Pokémon GO Single-Kind Cup Information: Nifty Or Thrifty Version

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Creator's notice

Hey there, pricey readers. For many who commonly discover me on Reddit, I used to be one way or the other “shadowbanned” someday on Friday. Nonetheless undecided what triggered it or how lengthy I'll be unable to make the most of Reddit (I actually don't know when and even IF I'll be again on the time of this posting, nor any concept what led to this within the first place), so I apologize for the additional delays in getting this text to you. I do know many have requested, however belief me after I say this was outdoors my management.

Fortunately we get this format for TWO weeks, so there's nonetheless loads of time to get into it. Thanks for popping in right here to get it, and hopefully we'll be again up and operating on Reddit as properly quickly. Till then, cheers!

Now on to the evaluation!


The “Nifty Or Thrifty” article sequence takes a complete take a look at the meta for PvP Cup codecs: Single-Kind Cup, on this case. As is typical for the NoT sequence, I'll cowl not solely the highest meta picks, but in addition some mons the place it can save you some mud with cheaper second transfer unlock prices or utilizing as little XL Sweet as attainable. As a result of for these on a stardust price range — and/or of us making an attempt to save lots of up some mud for the long run — it may be daunting making an attempt to determine the place to spend or not spend it. All of us need to area aggressive groups, however the place can we get one of the best bang for our buck and the place ought to we maybe channel our internal scrooge?

A fast reminder of what Single-Kind Cup is:

  • Nice League, 1500 CP Restrict.
  • Solely Pokémon with a single typing are allowed. For instance, Meganium, as a mono-Grass sort, is permitted. However Venusaur, a Grass with a second transfer typing — Poison — is ineligible.
  • Cresselia and Protection Forme Deoxys are banned.

Moreover, notice that this format will be with us for TWO weeks, again to again, together with triple stardust the second week AND a Go Battle Weekend July 1st and 2nd with quadruple stardust. That is going to be a format you need to get a deal with on in Week 1 so you'll be able to take FULL benefit Week 2!

Hopefully this information equips you for that. Let's dive in!

10,000 Mud/25 Sweet




Vine Whip | Frenzy Plantᴸ & Earthquake

A little bit worrying that our top-ranked 10k choice is well outside the Top 10, however don't fear… there ARE loads of 10k choices to return. Meg occupies the spot I'd usually give Venusaur in kicking off the evaluation, and places in a nice blue collar performance, in fact dealing with all Grass-weak Water, Floor, and Rock varieties (not named “Samurott”). Nevertheless it does a lot greater than that. Being slightly cumbersome, it might probably outlast the entire format's Fairies, and may even roll over all Metal varieties within the format because of Earthquake. What number of Grasses, mono-type of in any other case, can say that? Darn few. After which it goes out and in addition takes down Sirfetch'd, Wobbuffet, Dubwool, Lickitung, Umbreon, and most iterations of Mew, to call just some. Meg may be one of the best Grass sort Single-Kind Cup, and it comes low cost. All the time good when “nifty” and “thrifty” resolve to crew up like this. As an apart, I do NOT advocate Shadow, however will level out that high rank IV Meg can probably tack on extras like Hypno, Dragonair, Dusclops, and Cofagrigus.

  • Serperior


  • Sceptile


SERPERIOR is equally cumbersome (truly barely extraso than Meg), but it surely simply doesn't have an amazing protection transfer like Meganium does. Aerial Ace might be higher referred to as Aerial A—uh, one other three-letter A-word that I gained't utter right here (this can be a children' present, in any case!), and whereas it might probably come in useful versus issues weak to Flying… properly, it nonetheless loses to Meganium and Sirfetch'd and others the place you'd in all probability hope to see a Flying transfer give Serpie a leg up. (Which is ironic, because it… uh… has no legs.)…. SCEPTILE does include Earthquake, however not the majority. It CAN convey a ton of strain in the proper spot, however it's no Meganium. It does outrace just a few issues that Meg can not, like Machamp, Primeape, Dusclops, Hypno, and Meg itself, however conversely can not maintain up towards issues Meg outlasts like Clefable, Lickitung, Dubwool, Wobbuffet, Umbreon, Perrserker, Registeel and others. I suppose you'll be able to run it if you wish to, however personally I'd simply follow Meg. In case you run Sceptile anyway, I would truly advocate doubling down on the blitz-like method by operating Shadow Sceptile. It could possibly take down Registeel, not less than!




Fury Cutter | Hydro Cannonᴸ & Megahorn

And right here we've the Water sort that may flip the tables on (most) Grasses, because of operating an all-Bug moveset. This additionally provides Sammie other advantages, corresponding to beating the format's distinguished Psychic and Darkish varieties. All this whereas nonetheless doing Water issues, corresponding to washing away all Rock, Grounds, and Fireplace varieties, and even outlasting most of its fellow Water varieties as properly! (Actually solely ones that deal numerous impartial injury again — like Seaking, Politoed, and Milotic — maintain up underneath the assault of impartial Bug injury that Samurott dishes out.)

Sammie nonetheless has quite a few, obvious flaws, not least of which that each one that Bug injury is resisted by the potent Combating and Fairy and Ghost and Poison and Metal varieties within the meta. Nevertheless it's one of many few really viable Waters on this format (and the best ranked, all the way in which down at #32!), and will get not less than one thumb up from me. And to sweeten the deal, I'll additionally level out that with high rank IVs it all of the sudden seems to be far more attention-grabbing, with stuff like Politoed, Primeape, and Shadow Granbull transferring into the win column.

  • Blastoise


  • Feraligatr


  • Wailmer


Different low cost Waters… not a lot. BLASTOISE is okay-ish, however completely nothing particular on this meta…. FERALIGATR is way worse…. And then you definitely're into stuff like WAILMER, and uh… no thanks.




Volt Swap | Brick Break & Wild Cost

So humorous factor about this meta: NO Flyers. Significantly, there's not a single mono-Flying sort within the sport that matches in Nice League. That makes Electrical varieties like Raichu unhappy, taking away numerous their higher matchups. However there's still some good to be had. Waters clearly nonetheless hate to see Raichu, however there are a selection of different issues it overpowers, corresponding to all the main Fairies, all of the format's Darkish varieties (thanks, not less than partially, to Brick Break), Ninetales and Muk (and their Shadow varieties), Vigoroth and Perrserker, Mew, Cofagrigus, and plenty of others. Clearly it will be higher with not less than a pair Flyers to harass, but it surely makes do with what it's obtained, and stands out as one of many higher (and much most cost-effective) Electrical varieties obtainable.

HITMONCHAN (Child Low cost™)



Counter | Shut Fight & Energy-Up Punch/Ice Punch

The opposite massive impression that comes with having no Flyers? Combating varieties can run considerably amok. Technically there aren't any 10k Fighters (that you just need to be utilizing, anyway), however you'll be able to cheat a bit by double transferring a Tyrogue and evolving it into one of many Hitmons, thereby saving 65,000 mud within the course of. And regardless of Hitmontop often getting all of the press (and being ranked greater), I proceed to advocate Hitmonchan as an alternative.

It's mainly Medicham Lite, with the identical Ice Punch and Energy-Up Punch choices alongside Counter injury and first rate (although noticeably lower than Medicham) bulk. PuP/Shut Fight pulls the eye-popping numbers (and has one of the best likelihood of selecting off targets like Meganium, Primeape, Shadow Ninetales, and Shadow Muk), however Ice Punch is workable as an alternative of PuP for those who choose rather less reliance on baiting.

That mentioned, for Shadow Hitmonchan (now not thrifty that means, however….), I actually do suppose PuP/CC is your finest wager to REALLY pile on massive quick transfer strain; not like non-Shadow, it might probably beat down Haxorus, Shadow Machamp, Sirfetch'd, and even Clefable, but it surely additionally loses to Shadow Dragonair, Ninetales, Primeape, and Snarl Granbull that non-Shadow can beat. Whichever strikes you decide on, I strongly advocate (in but one other meta) giving Jackie Chan some consideration.




Double Kick | Physique Slam & Payback/Wild Cost

Not a Fighter, however because of Double KickDub masquerades as one, giving it wins like Lickitung, Vigoroth, Umbreon, and Perrserker. However in fact, it's NOT an precise Combating sort, so it might probably additionally overcome issues like Hypno, Mew, Cofagrigus, and Dusclops that terrorize Fighters, in addition to bonuses like Dragonair, Samurott, and Shadow Ninetales (and a tie with Meganium by going staight Physique Slam). You possibly can run with Payback (as simmed above) or Wild Charge, which provides up Viggy and Clops to select up Clefable and Politoed as an alternative. Each are viable, as is Dubwool itself.




Sort out | Physique Slam & Crunch

Bear in mind when Greedent at all times ran Bullet Seed as actually its solely viable quick transfer? Good instances. Typically, nowadays, it now desires the reworked Sort out, and such is the case here. Solely with Sort out does its winrate almost double to incorporate issues like Lurantis, Clefable, Granbull, Shadow Ninetales, Shadow Muk, and Dragonair. There's nobody factor Greedent does particularly properly (although Crunch provides it particular benefits versus Psychics and Ghosts), but it surely's a tanky little fella that may spherical out numerous groups. Nicely value a glance to see you probably have one sitting round.




Sort out/Lick | Physique Slam & Bulldoze

Tackle is once more an amazing choice now for Munchie, and arguably one of the best ways to go on this meta (and most others, for that matter), with wins solely it might probably obtain like Lickitung, Lurantis, Samurott, Shadow Ninetales, and Dragonair. However there IS case for Lick as properly. Regardless of pulling decrease total numbers, it significantly better handles Ghosts (like Cofagrigus), Psychics (like Wobbuffet), and as a bonus, Regular-resistant Registeel as properly, beating all of them the place Sort out falls quick. Both means, I do like Munchie and its better-than-even-Greedent bulk (and higher total efficiency!) right here. Lots.




Infestation | Gunk Shot & Any

Earlier than you dismiss this, just look at it. Take into account this can be a meta that's, in some ways, dominated by Fighters (and quasi-Fighters like Vigoroth and Dubwool) and Fairies, which (or on this case, merely first rate) Poison sort can feast on. (Particularly one with such a big maw!) Swalot does that whereas additionally chowing down on Grass varieties (duh), Samurott (kinda neat), Umbreon (now you've my consideration), after which Dragonair AND Haxorus simply to prime it off (👀). Gunk Shot is vital to a few of these wins, however your alternative in second transfer alongside it's form of as much as private desire, although personally I lean Ice Beam for the anti-Dragon tech (and impartial protection) that it brings. Your name, although!




Fury Cutter | Bug Buzz & Aerial Ace/X-Scissor

This isn't a powerful suggestion, however Krick DOES handle itself well enough on this meta. Beats key Dragons, Fighters, Psychics, Darks, Grasses, and a pair bonus Waters. The efficiency is barely decrease, however I even advocate contemplating Aerial Ace (a small a part of me dies every time I truly advocate that transfer, although) for its skill to raised dominate Fighters and add on Machamp (common and Shadow) particularly, although it trades in Dragonair to do it. In case you actually like Bugs, that is mainly considered one of solely two I'd truly take into account right here.




Fairy Wind/Appeal | Meteor Mash & Moonblast

Charm is okay, however Fairy Wind is simply higher, IMO, in a position to beat the whole lot Appeal can (although some Fighters, like Machamp, DO get a bit dicey) plus Lurantis and Mew. I actually don't have a ton extra to say about it, however Clefable ought to slightly simply set up itself as a staple on this meta. Count on to see fairly a little bit of it… individuals are chomping on the bit to strive it out with Fairy Wind anyway!

50,000 Mud/50 Sweet




Counter | Cross Chop & Rock Slide

Right here we go, with a glut of Combating varieties to kick off this part. I imply, this can be a format the place eight of the Prime 10 are Fighters and/or Counter customers. Standing above all of them, nonetheless, is the OG: Machamp. It's NOT essentially the most dominant by way of wins and losses, however it's still impressive and very solid. Not solely does it beat the whole lot you'd anticipate (all Darkish, Rock, Metal, and Regular varieties missing Appeal), but in addition each different Fighter apart from the following two I'll cowl under, mainly each meta Water and Floor sort, and standouts like Shadow Ninetales, Dragonair (together with Shadow), and even (Snarl) Granbull. In case you overview its record of losses, it's virtually completely exhausting counters: Psychic, Fairy, and Ghost varieties. Little or no else can stand as much as the regular punishment Machamp doles out. Shadow Machamp is an choice, however I don't like what it features (Sirfetch'd, Shadow Muk, Ninetales) almost as a lot as what it provides up (Lurantis, Primeape, Dragonair, Granbull), personally.




Karate Chop | Cross Chopᴸ/Brick Break & Dynamic Punch

Bear in mind this man, which you constructed for Evolution Cup and anticipated to by no means use once more? Nicely, surpriiiiiiise! Now regardless of having a greater win/loss report, I'm NOT about to sit down right here and inform you that Machoke (not less than, the Shadow model) is “higher” than Machamp. Choke has no protection strikes to talk of, and thus no prayer towards Fairies and Psychics that prey on Fighters. A minimum of Machamp has Rock Slide to throw out massive impartial injury as a parting present in unhealthy spots. Machoke simply goes proper for the throat and doesn't fear about protection. Its uncooked velocity and energy overwhelms issues that Machamp can't fairly overcome, like Sirfetch'd, Haxorus, Ninetales, and Machamp itself. Machoke goals excessive, and could be superb, however the draw back of excessive intention is a tougher fall when it doesn't go to plan. Machamp is safer and nonetheless my suggestion between the 2… however Machoke could also be higher outfitted to shock and awe the unprepared.




Counter | Leaf Blade & Evening Slash/Shut Fight/Courageous Hen

On the polar reverse finish, we've Sirfetch'd, which may mainly run nothing however protection if it feels prefer it, and infrequently be higher off for it! I feel it's secure to say that the superb Leaf Blade is a should for its sturdy, broadly unresisted injury, giving Sirfetch'd an impressive performance all on its own. The opposite strikes every have their very own standout contributions — Night Slash retains in any other case fearless Ghosts and Psychics on their toes, and beats Dusclops particularly, Brave Bird is a Hail Mary equalizer that can knock out a ton of issues when it lands, like Cofagrigus, and Close Combat is only a massive beatstick with the proper mixture of velocity and energy to punch out issues like Meganium and Shadow Muk — and I feel which one you roll with comes all the way down to your crew composition and playstyle. No improper reply amongst them. It's that unpredicatability that's truly the best energy in Sirfetch'd, maybe on this meta greater than every other. Go wild… Sirfetch'd is actually prepared to take action!




Counter | Shut Fight & Evening Slash/Cross Chopᴸ

The Nice Ape desires the knockout energy of Shut Fight, however has a number of speedy second transfer choices. Ice Punch doesn't do all that a lot right here (it often beats the Grasses anyway, and did I point out no Flyers?), so it comes all the way down to Evening Slash or Legacy Cross Chop. I'm making an attempt to principally follow 1v1 shielding simulations simply to get via this prolonged article, however on this case, that doesn't actually present any distinction between the 2 strikes, so I'll point out that Cross Chop is arguably higher with shields down (beating the whole lot Evening Slash can plus Haxorus and Perrserker) and it's Evening Slash that does higher in 2v2 shielding (beating the whole lot Cross Chop does plus overcoming Darkish-weak Dusclops and Mew). Lengthy story quick, each have their makes use of, and it form of comes all the way down to how a lot you worry issues that Evening Slash can maim. If Psychics and Ghosts don't a lot fear you, roll with Cross Chop. If not (or for those who don't have Legacy Cross Chop), it's Evening Slash.




Shadow Claw | Shadow Ball & Darkish Pulse/Psychic

Nicely, I anticipated Grigus can be good on this format, however I by no means anticipated this: per GO Battle Log, Cofagrigus is THE most used Pokémon in Single-Kind Cup (on the time of this writing). And sure, it's seemingly in all places in my very own battles so far too. It's undoubtedly the best Ghost in the format, notable for having the ability to shred the format's massive Combating and Psychic varieties and deal widespread impartial injury, actually solely having to fret about Umbreon and the few different issues with Darkish or Ghost strikes. It handles most Grasses, Waters, Fairies, and issues like Registeel too. Shadow Ball is a should, and for the second transfer I like to recommend Darkish Pulse for being a bit cheaper (serving to it outrace Lurantis and another issues), however Psychic is an choice for those who're extra frightened about, say, Poison varieties and/or actually need to kill Fighters as lifeless as attainable. Both one is vital to have for hitting these pesky Ghost-resistant Regular varieties too.




Hex | Ice/Fireplace Punch & Returnᴸ/Poltergeist

Not almost as fashionable as Grigus, however make no mistake: Clops is still quite good. I nonetheless choose it with Return on this meta for a more in-depth, as that may hit all these annoying, Ghost-resistance Regular varieties (beating Vigoroth that means, in addition to Sirfetch'd and Mew because of the relative velocity of Return) for large impartial injury, however Poltergeist is okay in your non-purified variations (as it might probably higher overcome Clefable and Hypno). As for the Shadow version, clearly it's caught with Poltergeist, however I prefer it much less right here anyway, because it struggles versus issues like Lurantis, Dragonair, Shadow Muk, Granbull, and even Mew and Primeape that non-Shadow Clops can deal with, pikcing up actually solely Politoed as compensation. Roll with what you've, simply notice that frequent knowledge of Shadow and/or Poltergeist isn't essentially the one and even finest technique to go. Good luck!




Poison Jab | Darkish Pulse & Thunder Punch/Acid Spray

ALSO surprisingly excessive in utilization to date is Muk. Nowadays it's usually an afterthought behind its Alolan cousin from someplace over the rainbow, however the OG has quite a bit going for it, especially in this meta. Give it some thought… an inherant benefit towards the format's potent Fairy, Combating, and Grass varieties, Darkish Pulse to threaten the format's Ghosts and even Psychics that often have far much less to fret about when dealing with down Poison varieties, and loads of bulk to return out on prime in lots of neutral-on-neutral battles. There are just a few nuances to iron out, although. Darkish Pulse is mainly vital, however then it's Thunder Punch (no Flyers, however loads of Waters, and widespread impartial protection) or Acid Spray to pile on ever-increasing Poison Jab injury. I might publish a couple of half-dozen sims right here, however as an alternative I'll simply say that Spray appears higher on non-Shadow Muk (in a position to attain for wins it might probably't obtain in any other case, together with Hypno, Cofagrigus, Vigoroth, and the mirror), whereas Thunder Punch appears the higher technique to go together with Shadow Muk (beating Hypno, Cofag, Viggy, Ninetales, and Politoed, versus Acid Spray's nailbiting barely-wins over Mew and Shadow Machamp). However there's flexibility right here, and you'll trick out Muk the way you need it to work for your crew.




Fury Cutter/Leafage | Superpower & Leaf Blade

Technically, it's truly Leafage that pulls the upper numbers, but it surely's truly nearer than it first seems. Leafage will not be resisted by Ghosts or Fairies like Bug injury is, so it will get distinctive wins over Dusclops and Granbull. However my suggestion remains to be Fury Cutter for its effeciveness profile and barely higher vitality technology, permitting Lurantis to as an alternative outrace Hypno and Shadow Machamp. And whereas Cutter reveals a loss to Registeel (whereas Leafage reveals a win), in actuality, Fury Cutter CAN beat Regi within the same way that Leafage can… simply wants one profitable bait after which it's off to the races. I'm nonetheless in Camp Fury Cutter, personally.




Fireplace Spin/Emberᴸ | Climate Ball (Fireplace) & Overheat

One way or the other we made it this deep into the article earlier than attending to any Fireplace varieties. Nevertheless it actually is form of Ninetales or bust… no different Fireplace sort cracks even the Prime 50, and it reveals in their performances. Ninetales, against this, really earns its keep. I used to be a Ninetales fan lengthy earlier than it was cool simply due to its nice bulk (particularly for a Fireplace sort!) and consistency, so I really like metas like this the place it might probably remind everybody of all the great it might probably do, not solely burning via Steels and Ices and Grasses and Bugs and Fairies, but in addition stuff like Cofagrigus, Sirfetch'd, Primeape, Vigoroth, Dubwool, Umbreon, Mew, Wobbuffet, and plenty of extra with sturdy impartial injury. SO sturdy that it even will get a breath away from beating Fireplace-resistant Haxorus! It IS value declaring that Legacy Ember, whereas barely worse total (shedding Vigoroth and Wobbuffet), does decide up Hypno as an alternative, which is a neat trick. As does Shadow Ninetales, together with Lickitung, although I like to recommend towards it because of struggles versus Umbreon, Sirfetch'd, Vigoroth, and Mew. However whichever selection YOU decide on, Ninetales is the one Fireplace sort you want, of us.




Poison Jabᴸ | Icy Windᴸ & Drill Runᴸ

Poison for the Fairies, Floor for the Steels and Poisons, and Icy Wind for Dragons and the whole lot else… what's not to love? The King of the Sea IS unbelievable at shredding Fairy and Dragon varieties, and never surprisingly, Ninetales HATES to see it. However past these extra specialised roles, it doesn't do a ton by itself — notable wins embody Lickitung, Samurott, Perrserker, Lurantis (neat!), Muk, and with the proper IVs, Shadow Muk as properly — however that's okay. Seaking is a good crew participant, conserving a really broad swath of the meta on their toes and setting issues up properly for its teammates with an Icy Wind or two. Its impression goes past the numbers.




Mud Shot | Climate Ball (Water) & Earthquakeᴸ

Politoed will get extra press than Seaking, however as for me? I'm not an enormous fan, and whereas I'll reiterate that the numbers are hardly ever ever the total story, on this case they DO tell much of the tale as to why. Floor injury has some good use instances on this meta, however Water… not a lot. Past Ninetales, in fact, and a pair Steels and Fairies, there's simply not that a lot for Politoed to do. Not that different issues don't do higher, anyway. Heck, you're virtually simply as properly off operating POLIWHIRL… not less than it might probably tie Haxorus.


Granbull (Shadow)


Appeal/Snarl | Crunch & Shut Fight

There are a lot of Fairies within the 50k class on this format, however Granbull (particularly the Shadow model) stands out as simply one of the best. Not solely are you able to run it as a typical Charmer with a number of reachable cost strikes (Crunch and Shut Fight price solely 45 vitality, which many Charmers would do unmentionable issues for), however you even have the choice to convey a LOT of cost transfer strain by operating Snarl as an alternative. And it's in that configuration that it might probably drag Vigoroth, Lurantis, Shadow Ninetales, and Perrserker into the win column (and actually giving up solely Samurott to do it). I like Granbull quite a bit on this meta, and once more primarily based on its utilization from GO Battle Log, so do a LOT of different gamers!




Fairy Wind | Disarming Voice & Moonblast/Psychic

There are a number of different Charmers to select from, however Florges does issues fairly in another way because of Fairy Wind. Between the 2, I'd nonetheless go together with Fairy Wind Clefable if I had the selection, however Florges works well enough… it's in a position to not less than beat Vigoroth extra constantly than Clefable, so there's that!




Confusion | Shadow Ball & Ice/Thunder Punch

Essential on this meta as a direct reply to the potent Fighters and Poisons, whereas additionally conveniently outlasting the massive title Fairies and Dragons, and bonuses like Meganium, Ninetales, Politoed, and Vigoroth as properly. Most use Thunder Punch, however I feel I truly lean Ice Punch right here, as not a lot resists it, and Dragons hate it. (It's essentially the most constant means for Hypno to beat Haxorus, particularly.) That mentioned, Thunder Punch in all probability IS most popular for Shadow Hypno, because it beats Politoed and Ninetales and the others, being resisted, don't. Nonetheless, there numerous ways to go with Hypno, as at all times. Go together with your intestine, and good luck, my good friend!




Shadow Claw | Foul Play & Shut Fight

The excellent news? It resists Fairy and Psychic injury, in addition to Poison, Grass, Dragon and a bunch of different related issues, and melts Ghosts because of Shadow Claw and Foul Play too. The unhealthy information? Fighters are a thing, in addition to Ninetales, in fact. And people are going to be on mainly each crew. Carry Perrserker to fill a really good area of interest, however be ready for infrequent blowouts (within the improper course) too.

In some methods, ZANGOOSE is a greater Perrserker. Whereas it reveals the draw back of NOT resisting all that Perrserker can by shedding to Dragonair, Clefable, Granbull, and Shadow Muk, it greater than makes up for it by beating issues Perrserker can not, together with Meganium, Mew, Shadow Ninetales, Vigoroth, and Perrserker itself.




Poison Jab | Crunch & Poison Fang

One which stunned me already in Single-Kind Cup battles, Seviper is mainly mono-Poison Nidoqueen. Solely this format makes it even higher than regular, as Crunch is a nasty shock for the format's Psychics and Ghosts (and something that resists Poison) whereas the Poison strikes and typing are nice towards the potent Fighters, Grasses, and naturally, the Fairies. And it even manages to beat Dragonair and Shadow Ninetales too. This spice is good, and props to those that have already trotted it on the market. Good name, I say!

There are different spicy choices too like LYCANROCBELLOSSOMZEBSTRIKALICKILICKY (with Earthquake) and others. However for now, I'm going to maneuver on to the dearer choices and try to convey this dwelling!

75,000 Mud/75 Sweet

And since we're operating late and lengthy, switching as much as bullet kind for these last sections. Right here we go!



  • VIGOROTH is Vigoroth. I imply, there shouldn't be any surprises right here anymore. I'll simply level out that, not being an precise Fighter, it might probably dangle in and switch the tables on issues like Clefable, Appeal Granbull, Mew and such. Count on to see numerous this man but once more.



  • Right here comes HAXORUS as one other Fighter-that's-not, and displaying off that new Breaking Swipe. It crashes this social gathering HARD and might be THE finest cause to convey your individual Dragon or Fairy, as there's not an excessive amount of else it really fears… Ghosts, Shadow Muk, and uh… yeah, that's about it. Fairly frankly I'm stunned I haven't seen it on extra groups as of but. Should be all these double Fairy strains on the market!



  • That is a kind of metas the place I lean into the Shadow model of DRAGONAIR, just because it extra constantly overcomes Fighters (Machamp, Sirfetch'd), in addition to Hypno, Dusclops, and Dubwool. Non-Shadow works high quality too, and outlasts Vigoroth, Lickitung, and Wobbuffet as an alternative, however I feel you'll end up liking the intense strain of Shadow extra.



  • FALINKS is a dearer Combating choice, and performs fine. Simply don't mess with Megahorn… it's idiot's gold on this meta, although I might be remiss to not level out that it CAN, not less than, topple Hypno.



  • As per common, LUXRAY seems to be superb in sims. Additionally as per common, it's in all probability extra sim hero than real-life hero, and even eradicating numerous baiting luck in sims shows the cracks. This can be a spicy decide that COULD go a great distance, however I dunno… it principally has but to stay as much as expectations, and I worry that taking place once more even in a meta like this the place valuable little resists Electrical and Psychic Fangs strikes worry into the hearts of all these Combating and Poison varieties.

Pinsir (Shadow)


  • PINSIR, particularly the Shadow version, is a pleasant wildcard on this meta. Keep in mind that Bug resists Combating and is tremendous efficient versus Psychics and Darks and Grasses, so Pinsir usually has its means with all of these. However it might probably additionally shock and awe stuff like Vigoroth, Lickitung, Perrserker, Dubwool, Haxorus, and even Ninetales because of a well-timed Shut Fight. There's greater than just a little threat of this blowing up in your face, I gained't lie… Pinsir is tremendous squishy and slightly bait dependant. However when it really works, it must be wonderful.



  • MILTANK appears very underrated to me. Ice Beam for the Dragons and Grasses, broadly unresisted Regular injury spam for the whole lot else, which is a large and spectacular record for those who scan it over. Only a few highlights: Clefable, Granbull, Hypno, Shadow Ninetales, Muk (regular and Shadow), and even Dusclops. I like this one fairly a bit, but NOBODY appears to be speaking about it. Nicely… maybe till now, not less than. 🐮



  • SYLVEON is kinda neat, however truthfully, in a meta full of viable Fairies, it doesn't stand out as a lot as you might like, even with the distinctiveness of Fast AssaultPsyshock is good in principle, however fails to take down the first goal of Muk, so… boo.



  • And naturally, we've UMBREON as mainly the only viable Darkish. It positively prefers Psychic (the transfer!) for protection on this meta with so many harmful Fighters round, and may legit beat Sirfetch'd and Primeape straight up with it, which is fairly neat. (Assuming they don't learn my recommendation above and have Shut Fight, that's. 🤔)

And there are others, like multiple CASTFORMSGOODRASNORLAXMILOTIC, heck even LEAFEON and ESPEON, however I feel we coated essentially the most related ones. Simply obtained just a few left….

100,000 Mud/100 Sweet



  • REGISTEEL is form of a no duh, regardless of all of the Fighters gunning for it. When you think about its whole loss record is issues with Combating or Fireplace injury, Mew, Cofagrigus, and Meganium with its massive Earthquake, it turns into readily obvious why it nonetheless has room to thrive right here. Keep away from the apparent shedding matchups, and Registeel will discover itself in almost each struggle. Large dumb lightbulb stays massive and dumb and annoying on this meta. Sorry, of us!

  • Regirock


  • Regice

  • REGIROCK is much less annoying (not resisting Fairy or Psychic or Grass are massive knocks towards it), however absolutely still viable you probably have one. REGICE might be getting just a little too cute, although.



  • It's at all times exhausting to jot down about MEW as a result of it has SO many viable moveset options, which is its best energy. This is without doubt one of the higher metas for it, however HOW you get these wins is as much as you, pricey reader. What are YOUR favourite strikes?

Mewtwo (Shadow)


  • I really feel I additionally want to say MEWTWO… the Shadow one from pre-raid days, that's. It could possibly do fairly properly right here for those who can survive it typically folding like an affordable chair. It may be overcome, however there's not a lot that desires to really strive with the insane injury is spams out.


And eventually, the stuff that merely HAS to be maxed out (or very almost so) to make use of right here. These are all fairly good, however the fee could merely be prohibitive to many gamers:



  • PACHIRISU stays its regular stupidly, effectively bulky self on this meta, beating issues no Electrical sort ought to. In case you're fortunate sufficient to have one, you don't want me to inform you it's virtually at all times value deploying, and this meta isn't any exception. Simply maintain it away from me!



  • Talking of conserving issues away from me: DO NOT RUN CHANSEY. No, significantly. It's truly not very good here. Please switch it to the professor as quickly as attainable.



  • WOBBUFFET can also be not nice, but it surely certainly does enough. Contemplate it a unbelievable anti-Fighter with upside.



  • Talking of upside, enable me to current GRIMER in top-of-the-line metas it has ever seen. Loads of Poison injury to damage the day of Fairies and Grasses and Fighters in all places, however with Mud Bomb to additionally make Steels, Ninetales, and large daddy Muk cry. If I had been to spend money on a excessive XL instrument for the 2 weeks of this format, that is positively the place I might do it. Grimer is an effective one to have in your bench anyway!



  • NIDORINA too, for very similar reasons. I want I had that a lot XL sweet, however my UL Nidoqueen ate it…. 😔



  • And eventually, LICKITUNG stays a worthy funding for many who took the plunge already. That mentioned, Energy Whip doesn't have a ton of excellent targets right here, so that you're principally simply utilizing it to complete off Ghosts and the uncommon Water sort that will present up right here and there. Nonetheless good, simply not AS good as you might usually anticipate.

Whew, we're performed! Hope this can be a assist, and better of luck on this funky format, of us. Get on the market and attempt to get pleasure from these two straight weeks with some enjoyable groups!

Till subsequent time, you'll be able to at all times discover me on Twitter for normal evaluation nuggets, or Patreon. And please, be happy to remark right here with your individual ideas or questions and I'll attempt to get again to you!

Thanks for studying, particularly these of you who took the time to learn it ALL! I sincerely hope this helps you grasp Single-Kind Cup, and in essentially the most reasonably priced means attainable. Better of luck, and catch you subsequent time, Pokéfriends!

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