Pokémon Scarlet & Violet The Teal Masks DLC Evaluation

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Final week the primary a part of the brand new Pokémon Scarlet & Violet DLC dropped, The Teal Masks. Your character is chosen to participate in a faculty journey to the Kitakami area, and find out about this new area, and the Pokémon that reside there.

I pre-emptively booked a time without work so I might actually dive in and play on launch day, and these are my ideas! There are spoilers forward, so be warned! The primary sections don’t have a lot in the way in which of spoilers, however the Story & Pokémon part does.


Kitakami is a a lot smaller area that Paldea, about 25% of the scale, with a wide range of completely different habitats to discover. There’s a mountainous space, with the city based mostly on the backside, some rivers, open grassy areas, and caves. It’s landlocked, not like Paldea, and in addition has apple orchards, and rice paddies which you could discover.

It’s predominantly a grassy location, however there’s one specific stand out spot that’s lovely, the Crystal Pool. There was a whole lot of criticism for Scarlet & Violet’s graphics, however I believe the Crystal Pool space is kind of breathtaking. It could not evaluate to another standard titles, however I don’t assume it deserves all of the negativity it will get.

I’d have appreciated possibly barely extra variation in setting, however I believe The Indigo Disk, the upcoming half two of the DLC, that appears extra water based mostly, so it is sensible to maintain this extra land based mostly.

Bugs & Fixes

First issues first, they mounted the containers. Scrolling by means of your containers, organising Pokémon, and looking not really feel like arduous duties, as a result of they’ve been mounted in The Teal Masks. The distinction is basically hanging, and as somebody who hadn’t massively organised my Pokémon containers due to how badly they labored in SV, I’ll now be taking the time to type them correctly! A a lot wanted and welcomed high quality of life replace.

Sadly there’s nonetheless some framerate drop, however I’ve skilled it loads lower than I did in SV. There’s been reported errors of flooring disappearing, NPCs trapping your character in ways in which completely blocked you from transferring, and extra, however the framerate drop might be essentially the most noticeable. On that observe, do watch out the way you speak to the NPC trainer stood by the desk within the Neighborhood Middle, in case you go behind her and speak to her, you can be trapped endlessly.

The Merchandise Finder Mark is now mounted, so it could possibly really be discovered on Pokémon, and there are a number of updates to the Digicam mode which has a narrative line on this DLC.

Lastly, the Outbreaks are additionally mounted! Beforehand solely the primary entry in a Pokédex entry may very well be in an outbreak, for instance, Blue Plumage Squawkabilly was the one model of Squawkabilly that would seem earlier than, whereas now, all completely different entries may be. This does imply that now Genuine Polteageist can seem in outbreaks!

Story and Pokémon

Be warned, main spoilers forward!

In Kitakami you’re launched to the legend of the Loyal Three. The Loyal Three are stated to have protected the village from a horrible ogre, and misplaced their lives within the course of. Because the story progresses you meet Kieran, a pupil from the native faculty who feels an affinity to the ogre, and needs to seek out them. You ultimately meet the ogre, who seems to be a Pokémon referred to as Ogerpon…

Ogerpon seems to be an harmless sufferer within the story, with Ogerpon and her coach being attacked by the so-called Loyal Three, who solely needed to steal her masks! Ogerpon was blamed and has been outcast and vilified ever since, and you must assist her be redeemed within the eyes of the villagers.

The story line does an unimaginable job of creating you take care of Ogerpon. I really feel so hooked up, and may firmly say they’ve leapt into my prime 10 favorite Pokémon of all time. Having seen the teasers for the Teal Masks DLC I wasn’t actually feeling notably enthralled by any of the brand new Pokémon, till Ogerpon took her masks off and revealed her cute little star eyes and danced about. Immediately smitten! Such a cute design, such a enjoyable storyline, such a right away fan favorite. Very similar to the unique recreation made you take care of your Miraidon/Koraidon, I believe many trainers will really feel very hooked up to Ogerpon too.

I want an Ogerpon plushie, and I want it stat. (with out the masks, clearly!).

Ogerpon has my favorite design, partially due to the shocking degree of cute discovered beneath the masks, but in addition as a result of the completely different masks she has may be swapped out for various Terastalisation energy. The Teal Masks is her default and is Grass kind, the Wellspring Masks is Grass and Water kind, Hearthflame Masks is Grass and Hearth kind, and the Cornerstone Masks is Grass and Rock kind.

I’m not so into the designs for the Loyal Three, Okidogi, Munkidori, and Fezandipiti, however I believe that’s partially as a result of I’m not an enormous fan of monkey impressed Pokémon. They’re all male, and have a Poison typing, with Okidogi additionally having Preventing, Munkidori Psychic, and Fezandipiti Fairy

The precise storyline of the sport in all probability takes round six hours to finish, making it pretty quick, however there’s loads of shiny looking to do, and areas to discover, to maintain you coming again for some time earlier than half two of the DLC is launched, The Indigo Disk.

There’s a story line involving a hunt for the newly found Bloodmoon Ursaluna, so as to take a photograph of it for Perrin, a photographer you meet in Kitakami. Perrin seems to be associated to Adaman, the Chief of the Diamond Clan in Pokémon Legends: Arceus! Bloodmoon Ursaluna isn’t a Pokémon you may evolve to, or breed for. Bulbapedia describe it as an ‘alternate non-interchangeable type’. Apparently Ursaluna was first found within the Hisui area, the place Adaman was based mostly, and now the one identified Bloodmoon Ursaluna is found by Perrin, who appears to be his relative.

The opposite three new Pokémon are Dipplin, Poltchageist and Sinistcha. Dipplin is a brand new evolution for Applin, a sweet apple impressed design, and a Grass and Dragon kind. Apparently, Applin has been proven to be affected by the merchandise Eviolite, which suggests it might have a possible evolution in The Indigo Disk! An Eviolite boosts the Protection and Particular Protection of a Pokémon that holds it if the holder isn’t totally developed. Poltchageist and Sinistcha are Grass and Ghost sorts, which resemble the Polteageist line, and could also be a convergent type of them. Very similar to Polteageist, in addition they have an Genuine and Counterfeit type.

These are all actually enjoyable designs, Poltchageist specifically already has an enormous quantity of followers, and if Dipplin will get one other evolution that will be wonderful!

Dipplin Polcthageist Sinistcha



The Teal Masks is an efficient enjoyable addition to the Pokémon Scarlet and Violet world, but it surely isn’t something groundbreaking. In case you loved SV, you then’ll get pleasure from The Teal Masks, in case you didn’t, you in all probability received’t! I believe it’s one other nice story line by way of getting you to care about Pokémon, albeit a little bit quick for the way a lot cash the DLC prices.

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