight/Aura Sphere/Shadow Ball

Wrapping up this part with a GREAT one, as Lucario is ready to rumble in this meta. 🥊 Preventing is extremely helpful in Mountain Cup, beating up on Metal and Rock and Ice varieties and dealing not less than impartial injury to just about every part right here…only a handful of Ghosts and a small group of Grounds with a Poison, Flying, Psychic, or Bug subtyping really resist Preventing injury, and Luc nonetheless beats most of them anyway! The actually scary factor is how a lot of that work comes with just Counter and Power-Up Punch 👀… different cost strikes are actually solely wanted for issues like Froslass, Quagsire, and Gliscor. Shadow Ball or Aura Sphere work equally properly, however the “finest” could also be Shut Fight, which may additionally outrace Diggersby. Lucario has been large in a number of previous codecs (most not too long ago this season's Fantasy Cup up in Extremely League), however this will likely really be its finest format but. Get able to see everyone who has a shiny one pulling it out to point out off!

50,000 Mud/50 Sweet




Counter | Drill Run & Megahorn

Now that we've seemed on the success Lucario can have, Escavalier's high success rate might be not an enormous shock. In some ways, that is about the very best meta it might ask for… Steels and Ices and Rocks to each resist AND decide on with Counter (and Drill Run, as wanted), large Megahorn to take down Grasses and knock apart tanks like Whiscash, and hardly any Hearth round to take advantage of the one and solely weak point of Steely Bugs. (Actually simply Diggersby's Hearth Punch, Mawile's Hearth Fang, and perhaps the occasional Magcargo or Hippowdon.) As with Lucario, this could be the very best meta Escavalier has seen but. Get able to feast.




Counter | Physique Slam & Play Tough/Heavy Slam/Earthquake

Not almost as overpowering as Luc or Escav, however Donnie has Counter too, a singular mono Floor typing, and spammy Physique Slam to maintain a variety of opponents on their toes. The issue is that its tying is fairly simply exploited, and it doesn't operate very well as a non-Shadow, needing a Shadow increase to hit key breakpoints in opposition to a number of opposing Pokémon on this meta. As a Shadow, in turns into extra fascinating, although not so much with Earthquake (which it simply has bother reaching in time)… it seems to be extra promising with Heavy Slam (which provides on Dewgong, Lapras, Cradily, Ferrothorn, AND Gliscor) or, even higher, Play Rough (which additional provides on Quagsire and Registeel, regardless of the latter resisting it). That is admittedly way more a spice decide than the true meta decide that Luc and Escav signify, but it surely's a pleasant method to instantly make use of these Shadow Phanpys that arrive this coming weekend.

Lycanroc (Midnight)


I'll additionally give a fast shout-out right here to LYCANROC (Midnight), which for as soon as doesn't have a lot use for Stone Edge, and as an alternative needs to run Psychic Fangs and widely-unresisted Crunch, powered out by, in fact, Counter. Crunch isn't a straight improve, as Stone Edge is often wanted to punch out Gliscor and Alolan Ninetales, however Crunch uniquely beats Froslass, Ice Shard Lapras, Ferrothorn, and Galarian Stunfisk as an alternative. Yeah… you'll be able to most likely see why Crunch will get my vote.




Shadow Claw | Foul Play & Shut Fight

No Counter right here, however Close Combat dishes out Fighting damage once you want it, primarily in opposition to Ice varieties like Abomasnow, Dewgong, and Aurorus that require a well-timed CC to beat, and Perrserker's mono Metal typing is helpful for beating Ice and Grass varieties basically (with bonuses like Skarmory and Runerigus). In the event you solely have them with hatch-level IVs, don't fret… higher Attack may actually be preferred here, profitable not solely the mirror but additionally Galarian Stunfisk and probably Shadow Gliscor too!




Shadow Claw | Sand Tomb & Shadow Ball

One other Shadow Claw person which will need increased Assault is Runie, which is fine with average IVs, however positive factors the mirror (clearly) and probably Aurorus with an elevated Attack IV. Both approach, you dominate the Counter customers (Ghost double resists Preventing, keep in mind) and handle to outduel a number of notable Metal and even opposing Floor varieties. I believe Runerigus might positively be a pleasant function participant on the precise group. Additionally price mentioning that it will get actually nasty in 2v2 shielding as Sand Tomb debuffs pile up.




Powder Snow | Avalanche & Shadow Ball

As per standard, Froslass looks average in sims, however the precise affect she has on the meta is prone to be a lot increased as gamers agonize about making an attempt to guess when the Shadow Ball is coming with every shielding determination. That every one mentioned… this IS a meta full of plenty of issues that resist Ice, so Froslass can have simply as troublesome a time making an attempt to land Shadow Ball, as having an Avalanche or two undergo unshielded on the improper instances can show equally disastrous. Froslass customers that take pleasure in such thoughts video games: right here's one other likelihood.




Powder Snowᴸ | Icicle Spearᴸ & Earthquake

With regular Ice injury to maim a lot of the meta and Earthquake for the in any other case scary Steels and Rocks, you virtually really feel like Walrein ought to do better than this. It's completely nonetheless an awesome efficiency (together with Shadow Wally, you simply could be left wanting a bit bit extra. Nicely, with high rank/high bulk IVs, you DO get extra, with Ice Shard Lapras and generally Quagsire shifting into the win column, so there's that.




Ice Shardᴸ | Icy Windᴸ & Blizzard

I'll maintain saying it till I'm as blue within the face as I'd be underneath an Icy Wind assault… run ]Blizzard, not Water Pulse. With Blizzard you'll be able to steal wins versus Ferrothorn and Quagsire and others that seemingly gained't see it coming… together with probably even Galarian Stunfisk if Gong has a higher Attack stat! Dewgong is extra constant than Walrein in grinding down Grass varieties (Wally struggles mightily versus Cradily, Torterra, AND Ferrothorn) and Skarmory as properly, not needing any explicit IV or Shadow trickery to take them out. Don't overlook in regards to the OG Water/Ice bulkmeister! I really lean barely in direction of Dewgong over Walrein right here, which I did NOT count on moving into, however each have loads of worth (and Wally does have extra not less than theoretical “out”s in unhealthy spots).




Water Gun/Powder Snow | Physique Slam & Aurora Beam/Returnᴸ

Powder Snow performs equally to the opposite Icy Waters above, with solely Mawile and Galarian Stunfisk standing out as issues it struggles with that not less than considered one of Walrein or Dewgong can conquer. What might separate is a bit is operating Water Gun, which carries the identical document however will get there its personal approach, shedding Cradily and Torterra to as an alternative beat Mawile and Empoleon and simply beat Froslass. If I had been to run Sealeo, that's how I'd do it. And don't overlook the potential of Return in your purified Sealeos as a giant fats impartial beatstick… once more, one thing the opposite Watery Ices above lack.


Sandslash (Alola)


Shadow Clawᴸ | Ice Punch & Bulldoze

Double resists Ice, resists Grass, offers widespread impartial injury with Shadow Claw, spammy Ice injury with Ice Punchand has Bulldoze for the Steels? What's to not like? Weeeeeell… there's additionally a weak point to Floor similar to different Metal varieties, no actual method to threaten Water tyoes, and demanding double weaknesses to Hearth and Preventing injury that can seemingly be on nearly all of groups. So in the long run, A-Slash will surely make an impact, however the place it loses, it will probably lose alarmingly rapidly. Excessive threat, excessive reward.


Ninetales (Alola)


Powder Snow | Climate Ball (Ice) & Dazzling Gleam/Ice Beam

barely lean in direction of ShadowTales right here, as it will probably overpower Cradily, Runerigus, and Skarmory with simply its Ice strikes, in contrast to non-Shadow (which as an alternative can outlast Froslass). However should you DO run non-Shadow, I like to recommend trying on the unconventional Ice Beam fairly than Dazzling Gleam. Sure, it leaves you with out protection, however actually the one protection you'll often want is versus Steels, and so they resist Gleam anyway. At the very least Ice Beam provides you the closing energy to complete off Cradily, Runie, and Skarm too, and non-Shadow also can outlast Quagsire whereas Shadow can not. I do NOT actually advocate CharmTales right here.




Powder Snow | Avalanche & Stone Edge/Excessive Horsepower

Piloswine nonetheless has issues that maintain it again, specifically being an Ice kind that doesn't resist Ice and takes tremendous efficient from Water and Grass, and a Floor that will get burned by Preventing injury and, properly, Hearth as properly. However its strikes maintain it related, with both Stone Edge for opposing Ice varieties (beating A-Ninetales, for instance) or High Horsepower for opposing Steels and even some Grounds (beating Quagsire this fashion, in addition to solidifying an in any other case very shaky win over Galarian Stunfisk).




Double Kick | Sand Tomb & Earth Energy

Now HERE is a spicy decide. Nope, not Nidoqueen, which actually struggles here. However Nidoking lastly has a spot to utilize its funky moveset. Earth Energy remains to be key, however as an alternative of oft-resisted Poison Fang that Queen has, Nidoking makes use of oft-effective Sand Tomb to set issues up. The true key, although, is Double Kick, which is in fact a coveted-in-this-meta Preventing transfer. Add all of it collectively, and there's some real potential here, notably with Shadow King that may additional add on Quagsire, Diggersby, and even Dewgong!




Mud Shot | Stone Edge & Earthquake

Lord Quag is all the time the forgotten Mud Boy, and if I'm being sincere, on this meta, it does trail the others. However what it has that the others lack is a real anti-Ice weapon with Stone Edge that may punch out issues like Dewgong, Walrein, and Froslass with no second's discover. And it does get extra fascinating with high rank IVs, including Diggersby, Escavalier, and a surer win over Walrein.




Mud Slap | Physique Slam & Earth Energy

Distinctive among the many Mud Boys due to heavy quick transfer strain with Mud Slap, actually slapping Steels apart left and proper, in addition to Aurorus, Lapras, and the opposite Mud Boys! With some further Assault, it can do all that AND overcome Escavalier as properly! Don't sleep on the slug, of us.




Powder Snow/Razor Leaf | Climate Ball (Ice) & Power Ball

So first off, this does have the look of a meta that favors Shadowbama over non-Shadow, with Shadow capable of overpower issues non-Shadow can not like Cradily, Skarmory, Lapras, and Walrein. There's additionally Razor Leaf to think about, which you will keep in mind was very efficient in Climate Cup and works equally right here, shredding Waters (Lapras, Walrein, Dewgong, even Empoleon) like no person's enterprise, and even Alolan Ninetales.




Bullet Seed | Stone Edge & Grass Knot

And talking of Climate Cup, the fear of that format works here too, nonetheless shredding Waters (and now Grounds and Rocks) with its Grass injury and smashing Ice varieties with Stone Edge. Think about one with extra Attack, which does abandon a detailed win over Abomasnow, however positive factors Galarian Stunfisk (and the mirror match). I gotta say it… dilly dilly!

75,000 Mud/75 Sweet




Bullet Seed | Energy Whip & Mirror Shot/Flash Cannon

The utility of its Grass facet must be apparent by now, although Ferrothorn has the additional benefit of constructing Ice coming again its approach deal solely impartial injury, an enormous plus on this meta that makes issues like Dewgong, Walrein, and Lapras way more surefire than different Grass varieties. And conveniently, Ferrothorn additionally double resists Grass injury and thus it beats down these different Grasses as properly. These are each helped by using considered one of Ferro's Metal cost strikes, both Mirror Shot to select away and bait shields, or Flash Cannon for large booms as an alternative. (Mirror is healthier in 2v2 shielding, whereas Flash is superior with shields down, each for fairly apparent causes.) You do have the widespread Metal issues of Preventing and particularly Hearth injury to keep away from, and Ferro has no actual solutions for enemy Metal varieties, however there are a number of groups which have a Ferrothorn formed gap on them. It's actually good in Mountain Cup.




Bug Chew | Mirror Shot & Earthquake

Bigger, fatter, spinnier Trashadam, mainly. The largest distinction is that Trashy's nearer is Bug kind, whereas Forret rolls with Earthquake, with which it will probably bury Galarian Stunfisk and Perrserker that Trashadam can not. In any other case they play very equally, actually, with the caveat that Trashy brings a little extra strain to Ice varieties with Iron Head than Forret does with underpowered Mirror Shot (proven most clearly by Trashadam beating Dewgong whereas Forret sometimes falters). As with most Shadows I've not particularly talked about above, Shadow is less recommended here.




Air Slash/Metal Wing | Sky Assault & Courageous Chicken

That is one other of these metas the place Steel Wing could shine, with good wins over Aurorus and Diggersby and, as anybody who performed Flying Cup is aware of (shudder), the mirror match. However sure, Air Slash will seemingly be extra customary, with its personal wins over Lapras, Gliscor, and Marshtomp. Both approach, I like how Skarm seems to be greater than I anticipated to on this Ice and Metal and Rock crammed meta. I give it a thumbs up, and I did NOT count on to be doing that moving into!




Hearth Fang | Energy-Up Punch & Iron Head

With so many flammable issues on this meta, it's again to old-school Fire Fang Mawile as an alternative of the now-more-common Fairy Wind. You burn via all of the Grasses and most big-name Steels and Ices that approach, even stuff like Lapras, Empoleon, and Aurorus that take solely impartial from Hearth, and scary Counter customers as properly. Shadow Mawile works wonderful too, although it often misses out on Registeel, taking down Dewgong as an alternative. Along with the obligatory Energy-Up PunchIron Head is vital for serving to guarantee wins over issues like Cradily and Lapras.


Stunfisk (Galarian)


Mud Shot | Rock Slide & Earthquake

Sure, it's right here, it's good, get used to it. We're all struggling collectively. It does flop versus the Mud Boys (and Diggersby) and many of the Grasses, and needs nothing to do with the Counter customers except it's forward on power or shields. However uh… yeah. We're gonna have to only hunker down and endure it this week. I'm no happier about it than you're!




Wing Assault | Night time Slash & Earthquake

Not numerous Flyers on this meta, and the remainder are Metal, Rock, or Ice varieties, which means that Gliscor (and Gligar) is the one one that really resists Preventing injury… and but it STILL loses to Lucario! Bah. It still does more than enough else to be viable, maybe Shadow Gliscor specifically with its further win over Whiscash, and its efficiency is maybe even higher than the numbers, as almost all of its losses are to Ice varieties which deal double tremendous efficient injury. For now, I'll name it a wild card with a great deal of upside, for many who need to attempt to make it work. It could wreck an Ice-free group, for positive.



GLIGAR itself comes much less really useful, being caught with the subpar Dig fairly than Gliscor's much better Earthquake.




Water Gun/Ice Shardᴸ | Surf & Ice Beamᴸ/Cranium Bash

Perhaps you noticed this coming with my different odd moveset suggestions above, however yeah, I'm NOT recommending Ice Shard right here, regardless that Lapras takes down Gliscor and Torterra that approach. As an alternative, I firmly consider Water Gun is the way in which to go right here. With that, you add on wins versus G-Fisk, Registeel, Mawile, Cradily, Aurorus, Empoleon, and the mirror match. As with Sealeo, Water Gun actually separates Lapras from the Walrein/Dewgong crowd and makes it a particularly potent risk on this meta. Simply don't go along with Shadow Lapras… you need to maintain onto that bulk!




Powder Snow | Climate Ball (Ice) & Meteor Beam

Notably with high rank IVs (with which you achieve Abomasnow), Aurorus is a dangerous however lethal possibility. It's an Ice that's form of awkward versus Grounds {that a} good Ice ought to dominate, and equally has to tiptoe a bit round Grass varieties too, and it's much more weak than most different Ices when confronted with Preventing or Water injury. However it fairly properly dominates different Ice varieties, and beats up greater than sufficient issues to be acknowledged as a part of Mountain Cup's “core meta” Pokémon.

100,000 Mud/100 Sweet

Bringing it dwelling with a fast bulleted record right here. Strap in!



  • sigh. Sure, similar to G-Fisk, this meta means we've got to only suck it up and take care of REGISTEEL. With its strikes that rip into Metal, Ice, Rock, AND Water and Flying varieties, it's notably well-positioned right here, too. Fighters and Grounds and the little little bit of Hearth within the meta are key to holding it down, making up actually its entire loss list. Prepare, of us… should you're sick of the Doorknob Of Doom already, you seemingly shall be in every week!





  • Not fairly to the identical diploma, however REGIROCK and REGICE shall be making some noise on this meta as properly, particularly now that MANY extra gamers have Nice League ones after they had been handed out firstly of Hoenn Tour. (Maybe the one good shock from that weekend?)



  • KARTANA stays extra elusive than the Regis in Nice League, however in case you have one, it's really actually good right here, just like Ferrothorn however clearly extra targeted on grindy quick transfer injury than cost strikes. That mentioned, it was maybe the very best array of cost strikes on any Razor Leaf person on the market, with THREE of them costing solely 35 power. This can be your finest EVER alternative to deploy your GL Kartana, so don't miss out!



  • The prospect of deploying ARTICUNO in a meta with so many scary Metal, Rock, and Ice varieties round is daunting, however not less than on paper, it holds up surprisingly well! Legacy transfer Hurricane helps fairly a bit by taking down Quagsire, Froslass, and Escavalier that in any other case shrug off Artie's Ice injury, and it does a wonderful job versus Grasses and Grounds basically, not surprisingly. If in case you have one for Nice League, it's worthy of actual consideration.



  • In the event you paid for Double Iron Bash MELMETAL, right here's a great alternative to utilize it. Rock Slide variants are okay too, however solely with the velocity of D.I.B. are you able to reliably outrace Walrein and even Lucario! That is a kind of uncommon alternatives for Mel to crash right into a Nice League get together.


Final couple issues are huge XL Sweet initiatives, so search for them in fortunate trades!



  • Everyone all the time will get excited when BONSLY is viable, so right here you go: Bonsly is viable! Knock yourselves out, buddies.



  • Identical factor for the 17 of you on the market that really have the no-longer-obtainable Bullet Seed LILEEP. Have enjoyable… however the remainder of us nonetheless detest you. 😝 /s

And that's it, JUST earlier than the buzzer! Go forth and do good issues with this info… I hope it units you up for a profitable and FUN week in Mountain Cup. ⛰ Better of luck!

Till subsequent time, you'll be able to all the time discover me on Twitter for normal evaluation nuggets, or Patreon. And please, be happy to remark right here with your individual ideas or questions and I'll attempt to get again to you!

Thanks for studying, particularly these of you who took the time to learn it ALL! I sincerely hope this helps you climb to success in Mountain Cup, and in probably the most inexpensive approach potential. Better of luck, and catch you subsequent time, Pokéfriends!

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