Pokémon GO Shadow Raids: Complete Information

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Shadow Raids are a brand new kind of Raid Battles that’s now out there in Pokémon GO, organised by the nefarious Group GO Rocket at occupied Gyms round you. Shadow Raids could be discovered alongside common Raids, however they’ve completely different rewards and challenges than common Raids.

Let’s be taught the whole lot there may be to find out about Shadow Raids, Shadow Shards, and the brand new Purified Gems!

Shadow Raids

Shadow Raids are a brand new kind of Raids that may be discovered at Group GO Rocket occupied Gyms. The information right here is that TGR can now occupy Gyms, reasonably than simply hanging round PokéStops. They arrive in 1-Star, 3-Star, and 5-Star difficulties, with 5-Star issue being reserved for legendary Pokémon.

In Shadow Raids, you’ll combat a Shadow Pokémon boss, a Pokémon left by the Group GO Rocket to defend the Health club. Three-star and five-star Shadow Raid Bosses will develop enraged as you battle them, boosting their assault and defence. Whereas the boss is enraged, it’s turn into tougher to defeat.

Shadow Shards could be solid collectively to create Purified Gems, which is able to assist you to defeat enraged Shadow Raid bosses. Utilizing a Purified Gem will weaken the Shadow Raid Boss.

Whereas Group GO Rocket will likely be taking on various Gyms, these they’ve left untouched should host different raids. Trainers can’t be part of Shadow Raids utilizing Distant Raid Passes and Shadow Raids don’t reward a group bonus for Premier Balls.

Shadow Raids have a 6/6/6 IV flooring, not 10/10/10 as it’s with regular Raids.

Tier 1 and Tier 3 Shadow Raids don’t really feel notably tougher, and Tier 5 Shadow Raids must be a bit tougher, however we simply don’t know but.

Lastly, Shadow Raids are in-person solely, so no Distant Raiding for you Shadow Raiders on the market.

Shadow Shards

Pokémon GO Shadow Shard
Shadow Shard

Defeating a Shadow Raid, or a Group GO Rocket member, will reward you with a sure variety of Shadow Shards. Shadow Shards could be mixed into Purified Gems, a particular merchandise that can be utilized to weaken the Shadow Raid Boss.

You want 4 Shadow Shards to create 1 Purified Gem, and Shadow Shards are purified robotically into Purified Gems (just like the Rocket Radars are robotically created from Parts).

You’ll be able to maintain as much as 10 Purified Gems in your stock, and each Shadow Shards and Purified Gems occupy bag area.

Shadow Shard drop charges

Shadow Raids reward 1 to six Shadow Shards per Raid. Giovanni drops 4 Shadow Shards, Rocket Leaders (Arlo, Sierra, Cliff) drop 3 Shadow Shards, and Rocket Grunts drop 1 Shadow Shard.

All Shadow Shard drops are assured, they usually drop alongside Rocket Radar elements.

Purified Gems

Pokémon GO Purified Crystal
Purified Gem

There are a number of methods Purified Gems can help your battle towards enraged Shadow Raid Bosses:

  • If you use a Purified Gem throughout a Shadow Raid, the enraged Shadow Raid Boss’s assault and defence will likely be lowered quickly. This will provide the opening it’s worthwhile to take them down.
  • You and your fellow Trainers can use multiple Purified Gem throughout a Shadow Raid. If used on the identical time, their results will stack.
  • If sufficient Purified Gems are used, the enraged Shadow Raid Boss will likely be subdued—returned to its non-enraged state—which could provide the edge it’s worthwhile to defeat it!

You’ll have to work collectively along with your local people in-person to optimise the easiest way to take down these new raid bosses, planning one of the best methods to make use of your Purified Gems successfully.

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