Pokémon GO teases Halloween, Psychic Spectacular and extra!

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The official Pokémon GO twitter account has shared a brand new promo video for the Adventures Abound season, which appears to trace at future occasions, featured Pokémon and extra. Let's have a look, and wildly speculate!

Only a be aware, that is pure hypothesis, so these occasions and releases might or might not occur, however it's enjoyable to guess based mostly on teasers!




First up, Grubbin! Now the looks of Grubbin alone won't appear an excessive amount of of a touch, however because it was additionally proven to characteristic because the Showcase Pokémon on September twenty third which we all know is Group Day… it appears extremely possible we're going to see Grubbin as our subsequent Group Day Pokémon! 

September 23
2:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. native time

  • Grubbin

  • Vikavolt

The Grubbin household have actually incredible shinies, and with Charjabug already being helpful in PvP, it'll be fascinating to see what transfer it might probably be given, and if it amps up Vikavolt too.

Shiny Grubbin Shiny Charjabug Shiny Vikavolt




Subsequent up we see a Solosis floating together with a coach, adopted by a Duosion. With the Psychic Spectacular introduced for September, might Solosis be highlighted, and probably have the shiny launched? Now sadly, the Solosis shiny household aren't essentially the most impressed, in actual fact, you'll undoubtedly have to maintain your eyes peeled if it does get a launch, as a result of it's exhausting to identify. It has a barely bluer tone, with pink accents. It will match the theme for a Psychic occasion nicely, and has been obtainable in recreation for some time now with out a shiny launch.

Shiny Solosis Shiny Duosion Shiny Reuniclus


Paldean Pokémon


The subsequent Pokémon present within the lovable Pawmi, the Pikachu clone of the Paldea area. We all know they're being launched with the Extremely Unlock, so it isn't an excessive amount of of a shock to see them featured. In case you are new to Paldea, Pawmi is without doubt one of the early route Pokémon you encounter, and has change into an actual fan favorite.

Pawmi is proven strolling alongside a route with a coach, a touch at their evolution requires, which is exploring 25km with Pawmo as your Buddy.

Pawmi Pawmo Pawmot


  • Quaquaval

  • Meowscarada

  • Skeledirge

Subsequent up we see every of the ultimate evolutions of the Paldean first accomplice Pokémon (the ‘official' title for starters). Quaquaval is the Water sort, Meowscarada the Grass, and Skeledirge the Hearth. How they translate in GO isn't but identified with out movesets obtainable, however fingers crossed they'll make an affect in each PvE and PvP!

Quaquaval Meowscarada Skeledirge




Subsequent up is Pumpkaboo! Hardly ever seen exterior of Halloween, it's talked about alongside XXS and XXL Pokémon, so it's honest to say it'll be again this Halloween as anticipated.

Because the trailer ends, the theme turns from 80's highschool TV present, to spooky, and extra Halloween teasers seem. Gengar, Phantump, Litwick, Poochyena, and a Shadow Raid on a health club come out and in of focus.

On the very finish, a Pokémon cry. On-line hypothesis appears to be that the cry belongs to Lugia, who we've beforehand seen as a Shadow Pokémon, however not for a very long time.

Lugia (Shadow)

Might we see the return of Apex Shadow Lugia? All of us dream of the true Shadow Lugia, the Gale of Darkness Shadow Lugia, will we dare to dream?

As Phantump was the one Halloween Pokémon featured with out a shiny launch, might we see their shiny this 12 months for Spooky Season?

Shiny Phantump Shiny Trevenant

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