Pokémon GO Spring Cup Information: Nifty Or Thrifty version

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Man, it’s actually powerful to jot down proper now.

Personally, it’s been reasonably nutty within the JRE family the previous couple of days, with sickness that hit the spouse and is now making an attempt HARD to take me down, a really sick little pet bunny that wanted to be pushed out of state for emergency care and in a single day stays (she is MUCH higher now, thank goodness), and, after all, a sudden lack of motivation due to… current selections by a sure AR/gaming firm. To not make excuses, however simply to arrange the next article. As a result of I’ll be sincere… I began this one MUCH later than I do most editions of “Nifty Or Thrifty”, and I’m dashing to make up for misplaced time.

However this, as at all times, just isn’t for me, and even for Niantic. It’s for YOU, expensive reader. And thus, I’m pushing all that different stuff apart and doing what I can to get this data to you. So let’s get into it!

The “Nifty Or Thrifty” article collection takes a complete take a look at the meta for PvP Cup codecs: Spring Cup, on this case. As is typical for the NoT collection, I’ll cowl not solely the highest meta picks, but additionally some mons the place it can save you some mud with cheaper second transfer unlock prices and/or leveling up! As a result of for these on a stardust finances — and/or people making an attempt to save lots of up some mud for the longer term — it may be daunting making an attempt to determine the place to spend or not spend it.

As per common, we’ll begin with these with the most affordable second transfer unlock value and steam forward till we lastly arrive on the costly Legendaries. I do attempt to put additional emphasis on the thriftier stuff, particularly for codecs like this the place you could not use a few of these issues a lot sooner or later. (For a tough information to reusability, although, I’ll rank issues with s, with three being stable in different Nice League codecs, two being okay in a minimum of sure Cup codecs, and just one being one thing that, actually, you’re unlikely to make use of once more.)

A fast reminder of what Spring Cup is:

  • Nice League, 1500 CP Restrict.
  • Solely GrassWater and Fairy kind Pokémon are eligible.
  • Toxapex is banned, and it’s not hard to see why! Thank goodness.

As a consequence of lack of time/psychological capability, that is going to be slightly bit extra truncated than most of those writeups you’re used to. (Okay, okay, a minimum of wait to leap for pleasure till I go away the room, folks…sheesh!) However that’s additionally pushed by this being a considerably consolidated meta. It’s not a small format, per se, with nonetheless over 250 eligible Pokemon. However there are some very clear tiers of Pokemon which are superb and aggressive and people that aren’t even viable… and never many teams in between. Drift far past the highest suggestions and you’ll find your self in Rock Paper Scissors hell rapidly. Only a few Fairies look more likely to make an affect, so it will usually come all the way down to Water vs Grass. And you may in all probability guess which is extra more likely to come out on high in THAT state of affairs.

Anyway, let’s dive in and see what we’ve bought, lets?

10,000 Mud/25 Sweet




Vine Whip | Frenzy Plantᴸ & Sludge Bomb

Very long time readers will know why I’m main one other “Nifty Or Thrifty” off with my boy Venusaur, however even first time readers can perceive why a Toxic Grass kind with good strikes deserves a point out right here: a minimum of on paper, it has benefits versus Waters AND opposing Grasses and Fairies due to its Poison aspect (and Sludge Bomb). The issue is that almost all issues that look more likely to affect the meta have comparable particular qualities, with greater than sufficient Ice, Flying, Bug, Metal, and opposing Poison on the market to keep Venusaur somewhat in check. This may occasionally even be a format to think about a higher Attack Venusaur, because it beats all the identical issues (in all even defend eventualities) PLUS often wins the mirror. Both method, think about that Venusaur’s whole loss checklist towards the meta is Ice, Poison, Bug, Flying, or Metal sorts (and Trevenant), and it turns into even clearer that Venusaur is healthier than its numbers… you principally should onerous counter it on this meta to fend it off.





You are feeling like MEGANIUM  and SERPERIOR  shouldn’t work as properly on this meta, having no useful subtyping to assist them versus opposing Grass and Fairy sorts, however their bulk and adequate protection strikes hold them within the operating as properly. As maybe the clearest instance of what separates them from Venusaur, they lose to Poison slinging Tentacruel (which Venusaur can beat), however each outlast Walrein (which Venusaur often falls simply quick towards). There are various extra nuances than that, and it IS value noting that Venusaur is notably higher in 2v2 shielding and particularly with shields down than are Meganium or Serperior, however you can also make a case for whichever is your favourite.

I believe that’s about it for Grass starters, although. CHESNAUGHT can beat Ferrothorn (which IS a giant deal, as we’ll see later) however nothing else particular. SCEPTILE is interesting-ish in Shadow form however doesn’t actually stand out, per se. Even non-starters like LEAVANNY and WHIMSICOTT largely fall flat. See what I meant about this being a reasonably condenced meta?

Talking of which, on to the opposite typings….




Mud Shot | Hydro Cannonᴸ & Earthquake/Sludge Wave

There may be maybe no higher single signal of how this meta is shaping up than taking a look at how tepid Swampert is. I imply, it CAN get a bit higher, with both Sludge Wave to probably add on issues like Mantine and Abomasnow, or going with Shadow Swampert and as an alternative including wins versus issues like Walrein, Sealeo, and even Ferrothorn. But it surely’s simply an uphill battle with so few good targets for Floor injury and SO many Grasses (and even most of the massive title Waters) that may cross Swampert off with out an excessive amount of fuss. Swampert will present up, completely, however that is essentially the most uphill battle it’s needed to face shortly.

Not too surprisingly, even with the specter of BlizzardWhiscash struggles even worse than Swampert. Swampie may go on the fitting crew, however in this case, I believe you need to largely keep away from.




Fury Cutter | Hydro Cannonᴸ & Megahorn

No less than Sammie has Bug strikes going for it, dangerous versus Fairies however respectable towards Waters and even slightly scary for Grasses. So-so with “average” IVs, however a minimum of slightly extra attention-grabbing with high rank IVs (new wins versus Walrein and Sealeo), and able to dealing with some Grasses like Venusaur, Cradily, and Abomasnow, I may even advocate contemplating Sammie over Swampie right here. What a bizarre meta, proper?




Shadow Claw | X-Scissor & Aerial Ace

In some ways simply a worse Samurott… besides that on this case, you a minimum of handle to take down Ferrothorn AND Trevenant, which could be very good. Area of interest, however good.




Waterfall | Hydro Cannonᴸ & Drill Peck

One of the best factor I can say about is that it handles Galarian Weezing in ALL even shield eventualities, which is definitely enormous. Dealing with pesky Araquanid and Abomasnow and Qwilfish and infrequently Tentacruel are very good bonuses. I perceive why Empie is ranked virtually outdoors the Prime 100 when you think about your entire format, but it surely places in some good work the place it counts most and may NOT be ignored, regardless of some very apparent flaws and limitations.

MANTINE (Child Low cost)



Wing Assault | Aerial Ace & Ice Beam/Bubble Beam

Ending off the 10ks with a terrific one. The actually cool factor about Mantine on this meta is that you can run it without baits and just do in addition to heavy baiting with Bubble Beam… Bubbles can put on down and beat Mawile, however going for the jugular with Ice Beam offers you the essential mirror match. As a lot because it pains me to say it, boring transfer Aerial Ace is the important thing right here, doing most of the work by itself, which is smart when you think about that so few issues on this meta resist Flying injury. It shreds almost all of the Grasses, and performed proper, dies literally ONE energy short of taking down even Ferrothorn. There isn’t a lot in thi meta that Mantine can’t maim, even in defeat. I don’t assume there’s ever been a greater time to construct one. Simply bear in mind to reap the benefits of the Child Low cost™ with a Mantyke when you can… double transfer and THEN evolve for a 65,000 mud financial savings!

That’s proper… actually no Fairies to talk of. This is about as good as it gets. Yeah.

50,000 Mud/50 Sweet


Weezing (Galarian)


Fairy Wind | Overheat & Brutal Swing/Sludge

Getting this out of the way in which proper from the highest of this part, as a result of G-Weeze is an absolute menace in this meta. Hearth and a resistant typing to burn all of the Grasses. (It actually beats each single one in every of even defend eventualities besides Cradily with shields down and Exeggcute — not Exeggutor, however Exeggcute — in 2v2 shielding.) It’s equally dominant over different Fairies apart from Azumarill and Tapu Fini (who’re virtually fully unviable anyway due to all of the Grasses round). After which it goes out and beats issues like Araquanid, Jellicent, and Mantine too. The vast majority of Water sorts CAN take it down, thanks in very giant half to absorbing the Overheat that in any other case makes it so scary, however that is Galarian Weezing’s meta, people. Simply put the crown on it now, and I hope to Arceus you will have one to make use of your self. Good luck!




Powder Snow | Climate Ball (Ice) & Power Ball

Shadowbama is scariest with its capacity to outrace Walrein, Sealeo, Cradily, and even Ferrothorn. Non-Shadow is viable however far much less thrilling, actually. Abomasnow has taken over Venusaur’s former title as “the Grass that beats different Grasses”, and whereas Power Ball is imperfect at it, Aboma nonetheless slaps apart sufficient Waters to largely fill the Grass function whereas doing it. DO be careful for Poison or opposing Ice, after all, and something coated in Ice/Grass-resisting Metal or wielding Hearth is a fast loss of life sentence. However Aboma is well one of many odds on favorites going into this meta.




Bullet Seed | Stone Edge & Grass Knot

Reverse case right here, the place you do NOT need Shadow, I don’t assume, however as an alternative the additional bulk that comes with non-Shadow Cradily, including on issues like Mantine, Pelipper, Tentacruel, Alolan Ninetales, Walrein, Abomasnow, and Shadow Razor Leafers. Cradily could be very attention-grabbing with its Stone Edge that may smash Flying and Ice sorts that terrorize most different Grasses, although one might argue it’s form of finances Ferrothorn right here.




Fairy Wind | Acrobaticsᴸ & Aerial Ace/Power Ball

Just like how Mantine is finest on this meta with subpar Aerial Ace, arguably so is Jumpluff. As in comparison with the extra commonplace Acrobatics/Energy Ball, Ace loses Lanturn, however positive factors the mirror and CharmTales. Finally your name, and there’s no fallacious reply, however both method Jumpball is trying fairly enjoyable (and really thematic) in Spring Cup.




Wing Assault | Climate Ball (Water) & Hurricane

Sticking with Flyers for a second longer, as Pelipper is quite good. Not fairly Mantine ranges of excellent, however not as far off as the straightforward numbers present. As a result of whereas Pelipper fails to knock out some issues Mantine can (like Venusaur, Trevenant, Abomasnow, Qwilfish, and Mantine itself), Pelipper DOES are likely to beat Ferrothorn, Tentacruel, Mawile, and Jellicent whereas Mantine often does not. Fairly a pleasant set of names to cross off there, no?




Bug Chunk | Bubble Beam & Bug Buzz

Principally everything that Golisopod wants to be, but better. Famously nasty versus the Icy Waters which are a giant deal on this meta, and chews via most Grass sorts too, together with even Ferrothorn regardless of dealing no higher than impartial injury all through. (It may well even deal with ThunderThorn! ⚡ FerroThor, actually Grassy God of Thunder? 🔨 Eh, I’ll determine that out by the point we truly get to Ferrothorn.) ‘Nid’s largest points are Flyers, Electrics (Lanturn, a minimum of), Poisons, Fairies, after which Ghosts and Steels, roughly in that order. Most all the pieces else simply will get chewed up, fairly actually.




Powder Snowᴸ | Icicle Spearᴸ & Earthquake

Araquanid is after all the bane of Wally’s existance, resisting all the pieces it’s bought to throw at it, however total this should be one of Walrein’s better showings. It sure doesn’t relish going through down Grass sorts, but it surely will get the job performed as a rule, and Earthquake conveniently dooms massive Poison sorts like G-Weeze, Tentacruel, and Qwilfish, and even bonuses like Steely Mawile. ShadoWalrein just isn’t with out its deserves (outdueling Cradily and CharmTales), but it surely offers up greater than it positive factors, with new losses versus stuff like Qwil, Mawile, Aboma, and Trevenant. I believe my suggestion is to keep away from Shadow for this one, however Wally total positively will get a giant thumbs up.




Ice Shardᴸ | Icy Windᴸ & Blizzard

I really feel virtually soiled recommending Aerial Ace all through this text to this point, however a minimum of I can take solace in persevering with to level out how ineffective Water Pulse is, and advocate but once more that you just run Blizzard in your Dewgong as an alternative. I do know what you’re considering: ‘JRE, the distinction between them appears to be like tiny!’ Maybe… however that new win you see is none apart from Ferrothorn. I relaxation my case.




Powder Snow | Physique Slam & Aurora Beam/Returnᴸ

I really feel like each time I’ve written about Sealeo currently, it’s been to advocate Water Gun. Effectively not this time… good previous Powder Snow is the way in which to go together with all these Grasses and/or Flyers round. Physique Slam is a should, however after that’s kinda as much as you. Aurora Beam to complete off Grasses like Trevenant, Shadow Vic, and Cradily, or Return to as an alternative blow away Tentacruel and issues just like the mirror match? Simply don’t say Water Pulse… we’ve mentioned why already, you rabblerouser.




Poison Jab | Acid Spray & Sludge Wave

PvPoke presently has Tentacruel ranked JUST outdoors the Prime Ten, at a very robust #11 (on the time of this writing). And that seems about right… when run with Scald, anyway. However in my humble opinion, Sludge Wave is the way in which. There actually isn’t a lot right here that resists Poison, and a LOT of issues that resist Water. Extra particularly, Sludge Wave washes away Dewgong, Cradily, Venusaur, and Qwilfish, and Scald barely will get them moist. Belief Uncle JRE and go together with that all-Poison set… you received’t remorse it.




Poison Sting | Aqua Tail & Sludge Wave

In THIS case, nevertheless, you do need the spammy Water charge move reasonably than all-Poison, partly as a result of Aqua Tail is simply SO good at stealing shields and organising Sludge Wave, but additionally as a result of Acid Spray simply doesn’t harmonize with Poison Sting almost in addition to it does Tentacthulhu’s Poison Jab. Aqua Tail is a key piece in organising wins over issues like Trevenant, Venusaur, Cradily, Mantine, and Mawile that you just often lose to in any other case, amongst others. Tentacruel is your sluggish plodder… Qwilfish is a spammer’s delight. Which one fits YOU higher, coach? Or… maybe each? 😈




Spark | Surf & Thunderbolt

No alternate Water Gun moveset suggestions right here… you need to simply go with Spark. You beat principally each non-Floor Water kind on the market besides Ludicolo and Kingdra (which take solely impartial injury from Electrical), plus any Fairies you’ll see besides the occasional Dedenne and uncommon Whimsicott on the market (each Electrical-resistant). The issue, after all, is Grasses, which Lanturn has NO solutions for. However nonetheless, successfully dealing with principally 2/3 of the meta ain’t dangerous at, and Lanturn dominates in a lot of these matchups. It’s farm or BE farmed with this one.


Ninetales (Alola)


Powder Snow/Allure | Climate Ball (Ice) & Psyshock

That is a kind of uncommon events the place I believe Dazzling Gleam doesn’t have a terrific use case, and I’d advocate operating with Psyshock as an alternative, no matter quick transfer, for the additional strain it brings to the large Poison sorts right here. There are, after all, variations a-plenty between the quick strikes, with Powder Snow hitting Grasses onerous (beating Trevenant, Venusaur, and Shadow Victreebel), whereas Charm as an alternative knocks out different Ices like Walrein and Dewgong, and large Waters like Jellicent and Araquanid. However even higher is Shadow PowderTales, which beats all the pieces non-Shadow can besides typically Poliwrath, and ADDS Cradily and even Ferrothorn. (Whereas Shadow CharmTales is extra of a sidegrade, dropping Walrein and Jellicent to achieve Pelipper and PowderTales as an alternative.)




Thunder Shock | Discharge & Play Tough

On the one hand, a lot of Waters and/or Flyers to select on! However alternatively, a lot of Grasses and Poisons to destroy your day, too. In the long run, the numbers reveal that dichotomy, with each Flyer however Jumpluff and the overwhelming majority of (non-Floor) meta Waters exhibiting within the win column, however almost all Poisons and/or Grasses within the dropping column (although it does beat Fairy-weak ones like Shiftry and Chesnaught, a minimum of). I don’t know that I’d construct a crew round it, however there will probably be some groups on the market with a gap finest crammed by this little fella.




Deal with | Foul Play & Play Tough

And whereas we’re on the subject of funky Fairies, look at what humble Klefki can do here! This being one the rarer regionals within the sport, I’ve none to check out myself, however I like what image the sims paint, a minimum of. Bought one and at all times wished to make use of it? This can be your finest shot. 🔑




Snarl | Leaf Blade & Hurricane

Foul Play simply doesn’t do a lot for you on this meta. Even towards a lot of the Metal sorts right here, I believe Hurricane is simply higher… Mawile resists each and Ferrothorn takes impartial from each, and Hurricane clearly shreds any Grasses it manages to hit. Shadow Shiftry specifically is fairly scary in the fitting palms, outracing equally scary stuff like Jumpluff and Walrein that its non-Shadow model simply can’t beat in time.




Poison Jab/Bullet Seedᴸ | Climate Ball (Hearth)ᴸ & Leaf Storm

The variations between the quick strikes couldn’t be extra apparent. Poison Jab beats Grasses (Trevenant, Venusaur, Jumpluff, Tropius), whereas Legacy Bulled Seed beats extra Waters (Dewgong, Jellicent, Qwilfish)… oh, and outraces Abomasnow (due to Climate Ball), the one odd outlier. Both method, Rose is a reasonably underrated risk on this meta, persistently beating BIG names like Ferrothorn, Tentacruel, Araquanid and extra. Effectively value a glance!


Electrode (Hisuian)


Thunder Shock | Power Ball & Wild Cost

As with Dedenne earlier, that is an Electrical kind that doesn’t need to see Poison, however it looks better than I expected going in, managing to outrace belongings you won’t count on like Sealeo, Cradily, Mawile, and Tentacruel, a minimum of with correct transfer timing. Due to course, as fantastic a weapon as Wild Cost is, used on the fallacious time, it could actually spell catastrophe. If it is a Pokemon you’re already comfy with, you may actually get pleasure from it right here.




Razor Leaf | …does it matter?

Clearly Shadow Victreebel is the one which involves thoughts first, actually being the place the entire “Grasshole” factor got here from anyway. However I proceed to level folks to Shadow Vileplume and Shadow Gloom, who’ve a bit extra bulk and may hold in there to beat Cradily and Sealeo on high of all the pieces Shadow Vic can do. Not saying they’re strictly higher — Vic actually has extra engaging cost strikes — however they’re a minimum of worthy of your consideration.




Poison Jabᴸ | Icy Windᴸ & Drill Runᴸ

Particularly you probably have one with a bit of extra Attack (which might probably add Pelipper to the win column), Seaking could possibly be quite a lot of enjoyable right here, with Poison Jab and Icy Wind to maintain Grasses and Flyers on their toes (beating not simply Tropius and Jumpluff, however Abomasnow too!) and Drill Run for large impartial protection and a solution to slam the door on Poisons and Steels (beating Mawile and Galarian Weezing particularly). I might see Seaking throwing a wrench within the works of quite a lot of opposing groups!




Hex | Ice Beam & Shadow Ball

For a minimum of one week, you could need to look again on a time earlier than Surf was an choice and simply run each closers: Shadow Ball and Ice Beam, which looks as if it could be the most effective of each worlds right here. With SO many issues that resist Surf on this meta, it’s simply not value it… Beam/Ball actually beats all the pieces Beam/Surf or Ball/Surf units can anyway, and combines their success, beating Jumpluff and Tropius with straight Ice Beam, and Araquanid and Dewgong straight Shadow Ball. There may be principally nothing that Surf brings to the desk… TM it away for this meta, I say.




Confusion | Psychic Fangs & Crunch

Bought a Bruxish you constructed for Psychic Cup and figured you wouldn’t be needing once more? Effectively excellent news… it has a lot of potential here! Simply TM that Chunk away to Confusion and that Aqua Tail (not superb right here, for a similar causes Jellicent actually doesn’t really need Surf) and go slay all these Poisons (yep, together with G-Weeze) and Ices (even Aboma!) and a cluster of different Grasses and Waters and Fairies too. It is a GREAT spice decide with severe upside on your consideration right here on the finish of the 50ks!

75,000 Mud/75 Sweet




Bullet Seed | Energy Whip & Mirror Shot/Flash Cannon

The utility of its Grass aspect needs to be apparent on this Watery meta, although Ferrothorn has the additional benefit of taking solely impartial injury from Ice — making issues like Dewgong, Walrein, and Lapras way more surefire than different Grass sorts — and truly resisting Poison, which has enormous and apparent benefits in Spring Cup as properly. And conveniently, Ferrothorn additionally double resists Grass injury and thus it beats down most different Grasses too. It DOES undergo some HARD losses, reminiscent of Hearth-wielding Mawile and Galarian Weezing (although even in that latter case, it could actually flip the tables with a well-timed Flash Cannon), and CAN be worn down by Trevenant, Araquanid, and a cluster of Flying sorts. (Regardless of that risk, I nonetheless typically advocate a Metal cost transfer reasonably than Thunder to cowl Fairies and different Grasses as an alternative of doubling up versus Waters/Flyers.) Ferrothorn is ranked #2, and actually solely as a result of Galarian Weezing is in the way in which of attending to #1.




Shadow Claw | Seed Bomb & Shadow Ball

It’s not good by any means. Trevor nonetheless trembles within the face of Ice, Hearth, Flying, and even (impartial) Bug and Poison injury. However there’s NO denying that it’s better than even its numbers show, with the variety of related issues that resist Ghost injury being one thing that even Chubbs from Happy Gilmore might rely on one mangled hand. Trevor might not at all times win, but it surely equally mangles a LOT of the meta. It WILL be a standard encounter on this meta.




Hearth Fang | Energy-Up Punch & Iron Head

Identical moveset as I really useful for Mountain Cup, and for comparable causes: Hearth Fang burns via Grass and Ice and Metal sorts, and Iron Head is probably going your finest protection for a way onerous it additionally hits Ice sorts and the gorgeous large impartial injury it does. The end results are quite nice, in common and Shadow form. A lot of burnable issues right here, and resisting Grass and Flying and Ice injury is simply icing on the cake. Waters are your largest foe although, so be cautious.




Air Slash | Leaf Blade & Aerial Ace

Much less versatile than fellow Flying Grass Jumpluff, however many extra folks have Tropius after in-game occasions of the current previous, and that is still a good place to deploy it as a Grass killer that additionally beats up loads of Waters with spammy Leaf Blades. I’ll admit it’s a distinct segment function, however the fitting crew can REALLY profit from filling niches like this.




Ice Shardᴸ | Surf & Dragon Pulseᴸ/Ice Beamᴸ/Cranium Bash

Need some deep minimize secret tech? Give Legacy Dragon Pulse a glance, because it’s fairly superior in a meta with so many Water and/or Ice sorts that resist Ice injury (beating Walrein and Dewgong particularly). That stated, previous dependable Ice Beam is ok too, beating Galarian Weezing and Cradily as an alternative.

100,000 Mud/100 Sweet




Razor Leaf | Any

The one Legendary I believe is admittedly value mentioning right here (sorry, Tapu Fini, however no), Kartana provides a new flavor of Grasshole due to its useful Metal subtyping. It has an entire arsenal of low-cost, low-cost cost strikes, and whereas my suggestions are X-Scissor for opposing Grasses and Evening Slash for the Ghosts and large impartial protection, there’s actually no fallacious solution to go.

Alright, that’s it! Hopefully this provides you one thing constructive to learn in these darkish days, and should all of your units keep away from RPS in Spring Cup!

Till subsequent time, you’ll be able to at all times discover me on Twitter for normal evaluation nuggets, or Patreon. And please, be happy to remark right here with your personal ideas or questions and I’ll attempt to get again to you!

Thanks for studying! I sincerely hope this helps you present your personal true colours in Spring Cup, and in essentially the most inexpensive method potential. Better of luck, and catch you subsequent time, Pokéfriends!

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