Pokémon GO Noxious Swamp Occasion Information

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Noxious Swamp is a particular Pokémon GO occasion that runs from August 19 by way of August 22, 2023. The occasion celebrates a few of the Poison-type and Dragon-type Pokémon that appeared throughout Pokémon GO Fest 2023: New York Metropolis.

Shiny Skrelp debuts globally throughout the occasion, a unique Pokémon will seem in parks on on daily basis of the occasion, and a free Timed Analysis is on the market to all Trainers.

Plus, Trainers will earn extra Sweet from catching Pokémon and Staff GO Rocket balloons will seem extra ceaselessly.

Noxious Swamp Overview

Date & Time

Begins Ends
Saturday, August 19, 2023
at 10:00 PM native time
Tuesday, August 22, 2023
at 8:00 PM native time


  • Candy icon

    2× Catch Sweet

  • Raid Pass icon

    One extra free Raid Move per day from spinning Gymnasium Photograph Discs

  • Team Rocket icon

    Staff GO Rocket balloons seem extra ceaselessly

Wild Encounters

The next Pokémon will seem extra ceaselessly within the wild. Additionally, for the primary time globally in Pokémon GO, you’ll be capable to encounter Shiny Petilil—should you’re fortunate!

  • Zubat

  • Venonat

  • Tentacool

  • Dratini

  • Surskit

  • Gulpin

  • Skorupi

  • Axew

  • Skrelp

  • Tyrunt

  • Noibat

Shiny Skrelp Household

Shiny Skrelp Shiny Dragalge
Pokemon GO Shiny Skrelp Pokemon GO Shiny Dragalge


One-Star Raids

  • Grimer

  • Grimer (Alola)

  • Qwilfish (Hisuian)

  • Sneasel (Hisuian)

Three-Star Raids

  • Weezing (Galarian)

  • Druddigon

  • Turtonator

Shadow Raids

One-Star Raids

  • Zubat (Shadow)

  • Houndour (Shadow)

  • Pidove (Shadow)

Three-Star Raids

  • Nidoran (F) (Shadow)

  • Onix (Shadow)

  • Sneasel (Shadow)

Subject Analysis Activity Encounters

Timed Analysis will even be accessible for gratis. This Timed Analysis contains duties targeted on raiding and can award encounters with Poison- and Dragon-type Pokémon, together with Jangmo-o.

  • Grimer

  • Dratini

  • Trapinch

  • Skrelp

  • Noibat

  • Mareanie

Please be aware that Timed Analysis expires. The Timed Analysis duties and their rewards will disappear on Tuesday, August 22, 2023, at 8:00 p.m. native time.

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