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Welcome to our complete information on Pokémon GO Shadow Pokémon! On this article, we’ll delve into all the things it’s essential to find out about Shadow Pokémon in Pokémon GO, together with the right way to catch them, purify them, how a lot Stardust Shadow Pokémon price, when and the way it’s best to purify, and the right way to take advantage of their distinctive talents.

Shadow Pokémon generally is a robust addition to your staff, providing boosted injury greater DPS than their non-Shadow counterpart. Nonetheless, catching and purifying prices Stardust and Sweet, so it’s fairly vital to grasp the mechanics concerned to maximise your possibilities of success.

Whether or not you’re a seasoned Pokémon GO participant or simply beginning out, this information will offer you all the knowledge it’s essential to develop into a Shadow Pokémon knowledgeable. So let’s get began and uncover the secrets and techniques of those mysterious Crew GO Rocket kidnapped creatures.

What are Shadow Pokémon in Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO Shadow Pokémon are particular, Crew GO Rocket kidnapped, variations of Pokémon. Shadow Pokémon have a 20% elevated Assault and 20% diminished Protection stats, they’ve an unique cost transfer referred to as Frustration and they are often Purified so as to launch them from Crew GO Rocket’s affect.

Shadow Pokémon are solely accessible from Crew GO Rocket encounters – PokéStop, GO Rocket Balloon, Chief and Giovanni fights.

Shadow Pokémon are caught at Degree 8 with out climate increase and Degree 13 with climate increase. Shadow Pokémon can’t be traded. Shadow Pokémon price 20% extra Sweet and Stardust to energy up and unlock the second cost transfer than their regular types.

Shadow Pokémon mechanics in Pokémon GO

20% Assault increase and Protection discount

Shadow Pokémon have a 20% increase to their Assault stats in each PvP and PvE (Raids and Fitness center battles) at the price of a 20% lower to their Protection stats.

  • In PvE, this ends in Shadow Pokémon being a lot stronger than their regular variations, for the reason that enormous improve in injury outweighs the decrease bulk.
  • It’s much more sophisticated in PvP, however normally Shadow Pokémon are higher than their regular types. See Shadow vs Purified Pokémon in PvP for extra data.

Frustration – an undesirable strikes

Whenever you catch a Shadow Pokémon, they are going to all the time know a cost transfer referred to as Frustration. Frustration is a horrible transfer, and it’s essential to take away it as quickly as potential.

Nonetheless… Frustration can solely be eliminated throughout particular Crew GO Rocket Takeover Occasions, which occur periodically in Pokémon GO. You should use a Cost TM to take away Frustration.

Shadow Pokémon IVs

Shadow Pokémon caught from Crew Rocket Grunts or Crew Rocket Leaders don’t have an IV ground. Nonetheless, there’s sufficient proof displaying that Shadow Mewtwo caught from defeating Giovanni has an IV ground of 6/6/6, which wasn’t the case for previous Shadow Legendaries. It’s unclear at the moment if this transformation is everlasting.

Purified Shadow Pokémon

Shadow Pokémon might be caught and purified, which flip into Purified variations of regular Pokémon which study the unique cost transfer Return. Shadow Pokémon might be purified so as to launch them from Crew GO Rocket’s grip:

  • When purified, Shadow Pokémon get +2 to each IV. The max IV for every stat continues to be 15.
  • Purified Pokémon are all the time stage 25.
  • Purified Pokémon obtain a ten% low cost for Stardust and Sweet to energy up, evolve and unlock the second cost transfer.

Purified Pokémon might be traded, but it surely counts as a Particular Commerce.

Tips on how to get Shadow Pokémon in Pokémon GO

Shadow Pokémon are solely accessible after defeating a Crew Rocket Grunt on a PokéStop close to you or from a Crew Rocket Balloon, which usually seem in your Pokémon GO map each 6 hours beginning midnight. Shadow Pokémon are used for maleficent functions, mostly by Crew GO Rocket.

After profitable a Crew Rocket battle, you’ll be awarded with XP, 500 stardust and an opportunity to catch one of many Shadow Pokémon that Crew GO Rocket left behind.

To be able to catch the Shadow Pokémon, every participant is granted quite a lot of Premier Balls that are solely usable for the Shadow Pokémon Encounter.

The variety of Premier Balls acquired is predicated on what number of of your Pokémon survive the battle, your Purify Pokémon Medal rank, and your Defeat Crew Rocket Medal rank.

Originally, you’re going to get 5 Premier Balls if you happen to win the battle with no fainted Pokémon. Catching Shadow variations of normal Pokémon is much like catching a raid boss, however you get manner much less Premier Balls.

Purifying Shadow Pokémon

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Shadow Pokémon have varied sweet and stardust prices to purify relying on the Pokémon itself. Frequent Shadow Pokémon akin to Rattata, Weedle and Zubat are the most cost effective, solely costing 1,000 stardust and 1 sweet to purify. Shadow Legendary Pokémon are the costliest, costing 20,000 stardust and 20 candies to purify. Purifying a Shadow Pokémon will do the next:

  • Enhance the Pokémon’s IV values by +2 (assured)
  • Enhance the Pokémon’s stage to stage 25 (assured)
  • Substitute Frustration with Return, a 3-bar Regular sort cost transfer

Purifying a Shadow Pokémon will even make it stronger and cut back the quantity of Stardust and Sweet required to Energy Up, Evolve, or study a brand new assault. Purified Pokemon have a particular marker within the Pokemon storage display screen, however they are often mass transferred, so watch out when deciding on Pokemon for switch.

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Shadow and Purified Pokémon IV values

Shadow Pokémon are caught at Degree 8 with a randomized set of IV values. They are often climate boosted, simply as regular Pokémon and raid bosses. Climate boosted Shadow Pokémon are at Degree 13.

As we talked about above, Purified Pokémon get a +2 improve in every IV worth. Consequently, a Shadow Pokémon with 13 / 13 / 13 IVs is assured to develop into a 100% Purified Pokémon. Climate boosted Shadow Pokémon get their minimal IVs elevated to 4/4/4 which will increase the possibility of getting a greater Purified Pokémon.

NOTE: In case your Shadow Pokémon has 14 IV, as soon as purified it is going to have 15 IV in that stat. It is a particular case the place +2 IVs is utilized, however cuts of at 15.

Shadow Pokémon Energy Up Chart

The next chart reveals Stardust and Sweet wanted to energy up Shadow Pokémon from Degree 1 to Degree 40. Do be aware that Degree 8 is the minimal Degree you’ll catch a Shadow Pokémon at:

Shadow Pokémon Stardust and Sweet Energy Up Chart
Degree Stardust Sweet
1 240 2
1.5 240 2
2 240 2
2.5 240 2
3 480 2
3.5 480 2
4 480 2
4.5 480 2
5 720 2
5.5 720 2
6 720 2
6.5 720 2
7 960 2
7.5 960 2
8 960 2
8.5 960 2
9 1200 2
9.5 1200 2
10 1200 2
10.5 1200 2
11 1560 3
11.5 1560 3
12 1560 3
12.5 1560 3
13 1920 3
13.5 1920 3
14 1920 3
14.5 1920 3
15 2280 3
15.5 2280 3
16 2280 3
16.5 2280 3
17 2640 3
17.5 2640 3
18 2640 3
18.5 2640 3
19 3000 3
19.5 3000 3
20 3000 3
20.5 3000 3
21 3600 4
21.5 3600 4
22 3600 4
22.5 3600 4
23 4200 4
23.5 4200 4
24 4200 4
24.5 4200 4
25 4800 4
25.5 4800 4
26 4800 5
26.5 4800 5
27 5400 5
27.5 5400 5
28 5400 5
28.5 5400 5
29 6000 5
29.5 6000 5
30 6000 5
30.5 6000 5
31 7200 8
31.5 7200 8
32 7200 8
32.5 7200 8
33 8400 10
33.5 8400 10
34 8400 10
34.5 8400 10
35 9600 12
35.5 9600 12
36 9600 12
36.5 9600 12
37 10800 15
37.5 10800 15
38 10800 15
38.5 10800 15
39 12000 18
39.5 12000 18

Be taught extra about Shadow Pokémon Lore

Shadow Pokémon have been first launched in Pokémon Colosseum and Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness. They’re Pokémon which are getting used for wrongful acts as a result of they’d the doorways to their hearts shut artificially. Liam has an exquisite in-depth article that covers the entire historical past and function of Shadow Pokémon in the primary sequence video games, which we advise studying if you happen to’re a lore buff (click on on Shadow Mewtwo to begin studying):

What are exactly Shadow Pokemon?
What are precisely Shadow Pokémon?

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